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Location: Titans of BattleOn!, Meeting Zhoom, The Sandsea (Books 1 and 2), The Hard Way, Zhowdown!, Sek-Duat Lives Again, Death From Below, Sandsea Havoc, Dying Light, Sepulchure's Fortress, The Growing Darkness, Sands of Eternity, One Step Ahead, Darkness is Coming

Quests given
Random Quests
Run For the Oasis
Scarab Scare
Tomb Traps

Light Orb Saga
Meeting Zhoom
The Hard Way
The Blue Lotus
The Oasis Inn
Dynasty Tomb
Sek-Duat Lives Again
Death From Below

Ranger Training
Hudson's Hawk

Shops owned
Black Market
Ranger Cache

Titans of BattleOn!

Zhoom: Hey.

Zhoom: You don't remember me?

Zhoom: We all agreed that we needed the power of a DragonLord to confront this beast, and in our time, you are the greatest DragonLord.

Zhoom: Stop it.

Zhoom: Yep.

Zhoom: WHAT?!

Zhoom: ...Then why did we stuff ourselves in there?

Zhoom: Right there.

Zhoom: It's right...
Zhoom: ...THERE!

Zhoom: Now that you have seen what is to come, you have the chance to change things.
Zhoom: Because we were forced to interfere with time, we might have cased the timeline to split.
Zhoom: This event might never occur in your future, but thank you for saving our timeline. You are a great hero.

Zhoom: So long, hero. Thank you again.

Meeting Zhoom

Zhoom: One more rebel for Sek-Duat. Thank you stranger, If you had not been distracting him, he might have slipped away again.
Zhoom: This sand-rat is a member of the so-called resistance. Tell me, did you know that you were having a conversation with a wanted man?
Zhoom: Very, but I see your point. Even you rebels could not be THAT stupid. This <Class> was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Zhoom: HAHA! I like your attitude <Character>. I am Zhoom and I have no plans to kill this man. I just deliver them to Sek-Duat XV.
Zhoom: What the emperor does with the members of the resistance is his business. You seem like someone who could appreciate a little gold.
Zhoom: I'm going to return this man to the palace and collect one more bounty. After that I will return here. Come see me if you want some work.

The Sandsea (Books 1 and 2)
(after Meeting Zhoom)

Zhoom: Hello. It is good to see that you're still on the job. What do you need?

  • Random Quest! Go on Zhoom's random quests!
      Zhoom: If you want to show me what you are made of then I have the perfect endurance test. The Oasis run!
      Zhoom: The task is simple. Make your way to the nearest Oasis. That is it. If you can survive the desert, then I will be impressed.
      Zhoom: If you find any Ancient Treasures while you are out there, you are free to keep them. You will use them later.

      Zhoom: I have a friend in the sands who is interested in the fallen cultures of The Sandsea. She has found an old ruin that she wants to explore.
      Zhoom: Unfortunately she has also uncovered a nest of scarabs and the desert lizardmen don't want her getting near the ruins.
      Zhoom: I am too busy with the rebels to help her, but if you give her a hand I would appreciate it. The Ancient Treasures that you find are yours.

      Zhoom: The Sandsea holds many secrets, and almost as many tombs. I have a list of several that I have wanted to explore.
      Zhoom: Maybe you want to investigate one? Be careful, the people of the desert often leave traps in their tombs.
      Zhoom: If you find any Ancient Treasures while you are out there, you are free to keep them. You will use them later.
  • Quests
    Zhoom: I haven't heard of any work for you. Come back later, maybe I will throw you the scraps off my table.
    • Replay: Meeting Zhoom! - begins Meeting Zhoom quest.

    • The Hard Way
      Zhoom: I have good news, <Character>. I have located another of the rebels! He rests in the ruins to the west at this very moment hiding from the sun.
      Zhoom: His name is Kasuf, and he has been able to elude me thus far, but I am a patient ranger. His days are numbered and the number is small.
      Zhoom: I would like you to meet me at the ruins and help me capture this desert snake. That will cut his chances of another escape in half.
      Zhoom: Kasuf can hide... but not forever. He will need to leave the ruins for water eventually. There will be no escape for him this time!

