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Life Finds A Way

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3/30/2013 3:51:17   
Voodoo Master

Life Finds A Way

Location: Surewould Forest (Book 3) -> 2 Right -> Cinquefoil -> Quests -> Life Finds A Way
Level/Quest/Items required: Read the diary in Rose Tree, Talk with Magus Hansa in Rose Fort
Release Date: March 29th, 2013

Objective: Dive into the desert and try to find Sek Duat!
Objective completed: Well, you found what is... left of him.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Desert Thug
(9) Sand Elf Mummy
(4) Scar Scarab

Magus Hansa
Sek-Duat XV

Toxic Cursed Scimitar
Virulent Cursed Scimitar
Deadly Cursed Scimitar
Venomous Cursed Scimitar
Scourged Cursed Scimitar
Consuming Cursed Scimitar

Toxic Cursed Pharoh Staff
Virulent Cursed Pharoh Staff
Deadly Cursed Staff
Venomous Cursed Pharoh Staff
Scourged Cursed Pharoh Staff
Consuming Cursed Pharoh Staff

Toxic Cursed Serpent Claw
Virulent Cursed Serpent Claw
Deadly Cursed Serpent Claw
Venomous Cursed Serpent Claw
Scouraged Cursed Serpent Claw
Consuming Cursed Serpent Claw

Access to Cursed Shop.

Cinquefoil: <Character>, I have need of your help once again. Hansa is taking a contingent of Soldiers to the Sandsea...

  • More Information
    Cinquefoil: ...apperantly, trouble has arisen in their search for Sek Duat.
    <Character>: Sek Duat? I thought once the power of the Light Orb was out of his hands he would be easily defeated.
    Cinquefoil: Well... even without the Light Orb, you did leave him with a vast army.
    <Character>: I...
    Cinquefoil: You had other Orbs to find. Other enemies to fight. I know, <Character>.
    Cinquefoil: Your involvement in the Sandsea, taking the Orb, did help with the revolution there though.
    Cinquefoil: The Rose joined with the rebels and, together, they overthrew Sek Duat. He was never found though. Never brought to justice.
    Cinquefoil: The people of the Sandsea have been searching for him but, they've apperantly uncovered a new source of trouble.
    Cinquefoil: I wasn't chosen to go... so you'll have to follow Hansa there.
    <Character>: The Rose is... welcome there?
    Cinquefoil: The Rose is welcome in many places.
    Cinquefoil: After being engulfed in darkness, elemental overloads, being sacrificed to extend the life a Light Lich... are you really that surprised?
    Cinquefoil: For all the good that can be accomplished with magic... all the beauty it creates... a lot of Lore has only seen the brunt of the evil it can do.
    <Character>: You're arguing for the Rose? While infiltrating it?
    Cinquefoil: It's a more complex issue then that. I think you know that.
    <Character>: I know I've seen cruelty and ignorance.
    Cinquefoil: How nice would you be when you might get bashed over the head at any moment?
    Cinquefoil: My... my king supports this movement. I want to understand why... aster all I've experienced here... all I know about the good magic can do....
    Cinquefoil: You have to go to the Sandsea, see what's going there.
    Cinquefoil: If you can, maybe you could finish what you started eith taking the Light Orb and do what even the Rose has failed to there. Find Sek Duat.

  • Quest!

    *The character arrives at the Sandsea. There are many Rose members everywhere. The character notices Sek Duat's former palace, which was repainted, and starts running towards it. An unfamiliar Rose guard blocks his/her way.*

    Yasimi: Halt! I'm sorry, but no one is allowed into the Pyramid right now. It's too dangerous.
    <Character>: Dangerous? Isn't Sek Duat gone?
    Yasimi: Yes, but he's left behind... special "gifts" for those that overthrew him.
    Yasimi: There are countless traps, not to mention that our search for that tyrant has unearthed... some of his early victims.
    Yasimi: The danger is just too great to allow anyone to wander far from town or inside his trap-filled fortress.
    <Character>: Early victims... you mean....
    Yasimi: Undead.
    <Character> *thinks*: Is it really that dangerous... or are they trying to keep everyone where they can watch them....
    <Character>: Undead don't faze me. I have plenty of fighting experience.

    *Yasimi scowls*

    Yasimi: The town is safe place, free from magic.

    *Yasimi walks closer to the character*

    Yasimi: Even magic users who wander in know better than to cause trouble... unless they don't know what's good for them.

    *Yasimi gets even closer*

    <Character>: Are you threatening me?

    *Yasimi is going to attack the character when suddenly Magus Hansa enters the scene from behind the character*

    Magus Hansa: Stand down, guard... Yasimi, is it?
    Yasimi: This <Class> isn't with us, Magus.
    Magus Hansa: I know. There are still some who don't believe our message.
    <Character>: Your message is wrong.
    Magus Hansa: Even as a blind mage... I still seem to see more clearly than you.
    Magus Hansa: Yasimi, this <Class> is no danger to the townspeople. They may even be of help clearing the dangers of the surrounding area.
    Magus Hansa: Perhaps it might help them see better.

    *Yasimi scowls again*

    <Character>: .....................
    <Character>: Maybe I should go....
    <Character> *thinks*: I need to find Sek Duat and figure out what the Rose wants to do with him... I'd rather not face him as the Roses' pet....

    Fight monsters and thugs in the desert until you find an ancient and destroyed Guardian tower. Inside it you find many more Mummy Sand Elves, and, at its top, Sek Duat himself, sitting on a throne.

    *The character approaches Sek, when suddenly, his two hands fall apart*

    <Character>: ...

    *A trap door opens in the floor. The characters falls into a very very deep pit...*


    *The character is in a dark underground room, full with garbage. The real Sek Duat is there, sitting on a wooden chair. He looks horrible - his clothes are torn, his mask is broken and he's very dirty*

    Sek-Duat XV: I've been expecting you, <Character>.

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop
    Opens Cursed Shop.

    Gather one of the ingredients required for The Plaguenog:

    "You found a sprig of Fearmint!"

    Next Up: Face of Death

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