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King Alteon / Alteon / Bodyguard

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12/21/2006 16:11:25   

King Alteon / Alteon / Bodyguard

Location: Frostval 2006, The Hot Gates, Victoria's Secret, All That Glitters..., Old Scrolls, Trust, Tournament of Champions (Part 2) / (Easy), The Gala, Words and Deeds, Culture Shock, Heroes, A Petal Falls, The Point of No Return (Part 2), From the Embers, Chasing Answers, Outpost Outskirts, Welcome to Outpost Yeden, Outpost Yeden -> 2 Right -> Up -> Up Right, Project Casca, Hawk in the Sky, Crash and Burn, The Only Path, The Arrival, The Flame Within, At Fissure's Edge, The Final Steps, Convergence (Part 1), Convergence (Part 2), The End of Magic (Part 1)

Quests given

Shops owned

Frostval 2006

King Alteon: Well met <Your Class>. It is an honor to finally meet you. I have heard many tales of your adventures.
King Alteon: Today you have done the entire kingdom, a great service. The bards will sing of this day.
King Alteon: I knew you would do the right thing... you are someone who can be counted on in the dark times ahead.
King Alteon: During your encounter with Ice Master Yeti were you able to discover who was behind this?

King Alteon: Indeed.

King Alteon: Interesting. I am often amazed by the unthinkable convenient timing of events in RPGs.

King Alteon: Hmmm, nevermind that. Let us keep this between ourselves. I will see what I can learn of this Sepulcher.
King Alteon: I will send you an invitation to my Castle in Swordhaven once I have returned from this journey.

King Alteon: *Smiles* I shall not be gone too much longer. There is someone I must meet with. I am happy that Frostvale was on the way.
King Alteon: Now is a time of celebration, all in your honor. Happy Frostval <Character>.

The Hot Gates

King Alteon: *Coughs* Who goes there?

King Alteon: ... *coughs* ....
King Alteon: Thank you for saving me *coughs* Xan.... Xan is more powerful than we ever imagined.
King Alteon: He had a second army of fire monsters waiting for us....
King Alteon: All 500,000 of my Knights were defeated!
King Alteon: *coughs*

King Alteon: It is alright... Now listen carefully. *coughs* When facing Xan my 299 Elite Knights formed a wall...
King Alteon: Xan defeated them all with a single fire spell...
King Alteon: *coughs* a SINGLE SPELL!
King Alteon: But <Character>, we can still win this...

King Alteon: Because we have more warriors than Xan does!

King Alteon: <Character>, what is your profession?

King Alteon: NO! You are...

King Alteon: <Character>, become the 301st Elite Knight, stop Xan, and save Falconreach!

King Alteon: Lets not talk about that....
King Alteon: Take this cape and stand your ground against all odds. Save Falconreach as the 301st Elite Knight!
King Alteon: For tonight... we dine in Serenity's Inn!

Victoria's Secret

King Alteon: <Character>, it is always good to see you! Sir Ano, I'm pleased to have you dining with us tonight, as are my daughters.
King Alteon: I've heard quite a few stories about you from Sir Emony when he brought up Captain Rolith's request to have you presented...
King Alteon: Especially after thwarting a kidnapping plot! Please allow me to introduce my daughters, at least one of whom owes her well-being to you, it seems.
King Alteon: Brittany, my lovely eldest; her clever little sister, Tara; and finally my darling Victoria.

King Alteon: Victoria? I didn't know you'd become involved with my charities! I'm not surprised; you always were a role model of selflessness.

King Alteon: Your sister has a good point, Victoria. I'm familiar with some of the areas where our charities focus.
King Alteon: There are some unsavory characters there with complete disregard for the law.

King Alteon: Victoria, just what are <Character> and your sister implying?

King Alteon: Do continue, because I'm very interested in how you're going to rationalize one of my daughters supporting and even directly aiding crime.

