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AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four

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2/20/2022 18:26:00   

ArchKnight DragonFable

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four

Location: Book of Lore -> AdventureFriends 2: Edelia -> Day 4, Hero's Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 13 -> Day 4
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three*
Release Date: February 18th, 2022

Objective: Welcome to the Edelia School of Weaving!
Objective completed: Sweet dreams.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Headmaster Danyel





*After a restless night, you groggily make your way to class.*
*Yawning loudly, you step into the classroom to find your classmates already waiting for you.*
*Most of them.*


<Character>: I'm sorry, I didn't sleep well last night. I see you're here... and Maz, and Fae, and Alexander. Where's... Raven? Where's Tek and Vaal?
Maz: That's why Valen was so worried. Well, besides you. Raven group hasn't shown up yet.
Fae: Y-you don't think they got...
Alexander: That seems to be exactly the case. They've vanished, just like Tomix and Isiri, and the others before them.
<Character>: We don't know that yet! Maybe they're just running late!
Valen: That's what I'd like to hope too, <Character>.
Maz: Yeah, <Character> showed up eventually, I'm sure they'll be through that door any moment now...
Alexander: I wonder if any other classes are missing students, or if it's localized in our class.
Fae: S-speaking of which... I think H-headmaster Danyel is supposed to t-teach us today...
<Character>: And he's not here either...
*Just as you prepare to imagine the worst, Headmaster Danyel bursts into the room, out of breath.*
Headmaster Danyel: I... I apologize for my lateness, students. As you are no doubt aware, several other students went missing this morning.
Alexander: Well, there's our answer.
Valen: And there I was, thinking I would be able to protect everyone...
Maz: This isn't your fault in any way, Valen! What could we even hope to do against something we know nothing about?
Fae: T-tek and Vaal are... g-gone?
Headmaster Danyel: Unfortunately, that appears to be the case. Dr. Secundus and I have been doing all we can to try and find the source of the disappearances, but...
Headmaster Danyel: Unfortunately, with Professor Isiri's disappearance, and the escalation of the incidents, we're left with no choice.
Alexander: No...
Headmaster Danyel: ...Edelia, School of Weaving will have to shut down.
Fae: W-what should we d-do?
Headmaster Danyel: Classes... are canceled. You are to return to your dorms and remain there, for your own safety, until we can establish a suitable transportation method to send you all home.
Valen: ...And what if we don't want to?
<Character>: Valen...
Maz: Yeah, what if, hypothetically speaking, we were planning on looking into the problem ourselves?
Headmaster Danyel: ...I would ask you to consider your own safety first. But I cannot stop you. We don't have the resources to track every student all the time.
Alexander: And if we can put a stop to this, classes can resume?
Headmaster Danyel: I must stress, this is not something for first year students, or any year, for that matter, to be involved with. But yes, if the threat is dealt with, you will be free to attend classes.
Headmaster Danyel: I apologize, but I must be going. Dr. Secundus is expecting me for another experiment.
*Headmaster Danyel leaves the room. Fae is scribbling in her notebook, while Alexander paces back and forth. Valen and Maz are deep in discussion.*
<Character>: What are we going to do? Should we just... go back to our rooms?
Valen: Not a chance.
Maz: There's no way I'm giving up, especially now.
Alexander: I agree. I came here to learn how to weave. I won't let the school shutting down stop me.
Fae: Y-yeah! The s-story is just getting e-exciting!
<Character>: Seems we're all in agreement. But where to begin? Do we have any clues?
Maz: Well, whatever is going on, it has to be in the main school building, right? Otherwise, why send us back to our dorms?
Alexander: An astute observation, Maz, I was just about to say the same-
Maz: Sure, kid.
Valen: Let's start by going through the school then. There has to be something the teachers missed.
Fae: T-that seems... risky!
Alexander: You're just going to hope we stumble across something relevant?
Maz: And what's your brilliant idea, glasses?
Alexander: My name is Alexander! And I would suggest starting in the library. This can't have been the first time something weird has happened in Edelia, and there's bound to be records of the past.
Valen: You want us to waste time looking for a clue in an entire library of history?
Fae: I-I like Alexander's idea...
Maz: What are you always writing in your notebook, anyway, Fae?
Fae: N-none of your business!
Fae: ...I-I'm sorry for yelling...
Alexander: You don't have to justify anything to her, Fae.
Maz: Nobody asked you, pipsqueak.
Valen: Stop. Stop! We're all stressed and anxious. But we can't be taking it out on each other like this.
Alexander: I agree. This is thoroughly unproductive.
Fae: I... I d-don't think I can keep up w-with that...
Valen: I guess... our only choice is to split up. You've stayed out of this, <Character>. What do you think?
Maz: Yeah. You're welcome to stay with us, <Character>, but if you like Alexander and Fae's idea better... well, it wouldn't be fair for us to stop you.
*Your remaining classmates turn to you, awaiting your decision. Will you stay with the Wolf group and scour the school looking for clues? Or will you join the Alexander and Fae in Hawk, and head to the library for tales of the past?*

