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Crash and Burn

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7/22/2023 22:13:57   

ArchKnight DragonFable

Crash and Burn

Location: Outpost Yeden -> 2 Right -> Up -> Quests! -> Crash and Burn
Requirements: Completion of Hawk in the Sky
Release Date: July 22nd, 2023

Objective: Jaania's airship has fallen. But does anything remain?
Objective completed: Potato secured! Time to retreat and consider the next step...

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(2) Energizer
(2) Entangled Gorillaphant
(4) Entangled Seed Spitter
(1) Entangled Tog
(2) Entangled Tuskmonger
(4) ManaHunter
(1) Potato of Doom - Boss

Rose Soldier
Yix / Doomed Yix

Pouch of Trithril Dust

  • Alteon joins you as Guest A.
  • Amadeus joins you as Guest B.

    *In the Hawkscry ruins, the Magesters' shield becomes inactive as they have taken down the Rose airship.*

    Zvezdana: We have done it! The airship falls!
    Ostromir: Yes! Just like taking down a dragon in the old stories!
    Vseslava: What we face is far more insidious still.
    Zvezdana: Our job is not yet done. Division Osiem and I shall join the outsiders and head to the predicted crash site.
    Vseslava: Understood.
    Zvezdana: We have magesters sent ahead in the field ready to secure the Doom device. They will need whatever support we can give them.
    Zvezdana: Everyone else, return to the Outpost and rest. This was only the first attack— Jaania and Akanthus will not be stopped so easily.
    Ostromir: Speaking of which, there is still the matter of Akanthus...
    Zvezdana: We are still working on a solution. For now, we should try to avoid him, if possible.
    Zvezdana: Well? We are wasting time standing around. We have our duties. Let us hurry!

    *Meanwhile, a Magisterium Drone patrols the Rose airship crash site when suddenly, Akanthus slashes it with his sword.*

    Akanthus: It is done, Lady Jaania. We can proceed.

    *Scene fades to black before fading back in; Jaania and her surviving forces—consisting of Rose soldiers and the gnomes who sided with The Rose—regroup with Akanthus; while dead bodies of Magesters and Rose soldiers can be seen all over the crash site, the Doom device can be seen carried by gnomish drones, inadvertently leaking black and red liquid in the process.*

    Rose Soldier: By the Avatars...
    Jaania: Well done, Akanthus.

    *Jaania looks at the airship's energy source—the Doom device.*

    Jaania: ...
    Akanthus: Is something the matter, My Lady?

    *Jaania realizes that her enemies' warning about the Doom device that was on her airship were true all along; despite this warning, Jaania lies to Akanthus.*

    Jaania: No. Nothing.
    Akanthus: If you are wondering about that, the energy source, I felt it was prudent not to allow it to fall into Magesterium hands.
    Jaania: ...Certainly. I assessed as much.

    *Still assessing on the revelation, Jaania asks Akanthus to lead the surviving Rose forces to the encampment.*

    Jaania: General Akanthus, lead our survivors to the encampment. I will follow shortly. There is something I'd like to confirm.
    Akanthus: Are you sure it is wise to stay behind? The Magesterium will be sure to—
    Jaania: I appreciate your concern, General. I will only be a moment.
    Akanthus: As you wish. Everyone, with me.

    *Akanthus leads the surviving Rose forces to the encampment with the gnomish drones carrying the Doom device in tow; now alone, Jaania focuses on her assessment on the revelation about the Doom device.*

    Jaania: That is just an energy source... isn't it...?
    Jaania: ...They couldn't have been right. They can't be!

    Jaania: And yet...
    Jaania: What Amadeus said back in the castle with... the others...
    Jaania: Now that I've seen it for myself... the power it exudes...
    Jaania: ...No. No. Akanthus wouldn't....
    Jaania: ...He... saved me...

    *Jaania looks at the black and red liquid dropped from the Doom device.*

    Jaania: And yet...
    Jaania: ...So much of the inexplicable could be explained.

