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Magus Hansa / G. M. Hansa / Hansa

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2/9/2013 2:54:08   
Voodoo Master

Magus Hansa / G. M. Hansa / Hansa

Location: Rose Fort, Lucky 13, Life Finds A Way, Sands of Eternity, A Petal Falls, Plans Entwined, The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction, The Greenguard Alliance - Rose Faction -> Left, Daybreak (Rose), The Spells We Weave, Sunfall: Part 1, Sunfall: Part 2, The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction, A Storm in the Night, A Shocking Discovery, Ambition's Crossroads, Grinding Gears, Direct Current, The Spark of the Soul, Broken Circuit (Part 1), Broken Circuit (Part 2), Of Duty and Dragons, The Awakened Depths - Rose Faction, Speaker and Slayer, The Descent, The Great One, Reasons to Fight, Into the Unknown, In Search of Slayers, Roots of Change, The Way Forward, Through the Tangle, The Deep Dark, Into the Abyss, Fate's Flow (Part 1), Fate's Flow (Part 2), Twin Tides, Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions), Fallen Facade, Chasing Answers

Quests given

Shops owned

Rose Fort

???: I thought I heard a commotion.

Magus Hansa: You are correct.
Magus Hansa: And you are...?
Magus Hansa: Wait. Let me guess.
Magus Hansa: Even with the loss of the gift of sight, I can still sense how one has focused the magic they were cursed with.
Magus Hansa: And I sense great power from you. Power, hesitation, and confusion. Hm.
Magus Hansa: You must be <Character>.
Magus Hansa: And if you are here, then you must be looking for answers. Interesting.

Magus Hansa: Ask away.

Magus Hansa: We are protecting the people of Greenguard, of Lore, from the atrocities of magic and magical creatures.
Magus Hansa: We bear no ill-will toward any of our... guests. However, some of our members turn out quite overzealous.
Magus Hansa: I do my best to control them, but I can understand their frustrations. Their pain. Can't you?
Magus Hansa: Lady Jaania is doing her best to formulate an end to this plague.
Magus Hansa: The people of Lore would no longer need fear for their homes and family.
Magus Hansa: Their loved ones would never rise from the dead to attack, or be stolen away to be sacrificed.
Magus Hansa: Their sight will never be stolen by an errant spell.

Magus Hansa: Hmph.

Magus Hansa: That sounds like a very "Falconreach" sentiment.
Magus Hansa: They don't understand how much magic harms those around them.
Magus Hansa: They refuse to comprehend the threat that thrives in their midst!
Magus Hansa: But worry not, our orders are to leave Falconreach be. Direct orders from King Alteon.
Magus Hansa: I leave it to Lady Jaania to negotiate the details.

Magus Hansa: You think I would just tell you? That I would share all our secrets?
Magus Hansa: You are still a variable, <Character>. An unknown.
Magus Hansa: Are you a threat? Or an asset?

Magus Hansa: Hm.
Magus Hansa: Lady Jaania may not approve, but I'd like to show you the good of our work. What The Rose has already done for the Kingdom of Greenguard.
Magus Hansa: I've been called to lead a contingent of soldiers to the Sandsea.
Magus Hansa: You're welcome to follow, and find out for yourself how The Rose acts for the benefit and protection of all.

Magus Hansa: You've done nothing wrong besides giving some recruits valuable training experience. I will have to send word to Swordhaven, however.
Magus Hansa: Lady Jaania will be most interested to learn that you're active again.
Magus Hansa: Now please, try not to harm too many of our recruits on your way out. Most of the ones here are new to the cause.

Lucky 13

Magus Hansa: Ah, <Character>, so good to... sense you again.

  • Talk
    Magus Hansa: Please, Windrush, there's no need to fight right now.

    Magus Hansa: Not everyone believes in the mission of the Rose. At the moment, though, I believe that <Character> shares a common interest with us.

    Magus Hansa: Surely, you've noticed our... gilded friend here?

    Magus Hansa: This poor fellow had a run in with one of those poor, cursed Sneevilchaun's.
    Magus Hansa: Perhaps you remember, Au'Mydas?

    Magus Hansa: Yes. Twice. If I recall correctly.
    Magus Hansa: He's being... contained in Swordhaven now, after constant attempts to escape your more "conventional" jails.
    Magus Hansa: It seems that whoever was in charge of cleaning up after his last arrest missed a small box of golden "Lucky Dust."
    Magus Hansa: I'm sure it was... accidental, leaving a small but incredibly dangerous magical item behind.

    Magus Hansa: I've been working to help the poor creatures affected by the dust but they've all become very agitated.
    Magus Hansa: Perhaps you could... make my job slightly easier by knocking them out?
    Magus Hansa: Be very careful of any Sneevilchauns in the woods as well... If they've got any dust, you might find yourself... slowed.
    Magus Hansa: You can always return here for a cure, though.
    Magus Hansa: The box of... whatever dust is left is in the beginnings of a new golden box fort to the Northeast.
    Magus Hansa: I trust you can recover and dispose of it properly?

