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Victoria / Princess Victoria / Queen Victoria

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3/9/2009 17:09:52   
ArchMagus Orodalf

Victoria / Princess Victoria / Queen Victoria

Location: Victoria's Secret, The Gala, Are Rocks Evil?, Queen of Swordhaven, Out of Control, The Golden Hand, Swordhaven Castle, Daybreak (Rose), Into the Light, Collapse, The Spells We Weave

Zones permitted
The Greenguard Alliance (All Versions)

Quests given

Shops owned

Victoria's Secret

Princess Victoria: Hello!

Princess Victoria: Er, yes. Thank you. It is very nice to meet you, <Character>. For the first time. Ever.

Princess Victoria: The moneyless villagers! That is to say, the poorer townspeople.

Princess Victoria: ......

Princess Victoria: Father, I just... I-

Princess Victoria: *gulp*

Princess Victoria: Yes, yes it does. It definitely does. Uh, that's been my motivation this whole time! Helping the people!

Princess Victoria: But...!

Princess Victoria: <Character>, you can stop. Helping. Now.

Princess Victoria: Quite sure.

The Gala

???: Hi, <Character>.

Princess Victoria: Keep your voice down!
Princess Victoria: How are you?

Princess Victoria: I'm not sure I follow?

Princess Victoria: Huh?
Princess Victoria: But we have-

Princess Victoria: -obviously never seen each other since you were thawed, that's completely right and correct!
Princess Victoria: Silly me! Ohohohoho...
Princess Victoria: I have been...around. The castle, that is. That's why you haven't seen me!
Princess Victoria: I've been...attending to my royal duties...and...stuff.

Princess Victoria: Likewise!

Princess Victoria: Oh, Tara is off to seal a deal with an eastern country. She's become quite the entrepreneur.
Princess Victoria: Brittany is...sick.

Princess Victoria: I think it's going to be fine. Jaania's magi are helping...

Princess Victoria: Jaania is convincing.

Princess Victoria: I can see it. She's preying on him. On our misfortune. I bring it up every now and then, but he refuses to listen.

Princess Victoria: <Character>, our mother died...because of magic. And our little-
Princess Victoria: I don't know how she knew it, but I know that she's using it very well.
Princess Victoria: My father may appear strong, but he's hurting. Even after ALL these years.
Princess Victoria: When Jaania first came to my father, he was hopeful, but skeptic. After all... she IS good at what she is doing, and people saw it.
Princess Victoria: But then she showed him something, and...it tipped the scales. His outlook on Jaania changed.
Princess Victoria: He still is wary of the Rose, mind you...but not of Jaania.
Princess Victoria: I don't know what she showed him, but must have been significant. It changed his perspective. Maybe even...healed him, but still...
Princess Victoria: You will have an opportunity to speak with him. If he won't listen to his own daughter...maybe he'll listen to you.

Princess Victoria: Thank you, <Character>. I will... see you soon.

Princess Victoria: Oh, nevermind! Go on, have fun!

Are Rocks Evil?

Princess Victoria: I can see more of them around the corner, father.

Princess Victoria: <Character>?

Princess Victoria: The guards are down as well...
Princess Victoria: Is this an attack? On our kingdom?

Princess Victoria: *thinking* What did Jaania do...

Princess Victoria: No, father! We have to evacuate, your life is what's important here!

Princess Victoria: What about Brittany?

Princess Victoria: How can you be sure?

Princess Victoria: I will help-

Princess Victoria: What?! Are you serious?!

Princess Victoria: No!
Princess Victoria: Just no!
Princess Victoria: You will not tell me what I can or can't do.
Princess Victoria: I am tired of you treating me like this!
Princess Victoria: Every time I came back from "delegations", I had to hide bruises from you because I knew you would not approve of what I'm doing!
Princess Victoria: But this ends now!
Princess Victoria: I am not made from porcelain!
Princess Victoria: I can take care of myself and others!
Princess Victoria: And I'm certainly NOT interested in "attracting a Prince,-"
Princess Victoria: "-when I'm gallivanting around the countryside engaged in such unsuitable activities", Father!
Princess Victoria: Yes, I still remember this!
Princess Victoria: I am going to take up my bow, rip up my dress and defend YOU, because I am more than just a princess!
Princess Victoria: I am your daughter!
Princess Victoria: And I am going to help you get out of here, whether you like it or not!
Princess Victoria: Because that's who I am!

