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3/16/2006 15:24:25   


Location: Testopia (Beta), Falconreach, Dragesvard, A Letter From Home, Aftermath, Flashpoint, Feast of Welcomegiving!, A Cold Reception, Un-BEAR-Able Cold, Gary (Quest), Not So Great Escape, The Snow Fields, Dragesvard Under Siege, Gary's Fate, Ice Queen, Olaf's Party, Dragesvard Havoc, After the Ice Orb, Sepulchure's Fortress, The Ultimate Orb, The Dragon Drakath, The Growing Darkness, Dark Devices, One Step Ahead, Darkness is Coming, Doom Amulet

Quests given
Random Quests
Dragonbane Vein
Hatchling Hunt
Snow Rescue
Draggin' in Dragesvard

The Ice Orb
A Cold Reception
Un-BEAR-Able Cold
Not So Great Escape
The Killguin Arena
Bear Facts
Long In The Tooth
The Snow Fields
Gary's Fate
Ice Queen
Olaf's Party

Dragonslayer Training
Tipping the Scales

Shops owned
Scavenger Hunt


Galanoth: I've come here looking for the best of the best! There is a world of difference between fighting sneevils and fighting dragons!

  • Why Are You Here?
    Galanoth: My name is Galanoth. I travel the lands of Lore searching for the most foul and terrible beasts the world has ever seen.... DRAGONS!
    Galanoth: I destroy every single dragon that I come across. Right now I'm headed to the frozen northlands.
    Galanoth: I've also heard tales of something called Dragonbane... a rare mineral that is very toxic to the lizards.
    Galanoth: I am looking for the very best of the best of the heroes in this town to come with me!
    Galanoth: I've come up with a little test for you heroes. I have a huge amnount of treasure that I got from dragon's lairs.
    Galanoth: I will trade you one of these powerful magical items in exchange for tokens of heroism gathered from all around this region.
    Galanoth: If you think you can make the cut, <Class>... then return to me proof of your courage and claim you rewards.

  • Have I seen you before?
    Galanoth: No, I have never been to Testopia before.
  • Actually, It is called "Falconreach" now.
    Galanoth: Really? Ok... so, I've never been to Falconreach before... Details, details!

  • Scavenger Hunt Shop - opens Scavenger Hunt shop.
  • Done


    Galanoth: Welcome to Dragesvard, <Character>. I stand between the good people of this town and the dragons who want to destroy their home!

  • Random Quest! - Go on Galanoth's random quests!

  • Quests
    Galanoth: I'm glad that you're here to help out, <Character>.

  • Talk
    Galanoth: I'll answer any questions that you have, <Class>.
    • Who are you?
      Galanoth: My name is Galanoth. I'm a Dragonslayer and I've come to Dragesvard to defend it against attacking dragons.
      Galanoth: It is my sworn duty to protect the innocent from evil dragons.
      Galanoth: There may be a "good dragon" but I've never met one. Or maybe I have... but it didn't last long enough to mention it.
      Galanoth: I will never lay down my lance until Dragesvard is safe and every last dragon in the region is slain or runs.
      Galanoth: If you want to join forces with me, then you are welcome... Just be sure you can handle yourself. I don't want to pick you out of dragon teeth.

    • Dragonslayer?
      Galanoth: a Dragonslayer is... well, it's exactly what it sounds like. We hunt dragons, then we slay them.
      Galanoth: As far as I know, I am the only one in the world but I'm always looking for talented heroes to join the ranks of the Dragonslayers.
      Galanoth: When I was younger I met a DragonMaster who called himself Frostscythe. He is a pathetic man...
      Galanoth: ... He uses his control over dragons to take what he wants. He's nothing but a sad, little thug. I despise him and his kind.
      Galanoth: I decided to stand against people like Frostscythe.... to become his opposite... so I became a Dragonslayer

    • Dragonlords?
      Galanoth: Dragonlords... I have heard of them before. I know that they are similar to DragonMasters.
      Galanoth: I know that there are differences as well. Dragonlords draw their power from an item called a Dragon Amulet.
      Galanoth: It allows them to speak to and control dragons. DragonMasters also have Dragon Amulets but theirs are fakes!
      Galanoth: The fakes are fragile... shatter when they come up against a dragon with great willpower. I can only imagine how terrible real Dragonlords must be!
      Galanoth: I have to admit... the power to control dragons would be very VERY useful to a Dragonslayer.
      Galanoth: Maybe one day I will face and defeat a real Dragonlord... and keep their Dragon Amulet as a prize!

