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Sandsea (All Versions), The

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1/18/2008 22:14:38   

The Sandsea (Books 1 and 2)

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> The Sandsea -> Take me there!,
Access Point: Timeline (Book 1) -> The Orb Saga – The Light Orb -> To The Sandsea,
Access Point: Book of Lore -> Orb Saga -> Light Orb
Requirements: None
Release Date: January 18th, 2008

Quests Available
Zhoom Random
Scarab Scare
Run For the Oasis
Tomb Traps

Light Orb Saga
Meeting Zhoom
The Hard Way
The Blue Lotus
The Oasis Inn
The Dynasty Tomb
Sek-Duat Lives Again
Death From Below

Ranger Armor
Hudson’s Hawk

Sek-Duat XV Quest Chain
The Sandwitch
The Traitor

Ne’er Duwell
Rap Scallion
Rebel Fighter
Scown Drell
Sek-Duat XV

Black Market
Ranger Cache
SandSea Helms

Rebel Fighter
(before Meeting Zhoom)

Rebel Fighter: Pssst. Hey you.
<Character>: Uh... are you talking to me?
Rebel Fighter: Keep your voice down! You are <Character>, yes?
<Character>: Yah, I am. Have we met? I'm sorry I don't have much of a memory for faces... and yours is covered.
Rebel Fighter: No, I have friends in Falconreach who said that you might head this way, and might be able to help us.
<Character>: Us?
Rebel Fighter: Yes... I am risking more than you could know by telling you this. I am a member of the resistance, fighting against the tyrant...
Rebel Fighter: ... Sek-Duat XV! I don't have much time, he's set his hound on me. We need your help or we are all doomed.
<Character>: I'll help you if I can but I don't understand this. You'll need to tell me more.
Rebel Fighter: We have no money to offer you... Sek-Duat has taken it all... but we can pay you in information.
Rebel Fighter: We know the location of the Orb of Light, and we know that you need to collect the orbs before your foe, Sepulchure does.
<Character>: The Orb of Light is here? I'll do what I can to help you, but the orb is very important to me. Can you take me there?
Rebel Fighter: Yes, I can take you. This is wonderful news! I must tell the others before I am captured.
Rebel Fighter: Please... If I am captured before we reach the resistance... YOU MUST NOT LET ANYONE know that you are working with us!
<Character>: ... Ok, I will do what you ask. But I can protect you...
Rebel Fighter: Not from Zhoom! If he finds out that you are working with us, he will NEVER stop until he has you.
Rebel Fighter: We will leave as soon as I have secured my snapping camel's saddle.

(after Meeting Zhoom)

Zhoom: Hello. It is good to see that you're still on the job. What do you need?

  • Random Quest! Go on Zhoom's random quests!
      Zhoom: If you want to show me what you are made of then I have the perfect endurance test. The Oasis run!
      Zhoom: The task is simple. Make your way to the nearest Oasis. That is it. If you can survive the desert, then I will be impressed.
      Zhoom: If you find any Ancient Treasures while you are out there, you are free to keep them. You will use them later.

      Zhoom: I have a friend in the sands who is interested in the fallen cultures of The Sandsea. She has found an old ruin that she wants to explore.
      Zhoom: Unfortunately she has also uncovered a nest of scarabs and the desert lizardmen don't want her getting near the ruins.
      Zhoom: I am too busy with the rebels to help her, but if you give her a hand I would appreciate it. The Ancient Treasures that you find are yours.

      Zhoom: The Sandsea holds many secrets, and almost as many tombs. I have a list of several that I have wanted to explore.
      Zhoom: Maybe you want to investigate one? Be careful, the people of the desert often leave traps in their tombs.
      Zhoom: If you find any Ancient Treasures while you are out there, you are free to keep them. You will use them later.
  • Quests
    Zhoom: I haven't heard of any work for you. Come back later, maybe I will throw you the scraps off my table.
    • Replay: Meeting Zhoom! - begins Meeting Zhoom quest.

