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Direct Current

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1/23/2021 2:16:30   

Direct Current

Location: The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction -> Doomwood Camp -> Quests! -> Direct Current
Requirements: Completion of Grinding Gears
Release Date: January 22nd, 2021

Objective: And so, everything draws nearer to the inevitable...
Objective completed: What paths lie ahead?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(1) Lagohm Gigas
(4) Lagohm Seeker
(1) Lagohm Sparkbearer
(2) Lagohm Stomper
(1) Thund
(1) Lagohm Gigas, (2) Lagohm Sparkbearer - Boss

Eulin Verriton IV
G. M. Hansa
Kara SuLema

Static Sphere (I-VII)

Access to DC Loot for DCs.


*At Warlic's Tower, Alexander has fallen asleep on Warlic's sofa.*

Warlic: Alex! We have guests.
Warlic: Do you mind putting on a kettle for tea?

*Alexander awakens and stands up.*

Alexander: Not at all.
Alexander: Who do we have the pleasure of entertai–

*Alexander's expression changes when he sees who one of the guests is.*

Alexander: Oh.

Alexander: It's you.

*Silent tension follows as Alexander stands opposite Warlic and their guests, Sepulchure and Lynn.*

Sepulchure: Xan.
Sepulchure: So this is where you've been hiding all this time.
Alexander: Yep.

*Another awkward moment of silence follows.*

Alexander: What is he doing here, Warlic?
Alexander: Don't tell me you're turning this tower into a rehabilitation center for former villains?
Alexander: Who are you inviting next? The necromancers?
Sepulchure: Yes, blue mage, what is he doing here?
Alexander: Haha.

Alexander: Hahaha.
Warlic: Calm down, both of you.
Warlic: You are under my roof, and I will not tolerate any ridiculousness.
Warlic: Let this be a new beginning.

*Neither Alexander nor Sepulchure appear thrilled by Warlic's proposal, but they don't object; Lynn's eyes dart between the two.*

Warlic: Alex, this is Amadeus.
Alexander: ...
Alexander: I believe we've met before.
Warlic: Amadeus, Alex.
Sepulchure: ...
Sepulchure: You're looking... well.
Warlic: Good, good. Now that the introductions are out of the way, Alex, the kettle, if you would be so kind?
Alexander: Sure.
Warlic: Come with me, Amadeus. You too, Lynn.

*At the apex of Warlic's Tower, Warlic studies Sepulchure more closely, while Lynn looks out of one of the windows in awe; Sepulchure uses this moment away from Alexander to question Warlic about his motives.*

Sepulchure: Was it guilt?

Sepulchure: Pity?
Warlic: Hmm?
Sepulchure: What is your intent behind helping that... madman?
Sepulchure: And what is your intent behind helping me?
Warlic: You saw him as a tool, Amadeus. A useful pawn to be played wherever you chose.
Warlic: But I see him as a long lost friend, who I wronged with my arrogance and mistakes.
Sepulchure: Guilt, then.
Warlic: Certainly. But you needn't fear. From helping Alex, I've learned even more of the limitations of my abilities.
Warlic: As much as I can change the world around me, as much good as I intend...
Warlic: I can try to help, I can make things better. But ultimately, it's up to people to change themselves.
Sepulchure: ...
Sepulchure: So why am I here?
Warlic: That is something you must ask yourself. Surely you must have recognized Jimmy.
Warlic: Yet you still followed.

*Sepulchure appears taken aback by this observation; Lynn continues to be awe-struck by the scenery.*

Sepulchure: Lynn wouldn't have it any other way. And I had nowhere else to turn.
Sepulchure: But the convenience of the situation does not escape me.

Sepulchure: You want something.
Warlic: You're not wrong.

Warlic: I do.

*Sepulchure glares at Warlic.*

Warlic: Let's get you taken care of first. I can stop the injury from getting worse, but I'll need Nythera's help, when she returns, to begin the recovery.
Sepulchure: Very well.
Lynn: Thank you, Mr. Warlic!

*Back in the Doomwood Ruins, you and the Resistance are all heading toward the rift.*

Ostromir: Hold up.
<Character>: Hmm?
Ostromir: Something's not right.

Ostromir: Vseslava, some calculations, if you could?
Vseslava: On it.
Kara SuLema: Grand Magus Hansa, do you sense anything?

*Hansa pauses, presumably to understand whatever she can feel.*

G. M. Hansa: The amount of energy elemental power is overwhelming. It's all so blurry...
Kara SuLema: Hmm...
Vseslava: With this scale of power... Hansa, you said it was... blurry? So there must be movement...
Vseslava: It's an ambush. Stay calm. Defensive positions, please.
Ostromir: Keep an eye on Eulin.
Eulin Verriton IV: I resent that!