    • Dragesvard?
      Galanoth: Dragesvard is the last human settlement in the northlands. The rest have been destroyed by these recent dragon attacks.
      Galanoth: The rest of those were normal towns... I'm sure that you've noticed how unique Dragesvard is.
      Galanoth: It is built into the side of a giant iceberg that follows a strong tide around the northern sea.
      Galanoth: It flows into the path of migrating seals and various schools of arctic fish and whales. It makes hunting and fishing very good all year round.
      Galanoth: But the high ice walls, the icy overhang and the constant movement also make Dragesvard a fortress of ice!
      Galanoth: The attacking dragons can't touch it, until they come up with a new way to attack. But dragons are crafty, cruel animals. it won't be long...

    • Dragonbane?
      Galanoth: Dragonbane is a rare mineral that can be refined into metal. It's very rare but very toxic to dragons!
      Galanoth: I've always wanted to find enough to make a sword out of...

    • The Attacks?
      Galanoth: I wish I knew what caused these dragons to begin attacking the human towns in the area...
      Galanoth: ...But it really doesn't matter.
      Galanoth: My job is to stop these dragons from hurting innocent humans, and that's what I'm going to do.
      Galanoth: If you really want to investigate, <Character>, go ahead. Just don't let it distract you from why you're here.
  • Invite Galanoth
    Galanoth: If you really want to investigate, <Character>, go ahead. Just don't let it distract you from why you're here.
    • ...as Friend A - Galanoth joins you as Guest A.
    • ...as Friend B - Galanoth joins you as Guest B.
    • Univite (Removes all friends)
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Become A Dragonslayer!
    Galanoth: You have to earn the title "Dragonslayer', <Character>.
    Galanoth: Surviving single combat against one of these wretched creatures takes more than a tough hide and a quick blade or spell.
    Galanoth: When I have seen that you're capable of being more than a dragonsnack, I will consider it.
    • Buy Dragonslayer Armor
      Galanoth: I require one Ice Dragon Scale, <Character>. Prove that you've rid the north of one more of these wretched creatures.

      • Give Galanoth Ice Dragon Scale

    • Train Dragonslayer Armor
      Galanoth: <Character>, I need your help. Consider this part of your Dragonslayer training.
      Galanoth: My mother was an enchantress. When my village was destroyed I was still very young and didn't realize the extent of her power, ...
      Galanoth: ...or the amount of magic contained in the gifts she gave me. I remember an entire chest of glowing stones, orbs and pebbles...
      Galanoth: ... they were nothing more than playthings to me, but they contained a powerful magic which my mother drew from for her enchanting.
      Galanoth: I had forgotten about them until now, but I recovered several of them from dragons in Aisha's legion.
      Galanoth: It's clear they were stolen when my village was destroyed. The dragons had been using them to increase their own magical powers.
      Galanoth: After so many years, the stones have been drained, they no longer have the power they once held.
      Galanoth: The dragons have begun using them as chips, baubles... winning them in games of chance.
      Galanoth: The dragons can be found in a massive gambling boat off the coast, in the Freezing Sea.
      Galanoth: Take the stones by force or win them by chance. It doesn't matter how... just stop them from leeching the power from my mother's things, <Character>!
      Galanoth: For every stone you return to me, I will teach you a Dragonslayer skill!

    • Wear Dragonslayer Armor
      Galanoth: Do you want to become a Dragonslayer? Have you earned the right to call yourself that?

  • Set Home Town
    Galanoth: Would you like to make Dragesvard your home town?
    • Yes
    • No

    The Hatchling Hunt

    Galanoth: I think it's time that you took on a dragon <Character>.
    Galanoth: Some of the ice dragon hatchlings have started making homes in the ice caves that naturally form in the local glaciers.
    Galanoth: They have started to hunt the wildlife and they are making hunting for the citizens of Dragesvard difficult and dangerous.
    Galanoth: Track down one of these scaly beasts and take care of it.

    Dragonbane Vein

    Galanoth: One of the reasons that I came to this region was in search of Dragonbane!
    Galanoth: There are small deposits of it around, but the Polar Dravir of the region are trying to get to it first!
    Galanoth: Head into some of the local ice caves and see if you can defend some of the small Dragonbane deposits that I've staked out.

