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Shocking Discovery, A

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10/10/2020 7:35:01   

A Shocking Discovery

Location: The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction -> Doomwood Camp -> Quests! -> A Shocking Discovery
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of A Storm in the Night
Release Date: October 9th, 2020

Objective: The intrepid band of Greenguard Alliance explorers enters the ruins... but what will they find waiting within?
Objective completed: With a new... ally? in tow, it's time to reconsider the plan of how to find that rift focus!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(9) Lagohm Seeker
(2) Lagohm Stomper
(3) Lagohm Stomper - Boss

Eulin Verriton IV
G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema

Lagohm Chassis Frame


*You and your dragon catch up to Mritha, Raven, and Ostromir during your group's exploration of the ruins at Doomwood.*

Ostromir: Who designed these structures to be so... maze-like?
Ostromir: The projection of the rift indicates that a focus lies deep within...
Ostromir: Bah, I don't understand your culture and your reverence for such old and forgotten things.
Ostromir: If we could only just–
Mritha: For the last time, Ostromir, no, we aren't going to excavate through the ruins unless we have no other choice.
Ostromir: I'm just saying, whoever made or created these dusty old halls are long gone. Why let old things stand in the way of progress?
Raven: These ruins are sacred to the tribes around here for a reason.
Raven: There are all sorts of secrets of our past that we might accidentally destroy or miss if we just smash our way through.
Mritha: Not to mention it would anger the nomads when they return. It wouldn't do well for us to plunge into a preventable conflict so soon.
Ostromir: The nomad tribes? Your alliance has the superior numbers and capabilities. Surely the nomad tribes stand no challenge?
Mritha: That's... We prefer peace here, Ostromir.
Ostromir: Yes, all the peace and dingy ruins you could ever want, after a brief one–sided campaign.
Raven: How's that working out for the Empire and Volkenraand, Magester?

*Ostromir glares at Raven following her retort.*

Ostromir: What do you think, <Character>? Surely you agree with me? We're pressed for time, after all.

  • I agree. We're in a rush. - if you select this option:
      <Character>: I agree. We're in a rush.
      Mritha: Good thing it's not in your hands then. Queen Victoria specifically doesn't want to anger the nomad tribes any more than we already might.
      Raven: Come on, <Character>. We've already split up into two groups to look for the focus. We'll find it in no time!
      Ostromir: At least we have our priorities straight, right, <Character>? We'll respect the wishes of your Queen but–
  • No, we must be careful. - if you select this option:
      <Character>: No, we must be careful.
      Raven: See? <Character> agrees with us too, Ostromir. And Vseslava's group is searching too, so I'm sure we'll find it sooner than later!
      Mritha: Besides, Queen Victoria specifically gave us orders not to disturb the ruins any more than we must.
      Mritha: And it's on her generosity that you're even here.
      Ostromir: Yes, yes, and we mustn't anger your most gracious Queen. I'm sure she won't mind if we do a little bit of–
    Ostromir: Wait.
    <Character>: Is something the matter?
    Ostromir: Shh.

    Ostromir: Hold up.

    *You all witness a group of strange creatures traveling through the ruins, holding another smaller creature captive in a cage.*

    Mritha: What are those things? What have they captured?
    Ostromir: It's none of our business. Let them pass and we'll be on our way.
    Raven: Are all Magesters so passive? Or is it just the Golden Hand who are so cowardly?
    Ostromir: My combat abilities are rather limited. Excuse me if I don't want to run out and die for something that I have no familiarity with.
    <Character>: But whatever it is, it's clearly being held against its will.
    Mritha: Maybe it can help us find the focus if we free it.
    Ostromir: Everyone wants to be a Hero. Go on, save the day.
    Raven: We don't need your permission.
    Ostromir: *Sigh*

  • Raven joins you as Guest A.
  • Mritha joins you as Guest B.

  • Battle! - begins/continues gauntlet.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions; re-invites guests.
  • Run Away! - returns to The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction.

    *After defeating a gauntlet of Lagohms, your group approaches the caged creature.*

    Mritha: Well, let's see who or what we've saved.

    *The small creature somewhat resembles the gauntlet of Lagohms you've just faced.*

    <Character>: It kind of looks like those other creatures we just defeated.
    Raven: Oh, it's adorable! How do we get this cage open?
    Mritha: I could smash it with my sword, maybe.

