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Chasing Answers

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3/25/2023 13:10:33   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Chasing Answers

Location: Swordhaven Castle -> Queen Victoria -> Quests! -> Convergence -> Chasing Answers
Requirements: Completion of From the Embers
Release Date: March 24th, 2023

Objective: Now that everyone's here, it's time to get some answers, and plan the next step to take.
Objective completed: Surely the Magesters will be happy to see you?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(9) Mana Elemental
(1) Tog
(11) Void Elemental
(5) Void Spawn

G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema
Queen Victoria

Crown of the Lost Hawk (I-VI)

Access to CA Loot for DCs.


*In Swordhaven Castle's strategy room, Queen Victoria—accompanied by Warlic, Alteon, and Amadeus—have caught the Alliance up to speed on events that transpired while they are on way back to Swordhaven.*

Queen Victoria: ...I had hoped to send you ahead to Battleon, <Character>, but as you can see, there are more pressing matters.
Amadeus: ...
<Character>: Confronting Akanthus directly is out of the question. I doubt he'll be as merciful if we were to challenge him again.
<Character>: But Warlic, even if the airship has wards, it sounds like the Ivory Tower has been drained of its power.
<Character>: Surely you could overpower whatever defenses the airship might have?
Warlic: I...
Warlic: I don't know if I can. I don't want to push too hard. Too far.
Warlic: ...Lose control in the city.
<Character>: You know, when we were defending Swordhaven from the Proclamation rift, Jaania was afraid to use magic as well.
<Character>: But she did. And she saved the city, and all of us, with her shield.
Warlic: ...
<Character>: And I trust you, Warlic. I certainly trust you more than I do Jaania!
<Character>: I believe you know your limits. And we're not asking you to push them, either.
<Character>: If you feel yourself slipping, we're here for you.
Warlic: ...
Warlic: You're right, <Character>. Thank you.
Warlic: I still have my doubts...
Warlic: ...but it can't hurt to try!
Amadeus: Finally.
Warlic: Queen Victoria, I shall require use of a balcony facing the Ivory Tower, if possible.
Queen Victoria: Certainly!
Eirn: Don't bother. They're already gone.

*Eirn—carrying the unconscious Circe—enters the strategy room following their attempt to sabotage the Rose airship.*

Queen Victoria: Eirn!
Queen Victoria: Circe?!

*Sometime later, as Kara heals Circe, Queen Victoria and her allies are caught up to speed on events that transpired during Eirn, Circe, and Yix's sabotage of the Rose airship.*

Queen Victoria: No. No. This is all my fault— I ordered you to—
Queen Victoria: And poor Yix as well...
Eirn: Staying behind was his idea. While it does put him in considerable risk, having him aboard provides us with valuable data.
Eirn: According to my calculations, the ship is already beyond the reach of conventional magic.
<Character>: Then we have no time to lose. They have a head start, but we need to leave as soon as possible.
<Character>: Kara, can you use your wind magic to transport us to Outpost Yeden?
Kara SuLema: I'm sorry, <Character>. I can take one, maybe two others. Certainly not everyone required.
Kara SuLema: The winds of the Whispering Steppes are unkind, and may delay us further still.
Ostromir: This... Akanthus... I wonder...
Warlic: He does present a rather large obstacle.
Warlic: I have never encountered a being such as he. Whatever hypotheses you may have, Magester, I would like to hear them.
Vseslava: Ostromir, I do not know if—
Ostromir: You have had the same suspicions as I, then?
Vseslava: I have. But... Think of the repercussions! It is not our place to disclose such information to foreign entities!
Ostromir: All of Lore is in peril. We can pay for our sins later.
Vseslava: ...Very well, Ostromir.

