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Location: The Golden Hand, The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction, The Greenguard Alliance - Golden Hand Faction -> Up Right, Daybreak (Golden Hand), Into the Light, The Spells We Weave, Sunfall: Part 1, Sunfall: Part 2, The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction, A Storm in the Night, A Shocking Discovery, Grinding Gears, Direct Current, The Spark of the Soul, Broken Circuit (Part 1), Of Duty and Dragons, The Awakened Depths - Golden Hand Faction, Speaker and Slayer, The Descent

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The Golden Hand

Ostromir: Oh, good.

Ostromir: Hello there, primitives!

Ostromir: I'm Ostromir!

Ostromir: Most unfortunate incident.

Ostromir: But we're not allowed to contain you. Because if we do that, it makes our jobs so much more difficult. Politics and such.

Ostromir: Indeed.

Ostromir: Sincerest apologies.

Ostromir: Not entirely our doing.

Ostromir: Something or someone has interfered!

Ostromir: At great cost and personal risk!

Ostromir: Well...

Ostromir: If you don't, then we're all idiots.

Ostromir: And you'd probably imprison or execute us.

Ostromir: I wouldn't like that.

Ostromir: About that closure... I don't suppose you'd be willing to divulge how that was managed?

Ostromir: So you probably can't do it again. Probably.

Ostromir: Preposterous, wouldn't you agree?

Ostromir: Are you satisfied with that answer?

Ostromir: Ah, uh, yes, certainly.

Ostromir: We have to get close to make our adjustments.

Ostromir: When we have completed our task, we will send word back to the Empire, and the process of closing will begin.

Ostromir: Very risky and expensive.
Ostromir: It wouldn't do us any good if we arrived at a rift and our mangled remains were re-mangled by elementals.

Ostromir: That depends on Jaania.

Ostromir: The current rifts force the resources of the Rose away from the Fissure. The Kingdom being caught in the crossfire is regrettable, but—

Ostromir: Rest assured, the Shapeless does not wish to conquer your lands, only to do what it takes to stop the Rose's interference.
Ostromir: Does that answer your question?

Ostromir: You don't know?
Ostromir: What kind of backwards theo—

Ostromir: As long as it keeps your precious nose out of the Fissure.

Ostromir: So dramatic.

Ostromir: Of course.

The Greenguard Alliance - Choose a Faction

Ostromir: <Character>! Come to join us? The Queen lent us some of her knights, but we could use all the help we can get!

  • Learn More
    Ostromir: Our mission is to head deep into invasion territory.

    Ostromir: Luckily, we should only have to reach one of them. They're connected, you see.

    Ostromir: The Queen Victoria has lent us a number of her knights to escort us, but...
    Ostromir: Well. You've seen the glory of Nieboheim and her people. These knights are certainly no heroes, am I right?
    Ostromir: And I'm sure with your assistance, it will be as simple as a walk to the Forums!

    The Greenguard Alliance - Golden Hand Faction

    Ostromir: And here is <Character>! Didn't get lost on the way out here, I see! A true hero!

    Ostromir: War? Ha! We've seen war, <Character>.
    Ostromir: Maybe that's what the Vind and Rose are doing, but what we are doing...
    Ostromir: This is maintenance.

    Ostromir: Technically!

    Ostromir: A very important mission! We had these new golems, you see, and there were some adjustments that—

    Ostromir: It's like... The Shapeless can tell us where to go and what to do, right? And we have to do it.
    Ostromir: But we also get the opportunity to see so much more of the world.
    Ostromir: And so the Shapeless affords us certain liberties that other Magesters do not have.
    Ostromir: Our votes in the Magesterium count the same in the eyes of the Shapeless, but perhaps we aren't always around to vote.

    Ostromir: Later, perhaps, hero <Character>. We must prepare!

    Daybreak (Golden Hand)

    Ostromir: This is stupid... We need more time!

    Ostromir: ...Waste of breath...

    Ostromir: A Tytan.

    Ostromir: We couldn't control them if we wanted!

    Ostromir: Terraform.