King Alteon: Hmmm. I can't say as I entirely approve of your methods, but I'm glad to see you taking an interest in the well-being of our subjects...
King Alteon: Even if your attempts to aid them were rather circuitous. We'll have to have a lengthy talk about just what your plans for the future are, my girl.
King Alteon: I highly doubt you'll attract a Prince gallivanting around the countryside engaged in such unsuitable activities.
King Alteon: As for you, Ano, you have quite the sharp mind. Such an ability to finesse the facts of a situation present them in a good light, well...

King Alteon: I could have a use for such a silver-tongued young Knight at Court. Sir Vice is in charge of coordinating the Knights who work directly for me.
King Alteon: See him about a position as a Public Relations consultant. I have high hopes for you, young man.

King Alteon: Speaking of stories... Really, Victoria! Some of the tales I've heard about your alter ego! I hope they aren't all true.

All That Glitters...

King Alteon: *sigh* I do indeed know this threat to my people. This is Baron Au'Mydas Bayconn, the Royal Treasurer.

King Alteon: He was so diligent about his work, so meticulous when it came to keeping track of the Kingdom's monies...
King Alteon: I can't imagine what could have done this to him!

King Alteon: Not-

King Alteon: We need to summon Warlic to help him, I think. Restoring him will take his mastery of magic.
King Alteon: Thank you, <Character>. Once again you have saved our cities and this time, one of my servants. My gratitude goes with you.

Old Scrolls

Alteon: Yes, hero, do you have it?

Alteon: Not you. Him.

Alteon: The scrolls! For oblivion's sake! I've been waiting ages to get my hands on them!

Alteon: You are truly a hero! Come, you should join in the feast of Dew and Cheese Toes!

Alteon: The scrolls are safe and that is all that matters. Now it's time to play!


King Alteon: Better, today, I think. Jaania assures me that Brittany's health is improving... but...
King Alteon: All we can do is hope.
King Alteon: Is there something you require, Victoria?

King Alteon: Have you, now? And where did you hear these rumors?
King Alteon: I thought I told you to stay inside the city, at least!
King Alteon: I know I can't control you... and I don't ask when you go missing for weeks at a time, but I worry!

King Alteon: It is my business.
King Alteon: With Tara out of the country, and Brittany's health wavering, if anything were to happen to me...
King Alteon: With the ever-present threat of magic...
King Alteon: Rule over Swordhaven, over Greenguard, would fall upon you! And if you keep shirking your duties, I don't know if you would be ready for it!

King Alteon: I have heard that events in Betrubung Swamp were escalating.
King Alteon: ...It indeed would not do to have battle spill out into the countryside.
King Alteon: I will see what I can do, Victoria.

King Alteon: Please have somebody let Jaania know that I would like to speak with her as soon as possible.

Tournament of Champions (Part 2) / (Easy)

???: ...<Character>?

King Alteon: By the Avatars... it really IS you!

King Alteon: This stadium has never seen such a thrilling battle before! Amazing— truly amazing!
King Alteon: And of course, you've more than earned that audience. We have much to talk about! Come, come!

King Alteon: What is the meaning of this?

King Alteon: That's preposterous! <Character> is the hero of Falconreach! I would trust her/him with my life—!

King Alteon: Then how about this?
King Alteon: For winning the Tournament of Champions today, and as a royal re-welcoming to the Hero of Falconreach...
King Alteon: I, with the full royal authority of Swordhaven, extend to you a formal invitation to our royal gala in a few weeks time.
King Alteon: This is a royal decree. You don't have any problem with that, do you?

King Alteon: Good.
King Alteon: Then, alas, it seems we must part ways for now.

King Alteon: But do not fret, <Character>. I look forward to seeing you at the gala. I'm sure you have many wonderful stories to share!

King Alteon: Oh, and do try to wear something formal, will you?

The Gala

King Alteon: Greetings, <Character>! I'm so glad you could make it!
King Alteon: In these uncertain times, it is important that we honor those who selflessly defend Greenguard and her people.
King Alteon: And it's time for all of us to come together and strengthen our resolve to protect our subjects.
King Alteon: I'm sure you are familiar with some of the guests here already. The Rose have been so instrumental in keeping the peace.
King Alteon: Jaania herself, in fact, has—

King Alteon: Oh, there will be plenty of time for that later! For now, please enjoy yourself, <Character>.
King Alteon: Eat, mingle, let us celebrate The Rose and its achievements!

