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Lost and Found

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12/18/2021 11:33:43   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Lost and Found

Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Up -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Lost and Found -> Quest!,
Location: Sulen'Eska -> Up -> Up Vortex -> Mritha -> Past Quests -> Kara SuLema -> Quests -> Lost and Found -> Quest!
Requirements: Completion of Melissa
Release Date: December 17th, 2021

Objective: It seems a hero's work is never done. At least it's something to do while you wait for word from Swordhaven and The Rose.
Objective completed: The Vind members really seem to like running off on their own. But can there really be peace on the horizon?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Frogidile
(3) Mushroom
(2) Nature Elemental
(2) Snapperdilla
(5) Tog
(3) Tog - Boss

Kara SuLema
Scared Man

Clawkin Cloak Clasp (I-VII)

Access to L&F Loot for DCs.


*In Sulen'Eska meeting room, you and your dragon regroup with Kara after your talk with Melissa.*

Kara SuLema: Thank you for... speaking to Melissa, <Character>.
Kara SuLema: I'm glad to hear that she understands the necessity of restraint in these tenuous times.
<Character>: I'm happy to help.

*You pause before changing the topic to the Vind's parley with the Rose.*

<Character>: Has there been any word from Swordhaven yet?
Kara SuLema: Not yet, no, but neither has The Rose been out in force, either.
Kara SuLema: At the very least, it seems like they're not trying to provoke us.
Kara SuLema: Which reminds me, Mritha has sent word to the DragonLords of Dragonsgrasp.
Kara SuLema: It's her hope that if we can get some of them to join our cause—
Svera: Kara!

*Svera appears with troubling news on Niki.*

Svera: It's- Niki- One of the refugees—
Kara SuLema: Take a deep breath, Svera. What has happened?
Svera: We were admitting a new group of refugees from Arborvale Forest, when...
Svera: I don't know what happened, or how it started, but there was shouting, and one of the refugees ran off.
Svera: Niki... Niki took chase into the swamp, but if they run into any Rose patrols, there could be trouble...
Kara SuLema: Did anyone follow her?
Svera: Mritha did, without hesitation, but most of us were in shock.
Svera: I'm sorry, Kara. After I gathered my senses, I ran over as fast as I could.

*Kara ponders about the situation, knowing that she must send you and your dragon.*

Kara SuLema: Thank you, Svera.
Kara SuLema: <Character>, I hate to impose, but...
<Character>: Do you want me to go after them?
Kara SuLema: If you and <Dragon> are willing, please.
Kara SuLema: I'm going to help calm everyone down and see if I can't figure out what happened here.
<Character>: Just point us in the right direction.
<Dragon>: It's hero time! | *Heroic roar!*

*You fight your way through various swamp creatures; eventually you and your dragon find Mritha and Niki; Niki entraps a refugee with vines, who is scared of her.*

Niki: ...
Scared Man: I... I told you before, I don't know what you're talking about!
Mritha: Niki...
<Character>: What's going on? Who is this man, Niki?
Niki: This... creature was from my village.
Scared Man: I... I don't know what—
Niki: Oh, but how could you forget?
Niki: How could you not remember the green monster—the child—you and your fellow creatures tossed out into the forest?
Niki: Well, I found beasts. I found the Clawkin, and others!
Niki: I found people of all shapes and sizes who were more tolerable than you sorry excuses for humanity.
Niki: And I survived!
Scared Man: I... Ah, yes, of course, the child whose skin turned green, I... haha, I think I remember now...
Niki: And now you've come begging, with your tail between your legs, begging for safety?
Niki: I know you. I know you're no mage. You had no fear of persecution from The Rose.
Niki: So why try to sneak in amongst those who truly need our aid?
Scared Man: Um... Well... Swordhaven... The Rose... they were looking for more taxes, and the farms...
Scared Man: They're not doing so well. I had barely enough to feed myself—
Niki: So like a rodent who ate all the grain, you're just moving on? What of the others? I saw no one else I recognized.
Niki: Despicable. Cowardly. I should... I...
Mritha: Niki! What do you intend to do?
Mritha: It's clear this man has wronged you in the past but...
Niki: ...
Scared Man: Please... I... I can't go back... Please, have mercy!

*Niki stops entrapping the scared refugee.*

Niki: ...Run.
Scared Man: Thank you- thank you!

*Once the refugee runs away, you, Mritha, and Niki have a private conversation.*

Niki: I'm sorry you had to see that, <Character>, Mritha.
Mritha: If you don't mind me asking... What happened?
Niki: What, now? Or...
Mritha: Well, everything. If you don't mind sharing.
Niki: You're friends. I do not mind.

