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Alexander / Alex

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12/10/2011 2:28:32   
Voodoo Master

Alexander / Alex

Location: Reagent Race, The Wizards Apprentices, Playing With Fire, The Master Apprentice, Revenge, Petty Squabbles, The Duel, An Elegy of Ice and Fire, Plans Entwined, Direct Current, Broken Circuit (Part 1), AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???, Roots of Change, Into the Abyss, The Arrival, The Flame Within, At Fissure's Edge, The Final Steps

Quests given

Shops owned


Reagent Race

Alex: Brump seems to think I can.

Alex: I bet I can.

Alex: *Phew*

Alex: I got just as many as you!

Alex: !

The Wizards Apprentices

Alex: Hi!

Alex: Not yet, but....

Alex: We!

Alex: I get the feeling you don't read very much. I'll get what you need, Jaania.
Alex: How are you with leviation?

Playing With Fire

Alex: I... think we need to wait for Master Brump. He was very upset with us....

Alex: *sigh*

Alex: Not supposed to use your powers? But why?

Alex: Jaania!

Alex: Where does the portal go?!

Alex: WHOA!
Alex: That's SO COOOL!

Alex: Oh no!
Alex: AAAH!


Alex: I... I really don't like fire...

Alex: AAAAHH!!

The Master Apprentice

Alex: AAAH!!!

Alex: Oh no oh no oh no...
Alex: Jaania.. I must be brave.
Alex: I-- I can do this.


Alex: *ARGH!* I am so through with that jerk!
Alex: What did I ever do to him anyway?
Alex: *sigh*
Alex: Alright, it's time for some payback. He's probably sleeping now, so I should be able to sneak into his room and prank him.
Alex: There must be something around here I can use...

  • His toothpaste...
    Alex: Good morning, Jaania. Did you study for the big test today?

    Alex: You're quite bright, I'm sure you'll do fine.

    Alex: What she means is that the two of us are going to study together, so she won't be able to.

    Alex: My pleasure.

    Alex: Well... I heard he has some sort of weird fungus that pops up once in a while. I don't know if it's true or not though...

  • His wardrobe...
    Alex: Good morning, Jaania. Did you study for the big test today?

    Alex: You're quite bright, I'm sure you'll do fine.

    Alex: Warlic, that's disgusting. *cough* Do you have some B-O problem or something? That's rank!

    Alex: It's true. Please leave, it's very difficult to breath.. *gasp*

  • His shampoo...
    Alex: Hey Warlic! Time for the big test! You don't want to miss it do you? Oh and Jaania was asking for you.

    Alex: *snicker*

  • His spellbook...
    Alex: *snicker* Hahahaha! Aaaaahahaahaa!

    Alex: Hahaha!

    Petty Squabbles

    Alex: Hey Jaania, what are you studying?

    Alex: AAAH!

    Alex: Yes, Professor Brump!

    Alex: Actually, I think I'm going to study for a while longer.

    Alex: Ok, now where did she put that book...

    Alex: Hmm...
    Alex: That still doesn't look quite right...
    Alex: AHA!
    Alex: PERFECT.
    Alex: Now to find Jaania!

    Alex: There she is...
    Alex: Alright.. deep breath... Here we go.
    Alex: Hey, Jaania?

    Alex: Whhhaaaa?!
    Alex: OOOF!

    Alex: !!!
    Alex: You... you did that on purpose!

    Alex: There's ice on the floor!

    Alex: No, he did it!

    Alex: I know it was you, you... you jerk!

    Alex: You arrogant...

    Alex: I can do more than you think!

    Alex: What?

    The Duel

    Alex: The nerve of that guy!!
    Alex: He'll regret this.. but--
    Alex: ...I need an edge.

    Alex: Here goes nothing...

    Alex: Shut up. SHUT UP. What is your problem?

    Alex: So no one else is allowed to be as good at magic as you?

    Alex: ?!

    Alex: No...

    Alex: Jaania!!!