  • Cure Me
    Magus Hansa: Yes, of course, please remember to be careful when fighting any Sneevilchaun's you come across.

    Life Finds A Way

    ???: That's enough.
    Magus Hansa: Stand down, guard... Yasimi, is it?

    Magus Hansa: I know. But s/he is here by my personal invitation.

    Magus Hansa: Even as a blind mage... I still seem to see more clearly than you.
    Magus Hansa: You approached a restricted area, brimming with magic. A potential threat. Potential.
    Magus Hansa: Yasimi, this <Class> is no danger to the townspeople, or us. Perhaps s/he can help us clear the surrounding desert of danger?

    Sands of Eternity

    Magus Hansa: What have you done, <Character>?!

    Magus Hansa: Had to? HAD to? The amount of light magic that was just released...
    Magus Hansa: There was a reason why we were being careful inside the pyramid. We needed to secure anything so potentially powerful!

    Magus Hansa: Is that... is that what you really think? Where do you think that magic came from?
    Magus Hansa: All that light magic needed to turn the life force of one hundred enemies into a new life for a dead husk?
    Magus Hansa: I know not what kind of artifact you tampered with, but that magic must have been connected to Sek Duat himself.

    Magus Hansa: I can't believe this. Are you even listening? The magic inside it was his. You just returned it. To Sek Duat!

    Magus Hansa: I can read your trepidation as clear as day. You know where the lich is. We have to stop him.

    Magus Hansa: Are you coming, <Character>? To right your wrongs? Or shall we clean up after your mess, as so many others have done before?

    Magus Hansa: I'm not another pawn for you to extract life from, vampire. The Rose has come to put an end to you.

    Magus Hansa: He must have been unable to draw from his stored magic after being deposed. Which means...
    Magus Hansa: ...he resorted to using this one's life to extend his own. He's stolen years of your friend's life away.

    Magus Hansa: You assume too much. Our mission is to prevent the misuse of magic.
    Magus Hansa: To stop the abuses that monsters like yourself have heaped upon the innocent people of Lore.
    Magus Hansa: I do not kill indiscriminately.

    Magus Hansa: Just another fly to swat.

    Magus Hansa: So, this is your famous dragon.

    Magus Hansa: I can sense that it's a lot like you.

    Magus Hansa: Magus Hansa of The Rose.

    Magus Hansa: I take it the lich was not inaccurate when he mentioned that he saved you from The Rose, then?

    Magus Hansa: I understand.
    Magus Hansa: Would you be... amicable to come with me for more thorough questioning?
    Magus Hansa: I would merely like to learn more information about Sek Duat and his pyramid...
    Magus Hansa: ...so that we may safely contain any remaining dangers within.

    Magus Hansa: Have I imprisoned you, <Character>? Have I turned you in to Lady Jaania?
    Magus Hansa: Even after your... inexcusable blunder here, have I offended you, somehow?
    Magus Hansa: No. Kidnappings and unjust imprisonment are not part of the world that Lady Jaania envisions.
    Magus Hansa: You would do well to remember that.

    Magus Hansa: Unless there's anything else, you're free to go, <Character>. The Rose will stay and secure the area.
    Magus Hansa: We don't need you around to revive another lich.

    Magus Hansa: Watch yourself, <Character>.

    A Petal Falls

    Magus Hansa: <Character>!
    Magus Hansa: When I sent the request for aid to the rebels, I didn't think you'd be the one to show up!

    Magus Hansa: A problem? Goodness, no. To be honest, I didn't expect anything from the request. Even the Rose chain of command hasn't been any help.

    Magus Hansa: Well, you see, that's a bit of a conundrum.
    Magus Hansa: After King Alteon disappeared, tensions in Swordhaven between the Rose and Queen Victoria have been high.
    Magus Hansa: That is to say, our requests for support have been denied by Lady Jaania.

    Magus Hansa: You're telling me. The first wave of elementals that came out of the portal get closer every day.
    Magus Hansa: Our forces assaulting the city of Atrea were forced to retreat.
    Magus Hansa: At this point, the only thing I think we can do is to evac—

    Magus Hansa: It seems I've delayed too long. Quickly, <Character>, we must evacuate whoever we can!

    Magus Hansa: Thank you, <Character>. Without your help, we would not have been able to evacuate in time.

    Magus Hansa: I... We intend to travel to Swordhaven, and seek refuge there. And I intend to confront Jaania.
    Magus Hansa: First she refuses to send aid, and now the Rose is being branded as the cause of this?
    Magus Hansa: I...
    Magus Hansa: I am not pleased.
    Magus Hansa: I will get to the bottom of this.

    Magus Hansa: Thank you for your aid, <Character>.

    Magus Hansa: To you as well.

    Plans Entwined

    ???: YOU!