King Alteon: Not everything can be about you all the time, <Character>! Now, if you would excuse me, I do have other guests to greet.

King Alteon: Jaania? What is the meaning of this?

King Alteon: Anyone who threatens my subjects, threatens this kingdom! Explain yourselves!

King Alteon: Jaania, explain!

Words and Deeds

King Alteon: Preposterous! How are there so many of them in my castle? Who are they?

King Alteon: I... I abandoned the guests and ran... I have to go back and make sure—

King Alteon: I can hear screaming...

King Alteon: She will be safe.

King Alteon: Only Jaania and I can unseal her room. We still don't know what's causing her illness, after all...

King Alteon: Who are they? Who would be so foolish as to attack the castle?

King Alteon: ...

King Alteon: You will not fight, young lady!

King Alteon: I'm dead serious! Princesses like you should not—

King Alteon: You... have a bow with you...?

King Alteon: We will continue this conversation later.

King Alteon: *pant* Can we... rest for a bit... ?
King Alteon: *pant* I'm not... made for running... *pant*... any more...
King Alteon: I'm too old for this... *pant*

King Alteon: The... fairies?

King Alteon: Er... No. No, certainly not...

King Alteon: ...I suppose I'm in no place to deny you.

King Alteon: Which is?

King Alteon: That's not how I'd describe it.

King Alteon: Do you think Jaania's keeping me in the dark?
King Alteon: I know The Rose is capturing terrible beasts, bringing them to the Beastmaster so that he can take care of them.
King Alteon: I also know that The Rose is pursuing mages who are using magic for evil acts and taking them in for rehabilitation.
King Alteon: It's for the safety of Greenguard! Not everyone can defend themselves like you can.
King Alteon: The people need to be protected. Protected from the dangers of magic!

King Alteon: ...

King Alteon: But... magic is evil...

King Alteon: Then dangerous! Magic... is dangerous!

King Alteon: ...

King Alteon: ...

King Alteon: ...A way out? Yes. There is an old backdoor that leads outside the walls. It's normally supposed to be locked and gated, but...
King Alteon: ...I suppose it's our only choice.

King Alteon: And where will we go? Could we hide somewhere in the city?

King Alteon: I... I can't abandon my people!

Culture Shock

King Alteon: Where... where am I? What happened? Who are you?!

King Alteon: Swordhaven... Victoria... and <Character>...

King Alteon: I am... quite confused.

King Alteon: I—
King Alteon: I didn't know.
King Alteon: I didn't realize...

King Alteon: You... Elanee was it?

King Alteon: You were just trying to live your life. You fell in love with an orc, and the Rose wanted to lock you up...
King Alteon: Imprisoned... for loving someone they considered a monster...
King Alteon: Someone *I* considered a monster...
King Alteon: And you? What's your story, soldier?

King Alteon: Then this must be the Vind— the rebels!
King Alteon: That's what you are, isn't it?

King Alteon: ...

King Alteon: But... Jaania has done so much good... she showed me—

King Alteon: ...Just call me Alden.

King Alteon: I...
King Alteon: Please, leave me.

King Alteon: I need to think.


King Alteon: Alden.

King Alteon: ...
King Alteon: I've spoken with everyone here. I've listened to their stories.
King Alteon: And I am ashamed.
King Alteon: I've allowed myself to be misled. I've grown complacent.
King Alteon: I didn't realize what was truly going on in my kingdom... the kingdom that I fought for and that I reclaimed.
King Alteon: The kingdom that I liberated.
King Alteon: I've allowed myself to be manipulated by Jaania.