    Alex: Ahhhhh! AHHHHHHHHH! Nooooo, noooooo.... The pain...
    Alex: Jaania...
    Alex: The pain is just too much.... I can't.... I CAN'T STAND IT..... AAAAAAHAAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

    Alex: HAahahAha...

    An Elegy of Ice and Fire

    Alexander: Haaaaaa...

    Alexander: Haaaaaaaaaa...

    Plans Entwined

    Alexander: ...

    Alexander: ...

    Alexander: ...

    Alexander: Ha!

    Alexander: Here it comes...

    Alexander: I knew it. Ha! What a waste.

    Direct Current

    Alexander: Not at all.
    Alexander: Who do we have the pleasure of entertai–

    Alexander: Oh.

    Alexander: It's you.

    Alexander: Yep.

    Alexander: What is he doing here, Warlic?
    Alexander: Don't tell me you're turning this tower into a rehabilitation center for former villains?
    Alexander: Who are you inviting next? The necromancers?

    Alexander: Haha.

    Alexander: Hahaha.

    Alexander: ...
    Alexander: I believe we've met before.

    Alexander: Sure.

    Broken Circuit (Part 1)

    Alexander: You were used. Ha!

    Alexander: Tastes bad, doesn't it.

    Alexander: Yes, please, Lynn.

    Alexander: ...

    AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One

    Alexander: Hi, I'm Alexander. I'll admit, I was worried that I might have some competition here, but looking at... all of you...
    Alexander: Well, you can always ask me for help with the homework.

    Alexander: -of substance from mind and soul. Yes. Elementary. But what is this about students disappearing?
      If you select the 'I'm paying a lot of tuition! I expect to learn!' option:
      Alexander: Thank you, <Character>! I agree! This nonsense about disappearances is just an... unnecessary distraction from the real reason we're here. I have full confidence in the school's faculty to protect us and keep us safe.
    Alexander: Disappointing. Edelia is a prestigious academy. You should be bringing your best.

    Alexander: I will be expecting the most out of whoever I'm paired with.
      If you joined 'Hawk':
      Alexander: So it goes.
    Alexander: Clearly. It appears that this has been an ongoing problem, and yet even up to now, students are going missing.
      If you select the 'It's up to us to stop the disappearances!' option:
      Alexander: I barely even know you. Why should I trust you to watch my back?

      If you select the 'Remain silent.' option:
      Alexander: We barely know each other. For all we know, the culprit, or culprits could be any of you.
      Alexander: Besides, I need to do my homework.

      If you have sufficiently bonded with Alexander:
      Alexander: <Character>.

        If you select the 'Alexander.' option:
        Alexander: I'm keeping an eye on you. Just thought you should know that. You're definitely the most suspicious of us all. And if you have any hand in this... distraction from our studies, I. Will. Find. Out.

        If you select the '*Keep walking*' option:
        Alexander: Ignore me all you want. I know you're hiding something. And I will bring it to light!

    AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two

    Alexander: Of course it's not true. But if you want to risk your grade, and your education, that's up to you.

    Alexander: Sounds like a wonderful opportunity.

    Alexander: Understood, Headmaster. And may I say, what an honor it is to-

    Alexander: Mine is framed.

    Alexander: How disrespectful.
      If you select 'I'm sorry, I must not have slept well last night.' option:
      Alexander: Speak for yourself.
    Alexander: Agreed. The disappearance of students and faculty presents the greatest challenge to our education here.

    Alexander: First things first, do we even know we can trust each other? What if one of us is responsible?

    Alexander: ...Er. Right.

    Alexander: I'm more curious about why the phenomenon is happening.

    Alexander: A surprisingly solid suggestion, Maz.
      If you joined 'Hawk':
      Alexander: It's about time you joined us.

      Alexander: Students and faculty are disappearing, and the dilemma is distracting me from my studies, so no, everything is not 'okay'.
      Alexander: We need to be on top of this. We need to find out why it's happening, and put a stop to it.

      Alexander: It's possible. But I'm certain the answer will lie in whatever secrets this school is hiding.

