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10/14/2019 1:00:00   

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Location: The Golden Hand, The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction, The Greenguard Alliance - Golden Hand Faction -> Up Right, Daybreak (Golden Hand), Into the Light, The Spells We Weave, Sunfall: Part 1, Sunfall: Part 2, The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction, A Storm in the Night, A Shocking Discovery, Ambition's Crossroads, Grinding Gears, Direct Current, Broken Circuit (Part 1), Broken Circuit (Part 2), Of Duty and Dragons, The Awakened Depths - Golden Hand Faction, Speaker and Slayer, The Descent

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The Golden Hand

???: It appears we've made it alive, Ostromir.

Vseslava: I am called Vseslava.

Vseslava: We are Division Osiem of the Golden Hand. We have been sent by the Magesterium of the Shapeless Empire...
Vseslava: ...by decree of the Shapeless, and at great cost and personal risk, to negotiate and assist in this unfortunate incident.

Vseslava: Oh, the meddler. Most convenient. We are to negotiate with you as well.

Vseslava: Regarding the matter of your King, that was an unfortunate accident.

Vseslava: You have our sincerest apologies, extended to you by The Shapeless.

Vseslava: However, the most recent "assault", as you put it, was not our doing.

Vseslava: The Shapeless only willed that we open one or two of these rifts at a time.
Vseslava: However, the opened rifts are now no longer under Magesterium control.

Vseslava: So we've come—

Vseslava: —to offer our assistance in controlling the rifts.

Vseslava: No. That requires the combined might of the Magesterium, and it also requires the rifts being back under our control.

Vseslava: We expect you to trust us because if you don't, then you will not find another way to close the rifts...
Vseslava: ...and their influence will only keep spreading until it covers all of Lore.

Vseslava: Oh! The Hero! <Character>, yes? Of course you'd be here too.

Vseslava: What a shame. Unfortunately for you, we know the magic of the rifts, and we know that they are not closed so easily.

Vseslava: That was an accident. We sincerely apologize—

Vseslava: Our information regarding the hierarchy of the Kingdom was misinformed.
Vseslava: The Magesterium was under the impression that the King was subservient to The Rose.

Vseslava: Reparations?

Vseslava: We require free passage across Greenguard, as well as some protection when we near the rifts.

Vseslava: We will bring the rifts back under Magesterium control, and manually adjust their size as to no longer be a threat.

Vseslava: Teleportation is a tricky magick, and our adjustments take time.

Vseslava: If she stops her snooping around in Magesterium territory, then the rifts will stay closed.

Vseslava: Then we cannot either.

Vseslava: The Fissure is a place of extreme magical energy.
Vseslava: To send forces to do combat there would be unfeasible in the long term, for both the Magesterium and the Rose.
Vseslava: Attempting to create a rift there could have... unpredictable results.

Vseslava: But we now understand the Rose answers to Swordhaven.

Vseslava: I'm afraid we cannot divulge that information.

Vseslava: Good for you.

Vseslava: Any more questions? Or can we get to work?

Vseslava: It would only be fair if we were to go back on our word.

Vseslava: Of course.

The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction

Vseslava: At the base of the rift, there is a trio of foci that can be used to adjust the rift's potency.

Vseslava: However, our own magical abilities are limited without ignominious present.

Vseslava: Leaves us time to perhaps get to know each other better.
Vseslava: Give it some thought, yes?

The Greenguard Alliance - Golden Hand Faction

Vseslava: Ready to head out, <Character>? Watch your step, and follow closely.

  • Swordhaven Camp

    Vseslava: Don't worry, <Character>, we know all about your secret identity!

    Vseslava: Did you get the pierogi discount?

    Vseslava: We're glad you decided to join us, <Character>. It's good to have an, albeit tenuous, connection to home in these foreign lands.

    Vseslava: Ah. We are technically magesters.

    Vseslava: Oh yes. We were there. Well, I was. I believe Ostromir was out on a mission.