  • Hawk
    • +1 Alex, +1 Fae
      <Character>: I think the Hawk plan is more reasonable. I hope you can succeed, Valen, Maz.
      Maz: Here I thought we had something special.
      Valen: I... understand, <Character>. We'll do our best to keep you safe.
      Alexander: Come on, <Character>, Fae. The library's this way.
      Fae: Y-yay!
      *As you follow Alexander and Fae out of the classroom, Maz gives you a wave, and Valen smiles at you before the door closes, and you make your way to the library.* - proceed with the 'Hawk' path.
  • Wolf
    • +1 Valen, +1 Maz
      <Character>: I like the Wolf plan better. I'm staying with Valen and Maz. Sorry, Fae, Alexander.
      Alexander: Suit yourself.
      Fae: T-take care, <Character>!
      Maz: It'll be good to have you at our side, <Character>.
      Valen: I'm well aware our plan is more dangerous. There is safety in numbers. So thank you, <Character>.
      *As Alexander and Fae leave the classroom to begin their search, you convene with Valen and Maz to plan your next move.*
    Maz: So, whatever's the source of the disappearances, it's got to have its... nest in the school.
    Valen: Yes. I would imagine it hides somewhere less traveled, and wanders out to do... whatever it is it does to the missing people.
    Maz: Just like my old days. You live in the alleyway, do business on the busy streets.
    <Character>: So we should start where people don't go as often. Does the school have a... basement or something? Old storage areas, maybe?
    Valen: Good thinking. I seem to recall there being a boarded up hallway in the lower halls...
    Maz: A solid place to start our search!
    <Character>: Yeah! Lead the way, Valen!
    *You and Maz follow Valen through the school. It's eerily quiet, with no sounds of students chatting, no muffled teachings echoing in the hallways, only your footsteps and the beating of your heart.*
    *You keep an eye out for any sign of trouble, for any other students... but there's nothing. Until finally...*
    Valen: Here we are.
    *Valen stops in front of a wooden paneled wall. At first glance, it seems like an odd but deliberate break in the wall's pattern, but stepping back, you can imagine it blocking off another branch of the hallway.*
    Maz: Seems pretty solid. How do you know there's something behind it? How would something even get through it in the first place?
    Valen: I thought it looked out of place last time I walked by, so I tried knocking on it. Sounded hollow to me. Why don't you give it a try?
    *Maz punches the center of the wooden board wall, splintering one in the middle. There's space behind it!*
    Maz: I don't know if that sounds hollow or not, but there's definitely another path for us to take. Here, help me make some room!
    *You reach out to the broken board to help pull it out, but as you put your hands on it, it gives, and bends outward.*
    *Suddenly, before your eyes, the entire wall unfolds, revealing a darkened stairway leading down below.*
    Maz: ...Okay, I'm not a prideful girl, but come on. That's just unfair.
    Valen: That's... That's not normal. What did you do, <Character>?
    <Character>: I... I just touched it! I don't know!
    Valen: Maz, you were wondering before how something could get through the boards. It seems we have our answer.
    Maz: You don't think <Character> is the source of the disappearances, do you?
    <Character>: I'm not! I don't... I don't think I am...
    Valen: ...At the very least you're connected to it. And we can't just ignore that fact.
    Maz: Might be foolish, but I believe you, <Character>. If there's something wrong with you... Better for us to be around to keep you in check if it reveals itself.
    Valen: Agreed. We push ahead. We didn't come this far to be scared off by the first weird thing to happen. We came looking for answers, we won't turn back just because the first one makes us uneasy.
    <Character>: And... if it's more than a connection? What if you're right and I turn out to be the reason behind the disappearances?
    Maz: If we're all done with the doom and gloom, speaking of gloom, those stairs are calling me to adventure.
    Maz: Let's see what other secrets we'll uncover next!