    Magus Hansa: Don't you dare "Magus" me. I can feel your conflict. I can hear your insecurity.
    Magus Hansa: Why did you refuse our request for aid?

    Magus Hansa: Higher than the homes and livelihoods of the people we swore to protect?

    Magus Hansa: You... you are.
    Magus Hansa: Yet—

    Magus Hansa: An ambitious dream. One I still hold dear. But you are struggling.

    Magus Hansa: ...
    Magus Hansa: I cannot. Perhaps in your new world, when all is done, I may follow your lead once more.
    Magus Hansa: But in the here, in the now, there are people who require my aid. Aid that I am able to provide immediately.
    Magus Hansa: I hereby resign my position from the Rose, if you'll allow me.

    Magus Hansa: Your cause is just, Lady Jaania. But your goal must not take precedence over the safety of the people.
    Magus Hansa: We cannot protect Lore from the evils of magic if there is no one left to protect.
    Magus Hansa: The Magesterium undermines confidence in the Rose, and you have done nothing yet to refute that.
    Magus Hansa: When, and only when you provide these resources, and this security, will I give your proposal some thought.

    The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction

    Magus Hansa: <Character> approaches us, Lady Jaania. Have you come to assist us in the defense of the people of Greenguard?

  • Learn More
    Magus Hansa: You're surprised to see me here, <Character>! I can tell!
    Magus Hansa: Well, with the magnified threat of the rifts, Lady Jaania has asked me to return to lead the Rose's defense of the citizens of Greenguard.

    Magus Hansa: Even if you had not, I could not stand by, idle, while the people of Greenguard suffer.
    Magus Hansa: But <Character>, we could really use your help. The Rose forces are spread thin across Greenguard, holding off the invasion as best they can.
    Magus Hansa: I can personally attest to your prowess in the defense of innocents. The Rose could certainly use your help here.

    Magus Hansa: Lady Jaania.
    Magus Hansa: Your relationship with <Character> may be strained, but you must be respectful.

    Magus Hansa: Worry not, <Character>. You'd be reporting to me, not Jaania, in the coming storm.
    Magus Hansa: Think about it, okay?

    The Greenguard Alliance - Rose Faction

    Magus Hansa: It's Grand Magus Hansa now. I and the people of Greenguard appreciate your aid, <Character>. It will not be forgotten.

  • Swordhaven Camp

    G. M. Hansa: Ah, <Character>. Glad you could join us. As you can see, we are all set to assist the people of Swordhaven.
    G. M. Hansa: Unfortunately, as expected, it appears that a good number of elementals have made it through the Vind defenses...
    G. M. Hansa: ...so it's up to us to ensure the safety of the city.
    G. M. Hansa: Now I...
    G. M. Hansa: <Character>, I sense... unease from you. What is on your mind?

    G. M. Hansa: ...
    G. M. Hansa: It should not be my place to speak of this, but since Jaania herself is unlikely to disclose this to you...
    G. M. Hansa: ...
    G. M. Hansa: Jaania is afraid of her magic, <Character>.
    G. M. Hansa: Not in that she believes she cannot use it at all...
    G. M. Hansa: ...but that should she unleash her full potential, she would lose herself, and do more damage than good.

    G. M. Hansa: That may be part of it. While you were frozen, there was an... incident.
    G. M. Hansa: A disaster, more like.
    G. M. Hansa: That would perhaps be a tale to continue another time, though.
    G. M. Hansa: We have a city to defend!

    G. M. Hansa: Of course, <Character>.

    Daybreak (Rose)

    Hansa: What is going on, <Character>? I sense... an incredible presence.

    Hansa: ...And this one threatens Swordhaven.

    Hansa: Hmm.
    Hansa: This puts us in a difficult situation.
    Hansa: *Gasp*
    Hansa: My Queen!
    Hansa: It's not safe! We are still assessing the threat.

    Hansa: So. We will have to coordinate with the Vind.

    Hansa: Then we will take this thing down, and we will protect Swordhaven and her people.
    Hansa: In the meantime, we need to ensure the safety of the people of Swordhaven first.

    The Spells We Weave

    Magus Hansa: It also did not start retaliating until we attacked first.

    Magus Hansa: As we saw when the ballistae were fired, it simply floated out of reach before retaliating.
    Magus Hansa: If we were to apply a threat to its front, then it will most likely retreat from that threat.

    Magus Hansa: With some of the research The Rose has developed regarding magical creatures–

    Magus Hansa: As well as some... creativity from the Vind, we believe that if we can secure a part or a piece of the Tytan–

    Sunfall: Part 1

    Magus Hansa: Our Energizers are in place to enhance the ballistae. The Rose is prepared.

    Magus Hansa: Unfortunately not. Lady Jaania is still recovering. She has yet to leave her study.

    Sunfall: Part 2

    Magus Hansa: I'm sure it looked impressive.

    Magus Hansa: Magus Neron for The Rose.

