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9/4/2009 23:55:34   
In the shadows...


Location: Final Battle!, Battleon Inn, Feast of Welcomegiving!, Welcomegiving War Waves , JellaTON Mold, The Biggest Thankstaking Ever!, Thankstaking Storybook (-> Chapter 5/8/9/12), Good Gravy!, Turkey Trap, Food Fight!, Thankstaken, Saving Private Practice, The Great Moglinberry Caper, What's That Whistling Noise?, Sibling Rivalry, The Felonious Five, A Boneheaded Brawl

Zones permitted
Welcomegiving War Waves

Quests given
Food Fight!
Saving Private Practice
The Felonious Five
A Boneheaded Brawl

Shops owned
Battle Turkey Upgrade
Thankstaking Weapons

Final Battle!

Oishii: Hi, I'm Oishii! Thank you for saving us!
Oishii: This dungeon is horrible. It smells like sulfer and burnt rocks from all the volcanic gases.
Oishii: A few days ago, I picked up a new scent... something... vanilla!
Oishii: Its very close by. What do you think it is?

Battleon Inn

Oishii: Wow, a real adventurer! It's so nice to meet you! You remind me of the hero that saved us all in the Great Fire War!
Oishii: You should ask Yulgar about that though. *shudder*

Feast of Welcomegiving!

Oishii: *cough* Ahem. Thank you, Mayor Rayf. Greetings, people of Falconreach!
Oishii: I'm so happy to be here! And... I've heard the tales of past Thankstakings. That is NOT the way to celebrate!
Oishii: I'd like to try upsetting that tradition of turkey-based terror. I want to offer you...
Oishii: ... a Feast of Welcomegiving!
Oishii: EVERYone is invited to come!
Oishii: (Even YOU, Dr. Voltabolt!)
Oishii: ...
Oishii: You're all welcome to bring your own dishes, but I'd like to cook up some of MY favorites for all of you!
Oishii: Pressurefied Cookatron 3500 Pressure Cauldron? Ooooh, sounds high-tech! I would LOVE to! Thank you, good doctor!
Oishii: Alright, everyone, good talk! Meet in Falconreach's townsquare tomorrow afternoon with your dishes!
Oishii: Oh! You're early!
Oishii: Hello, Cysero!
Oishii: And thank you for the box of Her-Os, <Character>! They'll make a crunchy breading for something, I'm sure!
Oishii: You're all so early, I'm not quite ready yet!
Oishii: But Voltabolt said that his pressurecooker would have my dishes done in no time!
Oishii: *giggle*
Oishii: A jar of Cranberry sauce, bat-wings, turkey, key limes, moose antlers (gotta have those...), chocolate (YUM), Potatoes...
Oishii: And of course - Slime, a box of gelatin and a jar of my Secret Super-spice sauce!
Oishii: ......

Welcomegiving War Waves

  • Welcomegiving!
    Oishii: I was so excited to invite you to my feast of Welcomegiving! There's just a few... alterations we need to make to the ingredients.
    • Talk
      Oishii: I think that food is a wonderful way for people to come together!
      Oishii: That's why I imbue every recipe I make with love and a personality of its own.
      Oishii: I want the food I make to really speak to people.
      Oishii: But most time it just growls and tries to gnaw on the diners before they can bite into it!

    • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    • Leave - returns to Introduction.
  • Shops!
    Oishii: That nice Dentizt opened these shops for you! He muttered about being so nice it made his teeth hurt.
    JellaTON Mold

    Oishii: The overclocked kettle gave one final shudder, shake, and spurted out ooooone last monster.
    Oishii: If you can take down the JellaTON Mold, there will be dessert for EVERYONE!
    Oishii: What a happy end to the Welcomegiving feast THAT would be!

    Oishii: But... but... you didn't even TASTE my food!

    The Biggest Thankstaking Ever!

    Oishii: Look. At the size. Of that turkey. YUM!!!!

    Oishii: *Pout*

    Thankstaking Storybook

    Oishii: Happy Thankstaking, <Character>! I hope you're hungry!

    Oishii: I'm glad you're here, <Character>! Now you can help me cook up something really special!

    Oishii: I just have a short list of 47 things for you to run out and pick up!

    Oishii: This year will be the best yet!

    Good Gravy!

    Oishii: I don't think so. I've already gotten everything everyone was planning to send...
    Oishii: ...with the lone exception of Cysero who's supposed to bring the gravy boat.
    Oishii: As soon as he brings it, we can finish our preparations. I just need you three to keep putting these things down.

    Oishii: AAAHHHH!!!

    Oishii: You've got to stop them before they ruin the feast!

    Turkey Trap

    Oishii: I need your help, <Character>. We need to trap some of these turducken. You'll direct the knights to corner one, and then you'll take it out.
    Oishii: They keep trying to go for the gravy boat. Every Turducken that goes seems to be bigger than the last!
    Oishii: It would be disastrous if a turducken got its drumsticks on the gravy boat!
    Oishii: Good luck!

    Food Fight!

    Oishii: <Character>!
    Oishii: Where have you been? You took so long I just came out here and finished gathering a huuuuge amount of carrots! Yum!


    Oishii: Indeed it is, to be honest I was getting a little tired of Voltabolt always messing things up.

    Oishii: I know, but I swear if he wouldn't have suggested to hold back this year...
    Oishii: ... I probably would've kidnapped him JUST to prevent that from happening!

    Oishii: I hope he's well though I haven't seen him since he suggested it.

    Oishii: Please do, but keep him there for a moment. We're not fully done yet.

    Saving Private Practice

    Oishii: To be honest I was getting a little tired of Voltabolt always messing things up.

    Oishii: Through the good times and the bad!

    The Great Moglinberry Caper

    Oishii: That is, if someone doesn't screw things up like usual.

    Oishii: Thank you, Voltabolt. We appreciate the extra help.
    Oishii: Just do be sure to keep an eye on your creations so that they don't go haywire and destroy everything.

    Oishii: That's not good. What happened with all those machines you put out to keep guard, Voltabolt?

    Oishii: What about you, <Character> and Eric Greydawn? Weren't you here watching in case something happened?

    What's That Whistling Noise?

    Oishii: All we have to do is is follow the trail up—

    Oishii: —to the armory and confront Joules right there.
    Oishii: Everyone, take cover!!!

    Sibling Rivalry

    Oishii: Twig.

    Oishii: I honestly don't know where he puts it.

    The Felonious Five

    Oishii: This year, there's NOTHING to worry about. You'll see!

    Oishii: Gretel and I plan to keep a close eye on things around here just to be sure-

    Oishii: Really...?

    A Boneheaded Brawl

    Oishii: Don't worry, you'll see.

    Side View Appearance

    Also See: oishii (forum user)

    Thanks to
  • Voodoo Master for image.
  • Stephen Nix for banner, location, and additional dialogue.

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