*The Golden Hand prepares to tell Akanthus' origins to their allies.*

Ostromir: So... Akanthus. From all I have heard described of him, I believe his origin is indeed from Azaveyr. From the Magesterium.
Ostromir: And when I say he originates from the Magesterium, that is very accurate indeed.
Ostromir: As you may know, we Magesters draw our power from a fragment of the Mana Core.
Ostromir: Doing so bestows upon us great power. However, in exchange, it diminishes our connection to the main body of the Mana Core.
Ostromir: This is why we are dependent on the Ignominious or other specialized Foci when traveling.
Ostromir: It is a rather... crippling dependency that the Magesterium has attempted to solve since its inception.
Ostromir: The search for such solutions often involved... experimentation.
Ostromir: I...
Ostromir: ...
Vseslava: ...Many of the subjects did not survive. Those that did were mercifully disposed of.
Vseslava: Except for one. The Magesterium's greatest success, and greatest failure.
Ostromir: ...Sobieslav.
Ostromir: He was one of many products of experiments in the Wastes...
Ostromir: ... to determine the viability of a human with no connection to the Mana Core in any form.
Ostromir: He was the lone survivor of his peers, the others failing due to imperfections or... or...
Vseslava: ...Unviability.
Ostromir: ...Yes. By all means, he became a normal child, except for his imperviousness to magicks and harm.
Ostromir: And so, he was given over to the Magesterium to train and raise until such a day that any magical talent may manifest.
Ostromir: That day never came.
Ostromir: That is not to say the Magesterium has no use for those disinclined to magic, but there had been great expectations placed upon his head.
Ostromir: Despite his lack of magical ability, he still grew to be a ferocious Magester, eventually leading research expeditions of his own.
Ostromir: After that... Well, according to his account at his trial, there had been an accident at his research facility in the Wastes.
Ostromir: ...As he was the only survivor, it was difficult to question his telling of events.
Ostromir: As punishment for his failures, he himself suggested a self-imposed exile.
Ostromir: Some were in favor of harsher punishment, but it was then that realization dawned on the Magesterium.
Ostromir: We had no means by which to contain Sobieslav.
Ostromir: Should he come to desire it, he could eliminate all of Azaveyr, and meet no resistance.
Ostromir: And so, we agreed to his terms of exile.
Vseslava: His demeanor in the trial gave us no suspicion to suspect that he would threaten the Magesterium.
Ostromir: He was ever the smooth-talker. We had believed that he would view the parting amicably.
Ostromir: Seems we have found where he has turned up!

*After the Golden Hand tell Sobieslav's origins and how he became Akanthus in the present day, Amadeus believes that their information won't be at help to stop Akanthus.*

Amadeus: While intriguing, I fail to see how this information helps us stop him.
Ostromir: You underestimate the Magesterium, my friend! We are not the type to leave a potential threat be!
Ostromir: While I have not personally been kept apprised of the developments...
Ostromir: ... there has indeed been official research on how to deal with beings such as Sobieslav.
Vseslava: Rather low priority research, as I recall.
<Character>: But with Nieboheim's fate unknown and the fall of the Magesterium... Even if that research met with success, we have no way of learning the details.
Ostromir: Yet another reason to visit Outpost Yeden!
Ostromir: It may be a small chance, but the remaining Magesters and Golden Hand may have the resources we need.
Queen Victoria: Then it seems like it's the only chance we have.
Queen Victoria: That just leaves the method of transportation. Where is Outpost Yeden?
Vseslava: It is located far south of Kaer Sierra, to the west of the Fissure.
Queen Victoria: Sailing would take too long then. If there's too many of you for Kara to take... then we have another dilemma on our hands.
Warlic: I... I can try to teleport you there.
Warlic: I'll need a more exact location, of course, and it has been a long time since I've traveled south of the Whispering Steppes...
Warlic: But I can do it. I can teleport whoever needs to go.
Queen Victoria: Thank you, Warlic.
Queen Victoria: Kara, how is Circe?
Kara SuLema: She is stable. Thankfully she seems to have avoided much of Akanthus' attack. But... her wounds are still severe.
Queen Victoria: That is... that is good to hear. I... don't want to burden you further, but...
Queen Victoria: May I ask you to remain? I would like to call upon the Vind to defend the western front from the Rift's incursion.
Kara SuLema: Certainly.
Queen Victoria: Thank you. Grand Magus Hansa, I have a similar request of you.
G. M. Hansa: Oh?
Queen Victoria: With Jaania's departure, I mean to wrest control of The Rose she's left behind.
Queen Victoria: If I want to do this peacefully, I'll need your help.
G. M. Hansa: You shall have it. I am no longer beholden to Jaania's twisted dreams.
Queen Victoria: I am glad to hear it.
Amadeus: I'm going.
Warlic: ...
Alteon: I am, as well.
Eirn: Well, I'm not. There's been more than enough excitement for this gnome, thank you very much.
Vseslava: The broken one will be fine, I think, as will the former king.
Vseslava: <Dragon> and the extremely powerful mage, however...
<Dragon>: I'm not being left behind! | *Determined roar!*
Ostromir: Perhaps it would be best for you to stay hidden until diplomacy has been smoothed out, then, little one.
Warlic: And I will find my own way to help, worry not.

