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AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three

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2/19/2022 22:54:39   

ArchKnight DragonFable

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three

Location: Book of Lore -> AdventureFriends 2: Edelia -> Day 3, Hero's Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 13 -> Day 3
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two*
Release Date: February 18th, 2022

Objective: Welcome to the Edelia School of Weaving!
Objective completed: Sweet dreams.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Dr. Secundus





*In the classroom, Dr. Secundus commands your attention.*

Dr. Secundus: Welcome, students.
Dr. Secundus: I see no others of you have elected not to attend.
Valen: Excuse me, Dr. Secundus, does that mean no one else has gone missing since yesterday?
Dr. Secundus: I am not aware of how that pertains to today's lesson in any capacity. Now, please-
Tek: Well, technically, since Tomix was a student in our class, and he was one of the ones who disappeared, I think the status of any investigations into the matter is highly pertinent to our class's mental well-being!
Dr. Secundus: ...
Vaal: Yeah! What Tek said!
Maz: Dr. Secundus, do you have any idea what could have happened to the missing people?
Alexander: Dr. Secundus, has anything like this happened before in Edelia's history?
Fae: D-Dr. Secundus... um...
Dr. Secundus: Enough. Enough! Your... persistence is most irksome. No, the faculty has made little to no progress in our own investigations. This... stressful matter is our top priority. After educating the students, of course.
Dr. Secundus: I cannot say I know what has happened to those who are... no longer with us. Headmaster Danyel believes they may be recovered, but for his own reasons, he declines to share his findings with the rest of the staff.
Dr. Secundus: As to whether a... tragedy of this sort has occurred in Edelia's storied past, I cannot say. In such an ancient and revered school, there are certainly legends, muddled by time and voice.
Dr. Secundus: And what was your query, Fae?
Fae: U-um... Nothing! I j-just didn't w-want to feel left out.
Dr. Secundus: If that's all...
Valen: Is that really all you can tell us, sir? There's nothing else?
Dr. Secundus: ...I suppose... There is one legend that perhaps may or may not be of relevance. If I tell you this story, will you at last settle down like obedient children?
*The classroom is silent. Everyone wants to hear the tale, but no one wants to validate Dr. Secundus' question with an answer.*
<Character>: I think that's acceptable, Dr. Secundus. I think we all want to hear this story!
Dr. Secundus: Then listen well. Or don't.
Dr. Secundus: Once upon a time, four animals lived happily together in the forest.
Dr. Secundus: For many years they lived in peace and harmony, until one day, the ground began to shake.
Dr. Secundus: With a mighty roar, their once tranquil forest was split in twain, swallowing all in the path of its cavernous maw.
Dr. Secundus: The hawk, with its knowledge of magic and the land, tried to find out why their peace was broken.
Dr. Secundus: The otherworldly raven, in its cleverness, sought a means to reverse the calamity.
Dr. Secundus: The wolf, bold as ever, dove into the pit, to find the source of their woes.
Dr. Secundus: But the dragon was never seen again.
Dr. Secundus: ...The end. Let us return to your edification in the pursuit of weaving.
Alexander: Hold on. That doesn't seem related to the school at all.
Maz: You're not that daft, Alexander! Those are the guardian creatures of Edelia!
Alexander: Obviously.
Vaal: Yeah but, Edelia's a school, not a forest. And I think we'd all have noticed if the ground was shaking and opening up and swallowing everything.
Fae: M-maybe it's all a m-metaphor? F-for... um... something!
Tek: It's a real puzzle, that's for sure.
Dr. Secundus: I did say that it only may relate to the issue at hand. I would ask that any other off-topic speculation please remain until after class. So, back to today's lesson.
Dr. Secundus: Last class, we most likely left off on the subject of the evolution of weaving throughout the ages...
*As Dr. Secundus begins his lecture, you feel yourself slipping into slumber... But... you can't! You have to try to stay awake!*

*Scene fades to white; as you fall asleep, the unknown entity, now with three pairs of white eyes, appears to question your resistance.*

???: Why... do you... resist... <Character>?
*You try your best to shake yourself awake, clenching your fist and gritting your teeth. The sounds of the classroom are fading away...*
???: I need...you... Why... do you...struggle so?
*At the very last, you attempt to call out to your classmates... but before you can open your mouth, sleep takes you.*
???: I...am here....


