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Of Duty and Dragons

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6/18/2021 23:56:50   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Of Duty and Dragons

Location: The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction -> Doomwood Camp -> Quests! -> Of Duty and Dragons
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Broken Circuit (Part 2)
Release Date: June 18th, 2021

Objective: An uncertain future, partings, and revelations.
Objective completed: Welcome to Dragonsgrasp.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


DragonLord A
DragonLord B
Eulin Verriton IV
G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema
Magus Neron
Queen Victoria



*Back in the Doomwood Ruins, Magus Neron prepares to help an unconscious Ostromir.*

Magus Neron: Such fascinating ruins!
Magus Neron: Despite my post here in Doomwood, I find myself woefully unaware of its history before the vampires and werewolves.
G. M. Hansa: Perhaps we can organize something with the wandering tribes after this is all over.
G. M. Hansa: But we have more pressing matters at present.
Magus Neron: Right! The patient.
Vseslava: You can help Ostromir?
Magus Neron: I can do my best.
Magus Neron: Vseslava, was it? It will be impossible for me to tend to him while he is enclosed in his... suit. Can we remove it?
Vseslava: It... it should be fine to turn it off while you work.

*Vseslava deactivates Ostromir's helm.*

Magus Neron: Thank you.

Magus Neron: Now, Ostromir, let us see what we can do for you.

*Magus Neron raises an unconscious Ostromir's head in order to help him drink Neron's potion, allowing Ostromir to awaken; Ostromir coughs badly once conscious.*

Ostromir: By the Shapeless! What manner of foul–
Magus Neron: That seemed to do it.
Ostromir: What is that... smell?
Ostromir: ...What happened to your face?
Magus Neron: The smell is the ruins around us. As for my face, that was fire. Dragon fire.
Magus Neron: Any more rude questions?
Ostromir: Oh... my head...
Vseslava: Ostromir! Thank the Shapeless!

*Ostromir's helm reactivates as he and Vseslava are reunited.*

Ostromir: Oh! Much better.
Ostromir: But... What happened? I... saw a vision...
Vseslava: I can only assume the worst. I have not yet been able to get in contact with the other divisions, nor any outposts.
Ostromir: Then the Magesterium... the Gift...
Vseslava: As far as I can tell, all lost.
Ostromir: And the city? What of Nieboheim? And our people?
Vseslava: I am sorry, Ostromir. I know as much as you do.

*Ostromir is saddened about the news regarding Nieboheim.*

Ostromir: I... I see.
Ostromir: Then...
Ostromir: Then we... must... continue our duty here.
Ostromir: Traveling back to the Empire would take too long for us to be of any use.
Ostromir: We must protect this land as best we can. As is our job as Magesters of the Golden Hand.
Vseslava: Ostromir... If–
Ostromir: No. Let us... Let us get back to work.
Vseslava: Thank you, Magus Neron. Thank you.
Magus Neron: He's only just awakened, try not to push too hard.
Ostromir: It will be fine. I will be fine.

*Scene fades to black; in complete darkness, the Golden Hand prepares to shrink the Doomwood rift, but they are waiting for a certain someone...*

Ostromir: And... ready! Where is that annoying electric puffball? I am not shrinking the rift with him on this side!
Thursday: I think Raven and <Character> took Prince Eulin out to see the moon one last time.
Ostromir: Well, they better hurry! I am still recovering, and maintaining control of this is a strenuous task!

*Outside the Doomwood Ruins, you and Raven have taken Prince Eulin to see the moon one last time; back inside, you and the Resistance say your goodbyes to Eulin as the Golden Hand shrink the rift.*

Eulin Verriton IV: So... this is it, then. My grand adventure into the Beyond comes to an end.
Eulin Verriton IV: Tales and epics will be told of how I, Prince Eulin Verriton IV, prevented a catastrophe that would destroy the Beyond–
Raven: Oh, Eulin, I'm going to miss you! Take care of yourself!
Eulin Verriton IV: Fear not, Raven!