    • The Blue Lotus
      Zhoom: Do not worry, <Character>. Kasuf is simply blessed with the natural ability to run and hide, like most cowards. I'm not sure how he escaped...
      Zhoom: ... But we will always have another chance to catch him. Unfortunately all of my leads have run dry. The only thing we can do now is search and wait.
      Zhoom: When we were returning from the ruins you asked about the wastelands to the west, this is your chance to investigate them.
      Zhoom: If you find any trace of the rebels... do not attack them alone. I do not want you getting hurt. Come to me and we will attack them together!
      Zhoom: I will stay in town and search here. The rebels must have a supply line and it must start here. Good luck on your search in the wastelands.

    • The Oasis Inn
      Zhoom: <Character>, I have had reports of resistance activity out in the dunes. If these reports are right then they are up to something.
      Zhoom: If I am lucky then I can capture a large number of these rebels at once. I'm going to have to move fast.
      Zhoom: That is why I need you to stay behind for this one <Character>. I move faster when I am alone.
      Zhoom: You have earned some free time anyway. If you haven't had a chance to walk around town, now is the time.
      Zhoom: Maybe you should spend some time at the Oasis Inn. Remember to keep your eyes open for rebel activity.

    • Dynasty Tomb
      Zhoom: I spent a lot of time in the dunes, and I was only able to capture two rebels. Neither would speak of their plans.
      Zhoom: While I was gone did you learn anything interesting?
        Tell zhoom about the mummified dragon in the...
      • Dynasty Tomb
      Zhoom: That is a dangerous way to get the emperor's attention, <Character>. I cannot tell you what to do but I cannot waste time on dragons.
      Zhoom: At least not while there is gold to be made in capturing rebels. If....*ahem*... when you return you must tell me all about it.
      Zhoom: A giant mummified dragon would be quite an amazing sight... and an interesting challenge!

    • Sek-Duat's Invite
      Zhoom: I have interesting news, <Character>. Sek-Duat SV has extended an invitation to his palace to you.
      Zhoom: This is not the kind of invite that you decline. If I were you I would go see what he has to say... immediately.
      Zhoom: Head north from here to get to the palace. The dynasty guards will let you pass now.

    • Sek-Duat Lives Again Visit Sek-Duat XV to unlock these quests
      Zhoom: The town is very quiet, <Character>. Maybe too quiet. I don't like it.
      Zhoom: Are you prepared to face Sek-Duat XV?

    • Death From Below Visit Sek-Duat XV to unlock these quests
      Zhoom: It apears that Sek-Duat has decided to hold the entire town captive, since he cannot tell the rebels from the normal villagers.
      Zhoom: Now that we have the Orb of Light, he cannot cast his spell but I fear that he is still willing to kill the captives out of spite.
      Zhoom: We've been able to free some of them but the rest are still in danger...
      Zhoom: ... Tell me, <Character>. Have you ever heard of the Dunelord?
  • Talk
    Zhoom: Ask your questions, <Character>.
    • Who are you?
      Zhoom: My name is Zhoom. Maybe you have heard of me... maybe you have not. It does not matter.
      Zhoom: All that you need to know is this: If someone hired me to find you... You will be found, and I will get paid.
      Zhoom: It does not matter how long it takes... I will not stop. I will hunt you down. I will find you.
      Zhoom: Many assume that my reputation comes from my fighting ability, but anyone can learn to use a sword or shoot a bow...
      Zhoom: When sets me apart are my strong will and determination. I refuse to let anything stop me. I keep going long after all the others have given up.

    • Ranger?
      Zhoom: It is hard to describe the role of the Ranger in the world. We keep moving from place to place, and we call no one place "home".
      Zhoom: We each have our own code, our own set of rules but we each live and die by that code.
      Zhoom: It can be a hard life, but very rewarding. I have been many places and seen many things that others will only dream of.
      Zhoom: At the end of the day, the least you have earned is another story to tell around the fire... but the large piles of gold do not hurt.

    • Black Market?
      Zhoom: I know a lot of people, <Character>. I have connections everywhere, and I can get rare weapons and items that no one else can get.
      Zhoom: Sek-Duat has forbidden the sale of weapons until the resistance has been stopped, but Rangers serve no king.
      Zhoom: If you have the skill to use these items, please feel free to buy whatever you like from me...
      Zhoom: ... but if the Imperial Guard asks where you got them, then you have never heard of me.... understand?

