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Location: The Golden Hand, The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction, The Greenguard Alliance - Golden Hand Faction -> Up Right, Daybreak (Golden Hand), Into the Light, The Spells We Weave, Sunfall: Part 1, Sunfall: Part 2, The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction, A Storm in the Night, A Shocking Discovery, Ambition's Crossroads, Grinding Gears, Direct Current, Broken Circuit (Part 1), Broken Circuit (Part 2), Of Duty and Dragons, The Awakened Depths - Golden Hand Faction, Speaker and Slayer, The Descent, The Great One, Reasons to Fight, Into the Unknown, In Search of Slayers, Roots of Change, The Way Forward, Through the Tangle, The Deep Dark, Into the Abyss, Fate's Flow (Part 1), Fate's Flow (Part 2), Twin Tides, Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions), Fallen Facade, Chasing Answers, Outpost Outskirts, Outpost Yeden -> 2 Right, Project Casca, Hawk in the Sky, Crash and Burn, For the Fallen, The Arrival, The Flame Within, The Final Steps, The End of Magic (Part 2)

Quests given

Shops owned

The Golden Hand

???: It appears we've made it alive, Ostromir.

Vseslava: I am called Vseslava.

Vseslava: We are Division Osiem of the Golden Hand. We have been sent by the Magesterium of the Shapeless Empire...
Vseslava: ...by decree of the Shapeless, and at great cost and personal risk, to negotiate and assist in this unfortunate incident.

Vseslava: Oh, the meddler. Most convenient. We are to negotiate with you as well.

Vseslava: Regarding the matter of your King, that was an unfortunate accident.

Vseslava: You have our sincerest apologies, extended to you by The Shapeless.

Vseslava: However, the most recent "assault", as you put it, was not our doing.

Vseslava: The Shapeless only willed that we open one or two of these rifts at a time.
Vseslava: However, the opened rifts are now no longer under Magesterium control.

Vseslava: So we've come—

Vseslava: —to offer our assistance in controlling the rifts.

Vseslava: No. That requires the combined might of the Magesterium, and it also requires the rifts being back under our control.

Vseslava: We expect you to trust us because if you don't, then you will not find another way to close the rifts...
Vseslava: ...and their influence will only keep spreading until it covers all of Lore.

Vseslava: Oh! The Hero! <Character>, yes? Of course you'd be here too.

Vseslava: What a shame. Unfortunately for you, we know the magic of the rifts, and we know that they are not closed so easily.

Vseslava: That was an accident. We sincerely apologize—

Vseslava: Our information regarding the hierarchy of the Kingdom was misinformed.
Vseslava: The Magesterium was under the impression that the King was subservient to The Rose.

Vseslava: Reparations?

Vseslava: We require free passage across Greenguard, as well as some protection when we near the rifts.

Vseslava: We will bring the rifts back under Magesterium control, and manually adjust their size as to no longer be a threat.

Vseslava: Teleportation is a tricky magick, and our adjustments take time.

Vseslava: If she stops her snooping around in Magesterium territory, then the rifts will stay closed.

Vseslava: Then we cannot either.

Vseslava: The Fissure is a place of extreme magical energy.
Vseslava: To send forces to do combat there would be unfeasible in the long term, for both the Magesterium and the Rose.
Vseslava: Attempting to create a rift there could have... unpredictable results.

Vseslava: But we now understand the Rose answers to Swordhaven.

Vseslava: I'm afraid we cannot divulge that information.

Vseslava: Good for you.

Vseslava: Any more questions? Or can we get to work?

Vseslava: It would only be fair if we were to go back on our word.

Vseslava: Of course.

The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction

Vseslava: At the base of the rift, there is a trio of foci that can be used to adjust the rift's potency.

Vseslava: However, our own magical abilities are limited without ignominious present.

Vseslava: Leaves us time to perhaps get to know each other better.
Vseslava: Give it some thought, yes?

The Greenguard Alliance - Golden Hand Faction

Vseslava: Ready to head out, <Character>? Watch your step, and follow closely.

