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Mighty Akriloth, The

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7/17/2009 17:48:10   
Legendary AdventureGuide!

The Mighty Akriloth

Other name: Akriloth

Location: WAR Elemental Attacks! (Fire War), Yulgar's Weapon Shop / Battleon Inn -> "Yulgar" / Yulgar -> Fire War -> Akriloth -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Level 10, Completion of Going East
Release Date: July 17th, 2009

Objective: Mutated by the power of the Fire Orb, Akriloth is more powerful then ever. Can you take him down, even with the power of the Frozen Claymore?
Objective completed: Akriloth is defeated, but Yulgar needs our help to the East! Battleon!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Akriloth - Boss



ChaosMoon Edge (I-IV)
ChaosMoon Slice (I-IV)
ChaosMoon Stave (I-IV)

Frozen Claymore (Temporary)

ChaosMoon (Cape, Cloak)
ChaosMoon (Hood, Cowl)

Defender's Medal

Access to Dragon's Chest.

  • Equips Frozen Claymore (Temporary).

    Akriloth: YOU AGAIN!
    <Character>: No, dragon!
    <Character>: I have had enough! You've destroyed towns, killed families...
    <Character>: ..And I am going to end this now!

  • Fight Solo
    <Character>: If I have to, I'll take you down by myself!
    • Akriloth! To Battle! - begins battle with Akriloth.
  • Invite Friends by ID! - allows you to invite up to 2 player guests.
    Monster scales to highest level player in the party.
    Staff Character's IDs won't load.
    • Akriloth! To Battle! - begins battle with Akriloth.
  • Extreme Mode - allows you to invite up to 2 player guests.
    Monster scales to highest level player in the party.
    Staff Character's IDs won't load.
    • EXTREME MODE! To Battle! - begins battle with Akriloth.
  • Melt Face Mode - allows you to invite up to 2 player guests.
    Monster scales to highest level player in the party.
    Staff Character's IDs won't load.
    • MELT FACE MODE! To Battle! - begins battle with Akriloth.
    (NOTE: Extreme mode can only be fought with friends, and will STILL be pretty tough!)

  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Yulgar's Weapon Shop or Battleon Inn.

    <Character>: It is finally over...

    *Akriloth's burning body explodes.*

    <Character>: Really... REALLY over.
    <Character>: I have saved these lands from the greatest monster of all time.
    <Character>: I only wish...
    <Character>: I only wish that there was some cool theme music to mark this incredible victory.
    <Character>: Like a... "Da Daaa Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
    <Character>: Or perhaps a... "Do Da Doooooo"
    <Character>: DadadadadaDAAAAAAA Dooo da dooooo! Dededededadada! DAAAAAA DAAAAAAA DOOOOOOOOOOOM!
    <Character>: ... or something.
    <Character>: The important thing is that we were victorious.
    <Character>: History was made here... today... on this very battle ground. (And I have a really cool sword now too!)
    <Character>: But now that Akriloth is gone...
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: What is next?
    Nifaria: Do you know what you have just done, human!?
    <Character>: ...
    <Character>: Whew... I was worried things were going to get boring for here a moment.
    <Character>: Wait... My eyebrows are gone, aren't they?
    <Character>: This is so embarrassing..
    <Character>: Erm, *coughs* I mean... Who are you?
    Nifaria: I am Nifaria, an Elemental Spirit of Fire! (Read my name tag next time.)
    <Character>: I have never seen an elemental spirit before.
    Nifaria: That is because you are the first human to do so...

    Nifaria: Thou hast slain Akriloth, the most powerful fire creature in this world...
    Nifaria: Are you aware of the consequences of thy action?
    <Character>: *Obviously this will require some roleplaying* Mi'lady Spirit... Akriloth was a dragon of evil.
    <Character>: He was defeated fairly in battle to protect the innocent.
    Nifaria: That may be true, but slaying him has caused a great imbalance in elemental power.
    Nifaria: Human, this may be difficult for you to understand... but this world is a battleground for the great elemental beings...
    Nifaria: ...By slaying Akriloth you have put all fire beings in grave peril.
    <Character>: Are you trying to say by killing Akriloth, that I have endangered all fire beings in the world?
    Nifaria: Yes.
    <Character>: Then why did you not just say that in the first place?
    Nifaria: Do not anger me human!
    <Character>: (This discussion is getting really heated) Nifaria, what can I do to reset balance?
    Nifaria: In my hand is a fire dragon egg... it is about to hatch.
    Nifaria: When it hatches in a few moments... it will be the only great fire dragon left in this world...
    <Character>: ... (Does this mean I get to kill two dragons in one DAY!?!?!?! OMG OMG OMG OMG!)
    Nifaria: You will raise it... No, it needs to be raised...
    <Character>: RAISE IT!? You want me to raise ANOTHER baby dragon?
    <Character>: I can hardly clean up after this one...
    Nifaria: *sigh*
    Nifaria: Yes. You will raise It is Akriloth's only son. Take him to Lady Celestia, so he can be raised properly and bring the elemental realms back into balance.
    Nifaria: The realm of Fire is fragile right now, and without him the minions of fire could coalesce under someone worse then Akriloth.

    *Nifaria leaves you at the battleground with the remains of Akriloth.*

    Pop-up message if you approach Akriloth's remains:

    A giant pile of dragon guts... eww... well

    *You head left towards Falconreach.*

    ~A few days later~

    Ash: <Character>!!!
    <Character>: ...Ash?
    Ash: <Character>!!!
    Ash: ...Gah...
    Ash: I'm good... ... Just gimme a... *gasp* ...sec...
    Ash: <Character>! Come quick-- Wait... What happened to your eyebrows?
    <Character>: Don't ask...
    Ash: Ok whatever just look!!! We've gotten word from Yulgar!


    Dear Friends,
    I have made my way east. The fire elementals and minions roam the countryside and attack without provaction. There are bands of adventurers that fight the good fight and battle on through. I found a crossroads between several towns and set up a small forge to help supply them with the weapons they need to fight. I saw an explosion to west a few days ago and the fire attacks seem to quell, but now the monsters have begun their attacks anew and fight even more fiercely. I fear they found someone... or something new to fight for already.

    Please, friends, heros, if Akriloth is truly gone and Falconreach is safe, come east and help defeat these monsters!
    Battle on!

    <Character>: So... I guess we go east!
    Cysero: Road Trip! I call shotgun!
    <Character>: Shotgun? What's that?
    Cysero: I have no idea!

  • The End

    *Scene returns to the battlefield where Akriloth was defeated, and shows the Fire Orb rolling down from Akriloth's remains, landing before Drakonnan.*

  • The Beginning

    Next Up: Flashpoint

    Thanks to
  • Jamenja for links.
  • ILmaster13 for additional dialogue and corrections.
  • Armakuny and Z.324 for level requirement information.
  • Cyrenius, jimbo32, and fxmybrute13 for reward information.
  • AztecArcher, Peachii, Sasuke Uchiha, and Voodoo Master for corrections.

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