    • The Hard Way
      Zhoom: I have good news, <Character>. I have located another of the rebels! He rests in the ruins to the west at this very moment hiding from the sun.
      Zhoom: His name is Kasuf, and he has been able to elude me thus far, but I am a patient ranger. His days are numbered and the number is small.
      Zhoom: I would like you to meet me at the ruins and help me capture this desert snake. That will cut his chances of another escape in half.
      Zhoom: Kasuf can hide... but not forever. He will need to leave the ruins for water eventually. There will be no escape for him this time!

    • The Blue Lotus
      Zhoom: Do not worry, <Character>. Kasuf is simply blessed with the natural ability to run and hide, like most cowards. I'm not sure how he escaped...
      Zhoom: ... But we will always have another chance to catch him. Unfortunately all of my leads have run dry. The only thing we can do now is search and wait.
      Zhoom: When we were returning from the ruins you asked about the wastelands to the west, this is your chance to investigate them.
      Zhoom: If you find any trace of the rebels... do not attack them alone. I do not want you getting hurt. Come to me and we will attack them together!
      Zhoom: I will stay in town and search here. The rebels must have a supply line and it must start here. Good luck on your search in the wastelands.

    • The Oasis Inn
      Zhoom: <Character>, I have had reports of resistance activity out in the dunes. If these reports are right then they are up to something.
      Zhoom: If I am lucky then I can capture a large number of these rebels at once. I'm going to have to move fast.
      Zhoom: That is why I need you to stay behind for this one <Character>. I move faster when I am alone.
      Zhoom: You have earned some free time anyway. If you haven't had a chance to walk around town, now is the time.
      Zhoom: Maybe you should spend some time at the Oasis Inn. Remember to keep your eyes open for rebel activity.

    • Dynasty Tomb
      Zhoom: I spent a lot of time in the dunes, and I was only able to capture two rebels. Neither would speak of their plans.
      Zhoom: While I was gone did you learn anything interesting?
        Tell zhoom about the mummified dragon in the...
      • Dynasty Tomb
      Zhoom: That is a dangerous way to get the emperor's attention, <Character>. I cannot tell you what to do but I cannot waste time on dragons.
      Zhoom: At least not while there is gold to be made in capturing rebels. If....*ahem*... when you return you must tell me all about it.
      Zhoom: A giant mummified dragon would be quite an amazing sight... and an interesting challenge!

    • Sek-Duat's Invite
      Zhoom: I have interesting news, <Character>. Sek-Duat SV has extended an invitation to his palace to you.
      Zhoom: This is not the kind of invite that you decline. If I were you I would go see what he has to say... immediately.
      Zhoom: Head north from here to get to the palace. The dynasty guards will let you pass now.

    • Sek-Duat Lives Again Visit Sek-Duat XV to unlock these quests
      Zhoom: The town is very quiet, <Character>. Maybe too quiet. I don't like it.
      Zhoom: Are you prepared to face Sek-Duat XV?

    • Death From Below Visit Sek-Duat XV to unlock these quests
      Zhoom: It apears that Sek-Duat has decided to hold the entire town captive, since he cannot tell the rebels from the normal villagers.
      Zhoom: Now that we have the Orb of Light, he cannot cast his spell but I fear that he is still willing to kill the captives out of spite.
      Zhoom: We've been able to free some of them but the rest are still in danger...
      Zhoom: ... Tell me, <Character>. Have you ever heard of the Dunelord?
  • Talk
    Zhoom: Ask your questions, <Character>.
    • Who are you?
      Zhoom: My name is Zhoom. Maybe you have heard of me... maybe you have not. It does not matter.
      Zhoom: All that you need to know is this: If someone hired me to find you... You will be found, and I will get paid.
      Zhoom: It does not matter how long it takes... I will not stop. I will hunt you down. I will find you.
      Zhoom: Many assume that my reputation comes from my fighting ability, but anyone can learn to use a sword or shoot a bow...
      Zhoom: When sets me apart are my strong will and determination. I refuse to let anything stop me. I keep going long after all the others have given up.