  • Swordhaven Camp

    Vseslava: Don't worry, <Character>, we know all about your secret identity!

    Vseslava: Did you get the pierogi discount?

    Vseslava: We're glad you decided to join us, <Character>. It's good to have an, albeit tenuous, connection to home in these foreign lands.

    Vseslava: Ah. We are technically magesters.

    Vseslava: Oh yes. We were there. Well, I was. I believe Ostromir was out on a mission.

    Vseslava: Anyway, while we are technically Magesters, we are deployed by the Shapeless when there are... unpredictable matters to attend to.
    Vseslava: As such, among the Magesterium, we are equals, but not equals.

    Vseslava: It balances out.

    Vseslava: Faith in the Shapeless and obedience in its decree make it quite simple, really.
    Vseslava: Anyway, I believe we have a job to do?
    Vseslava: These 'Knights' seem capable enough, but with our limited access to magic, it's good that you're here as well.

    Daybreak (Golden Hand)

    Vseslava: That wasn't us.

    Vseslava: Look. You've all just encountered a... what's the word?
    Vseslava: Help me out here, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: Correct, a Tytan. They are rare, obviously massive, monstrosities that preside over the... locations on the other side of the rifts.

    Vseslava: These creatures change the world around them.

    Vseslava: That's our current theory at least. It's also possible that they are a product of their locations.

    Vseslava: Unfortunately, it seems we were too late to bring it under control.

    Vseslava: Now, does that answer all your questions? Can we please get back to work?

    Vseslava: Unfortunately, no.

    Vseslava: Blah, blah. Don't take too long, <Character>, these fools are already impatient.

    Vseslava: Take care, <Character>. We'll set up camp here and continue working. And I'll make sure Ostromir doesn't explode.

    Into the Light

    Vseslava: Unfortunately so.
    Vseslava: Whoever did this had... intimate knowledge of the anchors.
    Vseslava: This is much more than a simple disruption.

    Vseslava: Encrypted?

    Vseslava: We are making steady progress, but a more serious issue has come up.
    Vseslava: Because we are so close to the rift, since the emergence of the Tytan—

    Vseslava: For Ostromir and myself, this is not an issue, as we have our containment units.
    Vseslava: But our escort is not faring so well.

    Vseslava: You must find a way to remove or otherwise disable this Tytan, this... source of elemental power.
    Vseslava: We're allowing the knights to take shifts in our quarters to help them to recover from the heat.
    Vseslava: But if we cannot find a way to stop this, then we may not have long left, rift closed or not.

    The Spells We Weave

    Vseslava: We don't know much about Tytans, but the conclusions, drawn by the Vind, make sense to us.

    Vseslava: Ostromir has almost finished wresting back control.

    Vseslava: There was a minor... distraction... from back home, but nothing to worry about.

    Sunfall: Part 1

    Vseslava: Ostromir has managed to wrest some control of the Proclamation.
    Vseslava: Our position grows more tenuous, however. The knights won't be able to hold out for too much longer.

    ?se?l??a: *bzzt* –not fa- -noug– *crackle*

    Sunfall: Part 2

    Vseslava: That's a Hero for you!

    Vseslava: We've brought the rift back under Magesterium control. Nothing else should be coming out from it.

    The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction
    (before Ambition's Crossroads)

    Vseslava: What do they mean, resources are pre-emptively occupied?

    Vseslava: Of all the- oh, apologies, we didn't see you there, <Character>.

    Vseslava: The Shapeless wills it so.

    Vseslava: Those, <Character>, are the Ignominious. For many Magesters, they are required to perform acts of magic. But we are the Golden Hand.
    Vseslava: One of the privileges afforded to us by the Shapeless is that we have some capacity for magic on our own.

    Vseslava: A gift.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Vseslava: Hmph.

    Vseslava: Ostromir.

    Vseslava: Apologies, <Character>, but the secrets of the Shapeless are not yours to bear.
    Vseslava: Besides, we have a mission to attend to, do we not?

    Vseslava: Perhaps...