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • End of Day 4 - completes Day 4.


    Tek: See? I told you s/he was fine.
    Vaal: Wow. Your Auto-Cube-Mecha-Thingy was right, after all. Nice of you to finally show up, <Character>.
    Valen: As wonderful as it is to see <Character>.... Can you please... turn that thing off, Tek? The beeping is really getting on my nerves.
    Maz: What an interesting little contraption. Oh, and, hi, <Character>.
    <Character>: Hi, everyone. Sorry I'm late. I had some trouble sleeping last night...
    Vaal: Well, don't apologize too fast. You're not the last one to show up.
    Tek: Fae and Alexander haven't arrived yet. Headmaster Danyel is late too. But... hmm...
    Maz: What's wrong, Tek?
    Tek: I'm... not sure. My Auto-Mecha-Lateness-Detector-Cube has stopped responding!
    *Suddenly, the classroom door bursts open, and Headmaster Danyel strides quickly into the room, breathing heavily.*
    Headmaster Danyel: Apologies for the lateness, students. As you are no doubt aware, several other students went missing this morning.
    Valen: Hold on, you don't mean Fae and Alexander disappeared as well, do you?
    Maz: Well, they're certainly not here.
    Tek: That must be why my Auto-Mecha-Lateness-Detector-Cube stopped when the Headmaster showed up. If no one else is late...
    Vaal: Wait. How do you know that's what happened to them?
    Headmaster Danyel: The... source of the disappearances leaves behind some telltale signs. Beyond that I am not at liberty to say, for your own safety.
    Maz: Do you expect us to go along with class like normal when our friends are potentially in trouble?
    Tek: Er, if you could elaborate on these "telltale signs", perhaps I could calibrate my Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube...
    Headmaster Danyel: Unfortunately, with this latest escalation of disappearances, we have no choice but to cancel classes.
    Vaal: Yay!
    Headmaster Danyel: If Dr. Secundus and I cannot stop the source of the disappearances, Edelia will have to be shut down.
    Valen: Surely there's something we can do to help!
    Maz: I agree. What are we supposed to do?
    Headmaster Danyel: You? You are going to head back to your dorms, and wait for us to either sort out safe transportation for sending you home, or solve the problem.
    <Character>: So after all this, we won't be able to learn weaving?
    Vaal: I'm all for skipping class (because, that's cool), but staying in my room just... waiting... I'll pass.
    Headmaster Danyel: It's for your own safety. When we have resolved the issue one way or the other, you will be informed.
    Headmaster Danyel: Now please, excuse me. I must be off. I have to meet with Dr. Secundus regarding the latest developments.
    *With that, Headmaster Danyel sweeps out of the room, leaving you and your remaining companions to decide what to do next.*
    Vaal: No... this won't do. I get my best nap, er thinking done in class. Definitely not at home.
    Tek: He didn't mention anything about tuition... I don't suppose we'd be able to get that refunded? We've only had a few days of class, it hardly seems right.
    Maz: Are you giving up, Tek?
    Valen: Well, what can we do? I don't want to just sit around either, but we have no leads.
    Tek: You're right, you're right. Um... there has to be something we're missing.
    Maz: How about this? Whatever's going on, it's happening in the school. Otherwise, why send us to our dorms for safety?
    <Character>: Oh yeah! Headmaster Danyel also mentioned that the disappearances were happening in the morning!
    Tek: Interesting. I might be able to plug that into the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube, adjust some settings... If we can find out where whatever is causing this will strike next, we might be able to trap it! Or them. Or whatever.
    Valen: We'd put everything, all our hopes, on that... metal... box?
    Tek: It's a mechanism!
    Valen: I'm sure it is, but what if it malfunctions? Or doesn't work? If we've narrowed down the source of the problem to within the school, we should search for it head on.
    Vaal: Sounds like too much work for me. Tek's mech even makes little beeping noises. It's perfect.
    Maz: Or you could get off your butt for once and actually help out.
    Vaal: I'll have you know I've sacrificed a lot of my emotional health for that mechanism. It's got the finest Tkach smithwork in it!
    Maz: Ohh, Tkach! That explains everything! You're just a spoiled boy who wants other people to do everything for him.
    Valen: It... doesn't look like we're going to be able to work together.
    Tek: You don't think so? I thought we were really getting along!
    Vaal: I think Maz has a problem with me.
    Maz: I've already forgotten about you. But I also think Valen's idea is better. I don't feel like sitting around waiting for Tek to finish her mechanism.
    Vaal: Fair enough. Guess we're splitting into our groups, then. Although... You've been pretty quiet, <Character>. You're free to stick with us if you want. Or you can go with Valen and Maz if you like their idea better.
    *Your remaining classmates turn to you, awaiting your decision. Will you stay with the Raven group and try to trap the source with Tek and Vaal? Or will you join Valen and Maz in Wolf, and scour the school, looking for clues?*