    • Ranger?
      Zhoom: It is hard to describe the role of the Ranger in the world. We keep moving from place to place, and we call no one place "home".
      Zhoom: We each have our own code, our own set of rules but we each live and die by that code.
      Zhoom: It can be a hard life, but very rewarding. I have been many places and seen many things that others will only dream of.
      Zhoom: At the end of the day, the least you have earned is another story to tell around the fire... but the large piles of gold do not hurt.

    • Black Market?
      Zhoom: I know a lot of people, <Character>. I have connections everywhere, and I can get rare weapons and items that no one else can get.
      Zhoom: Sek-Duat has forbidden the sale of weapons until the resistance has been stopped, but Rangers serve no king.
      Zhoom: If you have the skill to use these items, please feel free to buy whatever you like from me...
      Zhoom: ... but if the Imperial Guard asks where you got them, then you have never heard of me.... understand?

    • The Sandsea?
      Zhoom: The Sandsea is one of the most harsh environments on Lore. The fact that you even made it here says a lot about your power.
      Zhoom: You could have been caught in a sandstorm and had the flesh peeled right off of you by the winds. You could have fallen prey to the mirages.
      Zhoom: Many would-be-heroes have followed a mirage off to the infinite horizon, never to be seen again. Remember to pack water.
      Zhoom: This land has been ruled by the Sek-Duat dynasty for generations, back to the time when all of this was a great city.
      Zhoom: But The Sandsea is not impressed by the works of mankind. The sands swallowed up that city long ago. Only ruins are left.
      Zhoom: Only the most hardened heroes can survive here <Character>. If you can survive here then you can survive anything.

    • Sek-Duat XV?
      Zhoom: The current king of The Sandsea is Sek-Duat XV. He lives in the palace behind me, and leaves his people in poverty to die in the sands.
      Zhoom: That is none of my business, but the Sek-Duat dynasty has ruled this land with a cruel, iron fist for 1500 years or more...
      Zhoom: ... and Sek-Duat XV's reign has been the most terrible of all. His deeds have finally caused a small faction of the desert people to rebel.
      Zhoom: The resistance is the reason that I am here. Sek-Duat XV has hired me to find and eliminate every last one of them.

    • Your ears?
      Zhoom: You noticed my ears? I got them from my mother, she was a sandelf... before Sek-Duat XIV had them all hunted into extenction.
      Zhoom: I grew up in The Sandsea not far from here. After I lost my mother I had to survive on my own. It was an... unhappy childhood.
      Zhoom: I had hoped to never return to The Sandsea, but I go where the wind and the work take me. Gold is gold. I just want to be done with this job.

    • We've met before.
      Zhoom: You say that we've met before?
      Zhoom: You also say that I came from the future?
      Zhoom: You also say that I am friends with you, someone named Artix and someone named Cysero in that future?
      Zhoom: You also say that I traveled back into the past in something called a "phone booth"?
      Zhoom: Do you have any idea how insane you sound right now?
  • Black Market! - opens Black Market shop.

  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Become A Ranger!
    Zhoom: If you want ME to train you then you will have to do some work for me to see if you are worth my time. I'll let you know when you are ready.
    Zhoom: I think that you would make an excellent Ranger! What do you think?
    • I am ready!
      Zhoom: Before I begin training you, bring me 3 Ancient Treasures to prove your willingness to become a Ranger.

      • Give 3 Treasures Ranger Armor
        If you haven't unlocked Ranger Armor already:
        Zhoom: Good job <Character>! I can see that you are serious about becoming a Ranger!

        If you have unlocked Ranger Armor already:
        (Pop-up: You have already unlocked the Ranger Armor.)

      • Wear Armor
        Zhoom: Interesting. I think that someday your skills as a Ranger might rival my own. What would you like to do?

        • Wear Ranger Armor - equips Ranger class.

        • Give Armor back


          NOTE: You do not need to be wearing the Ranger Armor to obtain Ancient Treasures from Zhoom's quests.

      • Train Armor
        Zhoom: If you bring me Ancient Treasures (You can find them in any of my quests), then I will teach you a new skill for your Ranger class armor.

        • Train Ranger Armor
          If you haven't fully trained Ranger Armor already:
          Consumes 1 Ancient Treasure, unlocks a new skill.

