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Sek-Duat XV

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2/22/2008 19:52:41   

Sek-Duat XV

Location: The Sandsea, The Sandwitch, The Traitor, Zhowdown!, Sek-Duat Lives Again, Life Finds A Way, Face of Death, Sands of Eternity

Quests given
The Sandwitch
The Traitor

Shops owned

The Sandsea

Sek-Duat XV: Greetings <Character>. Welcome to my palace.

  • Quests
    Sek-Duat XV: I have many tasks for a <Class> like you. Please me, and you will be rewarded.

  • Talk
    Sek-Duat XV: As you know I am the Sun King, King of the Sands, the Celestian and Masterful Emperor Sek-Duat XV.
    Sek-Duat XV: I am the Fifteenth Sek-Duat... the Fifteenth true ruler of the Sandsea. You may call me 'Highness' or 'Emperor' if you like.
    Sek-Duat XV: It is a rare honor for you, to be invited into my resence. Very few people have ever had this honor.
    Sek-Duat XV: Even King Alteon the Balanced, so-called ruler of the green lands has never been asked into my presence.
    Sek-Duat XV: You will only speak when I require it, and when you ARE commanded to speak you will keep a civil tone.
    Sek-Duat XV: Your work with the ranger Zhoom has not gone unseen. You have considerable skills...
    Sek-Duat XV: ... You have even defeated the mummified dragon in my family's tomb. Now my fathers can rest.
    Sek-Duat XV: The Mighty and Glorious Sek-Duat the First, the first and greatest of my line, can enjoy his eternal rest.
    Sek-Duat XV: Zhoom is a great ranger. He has become famous for being able to find people who are hard to find. But he is a specialist.
    Sek-Duat XV: I have need of someone like you, with more wide-ranging skills. Someone who can overcome unforseen challanges and think fast.
    Sek-Duat XV: If you think fast enough... perhaps you can leave The Sandsea with twice as uch treasure... your share and Zhoom's.

    The Sandwitch

    Sek-Duat XV: The people of The Sandsea have grown... discontent.
    Sek-Duat XV: They plot and scheme against me... but they are not to blame. They are like children.
    Sek-Duat XV: When a parent makes a strict rule to keep the children safe, the children are expected to throw fits. They know no better.
    Sek-Duat XV: But when they break these rules made to keep them safe, they must be...punished. They must learn their place if I am to keep them safe.
    Sek-Duat XV: If The Sandsea were a less dangerous place, then I would have no reason to keep such strict rules.
    Sek-Duat XV: Therefore, I command you to eliminate one of the greatest threats to my people: The Sandwitch.
    Sek-Duat XV: That old crone was cast out of the yaga sisterhood in Doomwood for being TOO CRUEL!
    Sek-Duat XV: Her sisters left her to die in the desert but the hatred in her heart has kept her alive all these years. The people fear her.
    Sek-Duat XV: They have good cause to fear her. She summons people to her cave in the middle of the night and they are never seen again.
    Sek-Duat XV: If you were to eliminate the Sandwitch, and the people had less to fear, perhaps they would have less reason to rebel.
    Sek-Duat XV: Go now, and do not return until the outcast has been taken care of, and my people are safe.

    The Traitor

    Sek-Duat XV: You have pleased me greatly, <Character>.
    Sek-Duat XV: Tell me, how did you dispose of the Sandwitch? Not even my elite guards could end her miserable life.
    Sek-Duat XV: No, I've changed my mind. All that matters is your ability to get the job done. I remain impressed with your skills.
    Sek-Duat XV: Now I have another task for you, while Zhoom is hunting down the last of the rebels. One of their number has decided to betray his fellows.
    Sek-Duat XV: I want you to go and meet this turncoat. If he is honest about his desire to serve his me, then escort him here. If it is a trap...
    Sek-Duat XV: ...Well you are more than capable of dealing with anything the rebels might have conducted.
    Sek-Duat XV: Here is the map to the meeting location.

    Sek-Duat XV: Either way bring him to me or dispose of him. Either way, I expect to return with good news <Character>. Do not disappoint me.