*Eulin inflates himself.*

Eulin Verriton IV: Somehow, some way, I'll find a way back to see you all again.

*Eulin returns to normal size.*

Eulin Verriton IV: Even you, Ostromir!

*Ostromir glares at Eulin before getting back to his work of shrinking the rift, a slight smile upon his face.*

Eulin Verriton IV: As for you,
Eulin Verriton IV: <Dragon>,
Eulin Verriton IV: I will be practicing my Drahrspeech for when that day comes!
Eulin Verriton IV: Our rivalry will stretch to the moon, our competitions beyond that which the Beyond has ever seen before!

*Your dragon appears unamused, presumably by Eulin's words of rivalry against it.*

Eulin Verriton IV: And <Character>.
Eulin Verriton IV: Hero of the Beyond.
Eulin Verriton IV: You humbled my brother and father, and in doing so, showed them that their conquests are not the only way for the Manufactory.
Eulin Verriton IV: My honor has been restored, and I return to the Manufactory a changed Lagohm. A hero.
Eulin Verriton IV: Dare I say... a favored prince?
Eulin Verriton IV: Thank you. All of you.
Eulin Verriton IV: I... I...

*As Eulin feels down, he inflates himself to give hope that he will meet the people who traveled with him again.*

Eulin Verriton IV: No, a hero and a prince of the Manufactory mustn't cry at what is only a temporary parting!
Eulin Verriton IV: Mark my words. This is not the last you've seen of Prince Eulin Verriton IV!

*Eulin returns to normal size one last time before saying goodbye.*

Eulin Verriton IV: Farewell, my friends!
<Character>: Goodbye, Prince Eulin!
Kara SuLema: Take care!
Mritha: See ya!
G. M. Hansa: Until next time.
Thursday: Stay safe!
Raven: I'll miss you!
Ostromir: Hurry up!

*Eulin sinks down before turning around and jumping through the rift leading to the Manufactory; after the events in the Doomwood Ruins, you and the Resistance regroup back in Amityvale.*

Magus Neron: And so, Amityvale and the rest of Doomwood is back to normal.
Magus Neron: Well, as normal as can be, I suppose.
Magus Neron: It has been a pleasure working with you all.
G. M. Hansa: I'm impressed with your work here, Neron.
G. M. Hansa: Despite the overwhelming odds...
G. M. Hansa: ... you have managed to maintain this small foothold in the face of the onslaught of the surrounding... magic.
Magus Neron: You give me too much credit, Grand Magus. It's the resilience of the people here that deserves your praise.
Magus Neron: Destruction and separation from magic is not the only way forward for The Rose.
Magus Neron: I hope Amityvale can stand as proof to that.
G. M. Hansa: Just as the most beautiful insect may have a deadly sting, the beauty of magic can be deceiving.
G. M. Hansa: My own fears and hatred have been challenged again and again, but such seeds are deep-rooted.
Magus Neron: A sickness of sorts in itself.

*Hansa pauses before getting back to her conversation with Neron.*

G. M. Hansa: ...Perhaps.
Kara SuLema: *Cough*
Magus Neron: Ah, how rude of us. I apologize, it has been quite a while since I've had a chance to debate with a fellow Magus.
Magus Neron: I must thank you once again for coming to our aid. I can only hope that with this victory, the peace will last for some time to come.
Raven: I'm sure you're all extremely busy, but feel free to visit whenever you want!
Thursday: Please do!
Mritha: It's been nice. Odgne isn't a fan of the forest, but maybe we can visit again soon.
Magus Neron: The Vind is withdrawing, then?
Kara SuLema: Yes. Of course, we'll leave some behind to help with the rebuilding, if we are welcome.
Magus Neron: Certainly. I appreciate your aid, Lady Kara.
Magus Neron: Ostromir, Vseslava, the rift should no longer present a threat, is that correct?
Ostromir: It is not fully closed, so to say, but it will indeed no longer exert its influence.
Ostromir: Assuming, of course, that it is not further tampered with.
Magus Neron: I will have to get in touch with the nomadic tribes then about that subject. Wonderful.
Vseslava: Ostromir...
Ostromir: Yes, yes. I wish to apologize for my rudeness earlier, mage. Thank you for your assistance.
Magus Neron: I took no offense. And from what you described, I imagine you had much more important things on your mind than niceties and manners.
Ostromir: And I still do.
Vseslava: Thank you, Magus Neron.
<Character>: We should get going. I'm sure Queen Victoria is eagerly awaiting our report.
Magus Neron: Indeed. Take care, everyone! You're always welcome in Amityvale!
Raven: Bye <Character>! Bye Mritha! Bye <Dragon>!
Thursday: See you soon.