Princess Victoria: Let's go.

Princess Victoria: Fine, I don't care, let's GO!

Princess Victoria: But didn't it seem like they only came for Jaania?

Princess Victoria: ...
Princess Victoria: Fair point.

Queen of Swordhaven

???: Jaania!

Princess Victoria: Why have you announced to the people that my father has been kidnapped?! You had no right-

Princess Victoria: He wasn't kidnapped!!

Princess Victoria: Then your sources are wrong!!
Princess Victoria: I was.... I...

Princess Victoria: I was there when it happened!

Princess Victoria: <Character>...

Princess Victoria: My father has been injured! By these things! That YOU lead into the castle!! <Character> has taken him... has...

Princess Victoria: I... I couldn-

Princess Victoria: I don't know.

Princess Victoria: That woma-I...

Princess Victoria: The point is, my father was not kidnapped. He was taken... to... someone who will... help him!

Princess Victoria: I trust <Character>!

Princess Victoria: Are you... leaving?

Princess Victoria: To where?

Princess Victoria: You mean attack you...

Princess Victoria: ...

Princess Victoria: P-pardon?

Out of Control

Victoria: I am aware of the increased monster activity in the areas around your farm, but I just—
Victoria: I'm so sorry, I just can't send my guards there at the moment.
Victoria: You could post about your problem on the city board, perhaps some kind soul can help you...

Victoria: Alternatively...
Victoria: *Sigh*
Victoria: I could request some Rose recruits help you with your issue.

Victoria: Mhm...

Victoria: Dad... how did you manage all of this?
Victoria: Please send in the next audience.

Victoria: Lady Jaania.

Victoria: May I... help you with something?

Victoria: What a shame.

Victoria: If you tell me about the incident, I will see if the renovations can progress faster.

Victoria: I—
Victoria: Um...

Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania!
Queen Victoria: I order you to tell me what happened in your tower that day, causing damage to the infrastructure and the populace of Swordhaven...
Queen Victoria: ...or else you will be thrown into the dungeon!
Queen Victoria: And believe me, it is much more uncomfortable than your current temporary quarters.

Queen Victoria: G—good. Thank you.
Queen Victoria: I will see what I can do about your old quarters.

Queen Victoria: Hold.

Queen Victoria: There is another matter which I must discuss with you.
Queen Victoria: We have welcomed the refugees of Duat into Swordhaven, and while we have the resources to support them for now...
Queen Victoria: It has come to my attention that the Magesterium attack was stopped not because of the Rose...
Queen Victoria: ...but despite your refusal to send troops or investigate personally.
Queen Victoria: I am sure I do not need to remind you, but the safe harbor of Swordhaven was provided under a condition.
Queen Victoria: The condition that the Rose protect the citizens of Greenguard.
Queen Victoria: I understand that most of your forces have been tasked with moving south, outside of the kingdom.

Queen Victoria: As per my father's decree, I cannot allow this.
Queen Victoria: The Rose's first priority must be to deal with any immediate threats to the Kingdom of Greenguard!
Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, should you refuse to—

Queen Victoria: What is it?

Queen Victoria: Proceed.

Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, if you do not recall your forces to assist in the defense of the Kingdom...
Queen Victoria: ...I'm afraid I will have no choice but to terminate your base of operations here in Swordhaven.

Queen Victoria: Do you refuse?

The Golden Hand

Queen Victoria: Thank you for answering my summons, Lady Kara, <Character>.
Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania says that you are the leader of the Vind, Lady Kara. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Queen Victoria: Wonderful. Now, down to business.
Queen Victoria: Given the current situation with the Magesterium's assault on the Kingdom...
Queen Victoria: ...I would hope to negotiate a truce between the forces of the Rose and the Vind.
Queen Victoria: No, not a truce.