    Sek-Duat XV: Welcome back, <Character>. I see you did not bring the traitor back to me. I will assume that it was a rebel trap.
    Sek-Duat XV: I have one final assignment for you, and when you return I will shower you with riches beyond your wildest dreams.
    Sek-Duat XV: I have reason to believe Zhoom is working with the resistance against me. This will not stand.
    Sek-Duat XV: I think he has been capturing these rebels just to get close to me. No one is that good of a tracker.
    Sek-Duat XV: When I discovered his betrayal I sent the key to the prisons to the Lizardmen's Ziggurat to the West. It is hidden there.
    Sek-Duat XV: Zhoom will eventually show up there. If he wants to set his rebel friends free then he will need that key.
    Sek-Duat XV: I command you to go to the Lizardmen's Ziggurat and stop him by any means necessary.
    Sek-Duat XV: Do so quickly... a very special day is fast approaching. I want no interference from Zhoom and the resistance.
    Sek-Duat XV: If there's one thing I can't stand... it's a traitor.

    Sek-Duat Lives Again

    Sek-Duat XV: You two should be DEAD!

    Sek-Duat XV: Well I guess you've got me all figured out...
    Sek-Duat XV: Except that you're entirely wrong.
    Sek-Duat XV: I'm not trying to bring my great and powerful ancestor back from the dead...

    Sek-Duat XV: I'm older than either of you could imagine. I have been the ruler of The Sandsea for nearly 1500 years!
    Sek-Duat XV: During my first reign as Sek-Duat I realized that none of my children had the mind or will of an emperor.
    Sek-Duat XV: I began searching the lands of Lore for the secrets to eternal life. I found that I could unlock the secrets of the Orb of Light...
    Sek-Duat XV: ...then I could transform myself to a Lich, an undead sorcerer, blessed with eternal life but cursed with eternal undeath.
    Sek-Duat XV: I have used its power to sustain myself for these last 1500 years, but once I became a Lich I realized my mistake.
    Sek-Duat XV: As a Lich I could never know the pleasures of the living, only eternal life and eternal unrest. I yearned to be alive again.
    Sek-Duat XV: I kept searching for the true key to eternal life and I found it! Around 1200 years ago I gave the spell to the Yaga sisters for safe keeping.
    Sek-Duat XV: As we agreed, they sent their outcast sister to live here in the sands with the spell in her care, so that I could keep watch over it.
    Sek-Duat XV: Each time I took my own place as the new emperor, I was a little more cruel.
    Sek-Duat XV: I knew that if I squeezed these feeble peasants hard enough, that they would eventually rebel...
    Sek-Duat XV: ... And that would give me the 100 enemies that I needed to return life to this undead shell!
    Sek-Duat XV: I'm only telling you this so that you can understand the true power that you face, if you choose to battle me.
    Sek-Duat XV: But I never expected you to get this far so I will give you the choice. Join me and I will grant you everlasting life as my undying generals.
    Sek-Duat XV: Make your choice.

    Sek-Duat XV: I didn't really think that you'd fall for that but I had to try.
    Sek-Duat XV: Come then, children. Let me show you the kind of pain that I have learned to deliver through the ages.

    Life Finds A Way

    Sek-Duat XV: I've been expecting you, <Character>.

    Face of Death

    Sek-Duat XV: Yes, it's so hard being me.
    Sek-Duat XV: You certainly took your time before coming to visit.

    Sek-Duat XV: So glad you're feeling better.

    Sek-Duat XV: I don't care.

    Sek-Duat XV: It's because of you that I'm in this state.
    Sek-Duat XV: Unlocking the power of the Light Orb provided me with eternal life as a Lich, and your destruction of the Orbs sped up my decay.
    Sek-Duat XV: Then, because of you, this "Rose" has come into power.
    Sek-Duat XV: With the advent of this little anti-magic movement, I've had to make compromises... too many compromises.

    Sek-Duat XV: Yes, and have you even wondered what happened to your magical, half-elvish ranger?