King Alteon: The mirror.
King Alteon: You see, my wife, my queen, died because of... because of magic, you could say.
King Alteon: I have never held it against "magic", not really. The one who killed her was to blame, not magic.
King Alteon: But Jaania... sh—she showed me. She showed me what could have been.
King Alteon: She showed me my life through a mirror.
King Alteon: She showed me my Lynaria...
King Alteon: I really don't know what I was thinking, back then, I honestly don't.
King Alteon: She was just... so... convincing.

King Alteon: I let her organization grow. I supported it from the cozy confines of my castle, not knowing what was really going on.
King Alteon: How could I?! I was apparently fed misinformation, and I ate it all with gusto. I never doubted.
King Alteon: I... am to blame for all of this.

King Alteon: I will stay here for the time being, until I'm fully recovered. I trust my girls to take care of the kingdom in my absence.
King Alteon: Meanwhile...

King Alteon: Ooof, I haven't done that in a while...
King Alteon: What was I saying?

King Alteon: Ah, yes. Meanwhile, I'd like you to arrange for someone to spar with me.

King Alteon: One does not stop being a DragonLord, even after their dragon dies...
King Alteon: I've been complacent for far too long.
King Alteon: This old dog has to get back in shape—
King Alteon: —Before I have my talk with Jaania.

A Petal Falls

King Alteon: The atealans are guests in these lands. I would wish to defend them.
King Alteon: The people of the Sandsea fall under my rule, and I would also wish that no harm befalls the innocents that live there, Rose or not.
King Alteon: If this is a trap, then it is a poorly thought out one, as it threatens the safety of their people, and allows the resistance to be viewed as saviors.
King Alteon: It is very likely that, as <Character> says, this is the effect of the Magesterium's magic.
King Alteon: If that is the case, however, then it is difficult to see this as anything but an attack on the Kingdom of Greenguard.

King Alteon: I cannot go with you. For me, decisions such as these cannot be followed through so easily.
King Alteon: I wish not to see the atealans harmed, nor do I wish to see the populace of the Sandsea suffer.
King Alteon: But if I were to show myself at the head of a magical army, there would be misunderstandings.
King Alteon: As much as I wish to play the hero, the safety of the people does still rely, at least partially, on politics.
King Alteon: The Rose and the Knights of Swordhaven are likely also looking for me. If I am to travel, it will be more likely that I am found by them.
King Alteon: It would be best if I stay here and recover, and train. I will wait for the moment to be right for my return.
King Alteon: I trust my daughter will rule well in my absence.

King Alteon: Perhaps...

King Alteon: Excuse my rambling! I'm sure you've all got better things to do right now?

The Point of No Return (Part 2)

Bodyguard: !

Alteon: You will not threaten this realm, Akanthus!

Alteon: ...Brittany...
Alteon: Brittany!

From the Embers

Alteon: She's awake. Speaking, even. It seems Jaania wasn't lying about curing her.
Alteon: ...She's in the care of the royal physicians now.

Alteon: My dear Victoria, I cannot apologize enough for deceiving you—

Alteon: I... meant to reveal myself sooner. But—
Alteon: But I was afraid that if I were to tell you the truth... I...
Alteon: I had intended to return and cast out The Rose for their crimes. But by that point, such an act would have only sown strife and confusion.
Alteon: So I settled for protecting you.
Alteon: Had you faltered, I would have stepped in. I swear to you.
Alteon: You've become such a capable ruler, Victoria. I'm so very proud of you.

Chasing Answers

Alteon: I am, as well.

Alteon: I am sorry, Victoria. I...

Alteon: I... understand.

Alteon: Did we make it?

Outpost Outskirts

Alteon: I must agree. These surroundings make me... uncomfortable.

Alteon: What have we gotten ourselves into...?

Welcome to Outpost Yeden

Alteon: Um. All times?

Outpost Yeden
(before The Only Path)

Alteon: Hello, <Character>! This is quite marvelous, isn't it?

  • Talk
    Alteon: Please, call me Alden. Or if that's too familiar, Alteon will do.

