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Epilogue (Fire War)

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9/19/2009 22:33:06   
Legendary AdventureGuide!


Location: Battleon Inn -> Yulgar -> Fire War -> Epilogue -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Final Battle!
Release Date: September 18th, 2009

Objective: The aftermath of the Fire War.
Objective Completed: Uh oh...

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0




<Character>: It is over...

*Your final battle with Drakonnan replays.*

Drakonnan: I'm sorry...
Drakonnan: I.. I have failed you...

*Drakonnan remembers his family as he sinks into the lava, protected by a bubble.*

Nifaria: Rest now, Konnan.
Nifaria: There is much more to do...

*The Fire Orb Zorbak threw into the lava makes its way into Nifaria's hand.*

Nifaria: You know what to do next.
Nifaria: Make them bring out their dragons.


*Afterwards, you, Artix, Cysero, Warlic, Yulgar, and the prisoners stand nearby to what remains of Drakonnan's Lair.*

Warlic: I do not sense the Fire Orb at all.
Warlic: I believe it has been fully destroyed in the final struggle.
<Character>: Are you sure, Warlic?
<Character>: I thought it was destroyed after Akriloth's death....
Warlic: There is no hint of the orb in the mountain and it would take great magic to hide the amount of power that the orb possessed.
Warlic: What was once fire, has returned to it. I will try to contact Fiamme, so that she can coalesce fire into a new orb.
Warlic: Until then, I hope the realm of Fire on Lore is not too greatly weakened.
<Character>: So, it's time to pack up then... I can't believe it's all over. It will be nice to get back to Falconreach though.
Yulgar: I wish you well on your trip.
<Character>: You... you're not going back, Yulgar?
Yulgar: I wish I could, <Character>, but there still much work to be done here in the aftermath of all of Drakonnan's destruction.
Yulgar: A new Inn is nearly built, so I'm going to set up shop there for now.
Yulgar: Please, take Aria back to Falconreach though and make sure that she gets back to Grams safe and sound.
<Character>: But... but... we need you in Falconreach!
Yulgar: I have the means to get back if needed, <Character>. Cysero has seen to that.

*Cysero gives the thumbs up with a grin.*

<Character>: I wish you luck then and I hope that we'll see you soon.
?: *grunt* *pant* *wheeeeeeze*

*Zorbak joins you, Artix, Cysero, and Yulgar, still dragging Drakonnan's mask behind him.*

<Character>: Zorbak... what are you still doing here?
Zorbak: Meh, trying to get my new throne back to Doomwood, no thanks to you all.
<Character>: No thanks to us?! You nearly destroyed all of Lore trying to get a chair back!
Zorbak: Meh, and you lazy heros had just helped me move it, then I would have a chair AND an orb.
Zorbak: As it is, everytime I try to make a minion to help me move this thing your crazy Paladin destroys it!
Artix: Be happy I don't destroy you, you evil...
Zorbak: Ebil.
Artix: ...moglin.
Zorbak: Hey, I came here to do you guys a favor.
Zorbak: You wouldn't have even gotten into Drakelhead's Lair if it wasn't for me. Now help me move this thing.

*Cysero picks up Drakonnan's mask to help Zorbak.*

Zorbak: Mehehehe, this will be perfect in my Lair!
Cysero: Yep!
Cysero: Glad I could repay the favor we owe you too!

*A blue exclamation point appears above Zorbak's head, realising he is no longer owed a favor by the heroes. Elsewhere, Konnan appears to be regaining consciousness, bound in chains.*

Nifaria: Wake up, Konnan. It's time to get to get work.
Konnan: Muh... ugh, I... what.... ?
Konnan: Wh... where am I?

*Konnan realises he is in chains, and sees Nifaria standing before him with the Fire Orb.*

Konnan: No. NO!
Nifaria: Quiet!
Nifaria: I have to thank you, Konnan.
Nifaria: Your thirst for revenge against the fire dragon, led to his destruction and gave me the chance to deliver his son directly into the Priestess hands.
Nifaria (thinking): Hahaha, my own little present to the Lady....
Nifaria: Not only did you manage to recover the Fire Orb from the dragon's smoldering body...
Nifaria: ...But you sowed more destruction across the land than Xan could have ever dreamt of.
Xan: HEY!

*Xan appears out of nowhere.*

Xan: I taught this ungrateful boy everything he knows! If he had listened to me, I could have taken all those "heros" on.
Nifaria: Hahahaha, if you wish to prove yourself, Xan, Konnan has provided you with the chance.
Nifaria: He's dropped the Fire Orb directly into my hands.

*Nifaria passes the Fire Orb to Xan.*

Nifaria: Show me what you can do.
Konnan: No! The orb is mine!
Nifaria: No, Konnan...

*The Nifaria illusion disappears, revealing Nifaria to actually be Sepulchure.*

Sepulchure: ...the Fire Orb is MINE.
Sepulchure: You, Konnan, were able to draw more power from the Orb than anyone...
Sepulchure: ...and I am going to take you apart piece by piece to find out how.

*Sepulchure grows in size, towering over a now frightened Konnan. Meanwhile, at the battleground where Akriloth was defeated, Xan uses the Fire Orb to resurrect Akriloth as a flaming undead dracolich.*


*Xan flies through the night sky on the flaming undead Akriloth's back.*


Thus, the Great Fire War ends, and new stories begin... Drakonnan is defeated, but the Fire Orb is now in Sepulchure's control... and in Xan's care. Our heros head home to Falconreach, while Yulgar sets up shop in a new town, Battleon.

Battleon's story is not this one though.
Continue it in AdventureQuest!

  • Play AdventureQuest!
  • End Quest

  • Other information
  • Complete this quest to unlock Burning Revenge badge.

    Thanks to Peachii and Shredder150 for corrections.

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