    *The creature appears to cower at Mritha's statement, its eye twitching.*

    Raven: But if you do that, you might hurt it, Mritha!
    <Character>: Ostromir, do you think you could help us with this?

    *Ostromir kneels down before the cage, analyzing it.*

    Ostromir: Hmm. I think I can open this. But are you sure you want to?
    <Character>: What's the worst that could happen?
    Ostromir: Oh, I could think of any number of threats that such an unknown thing could pose...
    Raven: Look how scared it is! There's no way it would harm us.
    Mritha: I, too, am... reluctantly... disarmed by its harmless appearance.
    Ostromir: Okay, but if it fries us all to a crisp, I told you so.

    *Ostromir unlocks the cage as Raven, you, and Mritha watch; the creature happily bounces up out of the cage; your expressions change from anticipation to shock as the creature begins talking.*

    ???: And so I have, yet again, deftly maneuvered my way out of a precarious predicament, with an elegance so befitting of only a Prince of the Manufactory!
    ???: Well, peons? Will you not humble yourselves before my presence?

    *Ostromir looks at the creature in shock, too.*

    Ostromir: I think I understand why it was caged now. Permission to re-cage it?
    <Character>: Umm... Prince, was it? I think you have us at a disadvantage. We've never seen anything like you before.
    ???: Hmm. Yes, yes. That would make sense. I assume I have traveled into The Beyond, after all.
    ???: Very well, let me introduce myself.
    Eulin Verriton IV: I am Prince Eulin Verriton the Fourth, second heir to the Manufactory, and your better!
    Eulin Verriton IV: Those ruffians whom I so swiftly dispatched earlier were assassins sent to kidnap me and prevent my return home.

    *Silence follows Prince Eulin's elaborate introduction.*

    Mritha: I have so many questions.
    Raven: Excuse me, Prince Eulin, but what are you?
    Eulin Verriton IV: Ah yes, The Beyond has, as of yet, likely not been graced by the ephemeral form of the Lagohmorph!
    Eulin Verriton IV: Or Lagohm, for short.

    Eulin Verriton IV: We are the occupants of the Manufactory, the largest city in the Energy plains!
    <Character>: So you're from the plane of Energy?
    Eulin Verriton IV: That's what I said!
    <Character>: Are you familiar with any of this, Ostromir?
    Ostromir: Energy? I don't think we've ever sent any expeditions to–
    Ostromir: Er, no.
    Ostromir: I have no idea what this Prince is talking about.
    Ostromir: I am curious, however. How is it that we understand each other?
    Ostromir: I would assume there would have been a language barrier...
    Eulin Verriton IV: Aha! You underestimate a Prince, sparkly one! I have had only the best tutors, and thus I speak fluent 'Beyondspeech'!

    *Prince Eulin smiles produly.*

    Raven: He's so precious! He's even cuter than <Dragon>!

    *Your dragon blinks in disbelief at Raven's comment.*

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: I'm sorry, what?
    <Dragon>: This sparking little puffball doesn't hold a candle to my majestic cuteness, I'll have you know!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Indignant hiss*
    <Dragon>: *Long string of angrily muttered growls*

    Eulin Verriton IV: A dragon!
    Eulin Verriton IV: This explains much! You are all in servitude to this one, then?
    Eulin Verriton IV: I've always wanted to practice my 'Drahrspeech'!

    Eulin Verriton IV: Ahem!

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    Eulin Verriton IV: Thank you, I am an effervescent pineapple!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    Eulin Verriton IV: *Confusing yet definitely draconic growls*

    *Your dragon looks at Prince Eulin disapprovingly.*

    If you have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: At least you recognize my stature, squishy one!

    If you don't have a Dragon Amulet:
    <Dragon>: *Haughty roar*

    Eulin Verriton IV: I didn't pay much attention during Draconic class.
    <Character>: Anyway, Prince Eulin, I suppose we should introduce ourselves.
    <Character>: I'm <Character>.
    <Character>: This is Mritha.
    <Character>: Raven.
    <Character>: Ostromir.
    <Character>: And <Dragon>–
    <Dragon>: *Hiss!*

    *Prince Eulin inflates to a much larger size, presumably as an act of asserting dominance.*