Queen Victoria: A temporary alliance.

Queen Victoria: An alliance, unifying the people of Greenguard against this threat. We cannot afford to be divided during this time of peril.

Queen Victoria: Can't you just... agree not to fight each other for the greater good?

Queen Victoria: Lady Kara, is this true? Are you holding my father against his will?

Queen Victoria: And <Character>, can you corroborate this information?

Queen Victoria: The king— My father— he was well when he left?

Queen Victoria: I see. Lady Jaania—

Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania! I trust <Character>, and since s/he can vouch for Lady Kara, I believe her.
Queen Victoria: Do you mistrust the judgment of your Queen?

Queen Victoria: Then as the leaders of the Rose and the Vind— you who have gathered so many followers—
Queen Victoria: You must inspire your people to put aside their differences in the face of the end of the world.

Queen Victoria (thinking): Politics is easy!

Queen Victoria: Lady Kara, please forgive Lady Jaania for this. She believes she may be able to close all of the rifts. As such, her time is quite valuable.

Queen Victoria: That brings us to you, <Character>. How are you doing?

Queen Victoria: While I have full confidence in Lady Jaania's abilities, you're quite resourceful.
Queen Victoria: I would like you to search for any alternate methods of closing the rifts.

Queen Victoria: Your plan is still just that. A plan. I will not gamble with the lives of my subjects.

Queen Victoria: Good. Is this agreeable to you, <Character>?

Queen Victoria: Glad to hear it!
Queen Victoria: Now, I'm sure you all have a lot of business to attend to, but we must first set up some preliminary logistics, send messages—

Queen Victoria: What is the—

Queen Victoria: Identify yourselves, intruders, before I toss you into the dungeons!

Queen Victoria: What is the meaning of this?

Queen Victoria: Excuse me. You're from the Magesterium...
Queen Victoria: ...who attacked my father, have declared war on Greenguard with your most recent assault, and you're here to negotiate?

Queen Victoria: And you can close them?

Queen Victoria: You make a fair point, Jaania. How can we trust you, Golden Hand of the Shapeless Empire?
Queen Victoria: You claim that your attack on my father was an accident—

Queen Victoria: And of my father? You've apologized, but explain yourselves! Why did your golems attack us?

Queen Victoria: I am.

Queen Victoria: We can discuss reparations later.

Queen Victoria: So what is it that you want, exactly, Vseslava, Ostromir?

Queen Victoria: And what is the nature of these adjustments?

Queen Victoria: Why do you require our cooperation for this?
Queen Victoria: Couldn't you just teleport where you needed to go?

Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, Lady Kara, <Character>, what are your thoughts?

Queen Victoria: But why attack the Kingdom? If Jaania is intruding on Magesterium ground, can you not defend against the Rose there?

Queen Victoria: It does, but I must disagree with your methods wholeheartedly.

Queen Victoria: The Magesterium has caused great harm and damage to the Kingdom of Greenguard and its people.
Queen Victoria: However, if the situation is as dire as not only you, Vseslava, and Ostromir, have told me, but Lady Kara and <Character>, as well as our own scouts...
Queen Victoria: ...then I see no other choice.
Queen Victoria: Vseslava, Ostromir, of the Golden Hand of the Shapeless Empire, I grant you free passage.
Queen Victoria: Passage only, though. Should you break our laws or be found doing anything untoward or suspicious, you will be executed.

Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, you are free to continue your research, provided that you manage your troops and keep away from the Fissure.

Queen Victoria: We must protect the people of Greenguard, no, all of Lore, first. Then we can resume our petty political squabbles.
Queen Victoria: The Rose and the Vind will work together to protect the people of the Kingdom while the Golden Hand does its work.
Queen Victoria: At no point will interference or subterfuge be tolerated. Is that clear?

Queen Victoria: I leave that up to you, <Character>. You may assist the Rose or the Vind in their endeavors, or, should you choose to...
Queen Victoria: ...you may aid in escorting the Golden Hand.

Queen Victoria (thinking): I'm doing it, father! Wherever you are, I hope you're proud.