    Vseslava: Ah, apologies for our rudeness. When this business is all over, maybe you could return with us to Nieboheim.
    Vseslava: If approved by the Magesterium and the Shapeless, you may have your answers then.

    After completing A Shocking Discovery:
  • About Humans
    Vseslava: Curious. Something to note, Ostromir. Prince Eulin, have you heard of humans dressed as we do, perhaps?

  • Your World
    Vseslava: Prince Eulin, you are not to...

    Vseslava: Very well. I... apologize, Prince Eulin. I meant no offense.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    A Storm in the Night

    Vseslava: As do I, but an analytical exploration will have to wait until after our duty is done.

    If you joined the Golden Hand Faction:
    Vseslava: Perhaps we can sample some of the local delicacies along the way? After a proper decontamination, of course.

    Vseslava: A shame. Perhaps when this is all over, then.

    Vseslava: This place is full of magicks. The Vind scouts must be talented indeed to sniff out a focus among this... mess.

    A Shocking Discovery

    Vseslava: The Manufactory, hm? No, I don't think I've ever heard of such a place.
    Vseslava: However, I could see a benefit to having the Prince around, should we run into other Lagohmorphs.
    Vseslava: They're likely to be hostile to us and him anyway, but it's still an advantage.

    Ambition's Crossroads

    Vseslava: ...

    Vseslava: Ostromir is missing as well.

    Vseslava: I will retreat to my shelter and order the knights to help with the search.

    The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction
    (after Ambition's Crossroads, before Grinding Gears)

    Vseslava: Fine. And I... I don't need your sympathy, if that is what you're offering.

    Vseslava: Let the underlings search. We still have our mission to complete.

    Vseslava: I am a Magester of the Shapeless Empire, <Character>. Whatever my personal feelings, my job just became much, much harder.
    Vseslava: So yes. While I am worried, and I am sorry your friends are missing, I must be focused on my duty here now more than ever.
    Vseslava: Something... serious is happening back home in the Empire. And here I am, a world away. And now I am alone. This job is all I can focus on.
    Vseslava: It's...
    Vseslava: It's... a much needed distraction.

    Vseslava: Then go. Get out there.
    Vseslava: And... thank you.

    Grinding Gears

    Vseslava: We are. This atmosphere...

    Vseslava: Hladach? However did you manage to get on Ostromir's good side, Raven?

    The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction
    (after Grinding Gears)

    Vseslava: Hey, <Character>.

    Vseslava: Having both of us here is more efficient.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Vseslava: I... suppose it will be okay. That Raven girl and the dragon went through as well, so it will be shared regardless.

    Vseslava: *cough*

    Vseslava: We should get back to our preparations. Another time, <Character>.

    Direct Current

    Vseslava: On it.

    Vseslava: With this scale of power... Hansa, you said it was... blurry? So there must be movement...
    Vseslava: It's an ambush. Stay calm. Defensive positions, please.

    Vseslava: Here... it... comes...

    Vseslava: Yes. For now. We should keep moving.

    Broken Circuit (Part 1)

    Vseslava: Ostromir, stop your whining. We have worked under more stressful conditions before!

    Vseslava: Ostromir, we need to retreat!

    Vseslava: Ostromir. We are retreating. Now.

    Vseslava: Make it quick. Ostromir is getting impatient.

    Vseslava: Ow! My head...

    Vseslava: I am going... to vomit...

    Vseslava: I think I am still going to be sick.

    Vseslava: Nausea. Head and chest pain. Numbness in extremities. Still functional.

    Vseslava: Ostromir?!

    Vseslava: Ostromir, speak to me!
    Vseslava: Ostro–
    Vseslava: Os... Oh... Shapeless take me.

    Broken Circuit (Part 2)

    Vseslava: This... This is not happening.
    Vseslava: No. There must be some mistake.

    Vseslava: There has been a... some sort of... incident in Nieboheim.

    Vseslava: No, Magus Hansa is correct.
    Vseslava: Forgive me, but I must assess the situation to approach the correct conclusion.
    Vseslava: Something has happened in the Capitol. There was a blast of some sort...

