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Location: Freedom Fighters, Rose War Intro, War of the Dragon Rose - Dragon Waves, After the War, The Fairy Court, The War Room, Choose, Queen of Swordhaven, A Petal Falls

Quests given
War of the Dragon Rose
Dragon Bombs
Dravir Trackers

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Shops owned

Freedom Fighters

"N": It is fine, my friend. We are among allies, so you may use my name. I have come from the furthest villages.
"N": They are in jeopardy, as there are Rose units headed their way. But, I am not sure if our friends are the targets.
"N": It seems... The Rose has found the Freedom Camp.

"N": I am afraid there is more. There is a movement among the dragons, eyes have stirred and turned towards the Freedom Camp.
"N": I haven't heard from Mritha in a while and I fear the worst.

Niki: I hear you rescued many of our friends. My thanks. Repairing the balance is going to be hard once we triumph over the Rose.
Niki: I am here for the long haul, of course.

Niki: Pleased to meet you finally. Cold sleep is something else, isn't it? anyway, we need to move.
Niki: Not only are the outlying villages of Clawkin in danger, but so is the Freedom Camp.

Niki: Pack only what you absolutely need and make haste to the Freedom Camp. Trouble is coming and I need you safe!

Niki: We are here.

Niki: Are you coming?

Niki: Srazhenie, they have come to help. Please let us in.

Niki: Hurry little ones. Hurry.

Rose War Intro

Niki: The Dragons despised them for what they became. The Dragonkind leaders launched an attack on their brothers and sisters...
Niki: ... in an effort to suppress the wild magic that was now one with this new group of dragonkind.

Niki: Yes, <Character>. At one time they were one. But now, they are divided by pride and fear.
Niki: The Dragons were scared of what the Dravir could become one day.

Niki: Freedom Camp is where the emancipated Dravir live, in secret, out of sight of the Dragons.
Niki: But, the Rose has found a way to search for this camp that has been silent and secret for decades. Mritha is worried.

Niki: One of us. She is the Black Dragonlord.
Niki: She loves all Dragonkind, but longs for the freedom of the Dravir and peace and reconciliation of the two people.
Niki: Mritha has tirelessly worked with the Dragons and the Dravir to secure their freedom.

Niki: How does it look?

Niki: We will be safe, I promise. We've brought <Character> to help plan.

War of the Dragon Rose - Dragon Waves

Niki: We must fight to protect both the clawkin and the dravir.

  • Talk
    Niki: Slavery is an atrocious act.
    Niki: It condemns and damages.
    Niki: It demeans and hurts.
    Niki: No one should have to face this. The Dragons should know better, yet, they behave as unrefined monstrosities.
    Niki: And the Rose? They have just as much to answer for. When will people learn...

  • More Quests
    Niki: Are you looking for another way to fight, <Character>?

    After the War

    Niki: You must find another place to settle.

    Niki: Of course, Kara. Come, <Character>. We have much to do.

    Niki: This is the fourth one. I don't know how much more I can take of this.

    Niki: Worse? We have seen four settlements, completely destroyed. There are some missing.
    Niki: They have no homes, no places of trade or fields to grow food. Families are torn... do you hear something?

    Niki: And now they are traps for anyone trying to return!

    Niki: How can I be?!?

    Niki: Bajacu'! Why are you here?

    Niki: There was still loss and destruction. How is that something to celebrate?

    Niki: Oh, Bajacu', but it hurts to lose what we have.

    Niki: I will be...

    The Fairy Court

    Niki: We fought so hard and yet...

    Niki: We've lost so many though. Yes, we won the overall battle but it took us so long that so many of my Clawkin friends were stolen from me.
    Niki: I failed them.

    Niki: Yes, I must go to the Fairy Court. I must speak with Maeve.

    Niki: Maeve... Oh, Maeve, it's horrible. And now you are in danger.

    Niki: Melissa? Really?

    The War Room

    Niki: And what would be that valuable that she would miss a planning session? It's not like her.

    Niki: Likewise, the Clawkin have gone deeper into the places where they make their home.

    Niki: Well, then, our work is half done. Now, if we could just get the rest of the world to open their eyes.


    Niki: I imagine you still have trouble seeing the Clawkin as... Like you and I?

    Niki: Thank you.

    Queen of Swordhaven

    Niki: As much as they can be. I've been helping Bajacu' with relocating, as the forests around are no longer safe.
    Niki: Most of them have been moved to the new Freedom Camp.
    Niki: As for the rest... we had to travel southwest from here...

    Niki: Yes.

    Niki: I'm... sorry, Kara. We had no choice. Bajacu' agreed with this decision.

    Niki: Wouldn't... people think that the King was kidnapped?

    A Petal Falls

    Niki: ...

    Preview from Design Notes

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    Thanks to Stephen Nix for image.

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