    Alteon: Are you kidding? This is amazing! I've never seen anything so fascinating!
    Alteon: The magic, the drones... When I return to Swordhaven... When I...
    Alteon: ...I will recommend to the Queen to invest more into the study of magic and mana manipulation.

    Alteon: Did you see the way those golems move? We fought them before, and I noticed then, but their movements are so natural.
    Alteon: We must seem so primitive compared to the Magesters.

    Alteon: Yes, you're right, of course. I must temper my enthusiasm with the reality of the Magesterium's... endeavors.
    Alteon: I apologize. I have not seen such wonders in a long time.

  • Queen Victoria
    Alteon: Victoria's done so well, hasn't she? Perhaps I was too strict on her in the past...

    Alteon: Nothing is easy for rulers. Destiny called and she answered, as decisively as any could wish for.
    Alteon: Moreover, as you've seen of The Rose and... my own example...
    Alteon: ...Good leadership requires action.

    Alteon: I regret the pain. But the outcome has been all that I could have wished for, had I perished that day.

  • Amadeus
    Alteon: He was Jaania's research lead and advisor, wasn't he?
    Alteon: He is a capable fellow, knows his way around a blade, that's for sure.
    Alteon: His fighting style reminds me of the knights I used to keep, many years ago...
    Alteon: I have lost touch with so many. Perhaps we knew each other, once.
    Alteon: He seems disinterested in chatting with me now, though.

    Alteon: Er, I was, but it seemed everyone else was okay with it and I didn't want to presume anything...
    Alteon: Should I be worried? It seemed a bit dark for my tastes.

    Alteon: Thank you, <Character>. I'm trying to keep an open mind, after all.

    Project Casca

    Alteon: So you will help us stop Jaania and Akanthus?

    Alteon: <Character>? What do you think?

    Alteon: Hold on, weren't you going to tell us about Project Casca?

    Alteon: This alliance makes sense to me. We all have an interest in preventing The Rose's plans from coming to fruition.
    Alteon: But I agree with Amadeus. I have been wondering what Project Casca will entail.

    Alteon: ...Then that is why you consider The Rose to be trespassers. That's how you know so much about the Fissure!

    Alteon: Er... I do have a couple of questions...

    Alteon: I've noticed there are Magesters here who are not of your order. Not of the Golden Hand.
    Alteon: You said that you might be able to re-attune to the Mana Core, but...

    Alteon: The what?

    Alteon: Um. Yes. You seem confident that you'll be able to reclaim Azaveyr... but... from what?
    Alteon: Your ancestors fought against the dragons, but what has threatened your home this time?

    Alteon: Perhaps it was truly the will of The Shapeless—

    Alteon: Er. Right, sorry.

    Alteon: I... I see. Perhaps when this is over, I could send some knights to help.
    Alteon: This could be the start of new diplomatic relations between Greenguard and—

    Alteon: I only—

    Alteon: No, you are right.

    Alteon: I cannot make these promises.

    Alteon: Such talk can wait until after we stop Jaania and Akanthus.

    Alteon: I guess we're back to waiting for now, then. Anyone up for some friendly sparring?
    Alteon: We'll be saving the world soon, after all, and I'd hate to let down our hosts!

    Hawk in the Sky

    Alteon: ...

    Alteon: Doom has brought great suffering to Greenguard. I don't know the specifics about this device, but I do know it cannot be unleashed.

    Alteon: Just the three of us?

    Alteon: Sorry— four of us?

    Alteon: ...Oh.

    Alteon: I... I'm not excited to be fighting my own people. But I am ready for whatever may come.

    Alteon: It was my rule— my own shortsightedness that led to the choice being presented at all.

    Alteon: She was clearly occupied with ruling–

    Crash and Burn

    Alteon: Then... we failed?

    Alteon: Are you sure? You must be exhausted after your exertions—

    Alteon: What... what was that?!

    Alteon: I've seen this kind of corruption before. I don't think—

    Alteon: Be that as it may—

    Alteon: If this is indeed something you can do, Amadeus, we will do all we can to help ease your pain.