*Back in the Swordhaven Castle throne room, you and the Alliance report the success in Doomwood and the grave news surrounding the Magesterium to Queen Victoria.*

Queen Victoria: So... You believe the Magesterium is no more?
Ostromir: It is not merely a belief.
Vseslava: The Shapeless Empire is most likely in total disarray as we speak.
Queen Victoria: Do you need to return home, then?
Ostromir: We... I...
Vseslava: It puts us in a difficult position.
Vseslava: While we would want nothing more than to return home to take care of our nation, our people, our families...
Ostromir: Our duty as Golden Hand must come first. It must.
Ostromir: One nation is nothing compared to all who live on Lore.
Vseslava: So we will stay. And finish our job.
Vseslava: And then we will return to what is left of our home.
Ostromir: ...
Queen Victoria: That is a very noble and honorable sentiment. You have my deepest sympathies, Ostromir, Vseslava...
Vseslava: Thank you.
Queen Victoria: I am glad to hear that the Doomwood rift has been brought under control.
Queen Victoria: I would have liked to meet this Prince Eulin, though...
Queen Victoria: That leaves us with only two Proclamation rifts remaining.
Queen Victoria: Let's see.. Where did I put those reports...?

*Victoria's bodyguard hands the reports about the two remaining Proclamation rifts to her.*

Queen Victoria: Ah, yes, thank you, er... bodyguard!

*Victoria's bodyguard nods an armored head back.*

Queen Victoria: Right!

Queen Victoria: Blah blah blah... hmm hmm... blah blah...
Queen Victoria: Looks like there hasn't been too much activity from the Northlands, just more fungus.
Queen Victoria: And the Deadlands is only getting... a slightly abnormal amount of rainfall?
Queen Victoria: Hmm...
???: Kara? Kara! Oh, thank goodness you're here!
Guard: Hey, you can't go in there– the queen–