    Snow Rescue!

    Galanoth: I've got a problem that I need your help with, <Character>. Some of the settlers who survived the ice dragon attacks on their towns...
    Galanoth: ...were trying to make it to Dragesvard for protection. A lot of them get lost in the frozen tundra.
    Galanoth: Go out and bring back as many as you can... if the local monsters haven't beaten you to them.

    Galanoth: I am glad that you're here to help out, <Character>.

    A Cold Reception

    Galanoth: The people of this town deserve justice. Fighting the dragons off its working for now but we need to find the source.
    Galanoth: I have a lot of leads to follow and I could use another pair of eyes to help me investigate, as well as another pair of hands me fight.
    Galanoth: If you think you are up to the challange... I have a lead that I'd like you to look into.
    Galanoth: There is a cafe in the base of an icy mountain to the northwest of here. The people say that it was once the home of a dragon...
    Galanoth: ...One of the BIG ones, a Great Dragon.
    Galanoth: I think the dragon has cut and run. The cave is now home to a tribe of Killguins who call themselves the Killy Willy tribe.
    Galanoth: Check out the cave. Look for any sign of the dragon... and try to keep your eyes open for any... unusual artifacts.
    Galanoth: Return to me with whatever you find. Watch your back, <Your Character>.

    Un-BEAR_Ably Cold

    Galanoth: <Character>, I have to put aside my own quest for revenge to help the people of this land.
    Galanoth: As soon as this town is safe, you can get that I'll be back on Akriloth's tail in no time, but fornow... we have work to do.
    Galanoth: The last human settlement to fallw as a village named Frode, so the trail should be freshest there.
    Galanoth: Frodge was built high upon a glacial cliff, but that didn't save them from the attacks. Now the ruins are swarming with scavengers.
    Galanoth: Normally, the frost goblins would have first rights to loot the ruins, but a fierce tribe of armored polar bears have shown up.
    Galanoth: This tribe call themselves the Ursice Savages, and they will take a break from driving of the frost goblins if you show up.
    Galanoth: Fight your way to the remains of the vilalge and look for any clues that might lead us to the ice dragons who destored the village.
    Galanoth: Return to me with whatever you find. Watch your back, <Character>.


    Galanoth: Greetings, <Character>. I'm almost ready to go look through the Ice Elf ruins with you.
    Galanoth: I don't want the ice dragons to think that I have abandoned my post here in town so so I had Cysero make me this magic cardboard cut out
    Galanoth: Greetings adventurer. I kill dragons!
    Galanoth: ...
    Galanoth: Is that really how I sound? Well, I guess it will do.
    Galanoth: I am ready when you are!

    Galanoth: This is the place, <Character>. Buried under this ice and snow are the remains of the once-great Ice Elf empire.
    Galanoth: This weapon must have come from here...
    Galanoth: The shimat is having some kind of effect...
    Galanoth: No, the door was here the whole time. These ruins are hidden by a powerful magic!
    Galanoth: Yes, Ice elves were arctic in nature. They couldn't stand temperatures above freezing cold... room temperature would burn them.
    Galanoth: I wonder how long this city has been here.
    Galanoth: Maybe not entirely dead. This weapon came from in there somewhere. I wonder who dropped it.

    Galanoth: A dead end.
    Galanoth: Uh oh.
    Galanoth: Get out of here, <Character>! I'll cover your rear, but you'll have to clear a path on your own!
    Galanoth: Yes, you are. I'm going to get myself captured.
    Galanoth: Insult me like that again and YOUR skull will be my next helm.
    Galanoth: I need to know what these elves have to do with the dragon attacks. This is the best, fastest way.
    Galanoth: But I will need you to come back for me later. I won't be able to escape without your help.
    Galanoth: Thanks, <Character>. I knew I could count on you. Now GO!

    Not So Great Escape

    Galanoth: Greetings adventurer! I kill dragons!