          If you have fully trained Ranger Armor already:
          (Pop-up: Ranger Armor fully trained!)

        • Hudson's Hawk
          Zhoom: You have skills yet to learn, <Character>. One aspect of being a ranger is your ability to communicate with nature.
          Zhoom: In this case, you must learn to communicate with the spirit of the desert hawk in order to earn this skill.
          Zhoom: Near here is Hudson's Cavern. Long ago the people who lived there revered the desert hawk as a living deity.
          Zhoom: They have been gone a long time and now a race of snake people called Venomkings visit the cave... for food.
          Zhoom: Visit Hudson's Cavern and try to find an un-eaten hawk egg in the maze of tunnels.
          Zhoom: If you find one, return to me at once and I will teach you the ways of falconry.


          NOTE: You do not need to be wearing the Ranger Armor to obtain Ancient Treasures from Zhoom's quests.

      • Items - opens Ranger Cache shop.

    • About Ranger
      Zhoom: Using ranged skills will increase your Focus, which increases the power of your critical hits.
      Zhoom: Once fully focused, your sharpened senses will allow you to attack twice in a row.
      Zhoom: However, your defensive skills will make you lose some of your Focus.
      Zhoom: Knowing when to be aggressive and when to slow down is key to survival.
      Zhoom: Finally, no self-respecting Ranger can go without a hawk companion. As part of your training, I can show you where to find one for yourself.


      NOTE: You will need to complete Zhoom's quest called "The Hard Way" before you are ready to become a Ranger!
  • Set Home Town
    Zhoom: Interesting. You want to make The Sandsea your home? The sandelves would have said "you must have sand in your veins".
    • Yes
      Zhoom: Very well, it is done.

    • No
  • Invite - invites Zhoom as Guest A.

    The Oasis Inn

    Sandy: Welcome to the Oasis Inn, <Class>. You are welcome here!
    Sandy: These are trying times for all the people of The Sandsea, but they can all come here and forget their troubles for a while
    Sandy: If you're hungry, we serve scabburgers, fried cactus bites and our famous camel wings in both hot and mild! If you want a drink we've got...
    Sandy: ...water. Hey, this is a desert. Water is pretty awesome around here

    Ne'er Duwell: *mumble mumble mumble mumble* ... *shifty eyes* ... *mumble mumble mumble mumble*
    Rap Scallion: ...I can't understand a word that you just said
    Ne'er Duwell: *ahem* Sorry, it's the mask. It's hard to talk through this thing
    Ne'er Duwell:This is a lot more work than the "Be a Thug: Change your Life!" brochure made it out to be

    Scown Drell: ...So you TOO can live the exciting life of a desert thug! Here... take a look at this brochure!

    Patron: Quiet! Do you want to get us killed?!
    Patron: What? All I said was the Rebellion is doing more for the people than Sek - Duat XV has done...
    Patron: ...They really help the people. They stole a shipment of food for the palace and gave it to the poorest neighborhood in town
    Patron: You DO want to get us killed! I DON'T KNOW THIS MAN!

    Happy Hatshepsut’s Helms

    Arsinoe: Greeting, hero! Welcome to Happy Hatshepsut's Helmshop!

    Arsinoe: With the sun so hot here, making sure your head is covered is very important!

    Arsinoe: Oh, yes! Hatshepsut wanted something that would draw customers in, so he started a promotional offer
    Arsinoe: Say the name correctly three times fast and get a free helm!

    Arsinoe: They said that the Emperor's family has ruled here for many, many years! There are whispers of being unhappy, though

    Sek-Duat XV

    Sek-Duat XV: Greetings <Character>. Welcome to my palace.