    Magus Hansa: The storms have gotten worse, however, and wildfires are starting to become a problem.
    Magus Hansa: The locals have been most cooperative, thanks to Magus Neron's efforts.

    Magus Hansa: Again, no sign of a Tytan yet, but the situation seems less dire compared to Amityvale's.

    Magus Hansa: So far, at least.
    Magus Hansa: We have also struggled to find the foci of the Northlands rift.

    Magus Hansa: And given that it's the Deadlands, that's hardly out of the ordinary as well.

    Magus Hansa: With all due respect, Your Majesty, but you're the queen.
    Magus Hansa: Your place is here, in Swordhaven.

    The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction

    G.M. Hansa: There's no telling what we'll encounter in these ruins. Keep your wits about you, <Character>.

  • Doomwood Camp

    The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction
    (before Ambition's Crossroads)

    G. M. Hansa: There you are, <Character>. I've been looking for a chance to continue our earlier conversation.

    G. M. Hansa: Yes. After Jaania initially recovered from freezing you and Warlic, she began traveling...
    G. M. Hansa: ...and made a name for herself as a hero in your absence.
    G. M. Hansa: However, these minor skirmishes paled in comparison to the rise of Yalla, the Arch-Druid.
    G. M. Hansa: She had awoken from her slumber in the Whispering Steppes, and recruited an army of her kind, of elves, to conquer Greenguard.
    G. M. Hansa: Jaania and her followers came to the defense of the land.
    G. M. Hansa: With Jaania's full might at the forefront, she crushed Yalla's conquest before it grew too widespread.
    G. M. Hansa: However, this was not enough for her.
    G. M. Hansa: She and what was now The Rose pursued the elves back to their hidden homeland, to the Dreamwood.
    G. M. Hansa: In our desire for revenge, we cared not who we struck down, as the elves did not either in their invasion.
    G. M. Hansa: Eventually, Jaania began preparing a mighty spell over the course of weeks.
    G. M. Hansa: One that would have prevented the elves from ever returning to Greenguard.
    G. M. Hansa: A spell that would have annihilated the Dreamwood and all who lived in it.

    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps from your perspective, but the elves were not merciful in their conquests. To Jaania, she was removing a risk.

    G. M. Hansa: She received an envoy from the elves, led by one Kara SuLema.
    G. M. Hansa: The very same Kara who now leads the Vind. Although at the time, she was simply an elf among many.
    G. M. Hansa: Kara and Jaania spoke privately for some time, at the end of which, Jaania ordered a retreat from the Dreamwood.

    G. M. Hansa: It seems that way. Their discussions had a major impact on Jaania.
    G. M. Hansa: Ever since, however, she has been adverse to using her most powerful magic, for fear of the consequences.

    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps. Or she used some other means to twist Jaania's will.
    G. M. Hansa: Regardless, that is why Jaania is afraid to use her full potential.
    G. M. Hansa: She came close to annihilating an entire culture, and while it may have seemed logical at the time...
    G. M. Hansa: ...she failed to consider the consequences.

    G. M. Hansa: <Character>, magic changes the world. Whatever purpose the magic is used for, change is effected.
    G. M. Hansa: Jaania has a need to know the effects of her actions.

    G. M. Hansa: On a lighter note, these ruins are certainly interesting, aren't they?

    G. M. Hansa: They seem similar to many of the other ruins that dot the Whispering Steppes, as well as a certain other location...
    G. M. Hansa: I'll have to do more research, but the similarities to the Ruins of Hawkscry are undeniable.

    G. M. Hansa: I'll tell you about them another time.
    G. M. Hansa: We have a rift focus to find for now!

    A Storm in the Night

    G. M. Hansa: Oh, do go on. This is quite the show.

    G. M. Hansa: I'm certainly agreeable to this plan. Even with Lady Jaania's current state, the Magi have always been afforded significant independence.
    G. M. Hansa: The Rose will be in good hands, even with my absence.

    If you joined the Rose Faction:
    G. M. Hansa: You and me, heading out together toward a continental threat.
    G. M. Hansa: Just like old times.

    G. M. Hansa: Ha! I look forward to our travels.

    G. M. Hansa: The magical presence here is certainly intimidating. Such places are sacred to the tribes of the Steppes.
    G. M. Hansa: They would not have abandoned the ruins lightly. We must take care.

    G. M. Hansa: Very well. I would like to explore the outside of these ruins a bit more, if you don't mind.

    A Shocking Discovery

    G. M. Hansa: I agree with Kara here. We have alternatives, and we'll accomplish our mission regardless.

    Ambition's Crossroads

    G. M. Hansa: Seems like they surrounded us in the night. Is everyone... wait–

    G. M. Hansa: And where is our guest, Prince Eulin?

    G. M. Hansa: Agreed. Thursday, head back to camp and start organizing a search party.

    The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction
    (after Ambition's Crossroads, before Grinding Gears)

    G. M. Hansa: It's important to take breaks, <Character>. I can tell how worried you are.

    G. M. Hansa: No sign yet in the forest. So that narrows things down to the ruins. And as you know, those present their own challenges.
    G. M. Hansa: But we're not giving up, and I know you aren't either.
    G. M. Hansa: I've sent word back to Swordhaven about what happened, but in the meantime, let's get back to the search. After you rest up.
    G. M. Hansa: Don't worry, we will find them.