    Galanoth: *singing* Nobody knows the trouble I've seen... Nobody knows my sorrow...
    Galanoth: <Character>? Thank goodness. I was getting really bored.
    Galanoth: It got knocked off when they captured me. I really can't get out of here without something to cover my face with.
    Galanoth: Part of my "thing" is that no one sees my face. I have to remain a faceless terror to my dragon enemies.
    Galanoth: They need to respect me as a foe, and dragons only respect what they fear.
    Galanoth: ...
    Galanoth: Yeah. Give it here.
    Galanoth: ...Or my dragonspear. You see, there is one small detail that the ice elves forgot that will help us escape.
    Galanoth: Remember the ice elf warrior who dropped his shimat, allowing us into the ice elf city?
    Galanoth: Well, as punishment he was demoted from city guard to prison guard.
    Galanoth: First... Gary forgot to take my weapons AND yours...
    Galanoth: .. Second, Gary locked you on the outside of the cell.
    Galanoth: Let's get out of here. I'll tell you what I learned when we're back in Dragesvard.

    Galanoth: <Character>, I can't thank you enough for coming back for me. My stay with the elves was brief but I learned a lot.
    Galanoth: The ice elves have been in hiding for centuries but recently a new queen has forced her way onto the throne.
    Galanoth: Her name is Aisha and she didn't take the throne herself. She has a personal ice dragon army that helped her!
    Galanoth: She is trying to claim more land for the ice elves by force, which is why the dragons and elves are attacking the humans.
    Galanoth: That's not all. They say that she possesses the Elemental Orb of Ice. That is probably how she is controlling the ice dragons.
    Galanoth: She's been talking with the natives of the frozen northlands... making promises and building alliances.
    Galanoth: We might stand a chance against the elves and dragons, but if they have the numbers of the other tribes them we're doomed.
    Galanoth: We need to speak to the leaders of the tribes and convince them to join us, or all is lost.
    Galanoth: You and I will have to visit the crafty Killguins, the powerful Ursice bears and the brutal Tuskers to make our case.
    Galanoth: We have to hurry, <Character>. I don't know how long Aisha and her ice elves will hold off their attacks.

    The Kilguin Arena

    Galanoth: Greetings, <Character>. Aisha, the queen of the ice elves, is gathering her forces and preparing to attack Dragesvard.
    Galanoth: We just don't have the strength to stand up to the ice dragons and the ice elves by ourselves.
    Galanoth: You have to go convince the Killguins to join with the humans. Their help won't be enough but they would be good friends to have in this battle.
    Galanoth: Do whatever it takes to win the Killguins over to our side. If you don't... Aisha will.

    Bear Facts

    Galanoth: You did well with the Killguins, <Character>... far better than I could have hoped, and you returned just in time.
    Galanoth: I received a... message from a shaman from the Ursice Savages. Actually it was more of a dream.
    Galanoth: I was told to send you to the ice islands to the south at a very specific time and date... today... now.
    Galanoth: I've had one of the Dragesvard supply rafts prepared for you, you need to leave right now.
    Galanoth: Once you arrive, the shaman will tell you what you need to do to convince the bears to join us. Good Luck, <Class>.

    Long In The Tooth

    Galanoth: Great work, <Character>. Now the Killguils and the Ursice Savages are with us! All that remains are the Tuskers.
    Galanoth: They are a race of rugged, nomadic wal...rus...es? Walri? Walrusi?
    Galanoth: Anyway, they are very secretive... they untrusting of outsiders, so this will not be easy.
    Galanoth: If you can convince them to join us, then we will have the support that we need.
    Galanoth: No matter how this turns out, <Character>, I'm impressed with your work so far. I could never have done what you have accomplished. Good luck.

    The Snow Fields

    Galanoth: We have to go talk to the WHO?!?!?

    Galanoth: What do you mean "we have to talk to the dragons"? Those monsters don't TALK to our kind.
    Galanoth: The only thing that I've ever seen a dragon fear... is me.
    Galanoth: I'm telling you <Character>, nothing will come of this. But still...
    Galanoth: ..If these dragons ARE afraid of something then I'd like to know what it is. One can never have too many weapons.
    Galanoth: Plus, sending them a message that we want to meet is a great way to draw them out!
    Galanoth: Besides, WHEN things go wrong, you might need my help to battle the ice dragons.

    Galanoth: Ice Dragons!!
    Galanoth: *snirk*
    Galanoth: *coughWIMPScough*
    Galanoth: Mighty? *Pfffft!*
    Galanoth: OFFERING?! Why I should rip your horns off and stuff 'em up your...
    Galanoth: So that is how she is controlling them? That is why they are afraid of her?
    Galanoth: I don't understand your hatred of us Aisha. Once the ice elves and humans lives side by side.