    • The Sandsea?
      Zhoom: The Sandsea is one of the most harsh environments on Lore. The fact that you even made it here says a lot about your power.
      Zhoom: You could have been caught in a sandstorm and had the flesh peeled right off of you by the winds. You could have fallen prey to the mirages.
      Zhoom: Many would-be-heroes have followed a mirage off to the infinite horizon, never to be seen again. Remember to pack water.
      Zhoom: This land has been ruled by the Sek-Duat dynasty for generations, back to the time when all of this was a great city.
      Zhoom: But The Sandsea is not impressed by the works of mankind. The sands swallowed up that city long ago. Only ruins are left.
      Zhoom: Only the most hardened heroes can survive here <Character>. If you can survive here then you can survive anything.

    • Sek-Duat XV?
      Zhoom: The current king of The Sandsea is Sek-Duat XV. He lives in the palace behind me, and leaves his people in poverty to die in the sands.
      Zhoom: That is none of my business, but the Sek-Duat dynasty has ruled this land with a cruel, iron fist for 1500 years or more...
      Zhoom: ... and Sek-Duat XV's reign has been the most terrible of all. His deeds have finally caused a small faction of the desert people to rebel.
      Zhoom: The resistance is the reason that I am here. Sek-Duat XV has hired me to find and eliminate every last one of them.

    • Your ears?
      Zhoom: You noticed my ears? I got them from my mother, she was a sandelf... before Sek-Duat XIV had them all hunted into extenction.
      Zhoom: I grew up in The Sandsea not far from here. After I lost my mother I had to survive on my own. It was an... unhappy childhood.
      Zhoom: I had hoped to never return to The Sandsea, but I go where the wind and the work take me. Gold is gold. I just want to be done with this job.

    • We've met before.
      Zhoom: You say that we've met before?
      Zhoom: You also say that I came from the future?
      Zhoom: You also say that I am friends with you, someone named Artix and someone named Cysero in that future?
      Zhoom: You also say that I traveled back into the past in something called a "phone booth"?
      Zhoom: Do you have any idea how insane you sound right now?
  • Black Market! - opens Black Market shop.

  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Become A Ranger!
    Zhoom: If you want ME to train you then you will have to do some work for me to see if you are worth my time. I'll let you know when you are ready.
    Zhoom: I think that you would make an excellent Ranger! What do you think?
    • I am ready!
      Zhoom: Before I begin training you, bring me 3 Ancient Treasures to prove your willingness to become a Ranger.

      • Give 3 Treasures Ranger Armor
        If you haven't unlocked Ranger Armor already:
        Zhoom: Good job <Character>! I can see that you are serious about becoming a Ranger!

        If you have unlocked Ranger Armor already:
        (Pop-up: You have already unlocked the Ranger Armor.)

      • Wear Armor
        Zhoom: Interesting. I think that someday your skills as a Ranger might rival my own. What would you like to do?

        • Wear Ranger Armor - equips Ranger class.

        • Give Armor back


          NOTE: You do not need to be wearing the Ranger Armor to obtain Ancient Treasures from Zhoom's quests.

      • Train Armor
        Zhoom: If you bring me Ancient Treasures (You can find them in any of my quests), then I will teach you a new skill for your Ranger class armor.

        • Train Ranger Armor
          If you haven't fully trained Ranger Armor already:
          Consumes 1 Ancient Treasure, unlocks a new skill.

          If you have fully trained Ranger Armor already:
          (Pop-up: Ranger Armor fully trained!)

        • Hudson's Hawk
          Zhoom: You have skills yet to learn, <Character>. One aspect of being a ranger is your ability to communicate with nature.
          Zhoom: In this case, you must learn to communicate with the spirit of the desert hawk in order to earn this skill.
          Zhoom: Near here is Hudson's Cavern. Long ago the people who lived there revered the desert hawk as a living deity.
          Zhoom: They have been gone a long time and now a race of snake people called Venomkings visit the cave... for food.
          Zhoom: Visit Hudson's Cavern and try to find an un-eaten hawk egg in the maze of tunnels.
          Zhoom: If you find one, return to me at once and I will teach you the ways of falconry.