    G. M. Hansa: The Rose is here to protect the people of Greenguard. And I won't abandon our allies.

    Grinding Gears

    G. M. Hansa: I can sense it as well. It's almost blinding.

    G. M. Hansa: Raven, report.

    G. M. Hansa: Thank you, Raven. Well done, all of you.

    G. M. Hansa: I think it's pretty clear. We secure the portal before the lagohm can strike.

    The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction
    (after Grinding Gears)

    G. M. Hansa: Hello, <Character>. Are you ready to take this fight to the rift?

    G. M. Hansa: Hope is a wonderful thing, but reality is often different.
    G. M. Hansa: I worry for our guest, the Prince. It is never easy to oppose one's own people. Or one's own family.
    G. M. Hansa: And yet, I admire him, too. The amount of determinination I feel from him eclipses most in The Rose.
    G. M. Hansa: If he were given the means to pursue his dreams, well, I'm glad he's on our side.

    G. M. Hansa: Anytime, <Character>.

    Direct Current

    G. M. Hansa: The amount of energy elemental power is overwhelming. It's all so blurry...

    G. M. Hansa: The Golden Hand aren't wrong. Now that I know what I'm looking for...

    G. M. Hansa: I believe we're safe for now.

    The Spark of the Soul

    G. M. Hansa: What are their defenses like? They surely must be expecting us.

    G. M. Hansa: You don't have to sound so proud of the enemy, Eulin.

    G. M. Hansa: *cough* Regarding our plan of attack, then.
    G. M. Hansa: I believe a frontal assault would be the best plan of action.
    G. M. Hansa: With <Character> and <Dragon> leading the charge, we shouldn't run into anything we can't handle.

    G. M. Hansa: Unfortunately, this isn't about your Lagohm politics. The rift is the issue at hand.

    Broken Circuit (Part 1)

    G. M. Hansa: But your father is likely already aware of your defeat, is he not?

    G. M. Hansa: What are your plans then, Prince Eulin? Assuming we can gain control of the rift, there won't exactly be room for diplomacy once the way is blocked.

    G. M. Hansa: Hold on to that idealism, Prince. It may not always be the answer, but we should always strive to be better.

    G. M. Hansa: Knock yourself out. <Character> and <Dragon> have this.

    G. M. Hansa: Their magic, it's as if part of it was just... no... no, this doesn't make any sense!

    Broken Circuit (Part 2)

    G. M. Hansa: Explain.

    G. M. Hansa: If something has happened to the Magesterium, then it affects all of us.

    G. M. Hansa: World-ending threats don't care about that.
    G. M. Hansa: If the Magesterium can no longer close these rifts, then it affects all of Lore.

    G. M. Hansa: Something happened to your magical presence before you both passed out.
    G. M. Hansa: It remains diminished. Could that have to do with what you're describing?

    G. M. Hansa: He still lives, although you've recovered much quicker, it seems.

    G. M. Hansa: So this poses some problems for closing the rifts.

    G. M. Hansa: The best I can tell, he's extremely exhausted. Perhaps the Magus of this area, Neron, could help.

    G. M. Hansa: You did neglect to inform him you both were running off to join <Character>.

    G. M. Hansa: Worry not. I sent him a message after you two arrived. He was very understanding.

    G. M. Hansa: Well, if you're volunteering...

    Of Duty and Dragons

    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps we can organize something with the wandering tribes after this is all over.
    G. M. Hansa: But we have more pressing matters at present.

    G. M. Hansa: Until next time.

    G. M. Hansa: I'm impressed with your work here, Neron.
    G. M. Hansa: Despite the overwhelming odds...
    G. M. Hansa: ... you have managed to maintain this small foothold in the face of the onslaught of the surrounding... magic.

    G. M. Hansa: Just as the most beautiful insect may have a deadly sting, the beauty of magic can be deceiving.
    G. M. Hansa: My own fears and hatred have been challenged again and again, but such seeds are deep-rooted.

    G. M. Hansa: ...Perhaps.

    G. M. Hansa: Hmm...

    G. M. Hansa: The Rose has little to no presence in the Northlands, after being pushed back by the Dragonslayers.
    G. M. Hansa: That could complicate things for this corner of the Alliance.

    G. M. Hansa: Thank you, Your Majesty.

    The Awakened Depths - Rose Faction

    G. M. Hansa: <Character>. It's a relief to see you well.

    G. M. Hansa: This... land... is suffused with magic. To you, perhaps, it looks the same as anywhere else.
    G. M. Hansa: But for me, I cannot take a step without being blinded by the sheer amount of mana.
    G. M. Hansa: It's stifling.
    G. M. Hansa: The DragonLords have made their displeasure with The Rose presence quite clear, as well.
    G. M. Hansa: So yes, a familiar soul is most welcome.

