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7/25/2009 9:37:33   


Other names: Packing Up

Location: Yulgar's Weapon Shop, Battleon Inn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> Packing Up
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Akriloth
Release Date: July 25th, 2009

Objective: Falconreach, and the heroes of the west, ride east towards Yulgar's crossroads camp, while Demento investigates Konnan's disappearance.
Objective completed:The ties between Drakonnan and his humanity are severed, there is no going back. This new evil must be defeated.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Enslaved Red Dragon
(4) Fire Eater


Demento's Axe
Demento's Gleaming Axe
Demento's Brilliant Axe

Demento's Dagger
Demento's Gleaming Dagger
Demento's Brilliant Dagger

Demento's Staff
Demento's Gleaming Staff
Demento's Brilliant Staff

Yulgar: We were under constant attack from the fire monsters. My friends in Falconreach came to help defend the area.

  • Quest!
  • Back

  • Galanoth joins you as Guest A.

    East of Falconreach...

    Chaz: Yulgar!
    Chaz: Yulgar, we have another group coming back from the front lines...
    Chaz: They're going to need equipment and repairs.
    Yulgar: That's what I'm here for, friend.
    Yulgar: How are they holding up?
    Chaz: *sigh*
    Chaz: We're still losing ground.
    Chaz: Honestly, I don't know how long we can keep this up...
    Chaz: The fire monsters have broken our defenses! Come on!

    Meanwhile, back in Falconreach..

    <Character>: The horses are packed, we need to get going.
    Reens: Right. We're all set.
    Galanoth: Wait, where is Demento?

    Demento: ...

    Galanoth: Brother we must depart quickly.
    Demento: I'll catch up with you.
    Galanoth: What's wrong? I know that look.
    Demento: Hmph, you know me too well.
    Demento: I just.. have something I need to do.
    Galanoth: I trust your judgement.
    Demento: I'll make haste.. I'm looking forward to fighting beside you again.
    Galanoth: Me too.
    Galanoth: Alright, let's go! We ride East!
    Galanoth: Be safe, brother.
    Demento: As should you.

    Twilly: I sure hope this was a good idea, Aria...
    Aria: Oh, come one. It'll be fun!
    Twilly: ...

    Demento: The apprentice, was he kidnapped...
    Demento: Did he just run...
    Demento: He was crafting something, these scraps of red metal...
    Demento: What happened to you, Konnan? I know you were grieving but...
    Demento: Something tells me you've turned to anger....

    Demento: These...
    Demento: Not all of these monsters were minions of Akriloth!
    Demento: I'll have to look for Konnan later, right now it looks like another is making a play for the plane of fire.

    Xan: Finally I have the tool to rid the world of Warlic and all his troublesome friends. He won't be able to keep me from Jaania any longer.
    Xan: Who knew that naive little Konnan would turn into a such wonderful apprentice.
    Xan: It was well worth the promises of teaching him to enchant weapons with fire so long ago...
    Xan: Now to plan my revenge against the Blue Mage...
    Xan: ...
    Xan: YES, I HAVE IT!!! I'll
    Xan: No, that is too boring. I need to kill him... creatively.
    Xan: Like, with fire.
    Xan: A LOT of fire.
    Drakonnan: Master!
    Xan: What did I tell you about bothering me when I'm on my throne?
    Drakonnan: They're leaving, packing up and going east!
    Drakonnan: We have to move now, I can't let them escape before I get my hands on them!
    Xan: What?! Who heads east, Drakonnan? Is the mage among them?
    Drakonnan: Warlic stays... for now. I want <Character> though.
    Drakonnan: I will burn the very breath from his lungs for leaving my family in the path of that dragon.
    Drakonnan: They cannot escape! Not after I've gained the power to defeat them!
    Xan: Wait, my young friend, I do not think you realize how powerful the mage is, he should be our first target.
    Xan: <Character> can wait.
    Drakonnan: *screams in rage.*

    Demento: Konnan...
    Demento: Oh no, I've been spotted!

    Xan: I think i know the perfect thing to whet your appetite, Drakonnan.
    Xan: Find the eavesdropper...
    Drakonnan: I will crush them for daring to spy on us!
    Xan: Bring them back alive, apprentice.
    Drakonnan: Yes, master...

    Demento: Konnan is lost.
    Demento: I must warn <Character>, Galanoth... I can't let Ko...
    Demento: I can't let Drakonnan get to them first!
    Demento: HYAH!

    Demento: Konnan...
    Drakonnan: Hmph.

    Drakonnan: You.
    Drakonnan: YOU WILL BURN!

    Demento: Konnan, stop this!
    Drakonnan: Konnan is no more!

    Drakonnan: *Hrgh* I... will... not... be... DEFEATED!!!
    Demento: Konnan...
    Demento: You.. will never...
    Drakonnan: That is where you are wrong.
    Demento: ...

    Galanoth: !!!
    Galanoth: Demento!
    Galanoth: Something... something is wrong, we must go west! Quickly!

    Drakonnan: You...
    Drakonnan: You were one of the ones who tracked the dragon. A quick death is too good for you.
    Drakonnan: You should have suffered as my family did.
    Drakonnan: Know this, as you breathe your last. I do not care what Xan says...
    Drakonnan: I will go east, I will gather an army using the Fire Orb, find <Character> and DESTROY THEM.
    Drakonnan: This world will be left a cinder!

    <Character>: Is this it?
    Galanoth: Dragons!
    Galanoth: We have to find Demento!

    Galanoth: DEMENTO!
    Galanoth: My brother! I... who, who did this to you.
    Demento: Ko..
    Demento: Konnan. He...
    Demento: ..Gone mad with grief...
    Demento: Anger...
    Demento: Mad with...
    Galanoth: ...Demento?
    Demento: Power...

    Galanoth: NO!
    Galanoth: DEMENTO, NO! COME BACK!
    Galanoth: Brother....

    Galanoth: No... You will not escape, dragon.

    <Character>: Konnan...
    <Character>: What have you become?

    Next Up: Ashenvale

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf, AztecArcher, fxmybrute13, ILmaster13, Peachii, and Voodoo Master for corrections.

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