    Vseslava: Anyway, while we are technically Magesters, we are deployed by the Shapeless when there are... unpredictable matters to attend to.
    Vseslava: As such, among the Magesterium, we are equals, but not equals.

    Vseslava: It balances out.

    Vseslava: Faith in the Shapeless and obedience in its decree make it quite simple, really.
    Vseslava: Anyway, I believe we have a job to do?
    Vseslava: These 'Knights' seem capable enough, but with our limited access to magic, it's good that you're here as well.

    Daybreak (Golden Hand)

    Vseslava: That wasn't us.

    Vseslava: Look. You've all just encountered a... what's the word?
    Vseslava: Help me out here, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: Correct, a Tytan. They are rare, obviously massive, monstrosities that preside over the... locations on the other side of the rifts.

    Vseslava: These creatures change the world around them.

    Vseslava: That's our current theory at least. It's also possible that they are a product of their locations.

    Vseslava: Unfortunately, it seems we were too late to bring it under control.

    Vseslava: Now, does that answer all your questions? Can we please get back to work?

    Vseslava: Unfortunately, no.

    Vseslava: Blah, blah. Don't take too long, <Character>, these fools are already impatient.

    Vseslava: Take care, <Character>. We'll set up camp here and continue working. And I'll make sure Ostromir doesn't explode.

    Into the Light

    Vseslava: Unfortunately so.
    Vseslava: Whoever did this had... intimate knowledge of the anchors.
    Vseslava: This is much more than a simple disruption.

    Vseslava: Encrypted?

    Vseslava: We are making steady progress, but a more serious issue has come up.
    Vseslava: Because we are so close to the rift, since the emergence of the Tytan—

    Vseslava: For Ostromir and myself, this is not an issue, as we have our containment units.
    Vseslava: But our escort is not faring so well.

    Vseslava: You must find a way to remove or otherwise disable this Tytan, this... source of elemental power.
    Vseslava: We're allowing the knights to take shifts in our quarters to help them to recover from the heat.
    Vseslava: But if we cannot find a way to stop this, then we may not have long left, rift closed or not.

    The Spells We Weave

    Vseslava: We don't know much about Tytans, but the conclusions, drawn by the Vind, make sense to us.

    Vseslava: Ostromir has almost finished wresting back control.

    Vseslava: There was a minor... distraction... from back home, but nothing to worry about.

    Sunfall: Part 1

    Vseslava: Ostromir has managed to wrest some control of the Proclamation.
    Vseslava: Our position grows more tenuous, however. The knights won't be able to hold out for too much longer.

    ?se?l??a: *bzzt* –not fa- -noug– *crackle*

    Sunfall: Part 2

    Vseslava: That's a Hero for you!

    Vseslava: We've brought the rift back under Magesterium control. Nothing else should be coming out from it.

    The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction
    (before Ambition's Crossroads)

    Vseslava: What do they mean, resources are pre-emptively occupied?

    Vseslava: Of all the- oh, apologies, we didn't see you there, <Character>.

    Vseslava: The Shapeless wills it so.

    Vseslava: Those, <Character>, are the Ignominious. For many Magesters, they are required to perform acts of magic. But we are the Golden Hand.
    Vseslava: One of the privileges afforded to us by the Shapeless is that we have some capacity for magic on our own.

    Vseslava: A gift.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Vseslava: Hmph.

    Vseslava: Ostromir.

    Vseslava: Apologies, <Character>, but the secrets of the Shapeless are not yours to bear.
    Vseslava: Besides, we have a mission to attend to, do we not?

    Vseslava: Perhaps...

    Vseslava: Ah, apologies for our rudeness. When this business is all over, maybe you could return with us to Nieboheim.
    Vseslava: If approved by the Magesterium and the Shapeless, you may have your answers then.

    After completing A Shocking Discovery:
  • About Humans
    Vseslava: Curious. Something to note, Ostromir. Prince Eulin, have you heard of humans dressed as we do, perhaps?