    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps... perhaps some familiar conversation.
    G. M. Hansa: I believe I promised to tell you about the Ruins of Hawkscry?

    G. M. Hansa: Few people have these days. The Hawkscry Academy is long lost to legend and whispers.
    G. M. Hansa: Most mages in Greenguard over the past couple thousand years are either self-taught, or trained as apprentices.
    G. M. Hansa: But this was not always the case.
    G. M. Hansa: There existed, south past Kaer Sierra, a school for mages. The Hawkscry Academy.
    G. M. Hansa: Well, I call it a school, but from what we, that is, The Rose, has learned, it was more akin to a city, larger even than Swordhaven.

    G. M. Hansa: Have you ever wondered how the Fissure came to be? The Rose certainly has.
    G. M. Hansa: From examinations of what little records remain, we can only assume that something devastating happened to Hawkscry Academy.
    G. M. Hansa: Something so devastating, that it created the fissure...
    G. M. Hansa: ...and erased most traces of the Academy off of Lore, apart from the few remaining ruins.

    G. M. Hansa: Certainly. And we have found many myths and legends from that time that correspond with such a calamity.

    G. M. Hansa: As a result of the presumed disaster, most of Greenguard's magical knowledge was lost and forgotten.
    G. M. Hansa: Minds such as Jaania's are exceedingly rare. Even rarer for one to receive proper tutelage in this region.
    G. M. Hansa: Untrained mages have a tendency to... overestimate their abilities, to unfortunate effect.
    G. M. Hansa: And if our theories about the Ruins of Hawkscry are true, even the most trained mages can overstep their limits.

    G. M. Hansa: Jaania truly is the most brilliant contemporary researcher of magic in all of Greenguard.
    G. M. Hansa: She is at the forefront of the field, and she has the tenacity to see her goals through. I have full trust in her capacity as a mage.
    G. M. Hansa: It's just a shame that her obsession with her goals...

    G. M. Hansa: That is a very blunt way of putting it. But truthful in part.
    G. M. Hansa: Here and now, given the so very warm reception I have received from the DragonLords...
    G. M. Hansa: It is easy to dismiss the rumblings of a resistance as troublemakers, or unfortunate inevitabilities.
    G. M. Hansa: The actions of The Rose have their effects on people. Ordinary people. And not always for the better.

    G. M. Hansa: ...
    G. M. Hansa: ...Thank you for your company, <Character>. I apologize, but I would ask for some time with my thoughts.

    Speaker and Slayer

    G. M. Hansa: So it isn't the massive dragon that resides below, then?

    G. M. Hansa: Odd.

    G. M. Hansa: I see the world through magic. It was obvious to me the moment we arrived.
    G. M. Hansa: An ancient, powerful, and gargantuan being, curled beneath the mountain.
    G. M. Hansa: That is the true nature of your "Great One", is it not?

    G. M. Hansa: I appreciate your forthrightness, Inspector Doyle. I shall try to keep that promise. However, I must inform Lady Jaania of this information.
    G. M. Hansa: I shall pass on your counsel and warning as well.

    G. M. Hansa: Indeed. I would assess for myself what threat it may pose.

    G. M. Hansa: Indeed we are.

    G. M. Hansa: Did you know it was a dragon?

    The Descent

    G. M. Hansa: The magic here is stifling. You'd think I wouldn't need the light of the torch, but it provides a beacon for me, at least.

    G. M. Hansa: Yep.

    The Great One

    G. M. Hansa: It seems The Great One described the creation of the Avatars and the Great dragons as well.
    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps it is a bit selfish of us humans to imagine that we now hold the fate of Lore in our hands.
    G. M. Hansa: This world was not made for us. We just made it ours...

    Reasons to Fight

    If you joined the Rose Faction:
    G. M. Hansa: Hold on, <Character>. Before we head in, I have a question I would like to ask you.

    G. M. Hansa: What... drives you?
    G. M. Hansa: What compels you to try to save the world, over and over again, against impossible odds?

    G. M. Hansa: No, I'm sorry, perhaps that is too personal of a question. I apologize, <Character>.

    G. M. Hansa: Many... many things. In particular, something The Great One spoke to me about.
    G. M. Hansa: In my head. While you and <Dragon> were in the Gauntlet.

    G. M. Hansa: The Rose... we've done a lot of good for Greenguard.
    G. M. Hansa: Yet to deny that there has also been irreparable harm done would make me truly blind.
    G. M. Hansa: But... until recently, I would have denied such truths with immense fervor.
    G. M. Hansa: I chose to ignore the rumors. I chose to dismiss the evidence.
    G. M. Hansa: I was chasing a dream through a tunnel. A dream... that I still yearn for.
    G. M. Hansa: And yet, am I doomed to follow in the footsteps of my betters? To trust that their dreams are mine?