  • Quests!
    Sek-Duat XV: I have many tasks for a <Class> like you. Please me, and you will be rewarded.
    • The Sandwitch
      Sek-Duat XV: The people of The Sandsea have grown... discontent.
      Sek-Duat XV: They plot and scheme against me... but they are not to blame. They are like children.
      Sek-Duat XV: When a parent makes a strict rule to keep the children safe, the children are expected to throw fits. They know no better.
      Sek-Duat XV: But when they break these rules made to keep them safe, they must be...punished. They must learn their place if I am to keep them safe.
      Sek-Duat XV: If The Sandsea were a less dangerous place, then I would have no reason to keep such strict rules.
      Sek-Duat XV: Therefore, I command you to eliminate one of the greatest threats to my people: The Sandwitch!
      Sek-Duat XV: That old crone was cast out of the yaga sisterhood in Doomwood for being TOO CRUEL!
      Sek-Duat XV: Her sisters left her to die in the desert but the hatred in her heart has kept her alive all these years. The people fear her.
      Sek-Duat XV: They have good cause to fear her. She summons people to her cave in the middle of the night and they are never seen again.
      Sek-Duat XV: If you were to eliminate the Sandwitch, and the people had less to fear, perhaps they would have less reason to rebel.
      Sek-Duat XV: Go now, and do not return until the outcast has been taken care of and my people are safe.

    • The Traitor
      Sek-Duat XV: You have pleased me greatly, <Character>.
      Sek-Duat XV: Tell me, how did you dispose of the Sandwitch? Not even my elite guards could end her miserable life.
      Sek-Duat XV: No, I've changed my mind. All that matters is your ability to get the job done. I remain impressed with your skills.
      Sek-Duat XV: Now I have another task for you, while Zhoom is hunting down the last of the rebels. One of their number had decided to betray his fellows.
      Sek-Duat XV: I want you to go and meet this turncoat. If he is honest about his desire to serve me then escort him here. If it is a trap...
      Sek-Duat XV: ...Well, you are more than capable of dealing with anything the rebels might have concocted.
      Sek-Duat XV: Here is the map to the meeting location.
    • Take the map to the traitor's meeting place. (NOTE: this item will not show up in your inventory.)
      Sek-Duat XV: Bring him to me or dispose of him. Either way, I expect you to return with good news, <Character>. Do not disappoint me.

    • Zhowdown
      Sek-Duat XV: Welcome back, <Character>. I see that you did not bring the traitor to me. I will assume that it was a rebel trap.
      Sek-Duat XV: I have one final assignment for you, and when you return I will shower you with riches beyond your wildest dreams.
      Sek-Duat XV: I have reason to believe that Zhoom has begun working with the resistance against me. This will not stand.
      Sek-Duat XV: I think that he has been capturing these rebels just to get close to me. No one is that good of a tracker.
      Sek-Duat XV: When I discovered his betrayal I sent the key to the prisons to the Lizardmen's ziggurat to the west. It is hidden there.
      Sek-Duat XV: Zhoom will eventually show up there. If he wants to set his rebel friends free then he will need that key.
      Sek-Duat XV: I command you to go to the Lizardmen's Ziggurat and stop him by any means necessary.
      Sek-Duat XV: Do so quickly... a very special day is fast approaching. I want no interference from Zhoom and the resistance.
      Sek-Duat XV: If there is one thing that I can't stand... it's a traitor.
  • Talk
    Sek-Duat XV: As you know I am the Sun King, King of the Sands, the Celestial and Masterful Emperor Sek-Duat XV.
    Sek-Duat XV: I am the Fifteenth Sek-Duat... the Fifteenth true ruler of The Sandsea. You may call me 'Highness' or 'Emperor' if you like.
    Sek-Duat XV: It is a rare honor for you to be invited into my presence. Very few people have ever had this honor.
    Sek-Duat XV: Even King Alteon the Balanced, so-called ruler of the green lands, has never been asked into my presence.
    Sek-Duat XV: You will only speak when I require it, and when you ARE commanded to speak you will keep a civil tone.
    Sek-Duat XV: Your work with the ranger Zhoom has not gone unseen. You have considerable skills...
    Sek-Duat XV: ... You have even defeated the mummified dragon in my family's tomb. Now my fathers can rest.
    Sek-Duat XV: The Mighty and Glorious Sek-Duat the First, the first and greatest of my line, can enjoy his eternal rest.
    Sek-Duat XV: Zhoom is a great ranger. He has become famous for being able to find people who are hard to find. But he is a specialist.
    Sek-Duat XV: I have need of someone like you, with more wide-ranging skills. Someone who can overcome unforseen challenges and think fast.
    Sek-Duat XV: If you think fast enough... perhaps you can leave The Sandsea with twice as much treasure... your share and Zhoom's.