  • Your World
    Vseslava: Prince Eulin, you are not to...

    Vseslava: Very well. I... apologize, Prince Eulin. I meant no offense.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    A Storm in the Night

    Vseslava: As do I, but an analytical exploration will have to wait until after our duty is done.

    If you joined the Golden Hand Faction:
    Vseslava: Perhaps we can sample some of the local delicacies along the way? After a proper decontamination, of course.

    Vseslava: A shame. Perhaps when this is all over, then.

    Vseslava: This place is full of magicks. The Vind scouts must be talented indeed to sniff out a focus among this... mess.

    A Shocking Discovery

    Vseslava: The Manufactory, hm? No, I don't think I've ever heard of such a place.
    Vseslava: However, I could see a benefit to having the Prince around, should we run into other Lagohmorphs.
    Vseslava: They're likely to be hostile to us and him anyway, but it's still an advantage.

    Ambition's Crossroads

    Vseslava: ...

    Vseslava: Ostromir is missing as well.

    Vseslava: I will retreat to my shelter and order the knights to help with the search.

    The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction
    (after Ambition's Crossroads, before Grinding Gears)

    Vseslava: Fine. And I... I don't need your sympathy, if that is what you're offering.

    Vseslava: Let the underlings search. We still have our mission to complete.

    Vseslava: I am a Magester of the Shapeless Empire, <Character>. Whatever my personal feelings, my job just became much, much harder.
    Vseslava: So yes. While I am worried, and I am sorry your friends are missing, I must be focused on my duty here now more than ever.
    Vseslava: Something... serious is happening back home in the Empire. And here I am, a world away. And now I am alone. This job is all I can focus on.
    Vseslava: It's...
    Vseslava: It's... a much needed distraction.

    Vseslava: Then go. Get out there.
    Vseslava: And... thank you.

    Grinding Gears

    Vseslava: We are. This atmosphere...

    Vseslava: Hladach? However did you manage to get on Ostromir's good side, Raven?

    The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction
    (after Grinding Gears)

    Vseslava: Hey, <Character>.

    Vseslava: Having both of us here is more efficient.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Vseslava: I... suppose it will be okay. That Raven girl and the dragon went through as well, so it will be shared regardless.

    Vseslava: *cough*

    Vseslava: We should get back to our preparations. Another time, <Character>.

    Direct Current

    Vseslava: On it.

    Vseslava: With this scale of power... Hansa, you said it was... blurry? So there must be movement...
    Vseslava: It's an ambush. Stay calm. Defensive positions, please.

    Vseslava: Here... it... comes...

    Vseslava: Yes. For now. We should keep moving.

    Broken Circuit (Part 1)

    Vseslava: Ostromir, stop your whining. We have worked under more stressful conditions before!

    Vseslava: Ostromir, we need to retreat!

    Vseslava: Ostromir. We are retreating. Now.

    Vseslava: Make it quick. Ostromir is getting impatient.

    Vseslava: Ow! My head...

    Vseslava: I am going... to vomit...

    Vseslava: I think I am still going to be sick.

    Vseslava: Nausea. Head and chest pain. Numbness in extremities. Still functional.

    Vseslava: Ostromir?!

    Vseslava: Ostromir, speak to me!
    Vseslava: Ostro–
    Vseslava: Os... Oh... Shapeless take me.

    Broken Circuit (Part 2)

    Vseslava: This... This is not happening.
    Vseslava: No. There must be some mistake.

    Vseslava: There has been a... some sort of... incident in Nieboheim.

    Vseslava: No, Magus Hansa is correct.
    Vseslava: Forgive me, but I must assess the situation to approach the correct conclusion.
    Vseslava: Something has happened in the Capitol. There was a blast of some sort...

    Vseslava: Our... magical presence?
    Vseslava: This... this is unprecedented. There is no protocol for such an occurrence...
    Vseslava: I do not know what could have...