    Vseslava: Our... magical presence?
    Vseslava: This... this is unprecedented. There is no protocol for such an occurrence...
    Vseslava: I do not know what could have...

    Vseslava: Back in Nieboheim, we have a certain treasure. The Shapeless' gift.
    Vseslava: You could consider it the source of our power.
    Vseslava: I can only assume that a terrible catastrophe has occurred to it, which led to... this.
    Vseslava: As members of the Golden Hand, Ostromir and I have had less exposure to it. We are not entirely... dependant on it.
    Vseslava: I suspect that is the only reason we are still alive.
    Vseslava: Ostromir, you are still alive, are you not?

    Vseslava: He has spent more time in the Capitol than I. It is likely that due to his greater exposure to The Shapeless' gift, he will need more time.

    Vseslava: They are likely dead. Or dying. It is hard to say.
    Vseslava: This is not exactly something that has happened before.

    Vseslava: It is certainly a mess, is it not?
    Vseslava: There are other Golden Hand divisions out in the world. There are Magesterium outposts where there are likely survivors as well.
    Vseslava: I can try to get in contact with them.

    Vseslava: That is putting it lightly.
    Vseslava: Even if by some miracle, the Magesterium survived, without The Shapeless' gift, we would not be able to close the rifts.

    Vseslava: If Ostromir would wake his lazy head, we could still bring it under control. Shrink it to a manageable size.
    Vseslava: Functionally closed, and under our control.

    Vseslava: We each have our specialties. I could try, but it would be inefficient and dangerous.

    Vseslava: Of course not. If anything happened to us, then another Golden Hand division would be assigned.
    Vseslava: That most of the Magesterium are likely deceased is a significant flaw in that plan of action.

    Vseslava: I do not wish to leave Ostromir.

    Vseslava: Thank you. You truly are a Hero.

    Vseslava: Raven... Ostromir told me about–

    Vseslava: Thank you. And... I am sorry.

    Of Duty and Dragons

    Vseslava: You can help Ostromir?

    Vseslava: It... it should be fine to turn it off while you work.

    Vseslava: Ostromir! Thank the Shapeless!

    Vseslava: I can only assume the worst. I have not yet been able to get in contact with the other divisions, nor any outposts.

    Vseslava: As far as I can tell, all lost.

    Vseslava: I am sorry, Ostromir. I know as much as you do.

    Vseslava: Ostromir... If–

    Vseslava: Thank you, Magus Neron. Thank you.

    Vseslava: Ostromir...

    Vseslava: Thank you, Magus Neron.

    Vseslava: The Shapeless Empire is most likely in total disarray as we speak.

    Vseslava: It puts us in a difficult position.
    Vseslava: While we would want nothing more than to return home to take care of our nation, our people, our families...

    Vseslava: So we will stay. And finish our job.
    Vseslava: And then we will return to what is left of our home.

    Vseslava: Thank you.

    Vseslava: By the Shapeless, Ostromir, try to contain your excitement.

    The Awakened Depths - Golden Hand Faction

    Vseslava: Due to... current circumstances, we now know that we have limited reserves of mana.
    Vseslava: We cannot afford to expend it on frivolous comforts, however much Ostromir may protest.

    Vseslava: He will survive.

    Vseslava: Oh, no, we are still entirely at a loss and worried and confused, and filtering all sorts of emotions.

    Vseslava: This is more painful for Ostromir than I. He had- has family and friends back in the Empire.
    Vseslava: But let us turn to more interesting topics.

    Vseslava: Really, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: Fine.

    Vseslava: Ostromir has spent some time there himself in his capacity as Golden Hand.

    Vseslava: Ostromir is very proud of his research.

    Vseslava: Ostromir! I gave you permission to provide our hero with some information, not the deepest secrets of Magesterium research!

    Vseslava: That would be for the best. Thank you for paying us a visit, <Character>.

    Speaker and Slayer

    Vseslava: You have already met <Dragon>, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: One too many old Empire stories. Ostromir is deathly afraid of dragons.
    Vseslava: But he will manage. Is that not correct, Ostromir?