Maz: Okay, <Character>! Time to wake up!
Valen: Maz, wait, I think-
*You groggily blink your eyes. It's the classroom. There's Valen. There's Maz. There's a fist. Hold on, a-*
*The questionable fist plows into your face, bringing you very much awake, and very much in pain.*
<Character>: What was that for, Maz?!
Valen: I think s/he was already awake...
Maz: Well, Valen tried talking to you, and I tried shaking you and none of it seemed to be working. Thought I'd go with the ol' Maz special. I'm uh, sorry. Glad you're awake, though.
Valen: Are you okay, <Character>?
<Character>: My nose hurts, but I'm fine. I'm sorry, I... I must not have slept well last night.
Maz: Ah, it's no problem, <Character>! We're just glad you're back with us!
Valen: We were worried.
<Character>: What happened while I was um... asleep?
Valen: Besides missing the entire class again, you mean?
Maz: Dr. Secundus looked real angry. I think you're going to be in trouble later.
Valen: He didn't say anything about it, but he did give us homework.
<Character>: Oh no!
Maz: Oh yes! Apparently we're supposed to get to know the other members of our group. Doesn't seem like too much work, if you ask me, but I'll go with it.
Valen: We're supposed to learn about each others' stories. It's supposed to help us practice bonding with new allies. Considering you're still... recovering, <Character>, maybe Maz or I should start.
Maz: Looks like we only have time for one of us today though... Why don't you choose, <Character>? Whose deepest secrets do you want to learn about first?
*Maz and Valen look at you expectantly, although Valen seems to be struggling to meet your eyes. Does he have something to hide? On the other hand, Maz seems to be watching you very intently, as if already judging your decision. Who will you choose?*

  • Valen
    • +1 Valen
      <Character>: What's your story, Valen? What brings you to Edelia?
      *Valen doesn't respond for a moment, clenching his fists as his face turns to a frown. He closes his eyes, and takes a deep breath. Seems like he wasn't looking forward to this.*
      Valen: When I was young, my entire family was killed in a fire. My parents. My brother. My sister.
      <Character>: Oh. I'm... I'm sorry.
      Valen: It's... fine. I've had my time to mourn. But the new King at the time...My parents both served as knights. And when they were killed, I had nowhere else to go.
      Valen: I was young, too young, maybe, but I asked to become a knight, like them. To train and serve, and honor their legacy. To have a place to stay. But I was dismissed and thrown out.
      Maz: Just like that? For no reason?
      Valen: It would be easy were that the case. It would have been so much easier, to just hate the King.
      Valen: No. I was not permitted to become a knight because on that fateful day, when my home burned, I survived.
      Valen: I made a pact with a spirit of Darkness, and escaped with the scars you see before you.
      <Character>: A spirit of Darkness?
      Valen: The King didn't understand. I swore to use this power to protect the people, to protect the innocent! But I was sent to find my own way. And after years of work and study, I found myself here. In Edelia.
      Valen: I seek to use weaving to protect. To be a savior. To help anyone who needs it! And now that we have a chance to save people from whatever's causing the disappearances, I won't rest until we can find a way to stop it.
      <Character>: Back to that uh, spirit of Darkness... Are you still um, bound to it?
      Valen: I am. I'll admit, part of me hates the thing. Part of me wants to find a way to be rid of it. To be free from this blessing and curse. Maybe weaving will hold the answer to that. Maybe not. But for the foreseeable future, it is a part of me.
      Maz: That's a mighty secret you're hiding. How are we supposed to feel about it? What does this pact of yours entail, exactly?
      Valen: I get to live. I get to use its power. And the spirit gets to see the world, learn, and grow.
      <Character>: And... when it's done growing? How long do you have left?
      Valen: I don't intend to find out.
      *In the following silence, Valen steps back, rubbing the scar on his hand.*
      Valen: ...I didn't want to talk about it.
      Maz: Well, that just means we'll just have to keep a close eye on you. A closer eye on you.
      Valen: I'm still me. Please, just treat me the same as before.
      Valen: This does not change our goal. Think what you will of me, but I will protect everyone. We will protect everyone.
      <Character>: Valen...
      *You return to your dorms in silence, thinking about Valen's fate, and how you'll even begin to tackle the next step of the mystery. You bid goodbye to Maz, and walk with Valen back to his room.*
      *He opens the door, and steps through, glancing back at you.*