      Alexander: I'm... I'm not sure yet. But a school this old and with such a long history is bound to have some dangerous things hidden in its past, right?

      Alexander: ...What?
      Alexander: No, I mean secrets like forbidden weaving techniques, or secret experiments breaking the boundaries of reality!

        If you select the 'Side with Alexander' option:
        Alexander: I agree. I will admit, I can be close-minded at times. A rare flaw. Having your... unique perspective on some of the school's histories will prove most beneficial for solving this mystery.

        If you select the 'Side with Fae' option:
        Alexander: This isn't a story. It's reality!

        Alexander: That's... that's true. I will admit, I would have probably taken such histories at face value.
        Alexander: I'm sorry, Fae. I misjudged your open-minded approach as sheer illogical fancies, but <Character> has opened my mind to the unlimited potential of such an imaginative approach!

    AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three

    Alexander: Dr. Secundus, has anything like this happened before in Edelia's history?

    Alexander: Hold on. That doesn't seem related to the school at all.

    Alexander: Obviously.
      If you joined 'Hawk':
      Alexander: How is s/he doing, Fae?

      Alexander: This is becoming a problem, <Character>. Are you going to be a liability for this group?

      Alexander: Another mystery? I wonder. There are few coincidences in life. Could this be connected to the disappearances?
      Alexander: ...

      Alexander: Ah, yes. The homework. While you were... resting, <Character>, Dr. Secundus gave us an assignment to learn about each other. It's supposed to help us with future bonding.
      Alexander: Judging by the position of the sun, I'd say we have time for only one of us to speak. I volunteer you, <Character>.

      Alexander: ...Right. Sure. Why don't you choose then, <Character>?

        If you select the 'Alexander' option:
        Alexander: ...I was an orphan from a very young age. I don't remember my parents.

        Alexander: The orphanage I was sent to was... fine. They gave us names, food, shelter. We were expected to learn a trade and fend for ourselves once we came of age.
        Alexander: But it was competitive. With no money or influence behind our names, we had to stand out by merit of skill alone, or we would be helpless once we came of age and were thrown out.

        Alexander: Maybe. But it taught me that I needed to be the best to survive. And I was the best. Everything I applied myself to, I put my all behind.

        Alexander: Weaving. It's different from anything else I've studied. I'm going to learn, and be the best, and no mysterious disappearances are going to stop me.

          If you select the 'I was under the impression that I'd be the best!' option:
          Alexander: Good! It's not the same without any competition.

          Alexander: Right! We should be getting back to the matters at hand.

          If you select the 'You don't have any other aspirations?' option:
          Alexander: I don't need anything else.

          Alexander: I don't know yet. I'll find out when the time comes.

          Alexander: We've spent enough time on me. I'm done. Now, how are we going to deal with these disappearances?

          Alexander: <Character>. I don't know what's going with you, but something... isn't right. You're connected to this somehow, whether you know it or not.
          Alexander: But... we're in this together. And while I don't know if I can trust you... I'll choose to believe.

        If you select the 'Fae' option:
        Alexander: Wait, where did your stutter go-?

          If you select the 'What an inspiring tale!' option:
          Alexander: If weaving doesn't work out, you can definitely write.

          If you select the '...Are you contagious?' option:
          Alexander: Why would you ask that, <Character>? She's clearly not!

    AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four

    Alexander: That seems to be exactly the case. They've vanished, just like Tomix and Isiri, and the others before them.

    Alexander: I wonder if any other classes are missing students, or if it's localized in our class.

    Alexander: Well, there's our answer.

    Alexander: No...

    Alexander: And if we can put a stop to this, classes can resume?

    Alexander: I agree. I came here to learn how to weave. I won't let the school shutting down stop me.

    Alexander: An astute observation, Maz, I was just about to say the same-

    Alexander: You're just going to hope we stumble across something relevant?

    Alexander: My name is Alexander! And I would suggest starting in the library. This can't have been the first time something weird has happened in Edelia, and there's bound to be records of the past.

