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Sands of Eternity

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5/4/2013 3:41:37   
Voodoo Master

Sands of Eternity

Location: Surewould Forest (Book 3) -> 2 Right -> Cinquefoil -> Quests -> Sands of Eternity
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Face of Death, must have a dragon
Release Date: May 3rd, 2013

Objective: Make your way to confront Sek Duat!
Objective completed: You've defeated the magic infused form of Sek Duat and restored new life to Zhoom!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Sand Elf Mummy
(3) Scar Scarab
(1) Sek Duat - Boss / (1) Titan Sek Duat / (1) Illuminated Sek Duat - Titan Boss

Magus Hansa
Sek-Duat XV

Eternal Hourglass Sword (I-VI)
Eternal Hourglass Dagger (I-VI)
Eternal Hourglass Staff (I-VI)
Eternal Hourglass Cape (I-IV)
Eternal Hourglass Helm (I-IV)

Access to Sek Duat Quest and Sek Duat DC Loot shops.

Cinquefoil: Be very careful, <Character>. Whatever is happening with Sek Duat, it's sure to be dangerous.

  • Quest!

    *The character is walking in the Sandsea at night. Suddenly s/he stops, and after a few moments, is surrounded by Rose Guards, including Yasimi*

    Yasimi: You were warned to not enter the pyramid!
    <Character>: Yes, because it was "dangerous", you neglected to mention the magical artifacts you were trying to recover.
    Yasimi: It's the Palace of a Light Lich, of course it's full of magical artifacts and magical traps and sand and undead guards!
    Yasimi: The entire thing was a giant pyramid of danger! Why do you think we had it sealed?!

    *Magus Hansa enters the scene. She looks furious*

    Magus Hansa: Do you even realize what you've done?!
    <Character>: I did what I had to.
    Magus Hansa: Had to? HAD to? The amount of light magic you released....
    Magus Hansa: For Lore's sake... the vibration of the ley lines had to have been felt all over the world!
    <Character>: Exactly. Released. Now neither the Rose or Sek Duat can use it.
    Magus Hansa: Is that what you think? Where do you think that magic came from?
    Magus Hansa: The amount of magic needed to turn the life force of one hundred enemies into a new life for a dead husk?

    *Magus Hansa facepalms*

    Magus Hansa: Why do you think it was stored in a focus stone? A stone that sat and allowed the magic inside it to reflect and grow...
    <Character>: The power has been released... no one can use it now.
    Magus Hansa: The stone belonged to Sek Duat. The magic inside it was his. You just returned it. Why... why would you do that!
    <Character>: But.. I...
    Magus Hansa: ...you know where he is. We have to stop him!
    <Character>: I don't trust either of you... how do I know what you're telling me is true?

    *A bright light interrupts the conversation. It seems like a fight is going on in the distance. Hansa starts hovering in that direction*

    Magus Hansa: Are you coming, <Character>?
    <Character>: . . .

    *The character follows her*

    Find Sek Duat. In your way, you might encounter some monsters.

    *You find Sek Duat just in time to see him absorbing the life force of two Sand Elf Mummies. Many other mummies are lying dead all around him. Someone is kneeling beside him, but you can't see his face because he's wearing a hood*

    Sek-Duat XV: Ah, my favorite hero. It's so nice to run into you again.
    <Character>: You've double crossed me for the last time!
    Sek-Duat XV: Oh, I don't think so. And who is your lovely friend? I haven't had a chance to meet such an... appetizing Rose magus.
    Magus Hansa: I'm not another pawn for you to extract life from, vampire.
    Sek-Duat XV: Vampire? I do not steal fluids in the dead of night, slinking through the shadows. I am the Emperor of the Sandsea. I take what is mine.

    *Then he grasps the cloak of the man beside him and throws it away. It's none other than Zhoom, although he looks horrible, with a white-purple hair, wounds all over his body and eyes of an old man. The character is in total shock*

    <Character>: Zhoom! But you said he was dead!
    Sek-Duat XV: Why, I've kept him safe and sound, <Character>. Your Rose friend would have turned to him to dust by now.
    <Character>: What have you done to him!
    Sek-Duat XV: I've simply extracted my price to keep him safe.
    Magus Hansa: Without the Light Orb to replenish his powers and cut off from the power stored in his focusing stone...
    Magus Hansa: ...he resorted to using your friend to extend his own life. He's stolen years of Zhoom's life away.
    Sek-Duat XV: As emperor, they were mine to take.
    <Character>: Monster.
    Sek-Duat XV: You ally yourself with one who wouldn't have taken years, <Character>. Your Rose would have ended him.
    Magus Hansa: You assume too much. Our mission is to end the danger of magic...
    Magus Hansa: ...to stop the abuses that monsters like yourself have heaped upon the innocent people of Lore.
    Magus Hansa: I do not kill indiscriminately.
    Sek-Duat XV: Oh, my dear, there was nothing arbitrary about those I've killed. Especially those I've killed twice.
    Sek-Duat XV: They had the brightest light... the greatest power, to add to my own.

    *Then he uses his new powers to create a new hand made of light, instead of his missing one*

    Sek-Duat XV: If my Life isn't going to be restored, then I shall embrace my Undeath. I will burn the life and power out of any whom I deem worthy.
    Sek-Duat XV: Starting with my favorite hero.

    *Sek shoots a ray of light at the hero and Hansa. Hansa falls to the ground, while the hero hovers in the air and is pulled towards Sek Duat*

    *Suddenly, the hero's dragon enters the scene and stands between Sek Duat and the hero, who falls back to the ground*

    If you have a DA:
    <Dragon>: I won't let you hurt my human!

    <Dragon>: *Rumbles erupt from your dragon's throat. You can feel it in your chest. Your dragon sounds angry.

    Sek-Duat XV: And so the dragon appears. So much power in a nice little package...
    Sek-Duat XV: You have much in common with your pet, little hero. You act on impulse.
    <Character>: No! <Dragon>!

    *Sek Duat is about to touch the dragon, the character brings out his/her Dragon Amulet... and the screen turns white*

    *The character is kneeling by his/her dragon, who lies on the ground surrounded by an aura of light*

    <Character>: <Dragon>!

    *Sek Duat's changed completely. He now has a pair of light wings, long black hair, and a face with no signs of decay*

    Sek-Duat XV: Now this truly befits an Emperor!

    *Magus Hansa stands up*

    Magus Hansa: We have to destroy him, <Character>!

    *Draco stands up as well*

    If you have a DA:
    <Dragon>: He's mine.

    <Dragon>: *Rumbles erupt from your dragon's throat. You can feel it in your chest. Your dragon sounds very, VERY angry.

  • Titan Fight
    Fight either Titan Sek Duat or Illuminated Sek Duat.

  • Hand-to-Hand!
    Fight Sek Duat, in either normal mode or extreme mode. You may add Magus as Guest A.

    *Sek Duat turns into a swirling vortex of energy and bandages. The mummies souls are released from their dead bodies, the dragon regains its full power and Zhoom regains all the years he has lost and looks healthy and young once again. Sek Duat vanishes.*

    Magus Hansa: So, this is your famous dragon.

    *The dragon breaths some fire at her*

    Magus Hansa: I can sense that it's a lot like you.... And your friend?
    <Character>: Zhoom, are you alright?
    Zhoom: Yes, my friend. I haven't felt so... alive in years.

  • Complete Quest

  • Loot Shop
    Opens Sek Duat Quest.

  • Sek Duat Treasures
    Opens Sek Duat DC Loot.

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