          NOTE: You do not need to be wearing the Ranger Armor to obtain Ancient Treasures from Zhoom's quests.

      • Items - opens Ranger Cache shop.

    • About Ranger
      Zhoom: Using ranged skills will increase your Focus, which increases the power of your critical hits.
      Zhoom: Once fully focused, your sharpened senses will allow you to attack twice in a row.
      Zhoom: However, your defensive skills will make you lose some of your Focus.
      Zhoom: Knowing when to be aggressive and when to slow down is key to survival.
      Zhoom: Finally, no self-respecting Ranger can go without a hawk companion. As part of your training, I can show you where to find one for yourself.


      NOTE: You will need to complete Zhoom's quest called "The Hard Way" before you are ready to become a Ranger!
  • Set Home Town
    Zhoom: Interesting. You want to make The Sandsea your home? The sandelves would have said "you must have sand in your veins".
    • Yes
      Zhoom: Very well, it is done.

    • No
  • Invite - invites Zhoom as Guest A.

    The Hard Way

    Zhoom: I have chased Kasuf across the desert many times. He is as slippery as a sand trout.
    Zhoom: But finally I have driven him to hide in these ruins. The locals say that there is only one way in and one way out.
    Zhoom: You're going to go in and search for him. He hides himself well...so search well. I will wait here.
    Zhoom: Very good <Character>. You have a quick mind. I may make a ranger of you yet. If you do not return within the hour, I will come looking for you.


    Zhoom: I had hoped Sek-Duat XV was mistaken. I had hoped that you would not show up here.
    Zhoom: You mean the fact that you've been working with the rebellion since the moment you arrived at the Sandsea?
    Zhoom: Of course I knew. You don't get to be the world's most dangerous Ranger by missing things like that.
    Zhoom: No. I really am working for Sek-Duat XV, but these rebels weren't much fun until you showed up. You made the hunt more interesting.
    Zhoom: It is one of the reasons. The other reason is that I was hired to capture the rebels. You were just working WITH the rebels.
    Zhoom: It wasn't worth risking fighting someone with your power, since I wouldn't have gotten paid for it.
    Zhoom: HAHA! You wish! NOW Sek-Duat is paying me to come after YOU. He told me that you'd be here. Shall we begin?
    Zhoom: Yes, we do.

    Zhoom: I told you, <Character>... I don't give up. You cannot escape from me.
    Zhoom: Do not presume to speak to me about honor. Revenge is a small and petty reason to fight. My mother taught me the value of a promise before she was hunted down.
    Zhoom: My contract is as good as my word. I have agreed to hunt you and the rebels down, and I will honor my contract.
    Zhoom: A deal is a deal, even with a ruler as corrupt and as insane as Sek-Duat. There is no greater honor than keeping your promises.
    Zhoom: Now lay your weapons down and come with me.
    Zhoom: Then I have to stop you.

    Zhoom: You skills are even more impressive than I had assumed, but eventually you will tire. Just give up.
    Zhoom: I have done battle with some of the strongest beasts and people that Lore has to offer. I have never met my match...
    Zhoom: It is not a question of strength, <Character>. You can never beat me if I never give up.
    Zhoom: Once I have a contract, it cannot be... did... did you say several BILLION gold?
    Zhoom: *whistles* That is a lot of gold.
    Zhoom: So being a hero of Falconreach pays well then?
    Zhoom: Once I have handed you over to Sek-Duat XV, I will have to check it out. They will be one hero short.
    Zhoom: Yep.

    Zhoom: Forget it. <Character> is my target. I already have a contract.
    Zhoom: WHAT?!
    Zhoom: Hold on. Do you mean to say that Sek-Duat XV isn't going to PAY me?
    Zhoom: Oh, I AM GOING TO GET PAID, even if I have to take the money from the imperial coffers myself. My contract is void.
    Zhoom: I will set every rebel that I captured free. Hey <Character>... ask me again.

    Zhoom: It would be an honor to fight beside you... this time, for real.