    Alexander: You don't have to justify anything to her, Fae.

    Alexander: I agree. This is thoroughly unproductive.
      If you select the 'Hawk' option:
      Alexander: Come on, <Character>, Fae. The library's this way.

      If you select the 'Wolf' option:
      Alexander: Suit yourself.
    Alexander: There you are. See, Fae? I told you there was nothing to worry about.

    Alexander: The Wolf group is late too, not to mention our teacher. I presume we'll have Headmaster Danyel again today, but he hasn't shown up either.

    Alexander: I have never seen anyone so eager to rob themselves of an education they've elected to pursue.

    Alexander: I'm starting to get concerned. I would have expected a teacher to have shown up by now...

    Alexander: Finally.

    Alexander: I had my suspicions. But... you don't mean you're canceling class, do you?

    Alexander: No! I refuse to believe it. Headmaster, if the source of the disappearances can be stopped, will classes resume?

    Alexander: He expects us to just... give up? No. I came here to study weaving. And some mysterious force that's kidnapping students and teaches won't get in my way!

    Alexander: And you intend to use that box thing-

    Alexander: -to capture the source of the problem? That doesn't seem very feasible. What if it doesn't work?

    Alexander: Like I said a couple days ago, we just have to find out what sort of secrets Edelia's hiding. The library is sure to have all sorts of old tomes we can look through.

    Alexander: Suit yourself. Looks like we won't be working together after all.
      If you select the 'Raven' option:
      Alexander: Whatever. Come on, Fae, let's go. We're running out of time.

      If you select the 'Hawk' option:
      Alexander: Let's stop wasting time then.
    If you select the 'Hawk' option in either 'Wolf' or 'Hawk' paths:
    Alexander: Stop. I know you're hiding something, <Character>. Your sleeping habits are connected to this somehow.

    Alexander: <Character>'s been having trouble staying awake in class almost every day. And almost every day, someone's gone missing.
    Alexander: Headmaster Danyel said the disappearances are happening on school grounds, in the morning.

    Alexander: As far as we know. Could have been someone who wasn't in our class. And then this morning, when two students go missing, you show up later than usual.

    Alexander: I... Okay, I don't have all the answers. Maybe everything doesn't line up perfectly. But you have to admit, it's suspicious! I don't think you're just lazy, like Vaal. Your sleeping is too... convenient for that.

    Alexander: So there is something you've been keeping from us. Do share.

    Alexander: And very concerning.

    Alexander: No, but a recurring dream that gets more severe each time? That lines up even more with the timeline since you arrived. Which means it's another lead to follow.

    Alexander: It also means we have to make sure <Character> doesn't leave our sight, Fae.
    Alexander: <Character>, I... I refuse to believe you'd actively mean us harm, but... you're connected to this. Whether that's to our advantage or not, we'll see.

    Alexander: Agreed. Let's see... looks like Edelia's history is in... that section.

    Alexander: I'm sure we'll find the answer. We have to. We're the best, after all!

    AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

    Alexander: Thanks, Fae. Here, look at this one I found. The calamity of Hawkscry. It's a bit faded, but what I can make out sounds familiar, doesn't it?

    Alexander: Good thinking, Fae. Judging by the stack of books you brought back, you must have something to share.

    Alexander: Hmm. How about this entry? "Sk'aar: The Watching Eyes".
    Alexander: Looks like it's about eyes that appear in dreams, usually bad ones. But only two. Not eight, like you've been seeing, <Character>.

    Alexander: Right. Seems like it's-

    Alexander: Headmaster Danyel! We've made progress! I, that is, we, think whatever's happening is related to the-

    Alexander: ...No, that doesn't sound... right. Fae has a point. You showed up right on time to interrupt me from explaining my theory about Sk'aar being behind everything-

    Alexander: We do need all the information we can get...

    Alexander: What are you doing to her/him? Come on... stay awake, <Character>!

    Alexander: S/he's my rival! No one else will be able to push me to compete! No offense, Fae.

