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3/16/2006 15:27:04   


Location: Yulgar's Weapon Shop, Xan Bossfight, Friday the 13th Invasion - A Ghoulish Attack, Frenzy at the Forge, From Ice to....., Slushroom Princess, A Letter From Home, The Search, Lair of the Guardian, The Ultimate Weapon, Going East, Flashpoint, Ashenvale, Battle For the Eastern Hills!, To Have Famous Friends!, To Have All the Gold In Lore!, To Be A Giant!, Ice Gems, Attack On Drakonnan!, Epilogue, Battleon Inn, Choose Your Own Adventure Quest, Yulgar's First Date, Yulgars First Date Part 2

Quests given
Bungle In the Jungle
Yulgar's Forge

The Great Fire War
A Letter From Home
The Search
Lair of the Guardian
The Ultimate Weapon
Going East
The Mighty Akriloth
Battle For the Eastern Hills!
Battleon Burns!
Assault on the Enemy
Xan Has A Plan
Final Battle!

Shops owned
Yulgar's Shop (All Versions)

Battleon Inn

Yulgar: Well met <Your Class>! Feel free to browse the store. I make and sell a wide variety of weapons.

  • Shop - Yulgar's Shop

  • Quest!
    Yulgar: Do you want to quest for Azhite Ore? It can only be found in the jungles of the south, but if you can get some I could make you new weapons!
    • Tell me more...
      Yulgar: For a level 10 weapon, I'd need 10 pieces of the ore, and the weapon called Nature's Call from the Sneevil Forest near Robina.
      Yulgar: For a level 22 weapon, I'd need 5 pieces of the ore, and the weapon called Dirge Thorn from the Sneevil Forest near Robina.
      Yulgar: Using these weapons and the ore I can craft you a powerful sword, dagger or staff! Just bring me the materials when you are ready.
    • Quest for Ore! - Bungle In the Jungle
    • Make Weapons - Yulgar's Shop (Merge Shop)

  • Crafting: Build Weapons
    Yulgar: Do you want to learn to create your own weapons? I'll teach you and let you use my forge if you help out around the shop.

  • Talk
    Yulgar: My name is Yulgar and I run the Inn here in Battleon. This is my friend, Oishii.

  • Leave - Takes you out of the shop.

    Xan Bossfight

    Yulgar: We weren't able to do much for town. All that is left is a... single... unburned board.

    Yulgar: We're behind you all the way <Character>! We'll help any way that we can.

    A Ghoulish Attack

    Yulgar: The Undead are messing to attack again and they have us surrounded! Do you think you can stop them <Character>?

  • Heal
  • Leave

    Frenzy at the Forge

    Yulgar: Greetings, <Character>! Excellent timing! I just finished making a batch of those strawberry smoothies I know you crave.

    Yulgar: I'm sure accepting my hospitality won't slow you down TOO much. One mug won't take long to finish.

    Yulgar: Try some! It's my best batch yet!

    Yulgar: Ooooh. You know, this happened the last time I made smoothies. But those were blueberry-pineapple!
    Yulgar: I didn't think it would happen with the strawberry flavour!

    Yulgar: ...

    Yulgar: <Character>, go! I can handle these, you go help clear out the rest of the town! Mayor Rayf is not going to be pleased!

    Yulgar: You were great, <Character>! The last time town was invaded, Mayor Rayf said if things ever got out of control again, he was relocating his office.

    Yulgar: Exactly. He says he'll make the townsfolk pay the moving costs! Claims that if he has to deal with the headaches our mistakes cause...
    Yulgar: We should have to ease his stress somehow.
    Yulgar: So, since neither of us wants to finance a three-story, marble floored pirate shanty in Osprey Cove, it's a good thing you took care of that mess.

    Fire War

    Yulgar: A Fire War swept over land, and if it wasn't for a hero, like yourself, all of Lore wold have been lost...

    A Letter From Home

    Yulgar: It all started, <Character>, when my first apprentice Konnan, got a disturbing letter...


    Yulgar: Something must be done to stop Akriloth! He can't be allowed to destroy the land!


    Yulgar: Akriloth remains undefeated an is free to wreak havoc on the land. Something must be done.


    Yulgar: Konnan just worked at the forge after that. He refused to speak to anyone.
    Yulgar: The Fire Dragon, Akriloth had to be defeated, <Character>. Demento was heading north to try and find something... anything... we could use.

    The Guardian

    Yulgar: Eventually they found something from the frozen northlands that could take Akriloth down!

    The Ultimate Weapon

    Yulgar: I was able to forge a weapon with what they brought back... but Konnan wasn't idle either, his powers were growing.

    Yulgar: <Character>! Demento! You've returned! What did you find in the Frozen North? Is there anything that can defeat Akriloth?