Swordhaven Castle

Queen Victoria: It's... a relief to see you, <Character>. With the Magesterium rifts threatening all of Lore, your presence gives us hope.

  • Quests!
    • The Greenguard Alliance - teleports you to The Greenguard Alliance, where you must either select or support your chosen faction.
  • Talk
    If you haven't selected a faction:
    Queen Victoria: The Rose, Vind, and Golden Hand are preparing for the conflict ahead. I leave it to you to decide which group to support.

    Queen Victoria: I will trust your judgement in this. You're our hero, after all!

    If you have selected a faction:
    Queen Victoria: Sometimes, I wonder if I'm doing the right thing. Is it wise to trust the Golden Hand? What if the Vind has ulterior motives?
    Queen Victoria: And is Jaania really working on something that could save us all?
    Queen Victoria: But then I must remember that I am Queen. I must be decisive, and my decisions absolute.
    Queen Victoria: All the same, when one is locked up on this throne, with the crown as my chains, it can be...
    Queen Victoria: ...easy to forget the sacrifices that are being made out on the battlefield.
    Queen Victoria (whispering): I don't suppose you could sneak in a bow for me? Maybe I could find a window to shoot from...

    Queen Victoria: Ahem. I mean, Thank you, <Character>, loyal subject, for coming to give your respects. Keep up the good work!

  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

    Daybreak (Rose)

    Queen Victoria: Thank you for your concern, but as Queen, I may go where I wish.

    Queen Victoria: As of now, I'm issuing orders!
    Queen Victoria: The Vind has already sent DragonRider scouts to gain information on this monster.
    Queen Victoria: I've also gotten word that The Golden Hand have begun their process of bringing the rift under control.
    Queen Victoria: I'm calling for a meeting between the Vind and the Rose to best discuss how to tackle this new development.
    Queen Victoria: I'd like you to be present as well, <Character>.

    Queen Victoria: They will have to be. As will the Vind fighters.

    Queen Victoria: I'll see if we can bring out and repurpose some of the city's old defenses as well.

    Into the Light

    Queen Victoria: And that's the city's defense situation at present. We've called off the attack to prevent any collateral damage.
    Queen Victoria: What of the Vind's efforts against the Tytan?

    Queen Victoria: And what of the Rose?

    Queen Victoria: The city is under attack, Lady Jaania. Do you have a means of protecting the city?

    Queen Victoria: I understand that your research is important.
    Queen Victoria: But it cannot come at the cost of Swordhaven and its people!

    Queen Victoria: Good.
    Queen Victoria: Vseslava, how is the closure of the rift progressing?

    Queen Victoria: Is this going to be a problem?

    Queen Victoria: What can we do to help?

    Queen Victoria: I understand. That brings us to the next topic.
    Queen Victoria: How are we going to stop this... Tytan?
    Queen Victoria: Our weapons are ineffective... the dragons cannot stay in the air for prolonged assault... and the city's defense is faltering.

    Queen Victoria: As seems to be the theme of this Alliance, I believe we must work together!
    Queen Victoria: We'll need to use some Rose mages to enhance our remaining siege weaponry, and the Dragonriders of the Vind will be required as well.
    Queen Victoria: We'll launch one massive assault, all together!
    Queen Victoria: And at that moment, <Character> and <Dragon> may be able to reach the Tytan...
    Queen Victoria: ... to either slay it or push it back through the rift!

    Queen Victoria: Yes?

    Queen Victoria: Apologies if you misunderstood, <Character>. We will of course do our research and create a plan of action!
    Queen Victoria: You will not be sent to blindly face the Tytan.
    Queen Victoria: But we may not be prepared for every eventuality.
    Queen Victoria: Your resourcefulness and resilience is why I've chosen you to face it head on.

    Queen Victoria: Hmm.

    Queen Victoria: Wonderful. Thank you, Lady Jaania.

    Queen Victoria: It's good to see everyone getting along!
    Queen Victoria: Now, if there's nothing else—

    Queen Victoria: What was that?!

    Queen Victoria: To arms!