    G. M. Hansa: Lady Jaania, yes, but in truth, you, as well.
    G. M. Hansa: You may not see yourself as such, or, perhaps you do, but you attract those who are hungry for power.
    G. M. Hansa: You, like Jaania, are a beacon for those who want their own dreams fulfilled.

    G. M. Hansa: I asked you, just now, what compels you to keep going.
    G. M. Hansa: Whatever that may be, don't forget that it is not the only thing that matters.

    G. M. Hansa: Ah, I apologize. Thank you for listening. I have much for myself to figure out as well.
    G. M. Hansa: But that can wait. Let us not keep the rest of the Alliance waiting.

    Into the Unknown

    G. M. Hansa: ...

    G. M. Hansa: What are you getting at, elf?

    G. M. Hansa: ...
    G. M. Hansa: I apologize. Your... assertions are correct.

    G. M. Hansa: So it does.

    In Search of Slayers

    G. M. Hansa: If I may, I don't think it will be so—

    G. M. Hansa: ...Suit yourself.

    G. M. Hansa: ...It's probably nothing.

    G. M. Hansa: ...
    G. M. Hansa: Despite everything, as my world comes crashing down around me...
    G. M. Hansa: I fall back on spite. On familiar, thorny conflict.
    G. M. Hansa: You have only been welcoming. I should not hold you to account for Lestrad's words.

    G. M. Hansa: This fungus... It goes deep. Deeper than I can see, under the water, and farther below.
    G. M. Hansa: Whatever it is, it's alien to me. I cannot determine its nature. But I do know we're only, literally, scratching the surface.
    G. M. Hansa: So we should be prepared for anything.

    G. M. Hansa: It's... a terrifying possibility.

    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps an effect of the spores? Are there any other survivors?

    G. M. Hansa: Ah. Is your private business concluded, then?

    Roots of Change

    G. M. Hansa: This had to have been intentional. Whatever's below us knows we're here.

    G. M. Hansa: Perhaps whatever is below thinks of us as a major threat, then.

    G. M. Hansa: The main mass of the fungus seems to be below the city. Below the ice.

    G. M. Hansa: I recall being told that advice was not needed from the likes of me.

    The Way Forward

    G. M. Hansa: We should keep moving. I'm getting a bad feeling about the fungus.

    G. M. Hansa: It's still all a blur. Like searching for a beetle in a pile of seeds. I see movement, then I lose it.

    G. M. Hansa: R-right. Kara, do you mind keeping an eye on me?
    G. M. Hansa: If this trend continues, the further into the city we go, the more my vision will be obscured.

    G. M. Hansa: I'm blind.

    G. M. Hansa: More so than usual, I mean.
    G. M. Hansa: With the density of the spores, and the sheer amount of fungus everywhere, it's all a mess of spots and shapes.

    G. M. Hansa: Quiet. If I can just focus... on the main stalk... follow it down...
    G. M. Hansa: There's so much movement for just fungus... Ugh.
    G. M. Hansa: It's too far. Too obscured. Maybe if we descended further I could get a clearer view.

    G. M. Hansa: I must try.
    G. M. Hansa: If we can get some dragons here to help clear the air, or somehow shock the fungal system to pause for a moment... I'm sorry.

    Through the Tangle

    G. M. Hansa: There are definitely fungal... structures... of Nature and Darkness.
    G. M. Hansa: It's like a massive interconnected web, with so many strands that layer over each other and obscure my vision.

    G. M. Hansa: Whatever it is only gets denser below. To use a metaphor, we've gotten through the hair, and we're now at the skin.
    G. M. Hansa: We can either try to create our own way inside, or perhaps find a natural orifice.

    The Deep Dark

    G. M. Hansa: With this Magesterium probe, we've mapped out the immediate area and determined the relative thickness of the fungal growth.
    G. M. Hansa: There is a large crack in the carapace down toward the east, away from the main stalk.

    G. M. Hansa: Movement. There's... movement...
    G. M. Hansa: By the Avatars, I knew it was massive but just how large is this thing...?

    Into the Abyss

    G. M. Hansa: Then we have to act fast.

    G. M. Hansa: The Tytan has... uncoiled as it rose up. There is...
    G. M. Hansa: There is much Darkness deeper within...
    G. M. Hansa: Similar to the nodes we destroyed to awaken the creature.
    G. M. Hansa: There is a node larger than the others- the core of the Tytan, perhaps?

    G. M. Hansa: It's the biggest source of magical energy around. I imagine it is as obvious to you as it is me.

    Fate's Flow (Part 1)

    If you joined the Rose faction:
    G. M. Hansa: Of course I am. If you have any doubts, you're welcome to wander off on your own, Captain.

