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Legendary AdventureGuide!


Location: Haven on the Horizon, Caught in a Vise, The Siege of Haven, A Decisive Blow, One Step Forward, Supply and Demand, Trust, Lost and Found, Severed Hope, Changing Winds, Fight, Flight, & Fire, A Day for Farewells, Queen of Swordhaven, A Petal Falls, Of Duty and Dragons

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Shops owned

Haven on the Horizon

???: Apologies for the interruption. I bring urgent word of Rose troop movements.

Niki: Rose units have started making their way in the direction of the Buo'Kia villages.

Niki: One moment, Bajacu', there is more.
Niki: Kara, their target may be the Buo'Kia, or they may have found... the Haven.

Niki: Mritha has reported an unusual gathering of dragons nearby as well. She is keeping a watchful eye on them for now.
Niki: But if The Rose and the dragons have allied, then...

Niki: Indeed. Your actions live up to the stories.

Niki: Lehacu' did what? She really went to parley with The Rose? I warned her–

Niki: No... no, no... The Rose will not stop with the Haven. Your village is still in danger!

Niki: Understood.

Niki: You must let us in. The Rose pursues them even now–

Niki: As I've said, that's the least of your worries! The dragons–

Caught in a Vise

Niki: We will defend the Haven whether you want us here or not. We'd prefer to be here with your blessing, though.

The Siege of Haven

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    Niki: It's chaos out on the frontlines.

    Niki: And we're caught in the middle.

    Niki: I have hope. I have confidence. We'll hold them off!

    A Decisive Blow

    Niki: Indeed. I've located the leader of The Rose forces.

    Niki: If we can take out the leader of their forces here, we can drive The Rose to retreat.

    Niki: He was the one who masterminded the Sanctuary assault, wasn't he?

    One Step Forward

    Niki: Kara...
    Niki: I've had my own doubts. There are... There are those we are unable to save. That is a fact.
    Niki: After the siege of Haven, I asked myself if it was worth it. All this loss, even among the victories.
    Niki: But I've seen what has happened to the clawkin first-hand. I've visited the refugees living in the boughs of Sulen'Eska.
    Niki: Rest assured, it's better that we are here to defend who we can, than not at all.

    Niki: Blah?

    Niki: We have to try to help them, don't we? We can't just leave them for The Rose to attack!

    Niki: There's no sign of struggle that I can see.

    Supply and Demand

    Niki: The resistance forces grow by the day as well.
    Niki: Foraging in the swamp may work for some, but keeping an army supplied will take more than that. Much more.

    Niki: But they're already accepting refugees, aren't they? Even if we can solve that issue, that would be a step forward.


    Niki: He approached us and demanded to know where he could find "the resistance".

    Niki: Should we... help?

    Niki: Melissa...

    Lost and Found

    Niki: ...

    Niki: This... creature was from my village.

    Niki: Oh, but how could you forget?
    Niki: How could you not remember the green monster—the child—you and your fellow creatures tossed out into the forest?
    Niki: Well, I found beasts. I found the Clawkin, and others!
    Niki: I found people of all shapes and sizes who were more tolerable than you sorry excuses for humanity.
    Niki: And I survived!

    Niki: And now you've come begging, with your tail between your legs, begging for safety?
    Niki: I know you. I know you're no mage. You had no fear of persecution from The Rose.
    Niki: So why try to sneak in amongst those who truly need our aid?

    Niki: So like a rodent who ate all the grain, you're just moving on? What of the others? I saw no one else I recognized.
    Niki: Despicable. Cowardly. I should... I...

    Niki: ...

    Niki: ...Run.

    Niki: I'm sorry you had to see that, <Character>, Mritha.

    Niki: What, now? Or...

    Niki: You're friends. I do not mind.

    Niki: When I was young, I was a normal... human girl.
    Niki: I lived in a small town, with other normal humans.
    Niki: And then, as I grew older, I started to manifest control over magic.
    Niki: I had an affinity for Nature magic, and it seems as though it had an affinity for me, as my skin turned the shade of green you see today.
    Niki: Of course, the rather unpleasantly superstitious members of the community took offense at my change.
    Niki: They decried me as an ill omen from the Avatars. A monster who would turn into a witch and eat children.
    Niki: ...I was just a girl. A girl with magic and green skin.
    Niki: And so they threw me out into the forest. Threatened to kill me if they saw me in town again.
    Niki: Treated that gesture as though it were some sort of... mercy.