    The Descent

    Vseslava: That does not look inviting.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Vseslava: I will pass, thank you for the offer.

    The Great One

    Vseslava: As long as the mana core slumbers...

    Vseslava: ...Never you mind, dragon.

    Reasons to Fight

    If you joined the Golden Hand Faction:
    Vseslava: I do not think it is relevant, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: Fine. That... Great One. That dragon. They spoke to us in our heads while you were traversing the Gauntlet.

    Vseslava: Ostromir...

    Vseslava: ...

    Vseslava: The Magesterium conducted experiments in the Wastes.
    Vseslava: Of these... were many that those of morals would not consider palatable.

    Vseslava: ...We were all complicit.

    Vseslava: It was not. But...
    Vseslava: Ostromir regrets his past actions.

    Vseslava: He sees this... saving Lore business as a form of redemption.
    Vseslava: I...

    Vseslava: You don't know that, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: I hope despite everything... well, your company has been welcome in these distant lands.

    Vseslava: ...Come, the others of the Alliance must surely be wondering why we are late.

    Into the Unknown

    Vseslava: Are you disappointed you do not get to fly on the back of another dragon, Ostromir?

    In Search of Slayers

    Vseslava: We thought to bring it up with the DragonLord captain, but he appears to be... resistant to suggestions.

    Vseslava: I think they get the point, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: We have completed the protective gear for everyone else, as well.
    Vseslava: While we have managed so far thanks to Kara's magic, if we are to enter more spore dense areas...
    Vseslava: Well, better to be safe, if you ask me.

    Roots of Change

    Vseslava: What are those strange growths? It seems almost like...

    Vseslava: It seems to me that we must travel under the city. Is there any way below?

    The Way Forward

    Vseslava: This Odgne is your dragon, Mritha?

    Vseslava: I am curious why the only small dragon we have seen contributing to the fight is <Dragon>.
    Vseslava: Are other dragons of that age not fit for combat?

    Vseslava: Thank you for the explanation, Mritha.
    Vseslava: Despite the Magesterium's knowledge in combating dragons, we know surprisingly little about their growth.

    Vseslava: Ah, you must have been on a mission when the news came, Ostomir.
    Vseslava: Apparently the convoy was ambushed, and the egg went missing.

    Vseslava: I... I think so. As far as I can tell. But it quickly falls off into darkness.

    Through the Tangle

    Vseslava: Do not strain yourself, Grand Magus. We will need your abilities below, I am sure.

    Vseslava: I think it would be accurate to say that this fungus is the product, no, body of, some sort of Tytan from the Wastes.

    The Deep Dark

    Vseslava: Everyone! Hansa has made a discovery!

    Vseslava: I suggest bracing and finding something to hold on to!

    Into the Abyss

    Vseslava: ...Ostromir...

    Vseslava: Hansa, how are you feeling? Can you see anything else now that the Tytan has awoken?

    Fate's Flow (Part 1)

    If you joined the Golden Hand faction:
    Vseslava: What is it, Ostromir?

    Vseslava: Shh!

    Vseslava: Okay. Done.

    Vseslava: Still no word from them. This was from Outpost Yeden.

    Vseslava: They are. While their message was urgent, our current task still takes priority.

    Vseslava: Indeed.

    Fate's Flow (Part 2)

    Vseslava: Our reserves of mana are running low. We... we can not keep up this pace.

    Vseslava: That message from Outpost Yeden has you fired up, has it?

    Vseslava: Given the thickness of the Tytan's dermis, it may take us a considerable amount of time with our current resources...

    Vseslava: I did. I... very much did.

    Twin Tides

    Vseslava: We expended much more mana than we intended in our fungal adventure.

    Vseslava: I am sorry.
    Vseslava: We expected the delivery of additional resources some time ago, but with the Magesterium scattered, that has not been possible.

    Vseslava: Excuse me?

    Vseslava: ...As Ostromir so elegantly put it, that would be indecent. And unsanitary.

