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Yulgar's Forge

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11/16/2007 19:02:50   

Yulgar's Forge

Location: Yulgar's Weapon Shop / Battleon Inn -> Yulgar / "Yulgar" -> Crafting: Build Weapons -> Build My Own Weapons!
Requirements: None
Release Date: November 16th, 2007

Objective: Yulgar has given you free use of his forge, if you complete a few simple blacksmithing tasks for the inhabitants of Falconreach. After training your skill up, you will be able to make your own weapons!
Objective completed: It was a good day's work at Yulgar's forge! Come back anytime!

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0




Access to Forge, Resource Shop.

Yulgar: You have free use of my forge, <Character>. What would you like to do?

  • Train Blacksmithing
    Yulgar: You want to increase your skill in blacksmithing? Great! I need some help around the shop, and there is nothing like hands-on-experience!
    • Ready! - begins minigame in which you need to combine different materials to form different weapons.

      If you make the weapon correctly:
      Yulgar: Great job! You made that item perfectly! I'm sure my customer will be pleased with your work!
      Yulgar: Now, let's see if you have gained any skill points!

      • Roll! Push me! - rolls a number, boosted by player's LUK/3; if higher than the threshold value, you will gain a Blacksmithing Craft Skill point.

      If you make the weapon incorrectly:
      Yulgar: Close, but not quite right... you'll nail it next time. Don't worry, I'll fix this one.

    • How does This Work?
      Yulgar: Increasing your Blacksmithing Craft Skill can be a little confusing, Let me tell you how it works.
      Yulgar: A lot of people in Falconreach need a lot of metalwork done for them, and some people around here want some pretty odd stuff.
      Yulgar: Let's say that someone wants a Smelly Axe of Light.
      Yulgar: In the first box, you would select the ingredient that looks the most Smelly. In this case, it will probably be either the FISH or CHEESE icon.
      Yulgar: I've smelled some bad cheese but nothing stinks like fish when it goes bad, so I'll go with the fish and hope that I'm right.
      Yulgar: Next you pick the mold. You look for the mold that would work best for an Axe. That's the easy part.
      Yulgar: Finally you select the third ingredient that would make the item "of Light". I think that would probably be the CANDLE icon.
      Yulgar: After that, you just hit the CREATE button to make the item. Once you make the item I'll let you know if you got it right or wrong.
      Yulgar: If you're right, then you will get to roll to see if you have gained a skill level (having a little LUCK might help).
      Yulgar: As you gain skill levels, you will unlock new weapon recipes. Pretty soon you'll be making your own powerful, hand-crafted weapons!
      Yulgar: Ready to try to increase your Blacksmithing Craft Skill?

      • Create items! - begins minigame in which you need to combine different materials to form different weapons.
  • Make Weapons
    • Make Weapons! - opens Forge shop.

    • Buy Materials - opens Resource Shop.

    • How does This Work?
      Yulgar: Building your own weapons is pretty simple, once you have earned the skill and learned the recipe.
      Yulgar: You can only make weapons that are up to your level +5. So if you are level 20, you can make weapons that are level 25 or below.
      Yulgar: I sell most of the materials that you will need right here in my shop.
      Yulgar: Some higher level weapons recipes will require rare drops like Ahzite Ore or Black Pearls, for example.
      Yulgar: Once you have learned a weapon recipe, all you need to do is merge the materials here in my force to create your own permanent weapons!
      Yulgar: One more thing to keep in mind... any weapon above level 10 will require a Dragon Amulet to forge or use.

    Other information
  • Obtain a Blacksmithing Skill of 35 to unlock Blacksmith Mastery badge.

    Thanks to
  • Peachii for other information and correction.
  • Jay and RusseyFooly for corrections.

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  • AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
    11/19/2007 18:34:58   

    Key to Forge Symbols

    First Part of Weapon Name (Adjective)

    = Dark & Spooky, Poisonous, Skeletal
    = Fossilized, Rock Lord's, Weighted
    = Avian, Cowardly, Feathered
    = Cheesy, Dairy, The Head Cheese's
    = Additional, Healing, Surgical
    = Leaping, Moglin Punting, Swift
    = Silencing, The Hungry, Whispering
    = Drowning, Moist, Rainmaker's
    = Fisherman's, Smelly, Sushi Lover's
    = Blizzard, Shivering, Yeti's
    = Blinding, The Pupil's, Visionary's
    = Barking, Nature's, Splintery
    = Fiery, Illuminating, Waxy
    = Finely Printed, Librarian's, Well Referenced
    = Crystal, Expensive, Sparkley

    Middle Part of Weapon Name (Noun, Type of Item)

    = Claymore, Katana, Longsword
    = Horseshoe, Lucky Charm, Toilet Seat
    = Hammer, Mallet, Sledge Hammer
    = Latchkey, Master Key, Spare Key
    = Bracelet, Loop, Wedding Ring
    = Ice Cream Scoop, Mace, Morningstar
    = Shovel, Spade, Spoon
    = Bust, Figurine, Statue
    = Fork, Pitchfork, Trident
    = Axe, Battle Axe, Hatchet
    = Butter Knife, Dagger, Letter Opener
    = Hack Saw, Hand Saw, Saw
    = Beacon, Lamp, Lantern
    = Bell, Cowbell, Doorbell
    = Monkey Wrench, Pipe Wrench, Torque Wrench

    Last Part of Weapon Name (Verb, Preceded by "of")

    = Swimming, The Sea, The Wharf
    = Crystal, Greed, Wealth
    = Future Seeing, Invisibility, Sight
    = Hydration, Liquification, The Storm
    = Frost Bite, Hypothermia, The North
    = Gude Spelinng, Reading +1, The Bookworm
    = First Aid, Math Mastery, Medicine
    = Doom, Necromancy, The Undead
    = Egg Laying, Poultry, The Chicken
    = Logging In, Lumberjacking, Rooting
    = Cheese, Cheesy Puns, Lactose Intolerance
    = Burninating, Light, Pyromancer
    = Hard Rock, Stone, The Mason
    = Shouting, Snacking, Tongue Twisting
    = Sprinting, The Foot, The Marathon

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