    Dragesvard Under Siege

    Galanoth: The time has come, <Character>. We have to defeat Queen Aisha's army to save Dragesvard.

    Galanoth: We can use all the help we can get. Aisha is attacking us on every front!

    Gary's Fate

    Galanoth: Aisha's army is in ruins and we've got the stragglers on the run!
    Galanoth: We've got to face down the General of the ice dragon army while we can....whoever he is.

    Galanoth: The time has come to defend Dragesvard!

    Ice Queen

    Galanoth: Hmmm. That path has been opened. She is expecting us.
    Galanoth: You... you KNOW some Dragonlords?!?! And your deciding to tell me this NOW?!?!
    Galanoth: That's RIGHT. The only good dragon is a dead one. Maybe you're mistaken about that Dragonlords you know.
    Galanoth: ...
    Galanoth: I can't question your courage or wisdom. Without your cleverness, Dragesvard would have fought Aisha alone and been destroyed.
    Galanoth: Maybe... *gritting teeth* MAYBE, based on your suggestion alone, I should look at Dragonlords more closely.
    Galanoth: We'll have to talk more about this, if we live through this encounter. Right now, let's focus on the task at hand.
    Galanoth: I feel like I should warn you, Aisha isn't the largest or most powerful ice dragon...
    Galanoth: But she will be stronger than any other dragons that we have faced together.
    Galanoth: She would be too strong if we faced her in her dragon form.
    Galanoth: That's right. Even in her elf form the Elemental Orb of Ice will give her unbelievable power. This won't be easy.
    Galanoth: We'll burn that bridge when we come to it.
    Galanoth: I think mine is more appropriate, considering the situation.
    Galanoth: Ready to face Aisha?

    Galanoth: She's here... somewhere.

    Galanoth: Well, it was worth a shot.
    Galanoth: There's always Plan B.
    Galanoth: ... I'm not so excited about Plan B.

    Galanoth: Ow.
    Galanoth: Ow.
    Galanoth: Ow.
    Galanoth: Ow. Yeah, <Your Character>. This is Plan B.
    Galanoth: Ow. I've..... Ow..... been collecting Dragonbane since I came to Dragesvard. It's that ore that acts like poison to all dragons.
    Galanoth: I've just finished having the weaponsmith forge.... OW.... me a sword of pure Dragonbane.
    Galanoth: Ow.
    Galanoth: There were a few scraps of it left over. I powdered the leftovers and rubbed it into my armor.
    Galanoth: Plan B was for me to get eaten. I knew my armor could take it...
    Galanoth: ... and the Dragonbane will drain Aisha's Power.

    Galanoth: Thanks, Mom. I think I'm gonna take a few naps now.
    Galanoth: Hurry and win fast. The Dragonwhatever won't last until dinner.
    Galanoth: G'night. *passes out*

    Galanoth: I can't believe I was out for 3 days.
    Galanoth: My lance may have shattered but I like the feel of this Dragonblade much better.
    Galanoth: My armor is a little worse or the wear, though. I've patched it up but I wear these cracks with pride.
    Galanoth: Besides, I kind of like the weathered look.
    Galanoth: I'm impressed with your skill <Character>. You took on and defeated one of the mightiest dragons that I've ever seen.
    Galanoth: Aisha has been defeated but she was not destroyed. She will return, and we will be ready.
    Galanoth: Now that we have the Elemental Orb of Ice, she will be no match for us. But take care, she might come after us.
    Galanoth: You may decide to wear the armor or not, but either way... you have earned the right to be called Dragonslayer.
    Galanoth: You have my thanks <Your Character>, and the thanks of all the people of Dragesvard. I salute you!

    Olaf's Party

    Galanoth: Finally, Dragesvard is safe. I couldn't have done all of this with out you <<You>>.
    Galanoth: Now, there is just one more pressing matter that we have to deal with...

    Galanoth: Yes. Olaf's parties are legendary and this one has been going on for a long time.
    Galanoth: We had more important things to do than attend a local party. Besides...
    Galanoth: ...We just got invited today. Olaf sent us a note.

    Galanoth: Knock knock!
    Galanoth: Save you?
    Galanoth: How are you still alive? How have you fed yourselves?
    Galanoth: We'll get you out of there in no time.
    Galanoth: (No, I used the rest of it on my blade!)
    Galanoth: Leave these people out of this, Aisha.