  • Wolf
    • +1 Valen, +1 Maz
      <Character>: I'm sorry, Tek, Vaal. I think Valen and Maz have the right idea.
      Tek: No problem! Mechanisms aren't for everyone!
      Vaal: More work for me, but I can handle it.
      Maz: We're glad to have you aboard, <Character>.
      Valen: Indeed. With your help, we'll be sure to succeed!
      *Tek and Vaal pack their things, leaving the classroom to head back to the dorms. Meanwhile, you join Maz and Valen to prepare for your next move.* - proceed with the 'Wolf' path.
  • Raven
    • +1 Tek, +1 Vaal
      <Character>: I trust Tek and Vaal. We'll find a way to capture whatever's causing this.
      Tek: Thanks, <Character>. I appreciate your confidence!
      Vaal: Don't worry, I'll be carrying my weight.
      Valen: I truly wish you all the best of luck.
      Maz: We'll see who can save Edelia first!
      *You, Vaal, and Tek say your goodbyes to the Wolf group and make your way back to Tek's dorm, where she has a wide variety of mechanisms and a large workbench set up. Time to get to work!*
    *You take a look around Tek's room. There's barely any room to sit, besides a small stool in front of a messy workbench covered in scrap and tools, which Tek promptly commandeers.*
    Tek: Make yourselves at home! We've got plenty to do, so don't get too comfortable, Vaal.
    Vaal: Is... this a chair? Ah, no, chairs don't usually twist like that...
    <Character>: What do you need us to do, Tek? Just... hold tools while you work?
    Tek: Close! For calibration data, I'll need you and Vaal to be control subjects. Ah, and whatever trap we set up will require some bait. And yes, holding tools would be very helpful!
    Vaal: Way to go, <Character>.
    *Tek spends a few moments tinkering with her Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube before turning around and holding it out in front of her.*
    Tek: There we go! If I did everything right...
    *The Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube starts beeping rapidly.*
    Vaal: Is that... good?
    Tek: Ah! No, nono. It's not supposed to be beeping now!
    <Character>: What does that mean?
    Tek: It's only supposed to beep in the presence of intangible, inexplicable, unknown forces! Not you and Vaal!
    Vaal: Yeah, I'm definitely not any of those words. I'm just Vaal.
    <Character>: Me neither.
    <Character>: ...I think.
    Tek: Of course not! I just need to make a few more adjustments! Vaal, do you have any more of that Tkach gearwork?
    Vaal: Yeah. What size do you need?
    *You help Tek and Vaal work on the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube for a while longer, dodging the mess of Tek's room, before...*