    Ostromir: Regardless, we've been seeing the effects of this creature and or the location of this creature's origin passing through the rift.

    Ostromir: Stupid machine!

    Ostromir: That's probably the best decision for now.

    Ostromir: Look, this is an intricate magical process, the details of which would tie your shriveled excuse for a brain in knots and—

    Into the Light

    Ostromir: Poorly!

    Ostromir: It's... how do you say it? Locked?

    Ostromir: Something like that.

    Ostromir: Nothing we can't overcome!

    Ostromir: The ambient temperature is increasing to alarming levels!

    The Spells We Weave

    Ostromir: It is a natural being, and so, it makes sense that it is bound by natural laws.

    Ostromir: We should be ready when you are.

    Sunfall: Part 1

    Ostromir: I... can hold this for now... but please hurry!

    O??ro?i?: Y-u'll -ave to find an-th– *pop*

    Sunfall: Part 2

    Ostromir: Nobody back home is going to believe this!

    Ostromir: It would be advisable to post some guards near it, though. You never know, right?

    The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction

    Ostromir: Systems secure for some ruins diving. It's been a while, hasn't it, Vseslava? Glad you're here, <Character>.

  • Doomwood Camp

    The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction
    (before Ambition's Crossroads)

    Ostromir: Shapeless knows. The border village incident must have been quite severe for them to spread the investigation so thin, though.

    Ostromir: <Character>.

    Ostromir: Nothing to worry about. Just the usual bureaucracy and inter-departmental politics.

    Ostromir: Of course, traveling so much, our exposure to...

    Ostromir: ...The Shapeless's gift is much more limited.
    Ostromir: Regardless, we also have a number of focus crystals to use as backup to power our suits and tools...
    Ostromir: ...should we find ourselves unable to use our own mana for whatever reason.

    Ostromir: From the Shapeless.

    Ostromir: Oh, I hate it when you look at me like that.

    Ostromir: What, s/he's a hero, isn't s/he? I'm sure it's fine.

    Ostromir: It is a source of magic that only the Shapeless' chosen may draw from.
    Ostromir: It allows the Magesters to perform extraordinary feats of magic as the Shapeless wills.
    Ostromir: However, prolonged exposure to it may have some... adverse effects on one's natural ability to use magic.
    Ostromir: My personal theory is that by using it, one's soul is gradu–

    Ostromir: That's right. Hmm. I bet some of the research teams back home would give much to be able to examine these ruins in person.
    Ostromir: We must be sure to borrow some samples. Vseslava, I'm almost certain these could be connected to... you know...

    Ostromir: Now where did I put that wrench?

    After completing A Shocking Discovery:
  • Your World
    Ostromir: Let it go, Vseslava. With the Proclamation rifts as they are, they'll learn sooner or later.

    Ostromir: They-

    A Storm in the Night

    Ostromir: The plan is acceptable. I look forward to exploring what sorts of ruins you have on this continent!

    Ostromir: Of course, of course.

    Ostromir: Job first.

    If you joined the Golden Hand Faction:
    Ostromir: Looks like you'll be giving us a tour of the region, <Character>!

    Ostromir: Such a dreary place. And you people voluntarily chose to settle here?

    Ostromir: Agreed.

    A Shocking Discovery

    Ostromir: Who designed these structures to be so... maze-like?
    Ostromir: The projection of the rift indicates that a focus lies deep within...
    Ostromir: Bah, I don't understand your culture and your reverence for such old and forgotten things.
    Ostromir: If we could only just–

    Ostromir: I'm just saying, whoever made or created these dusty old halls are long gone. Why let old things stand in the way of progress?

    Ostromir: The nomad tribes? Your alliance has the superior numbers and capabilities. Surely the nomad tribes stand no challenge?

    Ostromir: Yes, all the peace and dingy ruins you could ever want, after a brief one–sided campaign.

    Ostromir: What do you think, <Character>? Surely you agree with me? We're pressed for time, after all.