    *Back in the Hawkscry ruins, Ostromir, Vseslava, and Zvezdana regroup with you, your dragon, Alteon, and Amadeus.*

    Zvezdana: Good... Good. We are not too late!
    <Character>: Zvezdana! And Ostromir and Vseslava! We saw the airship crash, and were about to set out.
    <Character>: You're welcome to join us.
    Amadeus: Your Magesters did well. We would have known by now if the Doom device had detonated.
    Zvezdana: Perhaps, but I fear for their safety. Vseslava, the details, if you could. I must... Catch my breath...
    Vseslava: We received a communication from our drones before they were abruptly cut off.
    Vseslava: Akanthus and Jaania have survived, as we feared.
    Alteon: Then... we failed?
    <Character>: Expecting the airship crash to stop them was a long shot.
    Zvezdana: Yes. From here, they will likely try to reach their encampment by foot.
    Zvezdana: Jaania may be capable of a quicker method of transportation, but Akanthus and any of their surviving soldiers will not.
    Zvezdana: But the wilds of Hawkscry will not yield easily to their progress, as you well know.
    Zvezdana: We have bought ourselves precious time.
    <Character>: We need to hurry then. We'll see if we can retrieve Yix, or learn anything from the wreckage, then regroup at Outpost Yeden.
    Zvezdana: Agreed. We will follow as well.
    Alteon: Are you sure? You must be exhausted after your exertions—
    Zvezdana: If we can learn anything to help our cause, it will be worth it.
    Amadeus: Do not slow us down.
    Zvezdana: As you can see, I do not have an Ignominious with me. I will keep up, but I am putting my safety in your hands.
    <Character>: You can trust us. We'll clear the way.

    *You fight your way through the wilds of Hawkscry, battling various monsters along the way; eventually, you and your allies reach the Rose airship crash site.*

    <Character>: What a mess... This could take us days to sort through, if not longer. Guess we should get started.
    Amadeus: Hold.
    <Character>: Amadeus? What is it?
    Amadeus: ...Doom.

    *Suddenly, from a stack of potatoes, red squiggy lines converge with the red liquid left over from the Doom device.*

    Alteon: What... what was that?!
    <Character>: Zvezdana, stand back!

    *Doom energy appears from the potatoes, causing a corrupted version of Yix's potato form to emerge.*

    Doomed Yix: Doom... DOOM!

  • Battle! - begins battle with Potato of Doom.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions; will also re-invite Alteon and Amadeus if defeated in a previous attempt.
  • Run Away! - returns to Outpost Yeden.

    *Despite defeating Doomed Yix, he is still infected by Doom's corruption.*

    Doomed Yix: DOOM. DOOM. DOOM.
    <Character>: Yix, hang on!
    Alteon: I've seen this kind of corruption before. I don't think—
    <Character>: I fought and defeated it before! I took down the Mysterious Stranger, and Caitiff too!
    Alteon: Be that as it may—
    <Character>: <Dragon> survived it!
    <Character>: Amadeus...
    Amadeus: No.
    <Character>: I know what I'm asking of you. Please.
    Amadeus: Do you?
    Amadeus: Do you?!
    Amadeus: Do you know how much I suffered cleansing that... dragon of yours?!
    <Character>: But if there's a chance...
    Amadeus: I cannot save everyone, <Character>.

    *Realizing that Amadeus is right that they cannot save everyone, despite Amadeus' pain, you continue to convince him to purify Yix from Doom's corruption.*

    <Character>: ...You're right. I don't think I can imagine your pain.
    <Character>: But we have to try!
    Alteon: If this is indeed something you can do, Amadeus, we will do all we can to help ease your pain.
    Amadeus: Do not speak to me, Alteon.
    Alteon: I only—
    Amadeus: If it will get you two to shut up, then fine!
    Amadeus: I will try.
    Amadeus: Hmph. How much Doom can one potato hold, anyway?
    <Character>: Thank you, Amadeus. And if... if it becomes too much to bear...
    Amadeus: I know my limits. I am of no use here as a maddened wreck.
    Amadeus: I will go to the edge, but no further.
    Amadeus: Pray that it is enough.
    Amadeus: ...
    Amadeus: Alden, turn away. Do not watch.
    Alteon: Why? What are you going to do?
    Amadeus: ...Suit yourself.

