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Yulgars First Date Part 2

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5/17/2015 2:24:28   

DragonFable & MechQuest

Yulgars First Date Part 2

Location: Aria's Pet Shop (Book 3) -> Aria -> Family Time -> Quest! (Second button)
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: May 16th, 2015

Objective: Thanks Cysero....
Objective completed: You made it back to the future, found the harp, and swear to never accept baked goods from Cysero again!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Bear Cub
(2) Dirt Beetle
(2) Mushroom
(3) Puddle
(2) Seed Spitter
(1) Necro's First Minion - Boss

Sir Fess
Sir Vey

Yoooogi Bear Cub
Tiny Bear Cub
Scaredy Bear Cub
Boo Boo Bear Cub
Fuzzy Bear Cub
Cuddly Bear Cub
Westminster Bear Cub
Swerski Bear Cub

  • Equips Kid.

    *Yulgar is busy crafting a weapon.*

    Yulgar: It's finished!

    *Yulgar is surprised when he hear the sound of the door opening.*

    Brimme: Yulgar! I told you hours ago to clean out the bellows!
    Yulgar: Moooooooom! I'm busy!
    Brimme: Young man, when I ask you to do something....
    Yulgar: Mooooooom, I will! I promise! I gotta finish this though....
    Brimme: Well, hurry up then. Gramercy has sent word that she needs your help and you'll have to clean the bellows once you get back from that then.
    Yulgar: Do I have to? It's probably cleaning her stables again and it's groooooss...
    Yulgar: If I have to do that, I won't be back in time to clean the bellows too!
    Brimme: Then maybe you should have cleaned the bellows when I asked?
    Yulgar: *Dramatic sigh*
    Brimme: Gramercy needs some herbs from the edge of Oaklore overlook. There have been bears spotted in the area so she needs you to escort...
    Yulgar: Bu-
    Brimme: Lark.

    *Yulgar blushes when he hear of Lark's name.*

    Brimme: Hurry up and head over, mister. I won't be forgetting about your chores.

    *Yulgar is so excited as he prepares a gift and places it on his backpack. You, the kid, sits at the town center looking confused as he passes by.*

    Gramercy: Yulgar! There you are!

    *The frog besides Gramercy looks enthusiastic, glances and hops away.*

    Gramercy: I need you two to head out to the overlook in Oaklore to gather some Feffermint.
    Gramercy: Please, please make sure to steer clear of any bear cubs....
    Yulgar: Yes, ma'am.

    *Gramercy is delighted as the couple walk away. You follow behind them after a short while.*

    *Yulgar and Lark are both at a shop that sells hydra eggs. While Lark is holding onto the egg, you accidentally bumped onto her and the egg fell into the water.*

    <Character>: Oh no! I'm... I'm so sorry!

    *You run away after apologizing.*

    Salesman: Ehem...

    *The salesman demands the two to pay for his loss.*

    *Fight the monsters along the path. A bear cub looks very sad with tears in its eyes after the battle. Yulgar and Lark arrives behind you.*

    Lark: Stop! Why would you hit a poor, little bear cub?
    Lark: You're going to make it afraid and it will just attack random adventurers on the road!
    <Character>: I... I'm sorry!

    *Continue your way along the path. You saw two Pactagonal knights once you reach the end.*

    <Character> (thinking): Those must be the knights that chased them off... maybe I can get them to leave.

    *You throw a stone into the bush.*

    Sir Vey: You... are you kids throwing rocks?
    Sir Fess: Get out of here! We're about to start construction! It's dangerous!

    *Yulgar doesn't seem to care.*

    A few seconds before...

    *Zorbak is happily hopping around when it got hit by a rock. It weeps and continues to hop forward but is tripped by a bagpack and a book*

    Continue to defeat monsters along the way past the knights.

    *Lark is holding onto the gift that Yulgar gave her.*

    Lark: Oh Yulgar...
    Lark: Can I take a peek?
    Yulgar: Mhmm.
    Lark: It's... it's so beautiful!

    *As they are about to kiss each other, you bumped onto them again. Some gold fell into the corner of the grass.*

    Yulgar: Kid. Why. Are. You. Following. Us.
    Lark: Are you lost?
    <Character>: I... I just wanted to make sure nothing went wrong on your date!
    Yulgar: It's not a date!
    Lark: We're... we're fine. Thanks.

    *The couple walk away while you follow behind them again. You reach a cliff where the two are around.*

    Yulgar: Ugh........
    Yulgar: Kiiiiiiid, c'moooonnn....

    *The screen darkens as the two look frightened; the gift that Yulgar gave to Lark fell onto the ground. You stand in front of them as a necrotic minion appear.*

    <Character>: Don't worry.
    <Character>: I've got this!

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *A metal chunk is thrown at the necrotic minion and it fell. Yulgar is standing proudly as Lark is allured.*

    Yulgar: Kid, you ok? C'mon, hurry, we need to get back to town.
    <Character>: Now, where did the gift land...?

    *Zorbak is hiding in the bush where the gift landed. You went back to the town.*

    <Character>: How... how do I get back?
    <Character>: How... how old was that cake?
    <Character>: Urp!

    *The screen turns black. After awhile, you spew up the time cake that you previously ate.*

    <Character>: Uuuuuh....
    <Character>: I will neve-

    *You disappear instantly.*

    Cysero: Hello?
    Cysero: ....
    Cysero: I could've sworn someone shouted my name.

    *Cysero looks down at the time cake leftover and raises his shoulders, while holding onto a giftbox.*

    *Back to the present, Aria received a gift at the doorstep in front of her pet shop. She is holding onto a harp inscribed with "LARK".*

    Aria: It's beautiful!

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Azan for corrections.

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