    Galanoth: She's at full strength now, <Character>. I have no idea how we're going to defeat her.
    Galanoth: I thought it was a horribly deformed dog or something!
    Galanoth: I thought it might hurt your feelings if I said "Man, what happened to that dog?!"
    Galanoth: I've seen a few, but I thought that there was no WAY that you'd have a dragon with you if I was there too.
    Galanoth: So that's how you know so much about Dragonlords. It all makes sense now.
    Galanoth: Your bond with your dragon must be very strong.
    Galanoth: Just as I trust you with mine.
    Galanoth: None of that matters now. Maybe there is ONE good dragon in the world. If you raised it.... it must be a worthy creature.
    Galanoth: ... The exception to the rule.
    Galanoth: If you and your dragon have the power to defeat Aisha, then do it. Save those people!
    Galanoth: Prove me wrong, <Character>.

    Galanoth: I was... impressed with how well you and your dragon worked as a team.
    Galanoth: I am not ready to admit that there are good dragon in this world...
    Galanoth: But seeing you and <Dragon> facing down that ice queen like that...
    Galanoth: ...Let's just say that I'm open to a new possibility.
    Galanoth: Maybe there is one dragon who might do more good than ill for the people of Lore.
    Galanoth: Thank you once again for saving Dragesvard, <Character>.
    Galanoth: The others want to thank you too. Just take a look around town... everyone is back where they belong.
    Galanoth: I'm looking forward to doing battle by your side again soon, <Character>... You and <Dragon>.

    A Letter From Home

    Galanoth: <Character>, I'm glad you could come.
    Galanoth: We have a serious fight on our hands. Akriloth has come and is laying waste to farmland here and we have to stop her.
    Galanoth: My blood brother, Demento, has come to help.


    Galanoth: Akriloth is very powerful, <Character>. At least you survived though.


    Galanoth: Wait, where is Demento?

    Galanoth: Brother, we must depart quickly.

    Galanoth: What's wrong? I know that look.

    Galanoth: I trust your judgment.

    Galanoth: Me too.
    Galanoth: Alright, let's go! We ride East!
    Galanoth: Be safe, brother.

    Galanoth: !!!
    Galanoth: Demento!
    Galanoth: Something... something is wrong, we must go west! Quickly!

    Galanoth: Dragons!
    Galanoth: We have to find Demento!

    Galanoth: DEMENTO!
    Galanoth: My brother! I... who, who did this to you.

    Galanoth: ...Demento?

    Galanoth: NO!
    Galanoth: DEMENTO, NO! COME BACK!
    Galanoth: Brother....

    Galanoth: No... You will not escape, dragon.

    Feast of Welcomegiving!

    Galanoth: BBQ Dragon-tails. All the flavor of dravir, twice the fat!

    DragesVard Havoc

    Galanoth: Oh.. You are most welcome, but I-- I couldn't possibly.
    Galanoth: ?!?!
    Galanoth: Hold that thought...
    Galanoth: What is the matter?
    Galanoth: How is this possible?
    Galanoth: Alright, we must act swiftly. Oslo, ensure the children and those who cannot fight make it safely to the inn.
    Galanoth: The rest of you, rally the townsfolk. Have everyone capable of fightinng equipped and ready to do battle.
    Galanoth: Aye. Brunhilda, send word to Falconreach. We will need <Character> and the other heros' help.
    Galanoth (thinking): Come quickly, <Character>.

    After the Ice Orb

    Galanoth: Ugh, I've been through worse.
    Galanoth: Akriloth..
    Galanoth: The attacks... they kept happening. I...
    Galanoth: I was closing in on someone... one... who was letting the monsters... in. Then... the dragon came.
    Galanoth: They're... they're melting the glacier. They're going to sink Dragesvard.

  • Search for the Ice Orb
    Galanoth: It's in my home... Do you think this is just another distraction?
    Galanoth: I'll stop this dragon. Go!

    Galanoth: Sepulchure!
    Galanoth: Who are you, spy? Why would doom this world to help Sepulchure?
    Galanoth: Herschel.. is that you?
    Galanoth: G-GARY?!?!
    Galanoth: Wow.

