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Feta Finale

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7/7/2017 23:34:23   

Feta Finale

Location: Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2) -> San Robin and Roblos -> Feta Finale
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: July 7th, 2017

Objective: It's time for San Robin to put the bandits to justice.
Objective completed: That was unexpected.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(8) Guard Tog
(8) Hired Mercenary
(4) Patrol Wolf
(1) Guard Dragon, (2) Hired Mercenary - Boss

San Robin

Valkybrie Helm (I-VIII)
Wings of the Valkybrie (I-VIII)

Access to Feta Finale Loot for DCs

San Robin: It's time to bring those bandits to cheesy justice!

  • Let's do it!
  • Not today!

    *You and San Robin run through the woods rapidly following the trip to the cavern where The Camembert of Clairvoyance was kept with answers in the palm of your hands.*

    <Character>: So you know where to find the bandits from your past?
    San Robin: I did! Or... I saw one of them, but somehow KNEW where the place was.
    <Character>: Must be some kind of cheesy magic?
    San Robin: Probably.
    <Character>: So, what are you going to do once we find the bandits?
    San Robin: I've thought long and hard about it, but... I'll just turn them in so they can get their just punishment.
    <Character>: No revenge?
    San Robin: I have to follow the good guy code! This IS my revenge.
    <Character>: Fair enough... However, you still have to explain to me what happened while I was out by the way.
    San Robin: Well, we still have a way to go until we get to the bandits, so I guess I can tell you.

    *One Explanation Later...*

    San Robin: And that's how I beat the rabid Taleggio tog and earned the right to use the Camembert!
    <Character>: Right... So what did REALLY happen?
    San Robin: I challenged Bishop to a pun-off and won.
    <Character>: I think I prefer the first story.
    San Robin: Whichever you like, both were edam epic!
    <Character>: I had hoped you would've run out of puns by now...
    San Robin: Oh don't worry, there's stilltons of them left!
    <Character>: Ugh.
    San Robin: Hold!

    *Both of you instantly stop running. Confused by why San Robin told you to do so, you look at him.*

    <Character>: What? Why?
    San Robin: Over there.

    *You two spot a couple of togs that stand in your way.*

    <Character>: Are those...?
    San Robin: Guard Togs. And these probably aren't the only ones.
    <Character>: Maybe we should split up and look for him!
    San Robin: Sounds like a plan! Battle on, <Character>!

    *You and San Robin split up to look for the bandit revealed in San Robin's vision. While he travels down one route, you take another to deal with the monsters guarding the bandit and patrolling the nearby area. You beat down the entire patrol and made it to the end of the trail in one piece where you meet back up with San Robin.*

    <Character>: That... was surprisingly tough.
    San Robin: I'll say.
    <Character>: Did you have any luck?
    San Robin: Nope, came across a lot of mercenaries and other creatures, but no bandits.
    <Character>: I noticed that too... weird.
    San Robin: And yet I feel we're close.
    ???: *Cough*
    San Robin: Over there!

    *You and San Robin run toward a campground where the miserable elderly man seen in the latter's vision is still sitting on the same stump. At the present moment, he is now caught red-handed.*

    San Robin: We finally found you!

    *The man looks up from the ground and he glances at the two of you smiling at him. The man shudders in fright the instant after getting a good look.*

    <Character>: I... did not expect that reaction, am I that feared amongst bandits?
    Ben: Not YOU! HIM!
    Ben: That... MONSTER!
    <Character>: Who? San Robin? Are you sure you're not confusing him with someone else?
    Ben: No! I won't ever forget that face! KEEP HIM AWAY FROM ME!
    <Character>: Ok, easy there, old-timer!
    Ben: I'M 28!!!
    <Character>: What... HOW?!
    Ben: You have come to finish what you started, didn't you?! All my hired security and constant moving from location to location couldn't stop you!?
    <Character>: What is he even talking about?
    San Robin: I don't have the faintest clue.
    <Character>: Ok, I promise I'll keep San Robin away from you, I'll even take you to a nice safe prison cell, but just... tell me what happened to you?
    Ben: A cell, yes of course! Why didn't I think of that!

    *You look at San Robin with skepticism, but he shrugs with a saddened look on his face.*

    <Character>: So why don't you start telling me what happened all those years ago?
    Ben: Fine... it was 10 years ago.

    *Flashes white before the light recedes to depict a flashback where Ben was physically younger and is a new recruit. He is with a group that was plotting a robbery.*

    Ben: It had recently joined a group of bandits and we were planning on robbing some merchants.
    Bandit (Female): This will be a piece of cake! I scouted ahead and those merchants almost have no security.
    Ben: Niiice! My first mission! I'm SO Looking forward to seeing the dumb look on their faces!
    Bandit (Male): Maybe they'll surrender as soon as they see us! It would be nice to save my sword from getting dents!
    Ben: But they didn't...

    *Flashes white again before the light recedes to depict a ferocious battle on a dirt road between the bandits and a group of merchants that San Robin was a part of.*

    Ben: The Merchants fought with all they had...
    Ben: And amongst them, a young boy who fought like a liger!
    San Robin: I won't let you get away with this!
    Ben: We had more wounded men that we could've expected, but we were on the winning hand...
    Ben: It was just that boy and a handful of merchants who were still going strong.
    Ben: Until...

    *An airborne arrow struck a tree, breaking a branch off and hitting San Robin on the head, seemingly knocking him out cold.*

    Ben: We thought we had won and beat down the remaining resistance.
    Ben: We couldn't have known the horror that awaited us.
    Ben: This boy gave us more trouble than he should've and that bo-staff of his was surprisingly strong. I guess I'll take it as a souvenir.

    *He reached for the bo-staff that laid on the ground, but all of the sudden, San Robin grasped Ben's hand, taking Ben by utter surprise.*

    Ben: What the?!
    Ben: And then it happened...

    *San Robin's eyes glow white and he levitates off the ground surrounded by a colorful flash of cyan and magenta-striped light.*

    Bandit: What on Lore is that!?
    Bandit: It's a monster! GET HIM, BOYS!

    *But it was too late. San Robin retaliated and struck the bandits swiftly, abruptly ending the attack.*

    Ben: He... he blasted that group in the blink of an eye.
    Ben: I felt the courage drain out of my body and I started running, not looking back, until we were completely out of breath.
    Ben: The next time I looked in a mirror, my face, my fair... it aged, I don't know if it was the fear or maybe some of that monster's power.

    *Quickly fades back to the present just when Ben wraps up his story about his encounter with San Robin.*

    Ben: The others and I split up, hoping it would be safer that way, I lost contact with them ever since.
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: I see... What do you think, San Robin?
    San Robin: I- I don't know, I... think I need some time, would you mind bringing him to jail for me?
    <Character>: Will you be alright?
    San Robin: I think so... I'll be at my usual spot, if you could please meet me later?
    <Character>: Will do. Move along, sir.

    *You run toward Ben to apprehend him while San Robin reluctantly takes in the revelation that he spoke of.*

    Ben: You'll still take me to a safe prison cell, right?
    <Character>: Of course, just keep moving.
    San Robin: Magic? Me?

    *Abruptly cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Cheesy Loot DC Shop! - Opens Feta Finale Loot for DCs

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