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Only Path, The

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8/18/2023 22:31:24   

ArchKnight DragonFable

The Only Path

Location: Outpost Yeden -> 2 Right -> Up -> Quests! -> The Only Path
Requirements: Completion of Crash and Burn
Release Date: August 18th, 2023

Objective: After your successful assault on the airship, rest, recuperate, and plan your next steps with your allies...
Objective completed: And so, your path is laid out before you.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Watching Drone



*In Sepulchure and Alteon's Lodging on Outpost Yeden, while the recovering Sepulchure is sitting on the bed on the left, Alteon—also sitting on the bed on the right—is still surprised that Sepulchure was his former friend, Valen; Yix's potato form can be seen attached to an Ignominious, while you, your dragon, and a Magesterium Drone are close by.*

Alteon: I still can't believe... Valen...
Alteon: I thought, after the business with the Ultimate Orb and the Darkness Dragon...
Sepulchure: Your whining isn't helping me recover.
<Character>: You knew about Sepulchure? When he was trying to take over Greenguard?
Alteon: I... I did. I knew him as my old friend, Valen. I...
Alteon: I couldn't bring myself to face him.
Sepulchure: You were weak. As you've always been.
Sepulchure: Your people suffered because you were unable to reconcile that I was no longer the man you once knew.
Sepulchure: You refused to take arms against me, denied to yourself that your old friend was gone.
Alteon: I...
Sepulchure: And then if that wasn't enough to teach you your lesson, you stood back while Jaania and The Rose took over!
Alteon: I... I know. I have no excuses, Valen. But that's why I'm here.
Alteon: I'm not hiding. I let Jaania come to power. I let The Rose run unchecked.
Alteon: I'm here to take responsibility.
Sepulchure: ...Hmph.

*Scene shifts to focus on you, who listened in to Alteon's past inactions of facing Sepulchure and The Rose.*

Alteon: I'll let you rest. Let me know if you need anything.
Sepulchure: Whatever you say.
Alteon: ...

*Your eye look at the right before looking at the recovering Yix.*

<Character>: So... uh... Yix! How are you feeling?
Yix: Ah! Quite well, thank you for asking, <Character>!
Yix: This fellow the Magesters hooked me up to has been quite accommodating with the mana.
Yix: Not very talkative though, it would seem.
<Character>: That's because he's uh...
Yix: Not my place to comment on the unsavory practices of my saviors! But you, Amadeus, er— Sepulchure?
Amadeus: Amadeus... is fine. I would rather shed that old name as I have others before.
Yix: Amadeus, then! I cannot forgive you for what you brought upon Popsprocket in your search for the Energy Orb...
Yix: ...But you did save me. At great cost to yourself, it would appear. Have you come to regret your past, then?
Amadeus: I regret nothing. Everything I have done, I have learned from. And I still survive.
Yix: Fair enough! Thank you, nonetheless.
Amadeus: ...
Watching Drone: *bzzt* Hero <Character>. Your presence is required in the Magesterium chambers. Immediately.
<Character>: Got it. Don't kill each other while I'm gone, okay?
Amadeus: No promises.

*You and your dragon regroup with the Magesterium in the Magesterium chambers.*

Zvezdana: While losses were suffered, by the grace of The Shapeless, we managed to bring down the invading airship.
Zvezdana: Our wounded are being treated, and The Shapeless must determine the next step to take.
Zvezdana: However, there is one more matter to discuss before that.
Zvezdana: Akanthus. Sobieslav.
Zvezdana: That enemy of The Shapeless is at the heart of this matter.
<Character>: Any attack on The Rose encampment has no hope of succeeding unless we find a way to deal with him.
<Character>: Him, and the Doom device he brought with him.
Zvezdana: For one of those, we have a solution.
Zvezdana: Vladi, bring out the Pearl.

*Vladi—a male Magester—shows you and the rest of the Magesterium a purple cube device that contains the Pearl.*

Zvezdana: <Character>, I believe you are somewhat familiar with the Void?
<Character>: I... have had some experience with it.
<Character>: What is that?
Zvezdana: This is the Pearl of the Void.
Zvezdana: The culmination of our research into a way to stop Akanthus.
<Character>: So it's a weapon of some sort?
Zvezdana: A weapon? This is no mere weapon!
Zvezdana: The Pearl of the Void is a contained and modified portal to the Void itself.
Zvezdana: Upon shattering, it will drag the nearest creature into the Void, then seal it away.