    Sek-Duat XV: Sand Elves were nomadic caretakers roaming over the Sandsea long before I arrived.
    Sek-Duat XV: When building this Guardian Tower of Light, they drew water from the sand. Found the blocks. Killed the vermin.
    Sek-Duat XV: Such simple things but done with such... ease, such grace. They became such wonderful allies. Loyal soldiers.
    Sek-Duat XV: They were... beautiful people. Even a half-elf child carried their natural magic.

    Sek-Duat XV: One of my descendants.
    Sek-Duat XV: Even when I sacrificed most of my elven palace guards to first extend my life as a Lich, I spared my children...
    Sek-Duat XV: ... and watched over the years as the remains of my human line continued... and forgot their link to me.
    Sek-Duat XV: Watched as the last of the elves died out... ... to bandits, to guards, or to the ravages of a desert with its caretakers gone.
    Sek-Duat XV: It was so amusing to see the last of my line, after you turned him into a rebel, come with you to attempt to destroy me.

    Sek-Duat XV: To kill the winner of your little showdown. In my desire for life, I couldn't even risk letting the last of my own line take away my chance to live again.

    Sek-Duat XV: I did nothing. The magic that was your friend, that was my last descendant, was smothered by the thorns of the Rose.
    Sek-Duat XV: What's left of my humanity weeps.

    Sek-Duat XV: If he was still alive, do you really think I would be alive in my present state?

    Sek-Duat XV: I won't be very much longer.

    Sek-Duat XV: As I get closer and closer to the event that I, in all my glory and power, tried to hold off, I'm... remembering.
    Sek-Duat XV: Deposed as Emperor, hiding like vermin in ruins, I can do nothing but remember.
    Sek-Duat XV: My error was much greater than turning myself into a Lich and denying myself the pleasure of the living.
    Sek-Duat XV: It was being seduced by the power Orb and promise of a longer life when I didn't truly appreciate the one i was living.

    Sek-Duat XV: There is nothing to "fall" for. I have no need of your sympathy, only your help.

    Sek-Duat XV: I want revenge for my last descendant. I want to deal a blow to the Rose and deny them the power they're seeking in my pyramid.

    Sek-Duat XV: The last of the items required for the sacrifice you stopped lie at the apex of my Palace in the Sandsea.
    Sek-Duat XV: Even without the 100 rebels, they're still items of great power with only a few traps keeping them out of the hands of our mutual enemy.

    Sek-Duat XV: I don't want you to bring my anything. I want you to go into my Palace and destroy them.

    Sek-Duat XV: It's only a matter of time, my child. Only a matter of time.

    Sands of Eternity

    Sek-Duat XV: Ah, my favorite hero. It's so nice to run into you again.

    Sek-Duat XV: Oh, I don't think so. And who is your lovely friend? I haven't had a chance to meet such an... appetizing Rose magus.

    Sek-Duat XV: Vampire? I do not steal fluids in the dead of night, slinking through the shadows. I am the Emperor of the Sandsea. I take what is mine.

    Sek-Duat XV: Why, I've kept him safe and sound, <Character>. Your Rose friend would have turned to him to dust by now.

    Sek-Duat XV: I've simply extracted my price to keep him safe.

    Sek-Duat XV: You ally yourself with one who wouldn't have taken years, <Character>. Your Rose would have ended him.

    Sek-Duat XV: Oh, my dear, there was nothing arbitrary about those I've killed. Especially those I've killed twice.
    Sek-Duat XV: They had the brightest light... the greatest power, to add to my own.
    Sek-Duat XV: If my Life isn't going to be restored, then I shall embrace my Undeath. I will burn the life and power out of any whom I deem worthy.
    Sek-Duat XV: Starting with my favorite hero.

    Sek-Duat XV: And so the dragon appears. So much power in a nice little package...
    Sek-Duat XV: You have much in common with your pet, little hero. You act on impulse.

    Sek-Duat XV: Now this truly befits an Emperor!

    Book 3 Image
    Alternative Book 3 Image
    Youthful Appearance (Book 3)

    Also See: Sek

    Thanks to
    -- Pink_Star for an additional location.
    -- Stephen Nix for location links, dialogue, banner and corrections.
    -- Dwelling Dragonlord for corrections.
    -- Azan for Book 3 image.
    -- Occavatra for youthful appearance and alternative Book 3 images.

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