    *Amadeus opens his fists and pushes his arms forward to cast a levitation spell to the corrupted Yix's potato form, causing him to absorb the doomified energy into himself from Yix's potato form; this act causes Amadeus to remove all of his illusions, exposing himself as Sepulchure; an oblivious Alteon becomes shocked as he recognizes Sepulchure as Valen.*

    Alteon: Valen?!

    *Sepulchure finishes absorbing the doomified energy from Yix into himself as he purifies the Doom corruption from Yix's potato form; this act causes Sepulchure to be exhausted.*

    Sepulchure: It... it is done.

    *Alteon runs toward the exhaused Sepulchure.*

    Alteon: Valen— I—
    Sepulchure: Save it, Alteon. I... need to rest...
    <Character>: Thank you, Amadeus. Thank you.
    Alteon: Valen... So this is where you've been...

    *Scene pans outward to show a Magesterium Drone, Ostromir, Vseslava, and Zvezdana, who have overseen the revelations about Sepulchure; your dragon can be seen entering a box of potatoes.*

    Zvezdana: Well, that was a delightful experience.
    Zvezdana: While you were busy, we finished our initial observations here.
    Zvezdana: With no sign of any remaining Rose members, we should be safe to send out an expedition for a more thorough search.
    Vseslava: The Doom device is also missing. We can only assume it was taken with The Rose after the crash.
    Ostromir: Is... Amadeus okay?
    Sepulchure: What do you think...?
    Ostromir: I have seen many new things recently. I do not wish to presume!
    Zvezdana: How interesting. Perhaps when we return to camp, we could run some tests—
    Sepulchure: Touch me and die.
    Zvezdana: Your condition is a curiosity, is all.
    Zvezdana: And what of your potato?
    <Character>: Yix!
    <Character>: Are you okay?

    *You look at Yix's potato form as it crackles energy, indicating that he is still alive.*

    Yix: Ah. I appear to have caused some trouble. I apologize, but I am indeed, myself again.
    <Character>: Thank goodness. We'll let Eirn and the others know as soon as possible.
    Yix: Yes, that would be for the best. I will need a new source of power soon enough, however...
    Zvezdana: Two patients for the Outpost, then.
    Zvezdana: Come now, the way back should still be clear. We will have to plan our next steps carefully.

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • A circle of red mushrooms acts as an HP/MP healing source during the quest.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Zvezdana: "So... Ostromir. Vseslava tells me you have gone native."
  • Ostromir: "I— What? No! Do not be ridiculous! Vseslava, what have you been saying?!"
  • Vseslava: "I said nothing of the— I only mentioned—"
  • Zvevdana: "Aha. It really has been far too long. Golden Hand duties keep you so busy."
  • Alteon: "They look lost... We could just leave them be."
  • Zvezdana: "The wilds would have taken them one way or another."
  • Ostromir: "It truly has. But soon, we willl be able to return home."
  • Alteon: "Perhaps we can take a break here? I'm... not as spry as I used to be!"
  • Amadeus: "..."
  • Zvezdana: 'I would suggest against— Ah. Too late. I shall have to take notes.'
  • Amadeus: "We're getting closer. Do not get distracted."
  • Ostromir: "These ruins... Perhaps we should establish a more permanent site when this is all over."
  • Amadeus: "Do not— And he's already taking samples. If you get eaten, it's your own fault."
  • Alteon: "Soldiers of The Rose! Stand down and let us pass!"
  • Amadeus: "Hmph."
  • Amadeus: "It looks abandoned. And yet... Hm."
  • Alteon: "Ruins on ruins..."
  • Ostromir: "You said it was called 'trithril'? How interesting!"

  • Next Up: The Only Path

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