    Yulgar: It's broken into too many shards for me to simply "fix" it, <Character>... but, magic still permeates the fragments....
    Yulgar: I can forge something new, something stronger! A Frozen Claymore!

    Going East

    Yulgar: I closed shop in Falconreach then, <Character>, and headed east... and found this crossroads to set up a new forge.

    Yulgar: Everyone...
    Yulgar: Everyone, please just calm down.

    Yulgar: With Akriloth rampaging and fire monsters attacking towns all over Lore, I have a responsibility.
    Yulgar: I need to take the remaining shards of the Ice Scythe and get weapons in hands of as many heroes as I can.
    Yulgar: I'm going East.

    Yulgar: Aria is going to stay with Grams for now.
    Yulgar: As for weapons and blacksmithing, I don't know...
    Yulgar: Konnan is gone, I don't know where, and I have no other apprentice who can manage the shop.

    Yulgar: Here we go..

    Yulgar: Oh.
    Yulgar: Thank you, Cysero.

    Yulgar: The Frozen Claymore is done.
    Yulgar: When it comes time to face Akriloth, you will be ready.
    Yulgar: Be on the look out for attacks and head off the fire monsters before the over-run the west as well.
    Yulgar: Good luck, my friends, the Fire War is spreading.


    Yulgar: After all that, it was time to face Akriloth and take him down!


    Yulgar: We were under constant attack from the fire monsters. My friends in Falconreach came to help defend the area.

    Yulgar: That's what I'm here for, friend.
    Yulgar: How are they holding up?


    Original Text:
    Yulgar: The town of Ashenvale is under siege!
    Yulgar: Drakonnan's forces have hit it hard and many townspeople are trapped inside their homes by monsters!
    Yulgar: You have to save them, <Character>!

    Current Text:
    Yulgar: Drakonnan started attacking towns all around here. The town of Ashenvale was put under siege.
    Yulgar: Drakonnan's forces have hit it hard and many townspeople were trapped inside their homes by monsters!
    Yulgar: A true hero brave the fires and rescued the townspeople. Drakonnan... he managed to destroy the entire town.

    Battle For the Eastern Hills!

    Original Text:
    Yulgar: It looks like the people from Ashenvale have relocated to Yulgar's Camp and are setting up a new town there with the heros.

    Current Text:
    Yulgar: The townspeople from Ashenvale relocated here, to my camp and set up a new town there with the help of the heros.

    Yulgar: Aria!
    Yulgar: I told you to stay home, in Falconreach.

    Yulgar: It's too dangerous for you here.

    Yulgar: No buts. You are going back on the first caravan headed home.

    Yulgar: I know. You have a good heart, but I am worried about you. We are under constant attack here.

    Yulgar: Aria... we've talked about this...

    Yulgar: Yes, and as long as I have strength in my arms I will make them.

    Yulgar: Battleon.

    Yulgar: What is all the lightning from, <Character>?

    Yulgar: Plasma Dragons?!

    Yulgar: No <Character>...
    Yulgar: They're not the only ones missing either...

    Battleon Burns!

    Yulgar: We weren't save yet though. Drakonnan's forces attacked the Battleon Camp!

    Yulgar: Is that... smoke on the horizon?

    Yulgar: There are waves and waves of fire monsters, we'll have to set up camp here and organize an attack!

    Ice Gems

    Yulgar: Good job <Character>. I'll get back to work. We're going to need more help though I think.

    Yulgar: I don't know.
    Yulgar: There's more magic in that blade than even I could forge by myself.
    Yulgar: If we need something stronger we're going to have to call on one of the mages.

    Yulgar: Or Cysero.

    Yulgar: Well, Cy...

    Yulgar: ...

    Attack On Drakonnan!

    Yulgar: With the General defeated, it was time to go on the offensive!

    Yulgar: Good job, <Character>. It looks like you've defeated one of Drakonnan's top generals.
    Yulgar: That should keep his army at bay, for now...

    Yulgar: Is it really that bad?

    Yulgar: Our numbers are dwindling as well. Elgert, Mennance, Dain Lorilann...
    Yulgar: They've been missing since we investigated the Lightning Chasm.

    Xan Has A Plan

    Yulgar: How were we ever going to defeat Drakonnan? We needed some help to get inside, but who’s left that would fight on our side?

    Final Battle

    Yulgar: The time had come to face Drakonnan in his lair!


    Yulgar: The Fire War was finally over, thanks to brave heros like you!

    Yulgar: I wish you well on your trip.

    Yulgar: I wish I could, <Character>, but there is still much work to be done here in the aftermath of all of Drakonnan’s destruction.
    Yulgar: A new inn is nearly built, so I’m going to set up shop there for now.
    Yulgar: Please, take Aria back to Falconreach though and make sure that she gets back to Grams safe and sound.

    Yulgar: I have the means to get back if needed, <Character>. Cysero has seen to that.