    Tek: Everything seems to be in order... Let's try... okay, Vaal, you stand over there. <Character>... squeeze past the Auto-Mecha-Hairdryer-Megacube, and stand over there!
    *You push your way past a large, nefarious looking mess of metal, bumping clockwork arms out of the way.*
    Tek: Good. Now let's see...
    *Tek picks up the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube and walks slowly toward Vaal. No response.*
    Tek: All readings normal...
    *Tek makes her way across the room toward you, stepping over discarded cubes and loose wires. As she brings the cube closer...*.
    Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube: *Beep*
    Tek: Again?! But... that can't be right...
    Vaal: ...Unless there's something you're not telling us, <Character>.
    <Character>: I... don't think so.
    Vaal: Really. You sleep in class more than I do, and you're telling me there's nothing wrong?
    Tek: The Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube doesn't lie. Is there anything weird or strange that's been happening?
    <Character>: I guess... I've been having these weird dreams. Whenever I fall asleep, I dream of eyes watching me, bright and glowing. First it was two, then four, then six, and then, last night, eight. Whatever was behind those eyes would speak to me too.
    <Character>: Saying things like it needed me, and that it wanted to be free. But I just thought it was a bad dream!
    Vaal: Yeah, that's not normal.
    Tek: Hmm. Hmhm. So there's something about you that the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube is picking up on... That's a conundrum. Let's see...
    Tek: Seems to me like things are getting worse each time you fall asleep. So we need to make sure you stop falling asleep! And I have just the thing.
    <Character>: How are we going to do that?
    Vaal: A truly terrible fate. Sorry, <Character>.
    *Tek roots through a pile of cubes before picking one up and opening it, pulling out a small cup, miraculously full of a greasy brown liquid.*
    Tek: Here, drink this. It's called 'coffee', a drink native to my homeland. I knew I still had a cup or two in my Auto-Mecha-Beverage-Preservation-Cube!
    Tek: If you find yourself about to fall asleep, take a sip. It should keep you up. Oh! But let me know before you do, I need to record the side effects. Actually, to be safe, might want to try some now.
    <Character>: ...Side effects?
    Tek: It'll be fine!
    *You take the cup of coffee from Tek. It's surprisingly warm, and the acidic fumes burn your nostrils. You take a quick sip and feel your eyes widen as your brain shakes in your skull. You're definitely awake!*
    Vaal: How do you feel?
    <Character>: I-I-I-I'm awake! L-l-l-l-et's do this!!!
    Tek: Eh, normal enough. Now let's see about getting this... glowy-light-lots-of-eyes-thing out of you!