Eulin Verriton IV: I'll have you know that I, Euli
Eulin Verriton IV: Mmmph!
Raven: Shh.
Mritha: You're sure? Maybe we're just getting close to the rift.
G. M. Hansa: The Golden Hand aren't wrong. Now that I know what I'm looking for...
Kara SuLema: The wind agrees. There's a lot coming in from all sides.
Vseslava: Here... it... comes...

*Lagohm approach the Resistance from all sides; it is indeed an ambush.*

  • Battle! - begins gauntlet.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Run Away! - returns to The Royal Resistance - Rose Faction / Golden Hand Faction / Vind Faction.

    *After defeating a gauntlet of Lagohm, you and the rest of the Resistance regroup.*

    G. M. Hansa: I believe we're safe for now.
    Vseslava: Yes. For now. We should keep moving.
    Eulin Verriton IV: ...
    Raven: Everything okay, Prince Eulin?
    Eulin Verriton IV: Yeah...
    <Character>: Eulin, if you know something that could help us, you need to share it. We're all working together here, right?
    Eulin Verriton IV: I'm just... thinking about what might happen when we reach the rift.
    Eulin Verriton IV: To me, I mean. I'm sure you all can handle yourselves.

    Eulin Verriton IV: Powerful as you are.
    Eulin Verriton IV: Don't worry, I'll be okay!
    <Character>: As long as you're not plotting to kidnap anyone again.

    *Your dragon glares at Prince Eulin angrily.*

    Eulin Verriton IV: I... I wouldn't dream of it!
    Ostromir: Alright, enough chatter. This way, everyone. Quickly.

    *Back in Swordhaven, Jaania is speaking with Akanthus and Z in her chambers.*

    Jaania: General Akanthus. It's good to see your recovery proceeds well.
    Akanthus: Thank you, my lady.
    Jaania: Do you have any word on Amadeus' whereabouts or who took him?
    Akanthus: Regrettably not, my lady. We did find some burned remains of a small abode in the woods.
    Akanthus: It may have been a waystop for his captors.
    Jaania: So it couldn't have been the Vind... Perhaps the Magesterium, then.
    Akanthus: It would not surprise me that they might take interest in a man of his talents.
    Jaania: A regrettable situation.
    Jaania: I could use his experimental expertise at a time like this...
    Jaania: Hmm...
    Jaania: Recall your forces. We'll just have to do without him.
    Jaania: We can't risk drawing the attention of the Magesterium back to us.
    Akanthus: As you say, my lady.
    Jaania: Magus Z, what of the progress on the airship?
    Z: Ah, well, on that topic I have some wonderful news, Archmagus!
    Z: It is, for the most part, complete!
    Jaania: For the most part?
    Z: It turns out that trithril is a bit more... complicated to work with than we predicted.
    Z: The airship is serviceable, but more time would mean more safety for–
    Jaania: Good. Have the gnomes on standby for deployment.
    Jaania: I assume the projects you've been tinkering on with the gnomes have also gone well?
    Z: Er, most certainly!
    Jaania: Good.

    Jaania: General Akanthus, begin consolidating any spare troops we have.
    Akanthus: Does this mean that you've found the breakthrough you required?
    Jaania: I've decided on a different path. Cutting off Lore from the mana core had too many unknowns.
    Jaania: Too many risks.
    Akanthus: ...
    Jaania: But there's another way to protect Lore.

    Jaania: I shall become its protector.
    Jaania: I will weave a spell to allow me to control the flow of mana across the world!
    Z: But- the leylines are a flow, a series of rivers to be dammed, not something to push and pull at your whim!
    Jaania: A simple example from a child's textbook.
    Jaania: That belief is why none of our models worked when applied.
    Jaania: Do you remember Theano, Akanthus?
    Jaania: He was under your command, was he not?
    Akanthus: One of my greatest failures.
    Jaania: He was thwarted by a brave Rose scout named Belle who apparently exhibited an interesting phenomenon over mana.
    Jaania: And that got me thinking.
    Jaania: It wasn't until my dear friend Kara SuLema reminded me that this world is so devoid of control that it finally... all became clear.
    Jaania: If not leylines, then what? I was told Belle's control over mana took the form of "unraveling".
    Akanthus: Threads.
    Jaania: Precisely, General Akanthus.
    Jaania: My theory- my new discovery- is that magic is not, as has been posited by mages for so many centuries, transferred across Lore by leylines.
    Jaania: Rather, these threads of mana are what connect people, us, to the mana core!
    Jaania: And these threads should be able to be pulled, tugged, or even cut.
    Akanthus: An interesting theory. I believe the Magesterium has some research on the topic–
    Jaania: I don't need the Magesterium. And they must not suspect anything.
    Jaania: This will work. I will weave my spell into the mana core itself by way of the Fissure.
    Z: Ah, but, Archmagus, wouldn't that mean you would have to get... close enough to the mana core?
    Jaania: My body will be sacrificed. But if I can complete the spell, my body will have little use to me, anyway.
    Jaania: I will watch over Lore. Protect it.