    • We'll be heroes, Valen
      • +1 Valen
        <Character>: We'll be heroes, Valen. You and me! And Maz too, if she wants!
        *Valen smiles, slightly, before closing the door behind him.*

    • Remain silent.
        <Character>: ...
        *Without a word, Valen turns away, closing the door behind him.*
  • Maz
    • +1 Maz
      <Character>: Maz, what's your story?
      Maz: Me? Are you sure? Ah, who am I kidding. I've had a life, so far!
      Valen: Do share.
      Maz: Well, if you insist!
      Maz: I grew up a spoiled brat in a noble house. Had everything I could ever want. Food, clothes... anything.
      Maz: Then the money went dry. I don't know what it was. Some politics most likely, I never found out, nor do I care to.
      Maz: I had to work, or be kicked out. And back then, I would most certainly not work. And so, I was out on my own. Parents couldn't afford me. Understandable, I suppose.
      Maz: I ended up out on the streets, stealing and fighting for whatever scraps I could find.
      Valen: You're a criminal, then?
      Maz: Sure, some would see it that way. But for the first time in my life, I learned to take care of myself. I had to. Made all the mistakes. But I survived.
      Maz: I survived, and found others like me. Cast outs of society, and together, we thrived.
      <Character>: After all that, what brought you to Edelia?
      Maz: Well, I can't say all the habits of my spoiled days are gone. I always dreamed of becoming a weaver like Isiri. I have a... new appreciation for the finer things in life, you might say.
      Maz: And nothing, not mysterious disappearances or anything else is gonna stop me.
      Valen: How noble.
      Maz: Not a fan, Valen?
      Valen: ...
      Valen: ...I apologize, I'm in no place to judge. I'm sure to many, your story would be seen as inspiring.
      Maz: Thank you, Valen. But what do you think, <Character>? Am I not... intriguing?
      *Maz eyes you carefully. You can feel her searching your every facial expression, every blink. She's not asking this lightly. Valen too, awaits your answer, on edge. How will you respond?*

    • Consider me intrigued!
      • +1 Maz
        <Character>: Consider me intrigued, Maz!
        *Maz smiles brightly, almost as if in surprise.*
        Maz: Intrigued, are you, <Character>? Well then, my intrigued friends, why don't we call it a night?
        *You return to your dorms in the company of Maz's tales of her experiences. Valen begins to warm up and even laugh eventually. Whether or not all the stories are true or unembellished, it's hard not to get caught up in the moment!*
        *With a quick wave and smile, you drop Maz and Valen off at their rooms, and the cold of the evening catches up with you, following you back to your dorm.*

    • *Turn away*
        *You break eye contact and turn away, only to hear Maz laugh lightly.*
        Maz: Aha! I'm sorry, I can get a bit intense sometimes. Don't worry, no offense taken.
        Maz: It's been a long day. Why don't we head back to our rooms?
        *Despite your earlier nap in class you find yourself exhausted from the day. Maz and Valen are discussing plans and ideas but you can't seem to focus on their words. Soon enough, they drop you off at your dorm, and walk out into the evening.*