*Queen Victoria turns around to face Alteon.*

Queen Victoria: Father.
Alteon: I am sorry, Victoria. I...
Queen Victoria: There will not be a throne waiting upon your return.
Alteon: I... understand.

*Alteon looks down with regret for not helping Queen Victoria enough.*

Warlic: Right. Well, I will need some space. And if someone could get Vseslava a map...

*Sometime later, you and your allies—consisting of your dragon, the Golden Hand, Alteon, and Amadeus—are in a runic circle as Warlic focuses his teleportation spell to Outpost Yeden; as Warlic finishes up his spell, Ostromir appears to be fixated to the spell's runes.*

  • Alteon joins you as Guest A.
  • Amadeus joins you as Guest B.

    Ostromir: How peculiar. Vseslava, take a look at this array of runes!
    Ostromir: It appears we are to travel through the Void, in a contained... pocket of sorts?
    Vseslava: A stable pocket?
    Ostromir: Indeed! How very interesting.
    Vseslava: But surely the amount of mana expended to maintain such a large and secure tunnel is beyond that of a... normal... person.
    Vseslava: You. Mage. Are you...?
    Warlic: Can't hear. Focusing! Almost... ready...!
    Queen Victoria: Take care, everyone. All of Lore is counting on your mission.
    Ostromir: Hold on. I don't recognize this rune!
    Ostromir: It bears resemblance to the archaic rune for "protection", but the usage is different from—

    *Ostromir points at the protection rune before touching it, unintentionally tampering the spell's protection from the Void in the process.*

    Ostromir: Oops.
    <Character>: "Oops"? What do you mean, "Oops"?! That's the last thing you want to hear before being—

    *As you are about to finish your sentence, you and your allies are teleported to the Void in a flash of light; you fight your way through the Void, battling various monsters along the way; after escaping the Void, you and your allies find themselves in a land affected by the Fissure, signified by a field of overgrown cyan and pink grass.*

    <Character>: ...Whoa.

    *Before they can confirm that they have landed at proximity of Outpost Yeden, you and your allies briefly look at their newfound surroundings.*

    Amadeus: Ugh. It's too bright.
    Alteon: Did we make it?
    <Character>: Ostromir? Vseslava?
    Vseslava: This looks to be close by.
    Ostromir: We are here! Welcome, friends...
    Ostromir: To Outpost Yeden!

    Ostromir: ...Or, well, close to it. It's somewhere around here, I'm sure!

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens CA Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • A HP/MP healing pad can be found during the quest.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Vseslava: "Oh, well done, Ostromir. I believe we have been stranded in the Void."
  • Ostromir: "I only disturbed the protection rune. Our path should still lie ahead. I think."
  • Amadeus: "The path splits. Lead the way, hero."
  • Alteon: "What was that tog doing here? No, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about."
  • Ostromir: "Perhaps the Magesterium should have focused more research on the Void. This is quite interesting, is it not?"
  • Alteon: "Amadeus, your fighting style... Were you perchance a knight of Swordhaven in the past?"
  • Amadeus: "...I have nothing to say to you, Alteon."
  • Amadeus: "Eyes up. More enemies ahead."
  • Alteon: "..."
  • Vseslava: "If you are feeling fatigued, you have only yourself to blame, Ostromir."
  • Ostromir: "Normally, teleportation does not involve physical exertion. I wonder how far we have to go?"
  • Amadeus: "If you won't help fight, help by keeping quiet. Don't draw the attention of even more of these creatures."
  • Ostromir: "Ah, but you are quite interesting yourself, Amadeus. I look forward to learning more about you!"
  • Amadeus: "...I have nothing to share with you, Magester."
  • Alteon: "Watch your step, everyone!"
  • Vseslava: "I am getting rather dizzy. Please, Shapeless, let this be the last."

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