    Dragon Store

    Yulgar: If you have defeated Drakonnan you can buy special markings for your adult dragon from Lady Celestia.

    From Ice to.....

    Yulgar: Princess?

    Yulgar: Are you certain she is a Princess?

    Yulgar: (Here we go...)


    Yulgar: OUCH!!!1

    Yulgar: ....
    Yulgar: I hit my thumb with my mallet… this helmet is tough.

    Yulgar: I am a very dedicated black smith!
    Yulgar: *whispers* (Besides, did you see what hero boy will pay for noob gear?)

    Yulgar: *chuckles*

    Yulgar: That was odd.

    Yulgar: The orb! Quick, pick it up before it gets dirty!

    Yulgar: Before Warlic gets back be sure to…

    Yulgar: Um… Warlic…

    (Everyone): !!!!!

    Yulgar: Princess turned to stone… I heard a story like this once.
    Yulgar: Kiss her boy!

    Yulgar: It will be just like a fairy tale lad!

    (Everyone): !!!!!!!!

    Slushroom Princess

    Yulgar: Ash...

    To Have Famous Friends!

    Yulgar: Ok people, clear a path! <Character> needs a break. You can talk to his friends yourselves!

    To Be A Giant!

    Yulgar: I think one of your shoelaces is starting to come undone, <Character>.

    To Have All the Gold In Lore!

    Yulgar: Heya, <Character>. Could you spot me some gold so I can hire some new blacksmithing assistants?

    Yulgar: That means I can make more weapons for you.

    Yulgar: Fish... shaped...

    Yulgar: ...

    Yulgar: When did you install the giant cushion at the bottom, <Character>? It wasn't there this morning.

    Yulgar: No.

    Choose Your Own Adventure Quest

    Yulgar: <Character>! What brings you all the way out to the East?

    Yulgar: While you're here, I do have a new set of weapons for you to try out. Why don't you have a seat and tell me how everyone is?

    Yulgar: Wait, stop. What is Cysero working on?
    Yulgar: Do you really want to help him build that? I mean really?

    Yulgar: While you're here, I do have a new set of weapons for you to try out. Why don't you have a seat and tell me how everyone is?

    Yulgar's First Date

    Yulgar: I do!
    Yulgar: It was easy to move back and forth when it was just the Inn in BattleOn but it’s hard to get away now that it’s become so busy.
    Yulgar: <Character>, it’s so good to see you again!

    Yulgar: *sigh*
    Yulgar: <Character> is a very busy person, Aria, they don’t have to listen to old stories.

    Yulgar: My mother knew I… wanted to spend more time with Lark, Aria’s mother. Grams and her came up with an errand to send the two of us on..
    Yulgar: I needed to “escort” Lark to the overlook in Oaklore because the woods were “full of bears”.
    Yulgar: The one bear we saw had already been chased off… not that it would have mattered.
    Yulgar: If a bear attacked, all Lark would have to do was sing to it. Animals hated me but all she had to do was hum and they were charmed.

    Yulgar: Everything that could go wrong did though… I bought her an egg which ended up in the bay. We were chased off by Knights.
    Yulgar: I lost the rest of my coins. A horrific skeleton attacked once we got to the overlook… and…
    Yulgar: The gift I made for her… a beautiful harp… I worked on it for so long… was lost.

    Yulgars First Date Part 2

    Yulgar: It's finished!

    Yulgar: Moooooooom! I'm busy!

    Yulgar: Mooooooom, I will! I promise! I gotta finish this though....

    Yulgar: Do I have to? It's probably cleaning her stables again and it's groooooss...
    Yulgar: If I have to do that, I won't be back in time to clean the bellows too!

    Yulgar: *Dramatic sigh*

    Yulgar: Bu-

    Yulgar: Yes, ma'am.

    Yulgar: Mhmm.

    Yulgar: Kid. Why. Are. You. Following. Us.

    Yulgar: It's not a date!

    Yulgar: Ugh........
    Yulgar: Kiiiiiiid, c'moooonnn....

    Yulgar: Kid, you ok? C'mon, hurry, we need to get back to town.

    April Fools 2008 Image

    Thanks to
    -- Krazy_Kakadu for pointing out a few broken links.
    -- ILmaster13 for locations and dialogue.
    -- Pink_Star for locations.
    -- iMeep for dialogue.
    -- Barong the DemiGod for dialogue.
    -- ArchMagus Orodalf for locations and dialogue.
    -- PaperClip OF DOOM for the rewrite.
    -- Sasuke Uchiha for the new image.
    -- Kilza for quest links.
    -- Stephen Nix for dialogue, locations and corrections.
    -- Doomstalker for correction.
    -- Voodoo Master for dialogues, location and corrections.
    -- Niki for corrections.
    -- Dread97 for dialogue.

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