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Outpost Outskirts

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4/29/2023 10:45:57   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Outpost Outskirts

Location: Swordhaven Castle -> Queen Victoria -> Quests! -> Convergence -> Outpost Outskirts
Requirements: Completion of Chasing Answers
Release Date: April 28th, 2023

Objective: Out of the Void, and into the tall grass! Outpost Yeden has to be around here somewhere, right?
Objective completed: The remnants of the Magesterium of the Shapeless Empire await.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Entangled Gorillaphant
(3) Entangled Seed Spitter
(2) Entangled Tuskmonger
(1) Magi Drone
(1) Magi Guard
(1) Magi Scout
(2) Magi Sentry
(1) Magi Pathfinder, (1) Magi Drone, (1) Magi Scout - Boss

Zvezdana / Striking Magester

Pathfinder's Blade Shard

  • Alteon joins you as Guest A.
  • Amadeus joins you as Guest B.

    *You and your allies—consisting of the Golden Hand, Alteon, and Amadeus—are in a land affected by the Fissure in search for Outpost Yeden.*

    Amadeus: So.

    Amadeus: Which way to your encampment?
    Ostromir: It is um... It is...
    <Character>: Didn't you say we were nearby?
    Ostromir: I have never been to the Outpost, personally, but I have heard tales, and read the reports!
    Ostromir: We are certainly in the correct region, at least.
    <Character>: You're telling me we're lost?!
    Ostromir: Not lost, exactly. Just... in need of direction!
    Amadeus: Then let's not stand around.
    Alteon: I must agree. These surroundings make me... uncomfortable.
    Vseslava: Then we should proceed with caution. We know nothing of the current situation.
    <Character>: Right. Let's find that Outpost!

    *You fight through various monsters in search of the aforementioned Outpost; along the way, however, you and your allies are surrounded by the Magesterium's forces.*

    <Character>: Well, we definitely got someone's attention.
    <Character>: Hello? Whoever is out there? We're looking for Outpost Yeden! We seem to have gotten a bit... lost.
    ???: Hmm... Lost, you say?

    *A blonde-haired female Magester—dressed with similar features to Ostromir and Vseslava's uniforms—appears to you and your allies.*

    Striking Magester: Our drones spotted intruders, and several golems have stopped responding. What do we have here?

    *As you and your allies are still surrounded, the Golden Hand greets the Magester.*

    Vseslava: Thank the Shapeless! I am Vseslava, and this is Ostromir. We are both of Golden Hand Div—
    Striking Magester: Division Osiem, yes. The two of you are expected.
    Striking Magester: Your guests however...

    *The Magester examines the Golden Hand's guests—you, Alteon, and Amadeus.*

    Striking Magester: Hm. <Character>, a registered Hero... with a pardoned history?
    Striking Magester: How unusual.
    Striking Magester: ...And the King of Greenguard, as well?
    Striking Magester: Hm.
    Striking Magester: Your last associate, however, is something of an enigma to my data.
    Striking Magester: There appears to be some obfuscation...
    Striking Magester: You. Remove your illusions. The Shapeless demands it!

    *Amadeus glares at the Magester as he refuses to remove all of his illusions.*

    Amadeus: No.
    <Character>: Amadeus...
    Amadeus: I do not obey you or your "Shapeless".
    Ostromir: Magester, he means no offense. We have had a long journey, and—
    Striking Magester: Aha. No, it is quite alright, Ostromir.
    Striking Magester: "Amadeus", you are called?
    Amadeus: ...
    Striking Magester: What to do... what to do...?
    Vseslava: If I may, I do not believe we have gotten your name, Magester?
    Striking Magester: Forgive my manners! I was simply so excited to see who was interrupting the patrols with such enthusiasm!
    Zvezdana: I am Zvezdana. Magester of the Shapeless Empire.
    Zvezdana: Division Osiem has been requested to join the efforts at Outpost Yeden, but I do not believe you were permitted to bring...
    Zvezdana: ...Followers.
    Vseslava: They may not have been approved...
    Vseslava: ...but as natives of Greenguard, we believe they will be instrumental resources in the conflict against The Rose.
    Zvezdana: Do you, now?

    *Zvezdana assesses the Golden Hand's motivations before allowing them and their allies to come along to Outpost Yeden.*

    Zvezdana: Oh, very well. Do come along now.
    Zvezdana: And no more misbehaving and destruction of property, yes?

    *Zvezdana glares at you and your allies.*

    Zvezdana: Outpost Yeden is just up ahead!
    Alteon: What have we gotten ourselves into...?
    Amadeus: ...
    <Character>: Ostromir, are you sure this is a good idea?
    Ostromir: They are the only ones who can help us.
    Ostromir: The Magesters are not that bad once you get to know them! They are just... slow to trust outsiders.
    Vseslava: Watch your steps, and watch your words.

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Ostromir: "Such magnificent flora! And... what is that up ahead?!"
  • Ostromir: "Ah! Those are Magesterium drones! They are sure to have spotted us!"
  • Vseslava: "Let us follow those drones. Wherever they are heading, we will find Magesters."
  • Alteon: "These creatures are familiar, but different. Did the Fissure affect them, perhaps?"
  • Ostromir: "It is possible. It is also possible that across generations, they have adapted to the high-Mana environment."
  • Vseslava: "I believe the latter more likely. Still, let us know if any of you feel ill or uneasy."
  • Amadeus: "More Magesterium technology. And it's in our way."
  • Ostromir: "Now, hold on a moment! That is property of the Magesterium! We should... Oh, forget it."
  • Alteon: "I recognize that type of golem. Let's see how it fares when I don't have my back turned!"
  • Vseslava: "Wait! We can just—"
  • Ostromir: "It is a perimeter security party, and we are not their targets. We should be able to avoid them."
  • Alteon: "...I still don't like them."
  • Ostromir: "Perhaps we could bring it with us for research purposes? No? Okay."
  • Ostromir: "That is the Pathfinder model up ahead! Usually sent into unclaimed territory, it excels at clearing brush and—"
  • Amadeus: "And it doesn't seem to want to let us pass."
  • Vseslava: "...Well, let us hope the controlling Magester is of a reasonable demeanor..."

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