    If you select the 'I agree. We're in a rush.' option:
      Ostromir: At least we have our priorities straight, right, <Character>? We'll respect the wishes of your Queen but–
    If you select the 'No, we must be careful.' option:
      Ostromir: Yes, yes, and we mustn't anger your most gracious Queen. I'm sure she won't mind if we do a little bit of–
    Ostromir: Wait.

    Ostromir: Shh.

    Ostromir: Hold up.

    Ostromir: It's none of our business. Let them pass and we'll be on our way.

    Ostromir: My combat abilities are rather limited. Excuse me if I don't want to run out and die for something that I have no familiarity with.

    Ostromir: Everyone wants to be a Hero. Go on, save the day.

    Ostromir: *Sigh*

    Ostromir: Hmm. I think I can open this. But are you sure you want to?

    Ostromir: Oh, I could think of any number of threats that such an unknown thing could pose...

    Ostromir: Okay, but if it fries us all to a crisp, I told you so.

    Ostromir: I think I understand why it was caged now. Permission to re-cage it?

    Ostromir: Energy? I don't think we've ever sent any expeditions to–
    Ostromir: Er, no.
    Ostromir: I have no idea what this Prince is talking about.
    Ostromir: I am curious, however. How is it that we understand each other?
    Ostromir: I would assume there would have been a language barrier...

    Ostromir: If you came through, then, do you remember where that happened?

    Ostromir: Fantastic. It's of no help at all. Shall we get a move on, then?

    Ostromir: I don't think I'll ever grow accustomed to your... culture's penchant for the irrelevant.

    Ostromir: Very well. Follow me, everyone.
    Ostromir: I have no idea what this Prince is talking about.

    Ostromir: Or maybe we could make a deal with the other Lagohm and exchange the Prince for–

    Ostromir: Very well. I still don't trust it though.

    If you joined the Golden Hand Faction:
    Ostromir: Fair.

    Ostromir: I'll make sure it doesn't get up to anything untoward.

    Grinding Gears

    Ostromir: I told you so.

    Ostromir: "Open the cage, Ostromir, it will be fine, Ostromir."

    Ostromir: "Look at how cute the invading enemy is, Ostromir."

    Ostromir: Nobody ever listens to Ostromir.

    Ostromir: I would not expect so.

    Ostromir: And if I could?

    Ostromir: Out? Do you even know where we are?

    Ostromir: Which means we don't know where the rift is on this side either.

    Ostromir: Save your energy.

    Ostromir: You too, <Dragon>?

    Ostromir: What is it that you have against me? I am being reasonable, logical–

    Ostromir: Ah.

    Ostromir: And seeing as you channel magic...

    Ostromir: As the Shapeless wills.

    Ostromir: An Enchanter scholar and an Assassin...
    Ostromir: I remember that case. Caused some concern among the Magesterium when they vanished.
    Ostromir: So, they thought they would lose a child.

    Ostromir: That explains much.

    Ostromir: Enough. Such painful memories are not for–

    Ostromir: ...

    Ostromir: I understand why you blame the Magesterium

    Ostromir: Although...
    Ostromir: I am afraid your parents had nothing to fear.

    Ostromir: Oh, you most certainly would have been conscripted.
    Ostromir: And with your natural ability... yes, I imagine you would have succeeded.

    Ostromir: No. Your parents would have never knowingly seen you again, that much is true.
    Ostromir: But you, you would have seen them. Protected them. Watched them grow old.
    Ostromir: ...as a Magester.

    Ostromir: Surely, in their positions, they could have known, could have learned, even if they were not supposed to.

    Ostromir: They could have been silently proud. It has been known to happen, though rarely.

    Ostromir: My parents are lumberers out in the countryside. As far as I know, they're well, and happy.
    Ostromir: I have a younger sister now too, who owns a stall in the Forums. Sometimes I visit.
    Ostromir: She has no idea who I am, of course. Nor should she.
    Ostromir: The Magesterium is a second family to me, united by the will of the Shapeless.
    Ostromir: And I do my duty. For the sake of the Shapeless, the Empire, and all who reside within it.

    Ostromir: You asked.

    Ostromir: I answered.

