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Rose Fort

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2/8/2013 23:02:36   

Rose Fort

Location: Rosewood -> 3 Up -> Right
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: February 9th, 2013

Objective: The Rose is building up a huge presence in Surewould...
Objective Completed: N/A

(11) ManaHunter (1)
(4) ManaHunter (2)

Magus Hansa


Access to RoseFort Gold and RoseFort DC

Magus Hansa: Yes?

  • Um, I'm new here...
    Magus Hansa: The strength of the Rose grows then. I can hear the power in your voice, <Class>.
    Magus Hansa: Even without the power of sight, I can still sense how one has focused the magic they were cursed with.
    Magus Hansa: Whether it's through sheer strength, fire, darkness...
    Magus Hansa: I also sense... hesitation from you. You're not fully convinced of our message are you?
    • Of course I am!
      Magus Hansa: You can't hide your true feelings.
      The conversation continues as if you've chosen the "Not really..." option.
    • Not really...
      Magus Hansa: Our goal is simple, though achieving it may, in the end, be the most risky thing any of the Rose magi have ever done.
      Magus Hansa: If we succeed, then magic will never again plague the residents of Lore. Their homes will be safe from dragon attacks.
      Magus Hansa: Their loved ones will never rise from the dead to attack. Or be stolen away for a sacrifice.
      Magus Hansa: Their sight will never be stolen by an errant spell.

      • But...
        Magus Hansa: Yes, my friend, I know that there will still be dangers out in the world.
        Magus Hansa: Magic has a much greater potential to wreak havoc among masses of people, though.
        Magus Hansa: Magic has almost destroyed the world itself several times over.

        • What's the plan?
          Magus Hansa: Ah, you're new here, <Class>. I really don't share all our secrets...
          Magus Hansa: I hope the more that you read, the more people you talk to outside of your town....
          Magus Hansa: That if you see the good the Rose has accomplished in keeping towns safe from Necromancers and insane mages...
          Magus Hansa: If you think about all the harm that magic has done to your friends... to those you've tried to save and failed.
          Magus Hansa: That you'll come to our way of thinking in time... <Character>.
          Magus Hansa: Now please, try not to harm too many of our recruits on your way out. Most of the ones here are new to the cause.

  • Done


    "The Nature of Magic" - can be found on the chair in the room Magus Hansa stands in.
    - Magic on Lore
    - Drawing from Ley Lines
    - Nexuses as Portals
    - Focus Stones

  • Magic on Lore
    Magic on Lore is contained in ley lines, which run across and through the planet like haphazardly-placed latitude and longitude lines. Where these ley lines intersect, there are nexuses of magic which act as reservoirs. There are two central ley lines: the Verix, running North-South, and the Horix, running East-West. To perform feats of magic, a mage must draw on the magic contained in one of Lore's ley lines or nexuses.

  • Drawing from Ley Lines
    The largest nexuses is the core of the planet; it contains the most pure magic available, and is centered where the Verix overlaps the Horix. There is no single mage strong enough to tap into this nexus, though it is rumored the Blue Mage or the Mad Weaponsmith have not revealed the full extent of their power, and they will neither confirm or deny their ability to utilize the central nexus. Normal nexuses and ley lines can be tapped into and drawn from safely, in controlled amounts.

    As yet, no regular mage has been known to draw directly from the Core. Doing so would be like tapping a person's heart to draw blood: the pressure of the flow of blood/magic escaping would be overwhelming.

    The magician would be flooded with pure magic, overcome in a deluge of power which would burn through their physical, mental, and magical veins. Their stores of mana - magical will and stamina - would be destroyed. They would be "burnt out" and lose the ability to perform magic... and their lives.

    Severing another mage's connection to the ley lines IS possible, but dangerous. The potential for lashback - which would negatively affect the severing mage - is enormous. Most choose not to risk it.

  • Nexuses as Portals
    Nexuses, formed where two or more ley lines cross, do not only act as reservoirs of magic on Lore; they can also be portals to the para-elemental plane of magic. On rare occasions, mages can directly transport themselves to the plane through the manipulation of these portals.

    You may have encountered one of these portals in Lore already. Legend has it that if a magus looks inside themself and follows the pull of a focus stone, they will be led towards the nearest nexus. In that respect, it is both focus stone and lodestone.

    While ley lines are fine for everyday magical needs, if the spell you are attempting requires massive amounts of magic, it would be wise to situate yourself near a nexus. The availability of extra power could mean the difference between life and death. IF you're strong enough to channel it all!

  • Focus stones, a Primer
    Each mage on Lore has the ability to utilize a focus, usually made of a rare stone. These stones can allow the mage to hook into the ley lines and nexuses of magic which transverse the planet, and can guide them to the lines and reservoirs of magic across the world.

    With practice and a stone for which they feel an affinity, a mage may also use the focus stone to enhance, to boost, their power. The crystalline structure of many stones allows it to hold the focused power mages channel through them.

    As an example, think of a small tendril of a mage's power being funneled into a gemstone. That small jot of power bounces off the facets inside of the stone, gaining energy as it rebounds off the planes. That extra energy boosts power, increasing the strength of the magical working.

    With the proper focus and will, a mage may find their strength greatly enhanced, the power of their spells increased manyfold. Of course, that is for normal mages. With the... unique... magic found in the Blue Mage or the Mad Weaponsmith, who knows? These two rare mages have not allowed a proper study of themselves to be made.

  • This quest has no Quest Completion point, the entrance is the only exit.
  • Talk with Magus Hansa to unlock Cinquefoil's next quest, Life Finds A Way.

    Thanks to
    -- Voodoo Master for correction.
    -- Peachii for spoiler info.

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