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Roots of Change

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3/12/2022 13:36:54   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Roots of Change

Location: Dragesvard's Shore -> Quests! -> Roots of Change
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of In Search of Slayers, Self-Containment Unit v15 (All Versions) equipped or shown
Release Date: March 11th, 2022

Objective: All across Greenguard, it's time to take the next step forward.
Objective completed: As you get closer to the center of Dragesvard, what will you uncover?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Hollow Dragonslayer
(3) Hollow Human (1)
(2) Hollow Human (2)
(2) Hollow Ice Elf
(1) Hollow Mushroom
(1) Hollow Dragonslayer, (1) Hollow Human (1), (1) Hollow Human (2) - Boss

Captain Lestrad
G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema
Queen Victoria

Frozen Fungal Fiber


*In Swordhaven Castle's meeting room, Queen Victoria, her bodyguard and Circe greet Eirn and Yix to discuss the information surrounding the Rose airship.*

Queen Victoria: Hello, Eirn, Yix. Please, allow me to welcome you to Swordhaven.
Eirn: No offense, your majesty, but some of your citizens already have, with spittle and unkind words.
Queen Victoria: I can only apologize for the way you must have been treated. Under my father's rule, and the proliferation of The Rose...
Queen Victoria: The worst of our tendencies have been allowed to fester in the hearts of our people.
Queen Victoria: Mistrust, prejudice, and hate. Great motivators all. But cruel and decaying to our souls.
Queen Victoria: ...Or was Swordhaven always like this...?

*Queen Victoria pauses before Yix interrupts her.*

Yix: *Ahem!*
Queen Victoria: Er, right! Sorry! Um...
Queen Victoria: Circe tells me that you have information on the new Rose airship that has recently arrived in the city.
Eirn: That we do! It's coated with trithril!

*Eirn pauses as Circe tells him about trithril coating.*

Circe: And what exactly does this... trithril coating mean? What... is it?
Eirn: Trithril is an Atealan mineral. Came with them when their city showed up before the whole Rose fiasco.
Eirn: It's used to protect things from harmful magical radiation.
Queen Victoria: Magical radiation? Such as what?
Eirn: Oh boy. So, my experience with it also involved a ship. In that case, it was used to protect against the ambient magical... weirdness of the Void.
Eirn: That... ambient weirdness is what the Ateala call radiation.
Queen Victoria: Sounds dangerous.
Circe: How did they even get their hands on enough trithril to coat their airship?
Circe: The Rose withdrew from Atrea after the Proclamation rift was destroyed, didn't they?
Eirn: My understanding is that there was some debris that arrived with the city when it first appeared. Some of which contained hefty trithtril deposits.
Eirn: And The Rose seems to have a way of finding what they want.
Queen Victoria: Their goals, then. Does this mean they intend to travel into the Void?
Yix: Ah, perhaps I can be of help here, Eirn. Hold me up, please.
Eirn: I really need to finish making you that chassis.
Yix: So you keep saying. Anyway! Your Queenliness! While the Void is a possibility, the airship does not seem fitted for Void sea travel.
Yix: No, whatever The Rose is doing, it's on this plane, on Lore.
Queen Victoria: Then that only leaves... the Fissure!
Yix: I can only assume that the Fissure exudes a large amount of magical energy that affects the areas immediately around it.
Yix: Which would therefore require a certain amount of protection.
Queen Victoria: I... I see. Thank you for the information, Yix, Eirn. If I may ask, what are your plans now? Do you have somewhere safe to stay?
Eirn: Well, Yix figured whatever was going on with the airship and The Rose probably wasn't good...
Eirn: ...since they had to bribe a bunch of gnomes to make it.
Yix: And Eirn had the bright idea of coming here to tell you, or whoever was in charge here, all about that!
Eirn: ...Didn't think much beyond that, honestly!
Queen Victoria: Well then, if you'd like, you may stay here, in the castle. As events develop, I'm sure I'll have much need of your expertise!
Eirn: Yeah, probably.
Yix: A most generous offer, your Queenliness!

*After Eirn and Yix leave the room, Queen Victoria and Circe think about their next move with Jaania.*

Queen Victoria: I told her- I ordered her to stop investigating the Fissure! That was part of bringing the Alliance together!