*Niki enters the throne room with disturbing news from the Northlands.*

Kara SuLema: Niki? Whatever is the- What are you doing here?
Kara SuLema: You were assigned to... Oh no. What's happened?
Niki: It's Dragesvard... Just... overnight! There was nothing we could do but run...
Kara SuLema: Take a deep breath, Niki. Slow down.
Niki: We'd been monitoring the growth and spread of the fungus, and it seemed to be quite containable with some regular pruning.
Niki: But it never occurred to us that it was still spreading under the ice!
Niki: At first we thought it was an earthquake of some kind, then, by the time the streets and buildings were cracking, it was almost too late.
Niki: Dragesvard is... well, gone!
Queen Victoria: Gone, as in...
Niki: What's left is a twisted mess of mushrooms, bricks, spores, and snow.
Queen Victoria: ...And the people?
Niki: We were able to evacuate many. Most of the town. They left with the Dragonslayers to find Dragonsgrasp.
Niki: I came here as fast I could to relay what happened.
Mritha: Dragonsgrasp could have sent a rider with news! They could have helped!
Niki: The Dragonslayers hoped their treaty with the DragonLords would allow them to find safety for the refugees.
Niki: But I don't know if they were successful.
Queen Victoria: Well, that certainly helps narrow down our next objective.
Queen Victoria: The safety of the people must come first. Seek out Dragonsgrasp. Find out what happened to the refugees.
Queen Victoria: If Dragonsgrasp denies them aid, we'll have to direct them here... with our already strained resources.
Queen Victoria: Then we... Avatars know how...
Queen Victoria: Then we somehow contain the fungal growth and bring the rift under control.
<Character>: We'll figure out a way.
G. M. Hansa: Hmm...
Kara SuLema: Is something on your mind, Grand Magus Hansa?
G. M. Hansa: The Rose has little to no presence in the Northlands, after being pushed back by the Dragonslayers.
G. M. Hansa: That could complicate things for this corner of the Alliance.
Queen Victoria: You've proven yourself capable of working with those you once called foes before, Magus Hansa.
Queen Victoria: Feel free to take some soldiers with you. If there are any objections, they can bring it up with me.
G. M. Hansa: Thank you, Your Majesty.
<Character>: Now all we have to do is find out where Dragonsgrasp actually... is...
Mritha: No. Odgne and I will lead the way. We know where the fortress is hidden.
Mritha: Now that conflict has come to their doorstep, the DragonLords can't ignore it any longer.
Mritha: I won't let them.
Queen Victoria: Wonderful. Thank you all so much. You're true heroes to Greenguard- no, all of Lore.
Queen Victoria: Every one of you.
Kara SuLema: Niki, get some rest, I'm sure you're tired. I'll leave a trail for you to follow–
Niki: No. I appreciate it, Kara, but I've worked too hard keeping the people of Dragesvard safe.
Niki: I will do what I can to protect them, no matter what.
Kara SuLema: Niki, you'll be no use to anyone if you're exhausted and on the verge of collapse.
Kara SuLema: We'll send word when we arrive, and you can follow with reinforcements, okay?
Niki: Kara...
Niki: You're right, of course. I will rest. Thank you, and may the wind guide you.
Kara SuLema: And you as well.
<Character>: Then onward we go! To Dragonsgrasp!
Ostromir: Hmm... More dragons... This land truly isn't short of insanity.
Vseslava: By the Shapeless, Ostromir, try to contain your excitement.

*Ostromir doesn't appear nearly as enthusiastic as Vseslava about heading to Dragonsgrasp; scene fades to black; you and the Alliance arrive at Dragonsgrasp to seek further aid from and allegiance with the DragonLords.*

DragonLord A: What's this? More refugees?
DragonLord B: Who goes there–?
DragonLord A: It's... It's Mritha! And Odgne!
DragonLord B: And The Rose!
DragonLord A: Is that... <Character>? And <Dragon> too? What's going on?

DragonLord A: State your business!
Mritha: We're here to help deal with the Proclamation rift that threatens all of Lore!
Mritha: And you're going to let us in, provide us with resources, and help us as well.
DragonLord A: You're kidding.
<Character>: She's not. We're here to help!
DragonLord A: Well, you and <Dragon> are welcome, of course, <Character>, but...
DragonLord A: I'm sorry, Mritha, Odgne, and other... assorted... guests... but–
Mritha: But nothing. You're either opening this gate, or Odgne and I...
Mritha: ...are tearing it down.

*Mritha threatens the DragonLords to open Dragonsgrasp's gate as Odgne roars.*

DragonLord B: But The Rose–
Mritha: They're here to help too, because as hard as it is to get into your thick skulls, this is beyond anything we've faced before.
Mritha: And what happened to the Dragesvard refugees? Don't tell me you turned them away too?
DragonLord A: Look, Mritha, you can't show up like this and just—
DragonLord B: We let them in. They're safe here, for now.
Mritha: Good to hear. Now are you opening this gate for us or not?
DragonLord A: If you insist, Mritha, but if you cause trouble again...
DragonLord B: If any of you cause trouble.
DragonLord A: Well, we have ways of protecting the fortress from threats.
DragonLord B: You're responsible for your guests. If anything happens, it's going to be on your head.
Mritha: How very gracious hosts you are.

*The gate to Dragonsgrasp opens.*

Kara SuLema: Well done, Mritha.
<Character>: ...What kind of trouble did you get into before?
Mritha: I can tell you later. Let's go, everyone.
Mritha: Welcome to Dragonsgrasp, in all its... ugh... splendor.

*Scene fades to black.*

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