    Ostromir: For what little it may be worth to you, I am sorry for what happened to your family.
    Ostromir: Such tragedies are never our intentions.

    Ostromir: *Sigh*

    Ostromir: After you, then, Hladach Raven.

    Ostromir: Your mother's title. From what I've seen of your skills and ferocity, you have more than earned it.
    Ostromir: I cannot undo the past, but allow my actions in the present to prove my intent.

    Ostromir: Yup.
    Ostromir: That's definitely the rift.

    Ostromir: It seems Eulin was leading us to it.

    Ostromir: So you did.

    Ostromir: Well done, Hladach Raven, <Dragon>.
    Ostromir: We should pass with haste. Before more lagohm show up.

    Ostromir: Remember the-?

    Ostromir: Ah. Yes. I see. It will be done.

    Ostromir: I did not cower!

    Ostromir: I would not call it caring so much as unwavering suspicion.

    Ostromir: Sure.

    Ostromir: So, thanks to Eulin's help, we now know the way to the rift.

    Ostromir: If it is any consolation...
    Ostromir: I think your fellow lagohm were too preoccupied with Hladach Raven and <Dragon>'s rampage to notice your role in our escape.

    Ostromir: A long story. Not very interesting.

    Ostromir: As you say.

    The Royal Resistance - Golden Hand Faction
    (after Grinding Gears)

    Ostromir: Yes. It is a relief. No matter how many times I have-

    Ostromir: What? Er- right. Do not worry, <Character>. We are back to working hard.

    Ostromir: The city was a-

    Ostromir: Come on, Vseslava. It would be more suspicious if I didn't share this very new and unknown information with our allies, would it not?

    Ostromir: Exactly! <Character>, the city, the Manufactory, is a mechanical metal mess of gears and Energy.
    Ostromir: There is an order to the chaos though. Prince Eulin does not overstate the complications of ruling such a place.
    Ostromir: But the city itself sits on a barren lightning scarred plain. Someone attuned with Energy may find it beautiful in its own way...
    Ostromir: But it just made my hair stand on end. Not an unusual occurence in the-

    Ostromir: Yes, I know. I hope I answered your curiosity, <Character>.

    Ostromir: You tease, <Character>. But I will be watching myself closer from now on too. There are many secrets that are not mine to reveal.

    Direct Current

    Ostromir: Hold up.

    Ostromir: Something's not right.

    Ostromir: Vseslava, some calculations, if you could?

    Ostromir: Keep an eye on Eulin.

    Ostromir: Alright, enough chatter. This way, everyone. Quickly.

    The Spark of the Soul

    Ostromir: And then, if my memory serves, there should be a large room a ways up ahead. Some sort of cathedral, I think.
    Ostromir: And that is where we will find our focus point.

    Ostromir: They were not expecting an attack from the rift, most likely.

    Ostromir: I will be counting on you to keep Vseslava and I safe!

    Broken Circuit (Part 1)

    Ostromir: We are working as fast as we can, although all the talking is quite distracting.

    Ostromir: As you say, Vseslava. The Golden Hand division Osiem shall not be stopped by mere annoyances!

    Ostromir: Oh no, whatever shall we do...

    Ostromir: We are nowhere close! Shapeless take these foolish Lagohm!

    Ostromir: "We are buying you plenty of time" they said! "Do not worry about the ruler of the Manufactory" they said!
    Ostromir: Do you have any idea how much concentration it takes to–

    Ostromir: Fine.

    Ostromir: Touching. So, shall we get to work?

    Ostromir: Almost...

    Ostromir: Vseslava? What is the–

    Ostromir: Aagh!

    Ostromir: Sudden... pain... headache...

    Ostromir: Okay...

    Ostromir: Okay... I think...

    Ostromir: Vseslava, status?

    Ostromir: Same. We need to finish our job. We need to secure the...

    Of Duty and Dragons

    Ostromir: By the Shapeless! What manner of foul–

    Ostromir: What is that... smell?
    Ostromir: ...What happened to your face?

    Ostromir: Oh... my head...