*Niki pauses before telling her story.*

Niki: When I was young, I was a normal... human girl.
Niki: I lived in a small town, with other normal humans.
Niki: And then, as I grew older, I started to manifest control over magic.
Niki: I had an affinity for Nature magic, and it seems as though it had an affinity for me, as my skin turned the shade of green you see today.
Niki: Of course, the rather unpleasantly superstitious members of the community took offense at my change.
Niki: They decried me as an ill omen from the Avatars. A monster who would turn into a witch and eat children.
Niki: ...I was just a girl. A girl with magic and green skin.
Niki: And so they threw me out into the forest. Threatened to kill me if they saw me in town again.
Niki: Treated that gesture as though it were some sort of... mercy.
Mritha: What about your family? Surely—
Niki: Ha. Just as bad as the rest of them. Might have been one of the first to disown me.
Niki: My family is the Vind now. The Vind, the Clawkin, and the people of the forests and swamps.
Mritha: ...
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Would you have killed that man if we hadn't shown up?
Niki: I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. When he arrived with the refugees, I couldn't hold myself back.
Niki: I'm sorry. I owe you both an apology. Thank you for coming after me.
Niki: I owe Svera, Kara, and the guards apologies too. I must have made them worry so much.
<Character>: Would you like us to return with you?
Niki: ...Thank you for the offer, but I think a stroll alone in the swamp is something I desperately need right now.
<Character>: I understand. Take care, Niki.
Niki: You as well, <Character>, Mritha.

*Niki leaves; Mritha hangs her head, pondering about Niki's story; you momentarily glare at Mritha before turning around.*

<Character>: Mritha? Is everything okay?

*Mritha turns around.*

Mritha: Hm? Ah, yes. Yes. Just... just fine.
<Character>: You've been uncharacteristically quiet, is all.
Mritha: I've just... I've just been thinking.
Mritha: Until you and <Dragon> arrived, Odgne and I were the only DragonLord and dragon pair in Sulen'eska. | Odgne and I are the only DragonLord and dragon pair in Sulen'eska. You and <Dragon> are close, but...
Mritha: Niki's story about finding new family...
Mritha: Sometimes I miss Dragonsgrasp.
Mritha: Don't get me wrong, most of the DragonLords are full of themselves, and too prideful by far, but I had friends.
Mritha: Odgne and I had family. Or pretty close to it.
<Character>: Kara mentioned that you contacted them recently, I think?
Mritha: To my friends, yes. Kara helped me send a letter with magic.
Mritha: The DragonLords as a whole may refuse to take action, but I think I can convince my old crew to come join the Vind.

*Mritha pauses.*

Mritha: The Vind is... I feel like I belong. But if I can convince some of my old friends to lend their aid, to join the resistance...
Mritha: Well, it would certainly be less lonely. And The Rose might have to reconsider their options if we have trained Dragonriders in the skies!
Mritha: ...I don't know if my old friends will even respond, though. The DragonLords are rather strict and uptight about that sort of thing.
<Character>: With talks of peace on the horizon, let's hope it doesn't take dragons to give The Rose pause.
Mritha: Yes. Of course.
Mritha: Thank you for listening, <Character>.
Mritha: You too, <Dragon>!

*Scene shifts to your dragon, who is sleeping.*

Mritha: We should head back. Maybe try to make sure that man didn't get too lost in the swamp.
<Character>: Right.

*In the Ivory Tower, Akanthus and Amadeus discuss the Vind's invitation to parley.*

Amadeus: Well, sir? I assume you've come to a decision?
Akanthus: Tell Lady Jaania and King Alteon that The Rose shall accept the Vind's invitation to parley.
Amadeus: It will be done.

*Akanthus pauses.*

Akanthus: Do you think their hero will be present?

Akanthus: Would s/he be a threat?
Amadeus: A threat to...?
Akanthus: Peace.
Amadeus: ...Well, sir, s/he is a hero. I imagine s/he has a habit of showing up wherever villains choose to make their moves.

*Another pause from Akanthus, who is somewhat offended from Amadeus' words.*

Akanthus: Do you think me a villain, Amadeus?
Amadeus: Of course not... sir.
Akanthus: Amadeus, you have been hurt by magic, have you not?
Amadeus: ...
Akanthus: There can be no peace while magic remains in these lands. Surely you can recognize this fact?
Amadeus: Sir, do you mean to monologue, or shall I get on with my business?
Akanthus: Ah, my apologies, Amadeus.
Akanthus: As a spymaster, you must have plenty more to do than listen to the ramblings of a man beaten down by the forces of Lore.
Amadeus: With all due respect, sir, yes.
Akanthus: Then please, do not let me keep you.
Akanthus: You are excused.

*Scene cuts to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens L&F Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • A HP/MP healing pad can be found during the quest.
  • This new quest was inserted into the main Sulen'Eska story timeline on December 17th, 2021.

    Next Up: Severed Hope

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