*Circe turns around to face Queen Victoria.*

Queen Victoria: ...What do I do? The Rose has been instrumental in rebuilding after the Tytan's attack.
Queen Victoria: I can't simply expel them from the city. Most of them live here, too.
Queen Victoria: With <Character>, Kara, and The Golden Hand off in the Northlands, I couldn't oppose Jaania by force, even if I wanted to.
Queen Victoria: Is this why father let Jaania do whatever she wanted? Did he have no choice?
Circe: From what I have seen, there appears to have been a slight shift of Rose troops southward under General Akanthus' command.
Circe: However, all other obligations have been fulfilled as you requested.
Queen Victoria: She's not even neglecting her duties, then. Just... playing around them.
Queen Victoria: I'll have to see if I can convince the nobles to provide less funding to The Rose, slow down their progress.
Queen Victoria: And once everyone comes back from the Northlands, maybe we can confront her.
Queen Victoria: Swordhaven's broken. Things need to change. And as Queen, I can lead the charge.
Queen Victoria: But is it right for me to use my position to go against what the people want? Even if I know what they want is wrong?
Queen Victoria: Father's answer to that question was quite clear.
Queen Victoria: ...

*Queen Victoria contemplates her decision.*

Queen Victoria: Circe, please send a messenger to Falconreach. See if there are any displaced refugees in need of work.
Queen Victoria: Swordhaven is rebuilding, and I would have it be rebuilt not by The Rose, but by all of Greenguard's people.
Circe: It will be done.

*Back in Dragesvard, the Alliance, with the exception of Kord, now worn with protective headgear given by the Golden Hand, regroup with the DragonLords, who managed to set up camp in the city.*

Mritha: Looks like the DragonLords have kept themselves busy at least.
Captain Lestrad: Ah, finally. There you are! Took your time strolling through the ruins, did you?
Captain Lestrad: And what are those ridiculous helmets you're wearing?
<Character>: They're for our own protection, Captain. We don't know what these spores might do.
Captain Lestrad: Hmph. And what of the Dragonslayers? Report.
Galanoth: A significant number of Dragonslayers have survived. Those we've found are escorting the wounded and weak along the path we cleared.
Galanoth: We've learned about the Hollow, that is, the fungal foes, as well. It would appear that they're a product of the fungus.
Captain Lestrad: That's all? Well, I suppose it's a lot to ask from Dragonslayers to be more observant.
Kord: A lot to ask?!
Kord: Do you have any idea of the nightmare we've been through trying to protect the townspeople?
Captain Lestrad: Clearly. We've managed to establish an encampment here, after all.
Kara SuLema: We encountered some fierce resistance. How did you and the DragonLords fare, Captain?
Captain Lestrad: These "Hollow", as you call them, were no match for us. As you can see, we've established a perimeter, and are setting up camp.
Captain Lestrad: Our dragons are working on opening up the area above us to the sky for aerial access and supply transportation.
<Character>: What's the next step, then?
Captain Lestrad: The DragonLords will continue to secure the area and expand the perimeter. The more we can bring back under our control, the safer it will be.
Captain Lestrad: The Dragonslayers will continue searching for any survivors. They know this area better than us, after all.
Captain Lestrad: Considering their difficulties in combat, Galanoth, you will rejoin and accompany them.
Galanoth: Very well.
Captain Lestrad: <Character>, you and your Alliance will be our spearpoint. We need to find out where the Hollow come from.
Captain Lestrad: Specifically, you will begin heading toward the main stalk in the center of the city.
Captain Lestrad: Our scouts say that—

*The ground shakes as the fungus below the city prepares to attack.*

Kord: Oh no. Hold on to something, everyone!
Captain Lestrad: What is happening? Explain! Now!
Kord: The fungus, it's-

*The fungus erupts from the ground to their position.*

Captain Lestrad: By the Avatars...
Kara SuLema: When we heard about the fungus erupting overnight, I didn't imagine it would be this... this quick.
G. M. Hansa: This had to have been intentional. Whatever's below us knows we're here.
Vseslava: What are those strange growths? It seems almost like...

*A Hollow Human emerges from one of the spores.*

Mritha: There's your answer, Captain!
Captain Lestrad: To arms! Defend the camp!

  • Battle! - begins gauntlet.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to Dragesvard's Shore.

    *After defeating a gauntlet of Hollow creatures, you, the Alliance and the DragonLords examine the fungal growth.*

    Ostromir: The speed... the precision! Simply fascinating!
    Mritha: I wish I could share your enthusiasm about killer mushrooms.
    Kara SuLema: Is everyone doing okay?
    Captain Lestrad: Well fought. I... I can see now why establishing a foothold here could prove problematic.
    Captain Lestrad: You, Dragonslayer!