    Alexander: Headmaster Danyel transformed into... whatever that is. Sk'aar, I assume. And you just kind of collapsed.

    Alexander: I figured this must have been the glowing thing you saw in your sleep! And then Fae just started hurling books at it!

    Alexander: A dream? No. That can't be. That's impossible!
      If you choose the 'Alexander' option:
      Alexander: Wha- Right! Sk'aar. Um. If it's just a dream...

      Alexander: Um. Books. Books! Stories.
      Alexander: I think I know what to do, <Character>!

      Alexander: Right! Okay, This might go weird...

        If you have sufficiently bonded with Alexander:
        Alexander: Thank you, <Character>. And trust me. We'll do this together!

        ???: Come on... it had to have worked! Fae, give me a hand!

        Alexander: I think a bookcase fell over. Help me dig her/him out!

        Alexander: Oh! It worked! It worked!

        Alexander: I'm.. not sure, really. When Sk'aar started pulling me in, I realized that this was all just a story! Your dream, like it said!

        Alexander: So, I figured, I could probably think up a change to the dream where Sk'aar never existed! Of course, there's the existential problem of knowing that this is all happening inside your head, but...
        Alexander: I guess, I wanted everything to go back to normal. Or, normal enough. I'm... I'm not that imaginative.

        Alexander: Yeah. I don't know how much time we have left. And to be honest, it's making me nervous.

        Alexander: That... that sounds amazing, <Character>. Thanks.

        If you have not sufficiently bonded with Alexander:
        Alexander: It's your dream, right? In the end, looks like you're the best, <Character>. Don't worry. We'll be... fine!

    Roots of Change

    Alexander: The great Sepulchure, undecided, and at a disadvantage.

    Alexander: What a pleasure.

    Alexander: ...
    Alexander: Did Warlic tell you what happened to me?

    Alexander: ...What a question.
    Alexander: Mentally, yes. There is a storm inside my head. A storm of past deeds and foolish thoughts.
    Alexander: Warlic calls it guilt.

    Alexander: But as for my physical form... I am no longer in constant agony.
    Alexander: Sometimes, I remember the excruciating eternal pain. But even those memories have begun to fade.

    Alexander: Both you and Warlic are delaying your actions. Delaying your inevitable return to Swordhaven. What's your excuse?

    Alexander: You are afraid, just as Warlic is.

    Alexander: You fear Akanthus.

    Alexander: You are afraid that if you confront him again, even with the Blue Mage at your side, you will not return.
    Alexander: That you will not return home for your daughter.

    Alexander: And Warlic has his own fears paralyzing him!
    Alexander: He's just spending his time meditating! Meditating! Even with the potential fate of Lore in the balance, with Gravelynn's fate—
    Alexander: You both would rather do nothing and let Akanthus win, than act and potentially do the wrong thing.

    Alexander: ...I'm giving you a push, aren't I?
    Alexander: The Sepulchure I followed would not be stopped by petty things such as mistakes or uncertainty.

    Into the Abyss

    Alexander: About time.

    Alexander: ...Right.

    Alexander: You were just going to charge into the tower, weren't you?

    Alexander: Amadeus, are you still in pain?

    The Arrival

    Alexander: Call me Alexander.

    Alexander: Don't mind the slippers.
    Alexander: They keep my feet warm.

    Alexander: ...

    The Flame Within

    Alexander: ...
    Alexander: Once we're done here, I'm going to need a nap.

    Alexander: Let's get this over with.

    Alexander: Show-off.

    At Fissure's Edge

    Alexander: I'll take care of it.

    The Final Steps

    Alexander: Hold on, there's a lift and we were about to walk all the way down?

    Alexander: I'm fine.

    Other information
  • Alexander previously appeared in the retired quest An Elegy of Ice and Fire; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Appearance after An Elegy of Ice and Fire
    AdventureFriends 2 Appearance


    Also See: Xan

    Thanks to
  • Jay for images and corrections.
  • SalvationXI for additional dialogue.
  • Dove for AdventureFriends 2 image.

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