    G. M. Hansa: Whose idea was it to have this volatile mix of factions in one team, again?

    G. M. Hansa: ...You can't just be saying things like that to someone who's blind, <Character>.

    G. M. Hansa: Of course.

    G. M. Hansa: Let's keep going. We're almost there..

    G. M. Hansa: I'll be sure to let everyone know the safest way out I can see.

    G. M. Hansa: Well, it's infused through the Tytan. We definitely got rid of any nodes I can see...

    Fate's Flow (Part 2)

    G. M. Hansa: ...There are so many sparks of Nature and Darkness flowing through the Tytan now. I suppose...
    G. M. Hansa: I... suppose it's less dense that way?

    G. M. Hansa: I said it was the least magically dense direction.
    G. M. Hansa: Also known as the safest and most straightforward path to relative safety.

    G. M. Hansa: ...I do not suggest going back the way we came.

    G. M. Hansa: Was that...?

    G. M. Hansa: Yes. We should get away from the Tytan as quickly as possible. But...
    G. M. Hansa: I don't understand... How is it still overflowing with magic...?

    Twin Tides

    G. M. Hansa: Trust me. No one's asking you to join us.

    G. M. Hansa: From the flow of mana...

    G. M. Hansa: Yes. That would make sense.

    G. M. Hansa: What if you diverted power from your suits?

    G. M. Hansa: From what I can tell, your suits and helmets are drawing from your reserves, aren't they?

    G. M. Hansa: I, for one, am exhausted. And I doubtless imagine The Golden Hand feel the same.

    Awakened Depths: Epilogue (All Versions)
      If you joined the Rose Faction:
      G. M. Hansa: Oh. There you are, <Character>.

      G. M. Hansa: Well enough, I suppose. All of this excitement is a little overwhelming.

      G. M. Hansa: Yes, well, it seemed like I should make an attempt.

      G. M. Hansa: This has been a rather... lonely adventure. Kara and yourself have done your best to make me feel welcome, but...

      G. M. Hansa: Indeed.
      G. M. Hansa: I'm not a part of their world, their joy.

      G. M. Hansa: ...Do you think so?
      G. M. Hansa: Hmm.
      G. M. Hansa: In truth, it's not only the party that I have concerns about.
      G. M. Hansa: At the risk of bringing down the atmosphere, I worry about what comes after.

      G. M. Hansa: I mean regarding the Alliance.
      G. M. Hansa: Lady Jaania convinced me to rejoin The Rose for the defense of Greenguard.
      G. M. Hansa: I thought her actions in defense of Swordhaven showed a change in her philosophy.
      G. M. Hansa: But here we are. I've already promised Rose aid in rebuilding Dragesvard. I have the authority to offer it, after all.

      G. M. Hansa: No. But will she even give it a passing glance before approval, I wonder?
      G. M. Hansa: I don't know what comes next for me.

      G. M. Hansa: After we figure out a way to close the Rift in the Deadlands.
      G. M. Hansa: After the Alliance.

      G. M. Hansa: ...
      G. M. Hansa: I'm just a half-broken mage, <Character>. But I appreciate your flattery.
      G. M. Hansa: Bah. Enough self-pity!
      G. M. Hansa: I've noticed some of the Dragesvard locals do a rather interesting traditional dance.
      G. M. Hansa: Perhaps I shall try to join them.

      G. M. Hansa: You think so?

      G. M. Hansa: Maybe I'll try that too!
    G. M. Hansa: The Rose, too, will provide what resources it can.
    G. M. Hansa: I'll need to get things approved by Lady Jaania and the Queen, but that shouldn't be a problem.

    G. M. Hansa: ...We really must be going. Queen Victoria will no doubt be eager to hear of our success.

    Fallen Facade

    G. M. Hansa: And whose fault is that?

    G. M. Hansa: Wouldn't have to if a certain Magesterium never opened a rift in the first place.

    G. M. Hansa: ...
    G. M. Hansa: Halt! This is Grand Magus Hansa of The Rose! You are firing upon allies!

    G. M. Hansa: They are... They're Jaania's elite huntresses.
    G. M. Hansa: Though why they are attacking us without warning, I cannot say.

    G. M. Hansa: ...Final chance! If you will not speak, then we must assume you are foes.

    G. M. Hansa: Obviously not. Something must have happened while we were away.

    G. M. Hansa: She commands them.

    G. M. Hansa: I— no, we will find out.

    Chasing Answers

    G. M. Hansa: Oh?

    G. M. Hansa: You shall have it. I am no longer beholden to Jaania's twisted dreams.

    Other information
  • Magus Hansa previously appeared in the retired quests Life Finds A Way and Sands of Eternity; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Magus Hansa's dialogue in Rose Fort, Life Finds A Way, and Sands of Eternity was reworked on April 24th, 2020; any retired Rose Fort content has been archived here; more information can be found in the April 24th, 2020 Design Notes.

    Greenguard Alliance Appearance

    Thanks to Jay for images, additional dialogue, other information, and corrections.

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