  • Fight Titan Undead Akriloth
    Galanoth: The Ice Orb is safe in my home... We have to stop Akriloth!
    Galanoth: Who are you, spy? Why would doom this world to help Sepulchure?
    Galanoth: M-Maria?!
    Galanoth: G-GARY?!?!
    Galanoth: Wow.
    Galanoth: Don't ask.

    Sepulchure's Fortress

    Galanoth: Go <Character>!

    The Ultimate Orb

    Galanoth: <Character> is falling!!!

    The Dragon Drakath

    Galanoth: What...what happened up there, <Character>?

    Galanoth: Go after him, <Character>!

    The Growing Darkness

    Galanoth: The prophecy...

    Dark Devices

    Galanoth: <Character>, it is good to see you thawed out. It is even better to see that you have received my message.

    Galanoth: It's good to see that you have retained your sense of humor, but we have more serious matters to attend to.
    Galanoth: I was out on a hunt when I noticed Rose members scouting the area.

    Galanoth: Don't be foolish. I was not here to slay the dragon. I was hunting it down to send it to the Dragonlords.

    Galanoth: With the Rose being as active as they are, dragons are one of their main targets.
    Galanoth: The Order of Dragonslayers have made a treaty with the Dragonlords...
    Galanoth: ... in order to preserve the dragon population that is now dwindling.
    Galanoth: But now is not the time to get distracted. There are more important matters at hand.

    Galanoth: Exactly. I believe that this has something to do with the warning Warlic gave me.

    Galanoth: Not recently. But before he went into hiding, he warned me that the Rose might eventually come here.
    Galanoth: He said that there was once an ancient civilization that lived here that thrived off of mana. They built great machines that ran on it.
    Galanoth: That was until they created the Manaphages. Twisted machines that hunted down the source of mana and drained them completely.
    Galanoth: It was the Manaphages that led to the civilization's downfall.
    Galanoth: It wasn't until there was no more mana to feed off of that the Manaphages finally powered down...
    Galanoth: Warlic believed that the Rose would come here, looking to reactivate the Manaphages in order to drain all mages of their mana.
    Galanoth: What they might not realize is that doing so would kill the mage...
    Galanoth: We must stop them before they find the Manaphages... or worse, reactivate them.

    Galanoth: You just had to say something, didn't you...

    Galanoth: I do. Quick, follow me!

    Galanoth: A nexus of mana energy.

    Galanoth: If the Manaphages take in too much mana, they should overload, just like any other mage trying to draw out too much mana out of a nexus.
    Galanoth: We can use that to our advantage and cause them to explode.

    Galanoth: Take cover!

    Galanoth: Yes... But now something else worries me.

    Galanoth: The Rose may be trying to end Magic, but this is brutal... even for them. I don't think Jaania would have wanted this to happen.

    Galanoth: Warlic spoke of another group, the Thorn, hidden within the Rose. A group that is willing to do whatever it takes to end magic.
    Galanoth: All right under Jaania's nose. I will try my hardest to pull what strings I have in the Dragonslayer Order to get as much information as I can.
    Galanoth: Until then, if you ever need help, <Character>, I will be here. It was an honor fighting with you again.

    One Step Ahead

    Galanoth: Cinquefoil and I are keeping an eye out on the sky. We've spotted your dragon flying by, but not directly over Falconreach. It's like... it's avoiding it.

    Darkness is Coming

    Galanoth: Now that you mention it... Artix insisted on being stationed on the outer perimeters. As a "warm up", he said.

    Galanoth: As good as it can be, <Character>.

    Doom Amulet

    Galanoth: It's trying to flee!

    Galanoth: Me t-

    Galanoth: I am a Dragonslay-

    Galanoth: You said that I would get to defeat a dra-
    Galanoth: Oh, nevermind...

    Beta Appearance
    Appearance after Ice Queen
    Side View Appearance
    Book 3 Appearance

    Also See: Galanoth (forum user)

    Other information
  • Galanoth's first in-game appearance was on March 16th, 2006.

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image and appearance after Ice Queen image.
  • Slayer Zach for Side View appearance image.
  • Occavatra for Book 3 appearance image.
  • GhostBear5 for entry reformat and additional dialogue.
  • Peachii for location links.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf, Doomstalker, ILmaster13, Krazy_Kakadu, Stephen Nix, and Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.
  • Epic Durian for invite information.
  • Andras for other information.
  • Pink_Star for correction.

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