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • End of Day 4 - completes Day 4.


    Alexander: There you are. See, Fae? I told you there was nothing to worry about.
    *Fae, who has been buried in her notebook ever since you entered, doesn't look up. A loud beeping noise echoes in the classroom.*
    Fae: Mm. H-hi <Character>.
    <Character>: Is everything okay? I'm sorry I'm late. Had trouble sleeping last night.
    Vaal: <Character> and sleep. And here I thought you were an inseparable duo!
    Tek: Vaal, stop bothering her/him and help me hold this mechanism in place! Why is it going off now?
    Vaal: Yes ma'am.
    *Fae glances up from her notebook as Tek and Vaal try to muffle the offending mechanism.*
    Fae: T-Those two keep arguing about mechanism this and m-mechanism that. It's g-good to have you b-back, <Character>!
    Alexander: The Wolf group is late too, not to mention our teacher. I presume we'll have Headmaster Danyel again today, but he hasn't shown up either.
    Vaal: We're almost at fifteen minutes! Just a few more...
    Alexander: I have never seen anyone so eager to rob themselves of an education they've elected to pursue.
    Tek: Vaal! The mechanism needs more pressure!
    *With a muffled yelp, Vaal attempts to smother the mechanism with his jacket. After a few moments of struggle, the beeping finally stops.*
    <Character>: Sounds like the Raven group is keeping themselves busy, at least.
    Fae: I-it's a little distracting...
    <Character>: How's the writing going, Fae? You're buried in your notebook more than usual.
    Fae: O-oh, it's f-fine. You know, j-just some ideas...
    Alexander: I'm starting to get concerned. I would have expected a teacher to have shown up by now...
    *No sooner has Alexander finished his prophetic statement does Headmaster Danyel burst into the classroom, looking slightly disheveled.*
    Headmaster Danyel: Greetings, students. I apologize for the lateness. There have been... new developments in the cases of the disappearances that are keeping me occupied.
    Alexander: Finally.
    Vaal: Aw, come on, we were two minutes off!
    Headmaster Danyel: If you were expecting class, I'm afraid I must disappoint you. As you have noticed, Valen and Mazurek went missing this morning..
    Fae: N-not them t-too!
    Alexander: I had my suspicions. But... you don't mean you're canceling class, do you?
    Headmaster Danyel: Not just class. If we cannot provide a safe environment for our students, Edelia will have no choice but to close.
    Vaal: Sounds good to me. Pack it all up, Tek, we're done!
    Alexander: No! I refuse to believe it. Headmaster, if the source of the disappearances can be stopped, will classes resume?
    Headmaster Danyel: That is our hope. But that is for the faculty to worry about. It's far too dangerous for students to be wandering around after this latest escalation.
    Fae: T-then what should we d-do?
    Headmaster Danyel: Please head back to your dorms for now. We will notify you when either the situation has been resolved, or we have established a way to safely send you all home.
    Tek: What about our tuition? We're missing days of class, if not more!
    Headmaster Danyel: You will be compensated, of course. Now, if you will excuse me, I must meet with Dr. Secundus about the latest developments...
    *Headmaster Danyel hurries out of the classroom, leaving you and your remaining classmates to wonder about your next steps.*
    Alexander: He expects us to just... give up? No. I came here to study weaving. And some mysterious force that's kidnapping students and teaches won't get in my way!
    <Character>: How are we going to stop it? We had some ideas to start with but we haven't had time to really follow through with them...
    Tek: Well, thanks to Vaal's help, I've managed to get the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube out of beta! Now it just needs some field calibration, maybe some more adjustments... Oh, and a couple more features...
    Vaal: We can use it to just sit back and let whatever's behind this come to us. And then... bam! Catch it. Or something.
    <Character>: I thought you were happy classes were canceled, Vaal? I'm surprised you want to help.
    Vaal: Eh. A day off every now and then is great, but I really am interested in weaving.
    Alexander: And you intend to use that box thing-
    Tek: Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube!
    Alexander: -to capture the source of the problem? That doesn't seem very feasible. What if it doesn't work?
    Fae: W-what if it b-breaks and you're n-next?
    Tek: Thanks to Vaal, it's constructed with Tkach smithed components, and thanks to me, I'm sure it'll work perfectly. After some more testing and tweaking. If only I had more data...
    Fae: U-um... That doesn't sound... g-great...
    <Character>: What do you suggest then, Alexander?
    Alexander: Like I said a couple days ago, we just have to find out what sort of secrets Edelia's hiding. The library is sure to have all sorts of old tomes we can look through.
    Vaal: That sounds like way too much work.
    Fae: D-do you even know how to r-read?