    Vseslava: Back in Nieboheim, we have a certain treasure. The Shapeless' gift.
    Vseslava: You could consider it the source of our power.
    Vseslava: I can only assume that a terrible catastrophe has occurred to it, which led to... this.
    Vseslava: As members of the Golden Hand, Ostromir and I have had less exposure to it. We are not entirely... dependant on it.
    Vseslava: I suspect that is the only reason we are still alive.
    Vseslava: Ostromir, you are still alive, are you not?

    Vseslava: He has spent more time in the Capitol than I. It is likely that due to his greater exposure to The Shapeless' gift, he will need more time.

    Vseslava: They are likely dead. Or dying. It is hard to say.
    Vseslava: This is not exactly something that has happened before.

    Vseslava: It is certainly a mess, is it not?
    Vseslava: There are other Golden Hand divisions out in the world. There are Magesterium outposts where there are likely survivors as well.
    Vseslava: I can try to get in contact with them.

    Vseslava: That is putting it lightly.
    Vseslava: Even if by some miracle, the Magesterium survived, without The Shapeless' gift, we would not be able to close the rifts.

    Vseslava: If Ostromir would wake his lazy head, we could still bring it under control. Shrink it to a manageable size.
    Vseslava: Functionally closed, and under our control.

    Vseslava: We each have our specialties. I could try, but it would be inefficient and dangerous.

    Vseslava: Of course not. If anything happened to us, then another Golden Hand division would be assigned.
    Vseslava: That most of the Magesterium are likely deceased is a significant flaw in that plan of action.

    Vseslava: I do not wish to leave Ostromir.

    Vseslava: Thank you. You truly are a Hero.

    Vseslava: Raven... Ostromir told me about–

    Vseslava: Thank you. And... I am sorry.

    Of Duty and Dragons

    Vseslava: You can help Ostromir?

    Vseslava: It... it should be fine to turn it off while you work.

    Vseslava: Ostromir! Thank the Shapeless!

    Vseslava: I can only assume the worst. I have not yet been able to get in contact with the other divisions, nor any outposts.

    Vseslava: As far as I can tell, all lost.

    Vseslava: I am sorry, Ostromir. I know as much as you do.

    Vseslava: Ostromir... If–

    Vseslava: Thank you, Magus Neron. Thank you.

    Vseslava: Ostromir...

    Vseslava: Thank you, Magus Neron.

    Vseslava: The Shapeless Empire is most likely in total disarray as we speak.

    Vseslava: It puts us in a difficult position.
    Vseslava: While we would want nothing more than to return home to take care of our nation, our people, our families...

    Vseslava: So we will stay. And finish our job.
    Vseslava: And then we will return to what is left of our home.

    Vseslava: Thank you.

    Vseslava: By the Shapeless, Ostromir, try to contain your excitement.

    The Awakened Depths - Golden Hand Faction

    Vseslava: Due to... current circumstances, we now know that we have limited reserves of mana.
    Vseslava: We cannot afford to expend it on frivolous comforts, however much Ostromir may protest.

    Vseslava: He will survive.

    Vseslava: Oh, no, we are still entirely at a loss and worried and confused, and filtering all sorts of emotions.

    Vseslava: This is more painful for Ostromir than I. He had- has family and friends back in the Empire.
    Vseslava: But let us turn to more interesting topics.

    Vseslava: Really, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: Fine.

    Vseslava: Ostromir has spent some time there himself in his capacity as Golden Hand.

    Vseslava: Ostromir is very proud of his research.

    Vseslava: Ostromir! I gave you permission to provide our hero with some information, not the deepest secrets of Magesterium research!

    Vseslava: That would be for the best. Thank you for paying us a visit, <Character>.

    Speaker and Slayer

    Vseslava: You have already met <Dragon>, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: One too many old Empire stories. Ostromir is deathly afraid of dragons.
    Vseslava: But he will manage. Is that not correct, Ostromir?

    The Descent

    Vseslava: That does not look inviting.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Vseslava: I will pass, thank you for the offer.

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