    Niki: Ha. Just as bad as the rest of them. Might have been one of the first to disown me.
    Niki: My family is the Vind now. The Vind, the Clawkin, and the people of the forests and swamps.

    Niki: I don't know. Maybe. Maybe not. When he arrived with the refugees, I couldn't hold myself back.
    Niki: I'm sorry. I owe you both an apology. Thank you for coming after me.
    Niki: I owe Svera, Kara, and the guards apologies too. I must have made them worry so much.

    Niki: ...Thank you for the offer, but I think a stroll alone in the swamp is something I desperately need right now.

    Niki: You as well, <Character>, Mritha.

    Severed Hope

    Niki: He's clearly trying to goad us into rash action. What for, I do not—

    Niki: Bajacu', I need your help. Those cowards left their wounded without a second thought.

    Niki: Indeed. Let's find a likely candidate and bring them back with us.

    Changing Winds

    Niki: Some of the Clawkin will be by shortly if you need anything else.

    Niki: Let's start with the questions then.
    Niki: What is Akanthus planning?

    Niki: Perhaps she's being used as a figurehead for whatever reason? That seems odd considering her actions in the conflict against Yalla.

    Niki: Do people in Swordhaven really not hear about the enslavement and oppression?

    Niki: Putting all the blame on a single name helps their cause.

    Niki: We'll take that into consideration.

    Niki: Do we have enough resources to mount such an offense? I'm all for saving lives where we can, but we have to consider our own first.

    Fight, Flight, & Fire

    Niki: Understood.

    A Day for Farewells

    Niki: You could always stay in Betrubung, if you wish.

    Niki: Understood. I will make sure they do not come to harm in the swamp.

    Queen of Swordhaven

    Niki: It has been difficult. There are few places in Greenguard safe from the sight of The Rose.
    Niki: Bajacu' and much of her kin have chosen to stay with the Dravir in the new Haven for now.
    Niki: As for the rest... we tried to travel southwest, to the north of the Whispering Steppes.

    Niki: Yes.

    Niki: I'm... sorry, Kara. We had no choice. It is a risk, but Bajacu' approved of the decision.

    Niki: Wouldn't... people think that the King was kidnapped?

    A Petal Falls

    Niki: ...

    Of Duty and Dragons

    ???: Kara? Kara! Oh, thank goodness you're here!

    Niki: It's Dragesvard... Just... overnight! There was nothing we could do but run...

    Niki: We'd been monitoring the growth and spread of the fungus, and it seemed to be quite containable with some regular pruning.
    Niki: But it never occurred to us that it was still spreading under the ice!
    Niki: At first we thought it was an earthquake of some kind, then, by the time the streets and buildings were cracking, it was almost too late.
    Niki: Dragesvard is... well, gone!

    Niki: What's left is a twisted mess of mushrooms, bricks, spores, and snow.

    Niki: We were able to evacuate many. Most of the town. They left with the Dragonslayers to find Dragonsgrasp.
    Niki: I came here as fast I could to relay what happened.

    Niki: The Dragonslayers hoped their treaty with the DragonLords would allow them to find safety for the refugees.
    Niki: But I don't know if they were successful.

    Niki: No. I appreciate it, Kara, but I've worked too hard keeping the people of Dragesvard safe.
    Niki: I will do what I can to protect them, no matter what.

    Niki: Kara...
    Niki: You're right, of course. I will rest. Thank you, and may the wind guide you.

    Other information
  • Niki previously appeared in the retired quests/zones Freedom Fighters, Rose War Intro, War of the Dragon Rose - Dragon Front -> Dragon Camp!, After the War, The Fairy Court, The War Room, Choose and Queen of Swordhaven; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.
  • Niki previously offered the retired quests Dragon Bombs, Dravir Trackers, and Help Niki; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Also See: Niki (forum user)

    Thanks to Jay for image, additional dialogue, and corrections.

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