    Vseslava: Not like we could do anything to help in our current state.

    Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)
      If you joined the Golden Hand Faction:
      Vseslava: Of course not! We would have to deactivate our containment fields in order to imbibe.
      Vseslava: It would be quite unhygienic.

      Vseslava: Do not "Hmm" like you are tempted, Ostromir!

      Vseslava: Ingesting foreign delicacies is highly irregular.

      Vseslava: I told you. Unhygienic.

      Vseslava: Not worth it?

      Vseslava: And if you fall ill, who will take care of you?

      Vseslava: You are forgetting we still have a job to do. Celebrate if you must, but I will not until that final Rift is under control.

      Vseslava: Outpost Yeden. It is far, far to the south, but the Magesters there should have spare Ignominious.
      Vseslava: How we bring them north however... I am not certain. But it is our only choice.

      Vseslava: It is beyond the Whispering Steppes, and even Kaer Sierra. Closer to the fissure. For... observational purposes.

      Vseslava: Indeed it— Ostromir!

      Vseslava: Did you not say it was too sweet?
    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Fallen Facade

    Vseslava: Just about done. Need to attune to the right frequency... and...

    Vseslava: Golden Hand Division Osiem reporting. This is Vseslava of Golden Hand Division Osiem. Can you hear me, Outpost Yeden?

    Vseslava: And you as well, Outpost Yeden. Has there been an update on our request for Ignominious?

    Vseslava: I see. And as for our mission? What does the Shapeless will?

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Chasing Answers

    Vseslava: Ostromir, I do not know if—

    Vseslava: I have. But... Think of the repercussions! It is not our place to disclose such information to foreign entities!

    Vseslava: ...Very well, Ostromir.

    Vseslava: ...Many of the subjects did not survive. Those that did were mercifully disposed of.
    Vseslava: Except for one. The Magesterium's greatest success, and greatest failure.

    Vseslava: ...Unviability.

    Vseslava: His demeanor in the trial gave us no suspicion to suspect that he would threaten the Magesterium.

    Vseslava: Rather low priority research, as I recall.

    Vseslava: It is located far south of Kaer Sierra, to the west of the Fissure.

    Vseslava: The broken one will be fine, I think, as will the former king.
    Vseslava: <Dragon> and the extremely powerful mage, however...

    Vseslava: A stable pocket?

    Vseslava: But surely the amount of mana expended to maintain such a large and secure tunnel is beyond that of a... normal... person.
    Vseslava: You. Mage. Are you...?

    Vseslava: This looks to be close by.

    Outpost Outskirts

    Vseslava: Then we should proceed with caution. We know nothing of the current situation.

    Vseslava: Thank the Shapeless! I am Vseslava, and this is Ostromir. We are both of Golden Hand Div—

    Vseslava: If I may, I do not believe we have gotten your name, Magester?

    Vseslava: They may not have been approved...
    Vseslava: ...but as natives of Greenguard, we believe they will be instrumental resources in the conflict against The Rose.

    Vseslava: Watch your steps, and watch your words.

    Outpost Yeden

  • Talk
    Vseslava: I have never seen him smile so often.

    Vseslava: There is still much work to be done. But this familiarity is comforting.

  • Project Casca
    Vseslava: You will learn soon enough, I am sure.

    Vseslava: Let him have this, <Character>. He has had little cause to celebrate in recent times.

  • Magesterium
    Vseslava: They have been sporadic. And not all good news.
    Vseslava: Many perished after the Seym fell, Magesters and citizens.

    Vseslava: We cannot disclose more than that at this time. But with Project Casca, we will reclaim our lands once more.
    Vseslava: I am sure you will learn more when the time comes.

    Project Casca

    Vseslava: I will admit, I am relieved you decided to accept our offer.

    Vseslava: The exact details... are unknown, even to us.
    Vseslava: What we do know is that all at once, across Lore, all current Magesters were disconnected from the shard.

    Vseslava: I will answer this, Ostromir.
    Vseslava: It is... the physical manifestation of The Shapeless itself. I believe you had a brief encounter with it during your stay in Nieboheim, <Character>?