    *Kord turns around to face Captain Lestrad.*

    Kord: Kord, sir.

    *Galanoth and Mritha also turn around to face Captain Lestrad.*

    Captain Lestrad: Kord! How often does something like this occur?
    Kord: Um. It's hard to say. It's the first time I've seen one in person. A lot of the time, they come through inside buildings or other dark places.
    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps whatever is below thinks of us as a major threat, then.
    Captain Lestrad: As it should!
    Captain Lestrad: ... What do you mean, below?
    G. M. Hansa: The main mass of the fungus seems to be below the city. Below the ice.
    Captain Lestrad: You didn't think that was relevant before?
    G. M. Hansa: I recall being told that advice was not needed from the likes of me.
    Captain Lestrad: ...
    Vseslava: It seems to me that we must travel under the city. Is there any way below?
    Kord: Not near any of the new growth. But maybe near the main stalk? But that's sure to be the most dangerous part of the city.
    Captain Lestrad: That's the next target, then. The Alliance will push for the main stalk and see what they can find.
    Galanoth: Kord, once the rest of the Dragonslayers return, start scouring for any more survivors. If these things are just popping up everywhere—
    Captain Lestrad: I think not, Galanoth. I'm the captain here, and I'll be giving the orders.
    Galanoth: ...
    Captain Lestrad: The Dragonslayers shall stay here and help us secure the camp.
    Captain Lestrad: Once that's finished, and the dragons burn through the top, we'll see about setting up a supply line in the wake of the Alliance.
    <Character>: ...Understood, captain.

    *Meanwhile, in one of the rooms of Warlic's Tower, Sepulchure sits and contemplates about his next move as Alexander enters the room.*

    Alexander: The great Sepulchure, undecided, and at a disadvantage.

    Alexander: What a pleasure.

    *Scene zooms out with Sepulchure and Alexander, who is questioning Sepulchure's decision.*

    Sepulchure: Is there something you require?
    Alexander: ...
    Alexander: Did Warlic tell you what happened to me?
    Sepulchure: Emotions.

    Sepulchure: Crushing denial.

    Sepulchure: Burnt to the core.

    *Sepulchure pauses before questioning Alexander's condition.*

    Sepulchure: Are you still in pain?
    Alexander: ...What a question.
    Alexander: Mentally, yes. There is a storm inside my head. A storm of past deeds and foolish thoughts.
    Alexander: Warlic calls it guilt.
    Sepulchure: Hmph.
    Alexander: But as for my physical form... I am no longer in constant agony.
    Alexander: Sometimes, I remember the excruciating eternal pain. But even those memories have begun to fade.

    *Alexander pauses as Sepulchure questions him.*

    Sepulchure: What do you want from me?
    Alexander: Both you and Warlic are delaying your actions. Delaying your inevitable return to Swordhaven. What's your excuse?
    Sepulchure: I am waiting for the right—
    Alexander: You are afraid, just as Warlic is.
    Sepulchure: I fear nothing!
    Alexander: You fear Akanthus.
    Sepulchure: ...
    Alexander: You are afraid that if you confront him again, even with the Blue Mage at your side, you will not return.
    Alexander: That you will not return home for your daughter.
    Sepulchure: ...I am waiting for Warlic to prepare.
    Alexander: And Warlic has his own fears paralyzing him!
    Alexander: He's just spending his time meditating! Meditating! Even with the potential fate of Lore in the balance, with Gravelynn's fate—
    Alexander: You both would rather do nothing and let Akanthus win, than act and potentially do the wrong thing.
    Sepulchure: And what are you doing in all of this?
    Sepulchure: You speak of guilt, and pain, and fear, but all I see you doing is warming the furniture!
    Alexander: ...I'm giving you a push, aren't I?
    Alexander: The Sepulchure I followed would not be stopped by petty things such as mistakes or uncertainty.
    Sepulchure: ...

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • If the player doesn't have Self-Containment Unit v15 (All Versions) equipped or shown, they will lose 1% of their maximum HP every battle.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Ostromir: 'I worked hard on that containment unit! It's your own health at risk, I suppose.'
  • Breathing in the fresh spores makes you quite uncomfortable! -1% HP
  • Vseslava: 'Here, drink this potion! Keep those things away from me!' Full heal!
  • Captain Lestrad: 'Hurry up! Get these mushrooms out of my camp!'
  • Galanoth: 'Take this Dragonslayer medkit. The last wave is here! No holding back!' Full heal!

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