*You observe Zvezdana grabbing the Pearl of the Void from the cube device as it unattaches the Pearl.*

Zvezdana: This is how we will banish Akanthus from Lore.
<Character>: A portal to the Void? You're aware of the dangers, aren't you?
<Character>: This land is already twisted from the influence of the Fissure. If the Void were to spread its tendrils through an uncontained portal...
Zvezdana: There are risks, certainly. But none compare to allowing Akanthus to go unchecked.
<Character>: And you're sure this will work?
Zvezdana: The Pearl has... not quite been tested yet. But yes.
Zvezdana: Based on our understanding of Akanthus' condition, this will remove him from the view of The Shapeless.
<Character>: And... if it doesn't?
Zvezdana: Then we are doomed regardless, aren't we?
<Character>: ...
Ostromir: Trust us, <Character>. We will stop him and Jaania!
<Character>: And what about the Doom device?
Zvezdana: Unlike these lands, Azaveyr has not had dealings with such things.
Zvezdana: I believe we will have to have a talk with your ally who is much more familiar with that particular problem.
Zvezdana: And on that note—

*A letter magically appear out of thin air.*

Zvezdana: And what is this?
<Character>: Looks like someone sent a letter to... <Dragon>?

*Your dragon tries to read the letter.*

Zvezdana: Well go on. Read it. Who dares to intrude on The Shapeless' sacred council?
<Dragon>: Someone still hasn't taught me how to read yet! | *Accusatory grumble!*
<Character>: It's probably for me. Let's see...
<Character>: Oh! It's from Warlic!
<Character>: He has an update about Jaania's experiments.

*Set before delivering the letter to you, in the apex of Warlic's Tower, Warlic writes a letter that details Jaania's soulweaving experiments on Swordhaven's Ivory Tower.*

<Character>. I have discovered some troubling revelations about Jaania's experiments.
She has not dabbled, but dove into the arts of soulweaving.
No, beyond that. Unlike the weavers who find willing partners, Jaania has twisted a soul into a spirit.

*Scene shifts to focus on "The Study of Forbidden Magicks" book.*

The means by which she has done so are quite concerning, involving what I believe our Magesterium friends would consider "Forbidden Magicks".

*Scene shifts to focus on Jaania's contained phylacteries.*

I have my own suspicions regarding soul decay and stability, but such musings can wait until another time.

*Scene shifts to focus back on Warlic writing the letter.*

Be warned. Jaania wields the skills of a weaver. And I believe she intends to use those skills to interact with the Mana Core.
I myself, along with Alexander, will be preparing to travel to the Fissure.
We've come to a decision. We cannot stand by. Not this time.

*Scene shifts to focus on Nythera pouring tea on Lynn's cup.*

Finally, regarding the precious item entrusted to me, all is well. Nythera is keeping it safe, and she has earned her trust over the years, as you may know.

<Character>: "And with that, I will see you soon. Do not underestimate Jaania. She is more capable— and dangerous— than ever."

*You move your eyebrow briefly as you finished listening to the troubling revelations from Warlic's letter; you turn around to face Zvezdana about the new situation.*

<Character>: Great. Jaania's a Soulweaver. As if we didn't have enough to worry about!
Zvezdana: Ah, but that is one of our specialties, worry not.
Zvezdana: A rogue Soulweaver? A Chaosweaver?
Zvezdana: The Magesterium has experience in these matters.
<Character>: Um. He did also warn about not underestimating her.
Zvezdana: She is one mage. We do not fear her.
Zvezdana: You are dismissed, <Character>, <Dragon>.
Zvezdana: Return to your dome. We will summon you when we have another task for you.

*Meanwhile, in Brittany's chamber on Swordhaven Castle, Victoria speaks with her recovering sister, Brittany.*

Victoria: How are you feeling, Brittany? I can fetch more pillows, if you'd like.
Brittany: I'm recovering well, thank you. But don't you have more important things to do than to fuss over me...
Brittany: ... My Queen?
Victoria: Brittany!

*Despite her responsibilities as Queen, Victoria suggests a compromise to Brittany.*

Victoria: Can't I check in on my sister from time to time?
Brittany: Aha. Of course! I'm always happy to see you. But I'm starting to think you're using me as an excuse to avoid your duties!
Victoria: And so what if I am?
Brittany: Victoria... Little sister... The people need you.
Brittany: I know you'd rather be anywhere else— doing anything else— but we don't always get to choose our destiny.
Victoria: I... I know. I just...
Brittany: You can always come to me for help. And when I've recovered, if you still feel the same way...
Brittany: I can wear the crown for you until Father returns.
Victoria: ...
Brittany: Although between you and me, I've heard from the nurses that you're quite the popular queen.
Victoria: I...
Brittany: Don't worry. I'm here for you. And you have no shortage of allies.
Victoria: Thank you, Brittany. I needed to hear that.
Victoria: I... I can do this!
Brittany: There's that confidence!

*Scene fades to black; elsewhere, in complete darkness, an unknown voice can be heard...*

???: It is one thing to hear reports, another to see it for myself.
???: A war-torn wasteland...
???: And yet... Compared to the imbalances and chaos of the Plains...
???: Yes.
???: This could be a new home. Our new home.
???: Continue the scouting efforts. When the time is right...
???: The dam will burst.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Completion of this quest will unlock new dialogue from Alteon and Amadeus in their Lodging on Outpost Yeden.

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