    Ostromir: Oh! Much better.
    Ostromir: But... What happened? I... saw a vision...

    Ostromir: Then the Magesterium... the Gift...

    Ostromir: And the city? What of Nieboheim? And our people?

    Ostromir: I... I see.
    Ostromir: Then...
    Ostromir: Then we... must... continue our duty here.
    Ostromir: Traveling back to the Empire would take too long for us to be of any use.
    Ostromir: We must protect this land as best we can. As is our job as Magesters of the Golden Hand.

    Ostromir: No. Let us... Let us get back to work.

    Ostromir: It will be fine. I will be fine.

    Ostromir: And... ready! Where is that annoying electric puffball? I am not shrinking the rift with him on this side!

    Ostromir: Well, they better hurry! I am still recovering, and maintaining control of this is a strenuous task!

    Ostromir: Hurry up!

    Ostromir: It is not fully closed, so to say, but it will indeed no longer exert its influence.
    Ostromir: Assuming, of course, that it is not further tampered with.

    Ostromir: Yes, yes. I wish to apologize for my rudeness earlier, mage. Thank you for your assistance.

    Ostromir: And I still do.

    Ostromir: It is not merely a belief.

    Ostromir: We... I...

    Ostromir: Our duty as Golden Hand must come first. It must.
    Ostromir: One nation is nothing compared to all who live on Lore.

    Ostromir: ...

    Ostromir: Hmm... More dragons... This land truly isn't short of insanity.

    The Awakened Depths - Golden Hand Faction

    Ostromir: There was an insect in my bedding last night! An insect!

    Ostromir: It is the principle of the matter.

    Ostromir: ...
    Ostromir: But there is nothing we can reasonably do about the situation.
    Ostromir: It eats away at me inside. The grief burns like nothing I have ever felt.
    Ostromir: Shapeless preserve me, if I only had the combat ability you and <Dragon> possess...

    Ostromir: Yes. Please. You know, Vseslava, now that the Magesterium is, as far as we know, no more...

    Ostromir: It would help me feel better!

    Ostromir: Vseslava has graciously allowed me to provide some explanation regarding the Proclamation Rifts!

    Ostromir: As you may have surmised, the rifts do indeed lead to the Elemental Wastes.

    Ostromir: I have! Although, I imagine the current gate in the Magesterium has closed.

    Ostromir: Yes! Top secret, of course, and powered by the Shapeless' gift.
    Ostromir: The Magesterium has had quite a number of expeditions into the Wastes, in fact. Even since far before my time.

    Ostromir: It does!

    Ostromir: What the heathens here call the "Elemental Planes", are such an outdated model of the system.
    Ostromir: The Planes are indeed sections of the Wastes. Sections stabilized by the Elemental Lords, or Avatars, I believe you call them.

    Ostromir: With how relatively stable they are compared to the rest of the Wastes...
    Ostromir: ...they could very well be interpreted as such to those with limited information.

    Ostromir: Our theory is that the Elemental Lords struggle to maintain balance between themselves.
    Ostromir: The Planes therefore act as... external wells of power from which to draw from.
    Ostromir: It is certainly better than using Lore as a battleground!

    Ostromir: Now, if you are interested, we ran the most interesting experiments in the Wastes outpost designated–

    Ostromir: Ah, yes, I suppose I did get carried away.

    Ostromir: I am sure there will be time for it later. And I can maybe discuss with Vseslava more about what may be... appropriate to share.

    Ostromir: Thank you, <Character>.

    Speaker and Slayer

    Ostromir: A... dragon...

    Ostromir: Yes, but, <Dragon> is... small. The Great One sounds rather... great.

    Ostromir: More... Dragons....

    Ostromir: ...Mmh? Yes. Yes! I will manage. Yes.

    The Descent

    Ostromir: Such a... primitive way of living. Surely the DragonLords would have offered one such as you a place in their keep?

    Ostromir: Are we there yet?

    Ostromir: We are lost. Lost!

    Ostromir: Fine by me. What about you, Vseslava? Feel like jumping into a dragon's den?

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