    Jaania: Nurture it.
    Jaania: There will be no pain, no suffering.
    Jaania: Magic will remain beautiful and untarnished.
    Akanthus: ...
    Akanthus: A worthy dream, my lady.
    Z: I- er, yes, a wondrous dream, Archmagus.
    Jaania: And soon, it will become reality. With Amadeus' help perhaps it would have come even sooner.
    Jaania: But we must make do with what we have. Carefully, as to not draw undue attention from the Queen or the Alliance.
    Jaania: The last thing we need is the Magesterium getting wind of our movements.
    Jaania: You have your orders. You are dismissed.

    *Akanthus pauses to process Jaania's new orders.*

    Akanthus: Understood, my lady.
    Z: We'll save the world, together!

    *Back in Warlic's Tower, Warlic and Nythera are both performing a healing spell on Sepulchure; his latest wounds caused by Akanthus are healed, however his long-standing condition remains.*

    Warlic: What do you think, Nythera?
    Nythera: Well, we were able to mend the flesh, but...
    Nythera: Whatever happened between you and that armor...
    Nythera: Warlic... I think any more than the recent wound is beyond us.
    Warlic: Hmm.
    Sepulchure: It's fine.
    Warlic: I can't imagine the constant pain you must be in. I have some ideas I could try–
    Sepulchure: I said, it's fine.
    Sepulchure: I'm used to it.
    Warlic: But–
    Nythera: Warlic.
    Warlic: ...
    Sepulchure: ...
    Lynn: Does this mean papa's fixed now?
    Sepulchure: Yes. I'm okay, Lynn.
    Lynn: Yay! Thanks, Mr. Warlic, Ms. Nythera!
    Warlic: Of course. And, I should mention, the two of you can stay as long as you like.
    Alexander: ...
    Warlic: My tower is safe. A sanctuary, should you require it.
    Sepulchure: Right.
    Warlic: Take some time to rest. We can talk when you're ready.

    *Back in Swordhaven, Akanthus has taken Z to the laboratory where Amadeus was working on restoring the dangerous artifact Akanthus had recovered earlier.*

    Akanthus: So you see, Magus Z, this device will be able to act as an... efficient power source for the entire airship.
    Z: Most intriguing! And you say you just... found it in some ruins?
    Akanthus: A most lucky find, I will admit.
    Z: Fascinating! But what of its safety? Such a powerful source of elemental energy must be quite volatile.
    Akanthus: I assure you, from my research, it is perfectly safe. Otherwise, why would I keep it in my lab, under the city of Swordhaven?
    Z: Haha, indeed, indeed!
    Akanthus: Well? Can it be done?
    Z: Oh yes. Yes. I don't see why not.
    Akanthus: Good. I will see it to its destination personally, then. It would not do to let such a precious artifact go attended by lesser minds.
    Z: Absolutely not. I shall inform the gnomes of your pending arrival. I'm sure Jaania will be most pleased to hear about this as well!
    Akanthus: About that.

    Akanthus: I don't suppose I can trust you to keep this between us?
    Akanthus: As friends?
    Z: Er- f-friends? I, um... well, General, I...
    Akanthus: I may have been unduly harsh on you in the past. And for that I apologize.
    Akanthus: Jaania clearly sees you as a Magus of formidable skill and ability, and it's about time I've opened my eyes to the same, wouldn't you say?
    Z: F-formidable? That is, I- Yes! Yes.
    Z: It is about time I got recognition for my efforts!
    Akanthus: And we know Jaania doesn't want to be bothered by all the... minutiae of the preparations, right?
    Z: Haha, certainly not.
    Akanthus: She wants things done, and she wants them done well. And that's what we're doing.
    Z: Yes. After all, once her plan comes to fruition, she'll find out for herself all the work we've put in for her.
    Z: There's no need for us to inconvenience her with our paltry distractions.
    Akanthus: Precisely, my friend.
    Akanthus: Now, let us run along and do what must be done, yes?
    Z: I will send word to the gnomes immediately. Until next time, Akanthus!

    *Z exits the laboratory.*

    Akanthus: Hmph.

    Akanthus: And if Jaania will not do what must be done...

    *Scene fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot for DCs - opens DC Loot for DCs shop.

    Other information
  • Automatic full heals before the third and sixth rounds of the gauntlet were added on April 18th, 2021.
  • Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • Kara: 'Some wind elf magic to keep you going!' Full heal!
  • Hansa: 'The Rose will not be outdone, and neither will you.' Full heal!

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