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Sibling Rivalry

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11/24/2016 22:45:08   

Sibling Rivalry

Location: Thankstaking Storybook -> Chapter 11 -> Dr. Voltabolt -> Finale
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: November 24th, 2016

Objective: Joules is at it again. Head to the Armory and deal with Joules so Thankstaking can be enjoyed.
Objective completed: Thanks to Eric and the Barrel Chested Men, Thankstaking is saved this year! Whatever Joules tries in the future, we'll be ready. Happy Thankstaking!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(8) Cranbatty
(12) Fruitcake Golem
(6) Grape of Wrath
(9) Spineapple Slice
(1) Food Golem - Boss

Eric Greydawn

Gold-Plated Frying Pan (All Versions)
Gold-Plated Steak Knife (All Versions)
Gold-Plated Super Spoon (All Versions)

Access to Thankstaking Loot for DCs.


*You head for the woods as you look for the armory near Falconreach, taking a break for a brief moment; the strange tog you previously met in the makeshift barrel village approaches you.*

Tog: Those golems came from an armory. I can smell the scent and the direction they took...
Tog: Unfortunately, because of those golems, fruitcake is about ALL I can smell.
Tog: Not a bad smell, mind you. What's that proverb? Feed a dragon, starve a hulking undead dracolich fortress.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Did you just talk to me?
Tog: Of course not. Everyone knows Togs can't talk.

*The tog runs off and there you are, still standing as if it had not approached you.*

<Character>: ...

*Eric Greydawn and Oak have now caught up to you.*

Eric Greydawn: How much farther is it to the armory?
Oak: Not far. By Iron Band's directions, only about a couple of miles from where Falconreach is.

*Suspicious of your surroundings, you look in every general direction and turn to the duo behind you.*

<Character>: Do any of you feel like it's too quiet around here?

*Suddenly, as if by coincidence, an army of food monsters comes out to prevent you from reaching the armory, causing Oak to panic.*

Oak: Monster Ambush!
<Character>: I'm all over it!

  • Battle!
  • Run Away! - returns to Thankstaking Storybook.

    *After battling a gauntlet of food monsters, you conclude there's no sign of them letting up.*

    <Character>: They're still coming. There's a LOT of these things.
    Oak: We're going to have to shut down the source or they'll keep coming, I'm afraid.
    Eric Greydawn: <Character>, I'll clear a way for you to move. You know where the armory is. See if you can't get there and shut the source down.
    <Character>: Good. You protect the people of Falconreach. I'll get moving. Just clear a path if you can.
    Eric Greydawn: Get ready...

    *Eric takes a deep breath and pushes his arms out toward the army of food monsters to unleash an incredibly fiery wind to blow it away swiftly; he kneels on the ground shortly afterwards.*

    Eric Greydawn: Ugh...

    Eric Greydawn: Go... now... quickly!
    <Character>: Was that magic?
    Eric Greydawn: No...

    *Although you wondered what granted Eric his power, you quickly step inside the armory where you encounter a squadron of food golems patrolling each room; you enter a room with a giant conveyor belt where you finally encounter Joules.*

    <Character>: Ok, Joules. Where's the rest of the food?
    Joules: You'll see soon enough.
    <Character>: Why? Why on Lore are you doing this?
    Joules: Because of my soft headed brother. He's ALWAYS been the reason I do what I do.
    Joules: Honestly, I think it's great that my loser brother has loser friends who will stand up for him. He was right about one thing though.
    Joules: This feast of excess needs to end. All you people do is sit around and stuff yourselves silly.
    <Character>: Well you know, isn't that what you do with family and friends? I mean, Thankstaking is about being together with family and friends.
    <Character>: I'm not a professional therapist, but aren't you just ruining the chance for everyone to have a good time? We just had a harvest.
    <Character>: We have MORE food at this time of year than we have at any so rather than waste it, we have a great feast and celebrate our good fortune.
    <Character>: Why not share it, celebrate the joy of the season and have fun? And can't Voltabolt be a part of that too?
    Joules: ...Therapist?
    <Character>: It's... Well, you know... A doctor... for people and stuff.
    Joules: Oh. You mean more science...

    Joules: Nice try, but I'm not buying it.
    <Character>: It's not-
    Joules: Enough talk! It's time for you to meet my newest creation!

    *A giant humanoid golem made entirely out of other types of food ferociously jumps at you, coming between you and Joules.*

    Joules: Messing with food is my brother's thing, but as always he messes things up, I'll show you how it's really done!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Food Golem.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Thankstaking Storybook.

    *After you have defeated the golem and reclaimed the food that comprised it, Joules is impressed.*

    Joules: Good. Well done. I wanted to see how you would handle that. This gives me a few ideas for next year.
    <Character>: Next year? This ends NOW!

    *You viciously attack Joules, but to no effect; it turns out that she was communicating with you through a hologram the whole time.*

    Joules: Did you think I would make it THAT easy?

    *You are speechless, and Joules laughs.*

    Joules: You're just seeing a projection, you silly hero. I'm not about to risk facing you yet.
    Joules: I just needed a good test of your abilities, so I would know your weaknesses.
    Joules: Sadly, you don't have any in a straight up fight, but it's ok. I know what to do next year.

    *The hologram disappears as Joules chuckles menacingly, leaving you angry and disappointed that you did not catch Joules, however, you did not come all this way for nothing.*

    <Character>: I'd better get all this food back. I'm not sure how much can be salvaged, but I've got to try anyway.

    *Meanwhile, back in Falconreach, Gretel and Oishii are outside the bakery seemingly conversing with each other when you arrive back with the food.*

    <Character>: I brought the food back...
    <Character>: ... but some of it is kind of... mutilated.

    *You've carried the feast all the way back to the Falconreach Bakery in a wagon.*

    <Character>: It may or may not have been damaged by me in some way... while it was trying to eat me.

    *You look both in front of and behind you, surprised that the fruitcake that was catapulted into Falconreach had disappeared.*

    <Character>: Where's all the fruitcake?
    Oishii: Twig.

    Oishii: I honestly don't know where he puts it.
    Gretel: Just take it into the kitchen, dearie. All it will take is a little kitchen magic, and everything will be right as rain.

  • Complete Quest
  • DC Loot Shop - opens Thankstaking Loot for DCs shop.

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