    Alteon: I only—

    Alteon: Why? What are you going to do?

    Alteon: Valen?!

    Alteon: Valen— I—

    Alteon: Valen... So this is where you've been...

    The Only Path

    Alteon: I still can't believe... Valen...
    Alteon: I thought, after the business with the Ultimate Orb and the Darkness Dragon...

    Alteon: I... I did. I knew him as my old friend, Valen. I...
    Alteon: I couldn't bring myself to face him.

    Alteon: I...

    Alteon: I... I know. I have no excuses, Valen. But that's why I'm here.
    Alteon: I'm not hiding. I let Jaania come to power. I let The Rose run unchecked.
    Alteon: I'm here to take responsibility.

    Alteon: I'll let you rest. Let me know if you need anything.

    Alteon: ...

    Outpost Yeden
    (after The Only Path)

    As original dialogue, with 'Amadeus' option gained new dialogue when approaching Alteon:
  • Amadeus
    Alteon: I did. He was Valen then, and together with him... and another... we were heroes. Adventurers, much like yourself.
    Alteon: We travelled the land, protecting it, and its people. We took down King Slugwrath together. We were heroes.

    Alteon: I am sorry, <Character>. As much as Amadeus does not wish to speak of the past, I do not, either.
    Alteon: Perhaps when all of this business with The Rose is concluded, and if Amadeus himself is willing to speak of it...
    Alteon: But I will not tell our story without his consent and his participation. I owe him that much.

    Alteon: Perhaps. If you do not mind, I... must... reflect on my thoughts.

    The Arrival

    Alteon: I know they've been nothing but kind to us, but... It doesn't sit well with me that we have to simply follow the Magesterium's plans.
    Alteon: No offense, Ostromir, Vseslava.

    The Flame Within

    Alteon: I don't think I'll ever be ready to fight my own citizens. But I am as prepared as I can be.

    At Fissure's Edge

    Alteon: Ahimsa, Tipu... You are guests to our lands so—

    Alteon: Come on, <Character>. We have to press on.

    The Final Steps

    Alteon: You all... you don't feel that?

    Alteon: There's a pressure. It's not too bad, but it's a weight. And then sometimes it... pinches.

    Alteon: ...Didn't Aegis mention that <Character>'s soul was... straining? Then... perhaps I should fall back. If this is only going to get worse...

    Alteon: If you would be so kind. I've come this far. I would hate to turn back now.

    Alteon: ...That... That would be fine.
    Alteon: I... wow. I can breathe! I didn't realize how heavy I felt until the weight was gone.

    Convergence (Part 1)

    Alteon: I was content. I believed what you were doing was right...
    Alteon: But that came at the cost of suffering for others. That is not peace. That is not happiness.

    Alteon: Jaania...

    Convergence (Part 2)

    Alteon: Looks like... this one's up to you, <Character>.

    Alteon: Then that just leaves...

    Alteon: I won't let—

    Alteon: What... What could you even do? He's gone.
    Alteon: Surely it's too late...

    The End of Magic (Part 1)

    Alteon: How... How is Jaania?

    Alteon: Valen—

    Alteon: Only the heroes, it would seem...

    Other information

    His name is revealed to be Alden in Culture Shock. The main protagonist of Bladehaven also went by this name.
  • King Alteon previously appeared in the retired quests Tournament of Champions Part 2 / (Easy), The Gala, Are Rocks Evil?, and Culture Shock; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Front View Appearance
    Book 3 Front View Appearance
    Book 3 Side View Appearance
    Culture Shock Appearance
    Heroes Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Brilliancy for Design Notes images.
  • roobarb pie for Design Notes information.
  • Lord Darkovia for Frostvale dialogue.
  • Krazy_Kakadu for The Hot Gates dialogue.
  • ArchMagus Orodalf for Victoria's Secret dialoge.
  • Peachii for corrections and front view appearance image.
  • Occavatra for additional images and spoiler.
  • Jay for Heroes appearance image and updated dialogue
  • DemonicDarkwraith for other information.

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