  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    Other information
  • The Ranger class can be obtained through Zhoom.

    Thanks to
  • mediavaldragon, Saojun, PhantomBlitz, Madam Mutant, and Suranjan for information.
  • DragonBlade for entry reformats and correction.
  • Peachii for corrections.

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    Voodoo Master

    The Sandsea (Book 3)

    Access Point: Sandsea Region -> Duat -> Travel
    Requirements: None
    Release Date: April 12th, 2013

    Quests Available
    Madu and Maru
    The Rude Sandstorm

    Desert Dangers

    Sandsea Surfing

    Treasure Hunter


    Kamilah (Shop)

    Madu and Maru
    Obsidian Shards (Shop)

    Masub DC
    Masub Helms

    Nailah DC
    Nailah Gold

    SandSea (Shop)
    SandSea DC
    Sandsea Houses


    Masub: Ah, stranger! I see you are visiting! I have many fine and sturdy helms to protect you in the desert!

    The Inn

    Zabrina: Everyone is so friendly here but, I miss the breeze in the Rosewood....

    Neema: Ha! I totally told you I could do it!
    Sekani: Just because you got lucky!
    Neema: Luck? Luck?! I am the best sandsurfer EVER!
    Sekani: Please I bet you this eavesdropping stranger could do it too!
    Neema: Psh...
    Sekani: What do you say, stranger? Think you can surf the dunes of the Sandsea and survive?
    Sekani: The more things you click and destroy, the more gold you'll get!

    Tabia: There's no way you get all the treasure and survive!
    Redoute: I think you underestimate how many times I've been bashed in the head... traps don't phase me at all.
    Redoute: Plus, you said there were zero monsters in there!
    Tabia: Because the traps killed them all!
    Tabia: Well... maybe not all, but most of them!
    Redoute: You don't even know for sure!
    Tabia: I know it's a crypt full of treasure and, for as long as the Sandsea has had bandits... the fact that there's still treasure says something!

    Aziza and Husani

    Aziza: Why did Sek Duat cross the road?
    Husani: I don't know... why?
    Aziza: 'Cause he wanted to find his mummy!

    House Shop

    Oni: Ah, a customer! Hello, friend! I have many beautiful things for sale for your home!

    The Market

    Kamilah: Stranger, you look parched. Please, look over my trinkets and see if you can find anything that might help protect you from the heat.

    Akiiki: Hi! I'm Akiiki! Who are you?! You look so brave and strong! Just like my Dad!

    Sahara: Behave yourself, stranger. Since everything in town has been so peaceful, the market rules are very... relaxed.
    Sahara: If you feel like a fight, head into the desert and help clear out bandits and other dangers instead of making trouble here.

    Birnan: Stupid scorpions and their dumb stingers, stinging me and being mean and dumb and stupid.

    Nailah: I can tell you are a hero. I have the finest, all natural, weapons in all of the Sandsea! And for very good prices!


    Haqikah: Ever since the Rose came and fought off the bandits that plagued the Sandsea it has been so peaceful here.
    Haqikah: I can come and stand by the spring and feel safe.

    The Scarab Guard Quarters

    Madu: The Scarab Guard quarters are not open to the public.
    Maru: he/she might be able to help, brother.

    Other information
  • Complete Life Finds a Way to unlock an additional access point:
    • That A'Way! (Book 3) -> Right -> Up Right -> 2 Right -> Up -> Enter the stone arch -> Up Right -> Right -> 2 Down Right -> Down -> Up / Right
  • Sek Duat's palace is inaccessible.
  • Both the fountain and the spring act as healing sources.
  • The hairstyle and hair color of Sekani, Neema and Nailah change every time you enter the area where they are located.

    Thanks to Silver for corrections and other information.

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