    Fae: I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! T-that was r-rude...
    Tek: You don't even know if your solution exists. My mechanisms are physically here, and real, and they will work. We don't have the time to look for old stories!
    Alexander: Suit yourself. Looks like we won't be working together after all.
    Fae: <Character>... w-what do you think? Y-you can go with Tek and V-Vaal if you really want t-to...
    *Fae shifts nervously, waiting for your decision, while Alexander taps his foot impatiently. You look over to Tek and Vaal, and Vaal gives you a friendly wave. Will you stay with Fae and Alexander, searching old legends? Or will you join Raven in their mechanical endeavors?*

  • Raven
    • +1 Tek, +1 Vaal
      <Character>: I'm sorry. I think Tek and Vaal's idea is more likely to work.
      Tek: Fantastic! We could definitely use your help with the testing and parameter adjustment!
      Vaal: Nice. We can share the work.
      Alexander: Whatever. Come on, Fae, let's go. We're running out of time.
      Fae: R-right. S-stay safe everyone!
      *Fae gives you a small wave before following Alexander out of the classroom. You help Tek and Vaal finish packing, before making your way to Tek's dorm, where she has a wide variety of mechanisms and a large workbench set up. Time to get to work!* - proceed with the 'Raven' path.
  • Hawk
    • +1 Alex, +1 Fae
      <Character>: Don't worry, Fae, I'm staying with Hawk. Whatever there is to find in Edelia's history, we'll find it!
      Fae: Y-yay!
      Tek: One less pair of hands to help out, but I'm sure Vaal can pick up the slack.
      Vaal: Ugh... But really, good luck.
      Alexander: Let's stop wasting time then.
      *Hurrying out of the classroom, you bid farewell to Tek and Vaal before following Alexander and Fae to the library...*
    *You enter the library with Fae and Alexander to find stacks upon stacks of bookshelves, stretching far above you, finally reaching a glass ceiling, through which shines the remaining daylight. You turn to ask Alexander where he thinks you should start...*
    Alexander: Stop. I know you're hiding something, <Character>. Your sleeping habits are connected to this somehow.
    Fae: A-Alexander? W-what are you talking about?
    <Character>: I'm... not sure how that's relevant...
    Alexander: <Character>'s been having trouble staying awake in class almost every day. And almost every day, someone's gone missing.
    Alexander: Headmaster Danyel said the disappearances are happening on school grounds, in the morning.
    Fae: B-but no one went missing yesterday...
    Alexander: As far as we know. Could have been someone who wasn't in our class. And then this morning, when two students go missing, you show up later than usual.
    <Character>: What about the people who went missing before we arrived? I couldn't have been responsible for that!
    Alexander: I... Okay, I don't have all the answers. Maybe everything doesn't line up perfectly. But you have to admit, it's suspicious! I don't think you're just lazy, like Vaal. Your sleeping is too... convenient for that.
    Fae: I-is there anything you can t-tell us about it, <Character>? Anything at a-all?
    <Character>: You're going to think I'm crazy.
    Fae: N-never! I write all kinds of s-stories! Anything is p-possible!
    Alexander: So there is something you've been keeping from us. Do share.
    <Character>: I've been seeing... glowing eyes, when I sleep. Like a recurring dream. At first there were two, but then, four, and then six... and eight...
    <Character>: Whatever those eyes belong to spoke to me. Something about needing me, about freeing it.
    Fae: S-spooky...
    Alexander: And very concerning.
    <Character>: So... do you know what the eyes mean?
    Alexander: No, but a recurring dream that gets more severe each time? That lines up even more with the timeline since you arrived. Which means it's another lead to follow.
    Fae: R-right! We can look for stories about dreams, a-and eyes! And disappearances!
    Alexander: It also means we have to make sure <Character> doesn't leave our sight, Fae.
    Alexander: <Character>, I... I refuse to believe you'd actively mean us harm, but... you're connected to this. Whether that's to our advantage or not, we'll see.
    <Character>: Then let's get to the root of the problem before it's too late.
    Alexander: Agreed. Let's see... looks like Edelia's history is in... that section.
    Fae: L-let's get going!
    Alexander: I'm sure we'll find the answer. We have to. We're the best, after all!

    *Scene cuts to black.*

  • End of Day 4 - completes Day 4.

    Other information
  • *Once completed, this quest cannot be replayed until replaying AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One again.

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