    Sek-Duat Lives Again

    Zhoom: The town was more empty than usual. Do you think the villagers heard that we were coming for Sek-Duat XV?

    Zhoom: The rebels should be safe. I had only caught about 90 of them for him when he decided to betray me.
    Zhoom: He doesn't have the 100 that he needs to being Sek-Duat The First back from the dead.

    Zhoom: What was the first?

    Zhoom: Don't be silly.

    Zhoom: We know that you were paying me to round up 100 rebels so you could sacrifice use their life force!

    Zhoom: Ew.

    Zhoom: No, a Lich cannot be disposed of so easily. He will return. He is still emperor of these lands. The people will still see him that way.

    Zhoom: What will you do with the Orb?

    Zhoom: After all we've been through, you would trust me with the Orb of Light? Aren't you worried that Sepulchure will just buy it from me?

    Zhoom: Thank you <Character>. I consider you as a friend, too. I will guard the Orb with my life.
    Zhoom: I plan to stay here and help the rebels. Sek-Duat still owes me a LOT of gold. If you ever need me, you know where to find me.
    Zhoom: It was amazing fighting by your side. It feels good to fight for something that I believe in. Thank you for teaching me that.

    Death From Below

    Zhoom: We have rescued most of the villagers <Your Character>, but we have a problem.
    Zhoom: The rebels that we have rescued have overheard Sek-Duat's army talking about a creature called The Dunelord.
    Zhoom: It is some massive ancient monster who has slept for centuries beneath the sands.
    Zhoom: They are saying that Sek-Duat is furious that we stopped his plans and he has summoned The Dunelord to devour the rest of the villagers.
    Zhoom: We have to save them before The Dunelord arrives in the tomb fields to the west.
    Zhoom: It will take the unimaginable power of a full Dragonlord to stop this Dunelord.

    Sandsea Havoc

    Zhoom: <Character>.. thank you for aiding me once again.
    Zhoom: Hmph.. I have heard that the other towns are experiencing similar problems.
    Zhoom: The people here.. they are still trying to find themselves in the wake of the evil king's wrath.

    Dying Light

    Zhoom: Stop! Kasuf is not the spy!
    Zhoom: The Orb has just been stolen! Hurry <Character>, we must go after the real spy!

    Sepulchure's Fortress

    Zhoom: We have to stop those necromancers!

    The Growing Darkness

    Zhoom: Engulfed in darkness, the people of the Sandsea will not last long...
    Zhoom: <Character>... Our hope is in you.

    Sands of Eternity

    Zhoom: I...

    Zhoom: Yes, my friend. I haven't felt so... alive in years.
    Zhoom: Thank you, <Character>. And I don't believe I caught your name?

    Zhoom: I must thank you as well, although, I cannot extend that thanks to your organization.

    Zhoom: It was not by my choice. However, caught between The Rose and Sek Duat, my attention was split.
    Zhoom: I was plucked away and imprisoned by his magic when he saw his inevitable defeat.
    Zhoom: Had The Rose not interfered, the rebels and I would have only had to worry about a single front.

    Zhoom: Don't worry, <Character>. I can take care of a few Rose members if things get out of hand.

    Zhoom: You as well, my friend.

    One Step Ahead

    Zhoom: <Character>!
    Zhoom: I saw you coming!
    Zhoom: What is going on? This dragon-

    Zhoom: I... suppose?

    Zhoom: Right to the point, I like it! Let's go!

    Darkness is Coming

    Zhoom: I'm ready when you are!

    Other information
  • Zhoom's 'Set Home Town' option was replaced by an 'Invite' option; you may still set your hometown as The Sandsea (Books 1 and 2) via Sandy at the Oasis Inn.
  • Zhoom previously appeared in the retired quest Sands of Eternity; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Zhoom's dialogue in Sands of Eternity was expanded on April 24th, 2020; more information can be found in the April 24th, 2020 Design Notes.
  • 'About Ranger' dialogue option was added on March 8th, 2024.

    Side View Appearance
    Book 3 Appearance

    Book 3 Aged Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Jay for images, additional dialogue, other information, and corrections.
  • Dratomos for Book 3 appearance image.
  • Doomstalker and Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.
  • Dwelling Dragonlord, gmill711, Peachii, Saojun, and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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