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Location: One Step Forward, Trust, Lost and Found, Tournament of Champions / Tournament of Champions (Easy), The Mage Tower, It Begins..., Friday the 13th Interlude, Calamity, Queen of Swordhaven, The Queen of Roses, Out of Control, The Spells We Weave, Into the Abyss

Quests given

Shops owned

One Step Forward

???: Lady Jaania?

???: I bring news from General Akanthus.

Amadeus: The campaign against the Vind has run into some setbacks.

Amadeus: The ones who attacked the prison and broke out a number of high priority magical criminals, my lady.
Amadeus: General Akanthus suspects they may end up targeting the Oculus Tower project.

Amadeus: On that matter, General Akanthus is requesting more funds and troops.

Amadeus: Very well, my lady.

Amadeus: And a final note–
Amadeus: There are reports that <Character> has been seen in the company of the Vind.

Amadeus: I take it you read Magus Hansa's report on the Sandsea incident?

Amadeus: Very well. I shall take my leave.


Amadeus: It is I, my lady. I bring a request from King Alteon.

Lost and Found

Amadeus: Well, sir? I assume you've come to a decision?

Amadeus: It will be done.

Amadeus: A threat to...?

Amadeus: ...Well, sir, s/he is a hero. I imagine s/he has a habit of showing up wherever villains choose to make their moves.

Amadeus: Of course not... sir.

Amadeus: ...

Amadeus: Sir, do you mean to monologue, or shall I get on with my business?

Amadeus: With all due respect, sir, yes.

Tournament of Champions / Tournament of Champions (Easy)

???: My Lady. Am I interrupting?

Amadeus: I'm here with the monthly reports.

Amadeus: Right away.
Amadeus: First, Rosewood. There have been some reports of vandalism, as well as some monsters breaking free, but all has been taken care of.
Amadeus: Hansa is very efficient. She will be sending another batch of magical creatures to the Beastmaster soon.
Amadeus: Speaking of Hansa, and moving onto the next subject; the Sandsea.
Amadeus: She had her hand in destroying Sek Duat, the former and undead emperor.

Amadeus: According to her letter, Sek Duat XV came out of hiding after <Character> released a substantial amount of light magic.

Amadeus: <Character> then helped her defeat the emperor.

Amadeus: As for Duat, the town is well protected. No complains, citizens are happy and satisfied.
Amadeus: Moving on; We still are having trouble locating the rebel main base, as well as the new Dravir site.

Amadeus: There are a lot of new recruits coming in, more and more people are starting to believe in our cause.

Amadeus: Regarding Oaklore, the usual rumors and occasional bickering.
Amadeus: Amityvale's prospering, our troops are keeping werewolves at bay. Magus Neron is doing a splendid job.
Amadeus: There is, however, a problem.
Amadeus: There are rumors of the vampire queen, and the increase of activity among the creatures of the night.

Amadeus: As for Falconreach...

Amadeus: An outpost has finally been assembled at the foot of Kaer Sierra and the mages have begun studying the Fissure.

Amadeus: Before or after the ball?

Amadeus: Oh!
Amadeus: My apologies, I almost forgot. An unusual bird, carrying this letter, came in this morning.

Amadeus: A blue hawk.

Amadeus: Is everything alright, My Lady?

Amadeus: To whom, if I may ask?

Amadeus: Right away.

Amadeus: Pardon me?

Amadeus: As well as... I possibly can, My Lady.

Amadeus: No.

Amadeus: I'm not like Neron.

Amadeus: My Lady.

The Mage Tower

Amadeus: ...
Amadeus: For the last time, we were sent as reinforcements, by the decree of King Alteon.

Amadeus: ...

Amadeus: We're here to help, whether this... oaf wants it or not.

It Begins...

Amadeus: ... getting really tired of your...

Amadeus: *snort*

Amadeus: No.
Amadeus: It's what you do, after all.
Amadeus: You solve everyone else's problems...

Friday the 13th Interlude

Amadeus: I'm pretty sure it's too late for that.
Amadeus: Treat them like you would any monster. They are just dead bodies, being used by Doom. Nothing more...
Amadeus: So stop getting emotional, get it together, and do your job.


Amadeus: I am... thankful... that you have destroyed that thing. Doom Weapons are...

Amadeus: ... a nuisance.

Amadeus: Just so we are clear—
Amadeus: I'm not doing this for you.

Amadeus: Hnngh...
Amadeus: There...
Amadeus: Completely... ugh... purified.

Amadeus: You will not mention this to anyone...
Amadeus: You owe me this...
Amadeus: "Hero"...

Queen of Swordhaven

Amadeus: My Lady, when would you estimate your return?

Amadeus: Who will-

Amadeus: Very well.

Amadeus: Surveying the castle for damages and dealing with the remaining golems.

Amadeus: Certainly.

Amadeus: Yes, my Lady.

Amadeus: The King is absent and Princess Brittany, who's the next in line, is in no condition to rule over Swordhaven.
Amadeus: It's the law... my... Queen.

Amadeus: Will you be able to learn something from it?

Amadeus: Certainly. I will leave you to it, then.

Amadeus: Yes, Tessa?

Amadeus: At once.

Amadeus: You've called for me...?

Amadeus: Hmm?

Amadeus: From what I've gathered, they don't want Jaania to interfere with something.

Amadeus: I cannot disclose this information.

Amadeus: Jaania has left to investigate the Fissure, a very old phenomenon south of Kaer Sierra.
Amadeus: At first she believed it to be a giant geyser of raw mana. But as of yesterday, she's not so sure anymore.
Amadeus: This is why she has been so openly attacked by these people from Azaveyr.

Amadeus: From the way you asked... you know of them, correct?

Amadeus: As you wish...

The Queen of Roses

Amadeus: General Akanthus.

Amadeus: Lady Jaania has returned from her voyage and asked me to deliver these reports to you.
Amadeus: She expects you to familiarize yourself with them and report to her post haste.

Amadeus: I didn't, obviously. These documents were sealed.

Out of Control

Amadeus: No. I refuse.

Amadeus: Do you know what this is, Akanthus?

Amadeus: And if I tell her that her trusted general is working behind her back—

Amadeus: This artifact is Evil, Akanthus.

Amadeus: ...It shall be done.

The Spells We Weave

Amadeus: What is that idiot thinking, having me work on this in the lab here, in the city?
Amadeus: If I were to make a single mistake, all of Swordhaven would no longer have to worry about that Tytan's siege.

Amadeus: I don't plan to.

Amadeus: I must warn you against using this to destroy the Tytan.

Amadeus: If I've modified this to your specifications...
Amadeus: ...the destruction and ensuing magical fallout would likely destroy Swordhaven as well, if not more.

Amadeus: Unless you're not–

Into the Abyss

Amadeus: If anything happens to Lynn... I will kill you, Alexander.

Amadeus: You had better hope not.

Amadeus: ...

Amadeus: You haven't sent Nythera to investigate?

Amadeus: I don't care what he is, I want him dead.

Amadeus: ...
Amadeus: Then we ingratiate ourselves to the court.
Amadeus: Queen Victoria seems more reasonable than her father, at least.
Amadeus: And your reputation will help in that endeavor.

Amadeus: Yes.

Other information
  • Amadeus' fourth One Step Forward dialogue was previously "General Akanthus suspects them to have had a hand in the Oculus Tower disaster."; this was updated on October 22nd, 2021.

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    Also See: Sepulchure, Valen

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image and spoiler information.
  • Tomix for preview image.

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