    Queen Victoria: Stupid dress, always getting in the way!
    Queen Victoria: Jaania, about that defensive measure?

    Queen Victoria: The city cannot withstand this! If you have any way of defending it, NOW is the time!

    Queen Victoria: Do it!


    Queen Victoria: Not now, you two!
    Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, can you walk while preparing the spell? We can't stay up here!

    Queen Victoria: Good. We'll head deeper into the castle as you prepare.

    Queen Victoria: Melissa, watch our backs, and <Character>, take the front.

    Queen Victoria: I'll stay by Lady Jaania.
    Queen Victoria: Swordhaven will not fall under my watch!

    Queen Victoria: We should be able to stop here for a moment without worrying about the ceiling falling in on us. Is the spell prepared?
    Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania?

    Queen Victoria: It's done then?

    Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, are you alright?

    Queen Victoria: Lady Jaania, you did your duty as commanded by the Queen of Swordhaven.
    Queen Victoria: You saved the city!

    Queen Victoria: If there are to be any consequences–

    Queen Victoria: I see.
    Queen Victoria: Lady Melissa, can you do me a favor, please?

    Queen Victoria: Please escort Lady Jaania safely to her tower, and notify her bodyguards of what has transpired.
    Queen Victoria: I believe they will be better equipped to take care of her in her current state than we are.

    Queen Victoria: Look at all this, <Character>.

    Queen Victoria: What a mess.

    Queen Victoria: I'm not.
    Queen Victoria: I'm running on the feeling in the back of my head that says I am responsible for everyone here.
    Queen Victoria: Everyone is under my care. And all I can do is what I think best.

    Queen Victoria: Nobody questions me. Nobody says, "Hey, Queen lady, that's a bad idea!".
    Queen Victoria: Not for the big stuff, at least.
    Queen Victoria: Sometimes...
    Queen Victoria: No, a lot of the time, I wish I could be back in the forest, helping out the animals. But...

    Queen Victoria: Those days could never last, could they?

    Queen Victoria: Thanks for listening, <Character>.

    Queen Victoria: I must check on Brittany. Make sure she's safe.
    Queen Victoria: I'll send word to Tara... Let her know that Swordhaven is unsafe to return to.
    Queen Victoria: Oh, and follow up with Lady Jaania.
    Queen Victoria: Then I have to re-organize the assault on the Tytan, see what resources we've lost...
    Queen Victoria: <Character>, please do your best to continue helping the people of Swordhaven. I will send a summons for you when we are ready.

    Queen Victoria: How does s/he keep going, I wonder?

    The Spells We Weave

    Queen Victoria: So, what's this plan you've come up with?

    Queen Victoria: Then instead of fighting back, it will retreat through the rift!

    Queen Victoria: ...I can see a lot of things going wrong with this plan.
    Queen Victoria: What if this just makes it angrier?
    Queen Victoria: What if it flees further away from the rift rather than back into it?
    Queen Victoria: Can it... even fly backwards?

    Queen Victoria: <Character>, I'm... I'm not sure that it's that simple...

    Queen Victoria: I see! And with the ballistae that hit it then fell, there's sure to be some Tytan bits out on the battlefield!
    Queen Victoria: How are you faring, Golden Hand?

    Queen Victoria: Wonderful. This plan still seems... optimistic though. If the Tytan doesn't retreat, or it redoubles its attack...
    Queen Victoria: We must trust that Jaania's barrier will hold, should even the worst occur.

    Queen Victoria: It is decided. We have incomplete information, and we cannot predict the future, but with what we have, this is our best course of action.
    Queen Victoria: We proceed with this plan.
    Queen Victoria: However, we must not let our guards down. We will continue planning for even the unexpected.
    Queen Victoria: <Character>, it's up to you to find some remains of the Tytan.

    The Gala Appearance
    Out of Control Appearance
    Appearance without crown and wig


    Also See: Cinquefoil, Robina

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, Out of Control appearance image, and spoiler information.
  • Occavatra for The Gala appearance image.
  • Marthe for appearance without crown and wig image.
  • Voodoo Master for coloring and corrections.
  • Stephen Nix for correction.

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