    Eulin Verriton IV: *Hiss!*

    *You all stare at Prince Eulin in silence.*

    <Character>: –who I see you've already become acquainted with.
    <Character>: Since you consider this "The Beyond", I assume you came here through the rift?
    Eulin Verriton IV: Ah yes, I was fleeing from captors sent after me by, I can only assume, one of my many brothers or sisters...
    Eulin Verriton IV: ...when I strategically came upon this massive tear in the world!
    Eulin Verriton IV: And so, intrepid and brave explorer that I am, I made my way through, into The Beyond!
    Eulin Verriton IV: And I can only assume the Seekers followed me.
    Ostromir: If you came through, then, do you remember where that happened?
    Eulin Verriton IV: Of course! You dare doubt my superior memory?
    Eulin Verriton IV: It was a dark room, with very little light. I made a few turns, I remember, and kept going in various different directions...
    Mritha: Avatars help us.
    Eulin Verriton IV: And then, I stumbled upon numerous points of interest that weren't particularly interesting.
    Eulin Verriton IV: In fact, you could say they were points of... insignificance!

    Eulin Verriton IV: Aha!

    *Once again, silence follows Prince Eulin's recount of how he ended up in this part of the ruins.*

    Raven: *Snrk*
    Eulin Verriton IV: But I'll know them when I see them!
    Ostromir: Fantastic. It's of no help at all. Shall we get a move on, then?
    <Character>: Ostromir. Don't be rude.
    Ostromir: I don't think I'll ever grow accustomed to your... culture's penchant for the irrelevant.
    Raven: Prince Eulin, do you need our help returning home? It just so happens that we're looking for a way to close off the means by which you traveled here.
    Raven: Maybe we can work together.
    Eulin Verriton IV: Oh, but there's so much of The Beyond to explore! I would perhaps be receptive of your servitude.
    Eulin Verriton IV: That is, if the dragon is willing to share.
    Eulin Verriton IV: But at some point, I should return home.

    Eulin Verriton IV: The Manufactory isn't going to run itself, after all!
    Eulin Verriton IV: Yes, I do believe we can be of assistance to each other.
    Mritha: It's about time we headed back out and met up with Vseslava's group.
    Mritha: Let's hear what they have to say about Prince Eulin.
    Ostromir: Very well. Follow me, everyone.
    Ostromir: I have no idea what this Prince is talking about.

    *Back outside the ruins, your group reunites with Magus Hansa, Vseslava, Kara SuLema, and Thursday.*

    Raven: –and then he puffed up really big and it was so cute–
    Thursday: Raven, calm down. You can tell me about it later. I'm just glad you're safe.
    Vseslava: The Manufactory, hm? No, I don't think I've ever heard of such a place.
    Vseslava: However, I could see a benefit to having the Prince around, should we run into other Lagohmorphs.
    Vseslava: They're likely to be hostile to us and him anyway, but it's still an advantage.
    Ostromir: Or maybe we could make a deal with the other Lagohm and exchange the Prince for–
    Kara SuLema: Ostromir, we are not sacrificing a helpless individual to achieve our goals.

    *High above the ruins, the moon glows brightly; Prince Eulin appears transfixed by this sighting.*

    G. M. Hansa: I agree with Kara here. We have alternatives, and we'll accomplish our mission regardless.
    Ostromir: Very well. I still don't trust it though.
    <Character>: That brings us to the point of: What do we do with him? We can't just leave him to his own devices.

    If you joined the Rose Faction:
    <Character>: Raven, you're quite enamored with the little fellow, aren't you?
    <Character>: I find it hard to believe that it could get up to any trouble while under our care in The Rose camp.
    Raven: You mean– I– Yes, I won't let you down!

    If you joined the Golden Hand Faction:
    <Character>: Ostromir, you seem to distrust him the most out of all of us.
    <Character>: Perhaps we can keep an eye on him in the Golden Hand camp.
    Ostromir: Fair.

    Ostromir: I'll make sure it doesn't get up to anything untoward.

    If you joined the Vind Faction:
    <Character>: Kara, you've got the most experience with magical creatures.
    <Character>: I think if we take it to the Vind camp, we can make it the most comfortable while watching it.
    Kara SuLema: Understood. Prince Eulin shall be our honored guest.

    <Character>: That settles it. We'll meet up again to delve into the ruins after some rest.
    <Character>: Prince Eulin, come along now.
    Eulin Verriton IV: Is that the... Moon?

    *Prince Eulin continues to be captivated by the moon.*

    Eulin Verriton IV: It's... beautiful.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Heal option during gauntlet only appears between the 3rd and 4th rounds.
  • After completion of this quest, Eulin Verriton IV can be found in all versions of the Doomwood Camp, unlocking additional dialogue.

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