    Vseslava: ...The physical manifestation of The Shapeless was controlled by the will of The Shapeless, through the Magesterium.
    Vseslava: However, The Shapeless does not act without direction. Someone must have given it orders...

    Vseslava: Even with malicious commands, it should not have been an issue for the Magesterium to subdue The Shapeless.
    Vseslava: But combined with the loss of the shard, The Shapeless has wrought havoc and destruction, not only in Nieboheim, but across all of Azaveyr.
    Vseslava: There are reports that it has changed. The physical form has... been twisted beyond the will of The Shapeless. It will not be so easily contained.

    Vseslava: ...I... I want to apologize.

    Vseslava: This burden of hope.
    Vseslava: You have seen how Ostromir has changed. The hope, the faith... It is infectious.
    Vseslava: And now, it weighs upon your shoulders. The hero, and the outsiders, bearing the dreams of a people on the brink of elimination.
    Vseslava: I...

    Vseslava: We do not deserve your honor.
    Vseslava: Thank you. Truly.

    Hawk in the Sky

    Vseslava: I will stay in contact with Eirn, and convey the status of the airship to the other Magesters.

    Vseslava: Focus, Ostromir!

    Crash and Burn

    Vseslava: What we face is far more insidious still.

    Vseslava: Understood.

    Vseslava: We received a communication from our drones before they were abruptly cut off.
    Vseslava: Akanthus and Jaania have survived, as we feared.

    Vseslava: The Doom device is also missing. We can only assume it was taken with The Rose after the crash.

    For the Fallen

    Vseslava: It is always the wait that gets to me. The wait before a mission.

    Vseslava: And you worry too little. Always so ready to jump into the unknown with no thought for yourself or others!

    Vseslava: Listen to yourself! As though no one cares about you!

    Vseslava: No, no, we intruded into your space; I apologize.

    Vseslava: ...

    Vseslava: Zvezdana, do not push yourself so hard. Surely there are others who can deliver simple orders.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Vseslava: Then I am coming too.

    Vseslava: But—

    Vseslava: Have you lost your mind, Ostromir?!
    Vseslava: You cannot be entertaining the thought of facing this... mad golem mage on your own!

    Vseslava: ...And where did you come across these?

    Vseslava: Did you now? That cube in particular is quite rare. I have seen only two in my time, certainly not freely distributed "in case of emergency".

    Vseslava: ...Very well.

    Vseslava: ...

    Vseslava: It wasn't him. I was the one who—

    Vseslava: I suspected— You stole those?!

    Vseslava: For... for what? To avenge a foreign, unofficial, Hladach?
    Vseslava: Out of guilt?
    Vseslava: ...How long have you planned this?

    Vseslava: Those days are behind you, Ostromir. How could you be so foolish?

    Vseslava: Ostromir... You do not need to prove yourself to anyone.
    Vseslava: Not to yourself, to Raven, or the Magesterium, or even the Shapeless.

    The Arrival

    Vseslava: If you have any better ideas, please, enlighten us, former king.

    Vseslava: Ostromir!

    Vseslava: Yes. Preparations are complete. I suggest you take care of any... final business that may need addressing.

    The Flame Within

    Vseslava: Do not get ahead of yourself, Ostromir. There is still a long way to go.

    The Final Steps

    Vseslava: Ostromir is inspecting the cargo lift.

    Vseslava: You're clearly terrified, Ostromir. We would be liabilities.

    Vseslava: Your concern is appreciated.

    The End of Magic (Part 2)

    Vseslava: And you are unharmed, <Character>? Ostromir has been worrying most obnoxiously since your group descended.
    Vseslava: Imagine our shock when the tremors began!

    Vseslava: Ostromir and I, along with a small contingent of golems and citizens, will escort them north, to Swordhaven.
    Vseslava: It will be a long and treacherous journey, but the encampment here was well supplied.
    Vseslava: We will see them returned home. From there, it will be up to the people of Greenguard to deal with their own.

    Vseslava: It is appreciated.

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