    *Suddenly, you awaken with a start, to deafeningly loud buzzing in your ears. Your eyes open to see Tek and Vaal stand over you, watching curiously.*
    Tek: (...)
    Vaal: (...)
    *You can see their mouths moving, but can't seem to hear anything besides the buzzing. Your ears are starting to hurt.*
    <Character>: I... I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
    Tek: (...!)
    Vaal: (...?)
    *Tek reaches over to your head and you can feel something shift around your ears. As she pulls back you can see what appears to be a pair of cubes tied together with twine that previously rested around your ears.*
    Vaal: CAN... YOU... HEAR... ME... NOW?!
    Tek: I don't think talking slower is going to help, Vaal. HELLO!
    <Character>: I'm awake! I'm awake! You don't need to shout! What... what is that?
    *Tek lifts the odd device to show you.*
    Tek: This? It's only the Auto-Mecha-Unsleep-Alarm-Cubeset V2.3! Vaal didn't think it would work, but I knew it would get you up! How's your hearing though? V2.1 had some potential for permanent damage, but I thought I fixed that in V2.2. Not sure if it came back in V2.3.
    <Character>: I'm... I'm fine now. I'm sorry. I must have fallen asleep again.
    Vaal: Don't sweat it. I know the feeling. Sometimes you just need a nap.
    Tek: Dr. Secundus didn't seem pleased, but he didn't say anything, so I'm sure you're fine. Oh, but he did give us homework!
    <Character>: ...Homework? Sorry, I'm still recovering from waking up.
    Vaal: Yeah, apparently, we're supposed to learn about each other. Build bonds or something. Seems easy enough.
    Tek: Are you sure you're all there, <Character>? No side effects from the Auto-Mecha-Unsleep-Alarm V2.3? Hm, maybe you or I should start, Vaal.
    Vaal: If I had to guess, we only have time for one of us... Maybe <Character> can choose who goes today.
    *Tek looks at you with a mixture of curiosity and pity, while Vaal regards you with an aloof glance, as if daring you to choose him. With your ears still ringing, who will you choose to tell their story?*

  • Vaal
    • +1 Vaal
      Vaal: Me? Um... You don't know already?
      Tek: Yeah! What's up with you, Vaal?
      Vaal: I guess you're not from around here, then.
      <Character>: No, I'm not. Are you famous or something?
      Vaal: Me? No. But my family... Ugh. Do I really have to do this?
      <Character>: Well, yeah. It's homework. And we're curious.
      Vaal: Alright, alright. So I come from a family of uh, really really good smiths. Tkach. Real famous.
      Tek: Tkach... I've heard of them! I was thinking of commissioning them for some mechanism parts but they were way, way out of my price range.
      Vaal: Yeah, sounds about right. So, anyway, naturally, I was expected to go into the family business. Smithing.
      Vaal: I wasn't interested.
      <Character>: You wanted to be a weaver, instead?
      Vaal: I dunno. I'm just trying something different, you know? See if I like it. So far... It's okay, I guess. The whole disappearing people thing is interesting, at least.
      Tek: That's... that's it?
      Vaal: Yeah. Of course I got into Edelia, though. My family name has that kind of influence, after all.
      Tek: ...
      Vaal: I guess I'm just trying to figure myself out. What do you think, <Character>? Everything you expected?
      *Vaal looks at you expectantly. It seems he actually does care what your impression of him is. Tek, however, is glaring at Vaal, as if trying to angrily wrap her mind around Vaal's history. How will you respond?*

    • I can respect that.
      • +1 Vaal
        <Character>: I can respect it, Vaal.
        Vaal: Thanks. I know I'm lucky. Sooner or later I'll have to face reality. Sooner than I'd hope, most likely. But reality can't stop Vaal!
        *Tek looks furious, but keeps her thoughts to herself. Vaal notices, though.*
        Vaal: Tell you what, Tek, I'll send a letter or something home, see if I can get you some metalwork done on the side-
        Tek: I don't need your charity!
        *Tek runs out of the room.*
        Vaal: Tch. Come on, <Character>, we can't let her wander alone when people are vanishing left and right!
        *You and Vaal rush out after Tek, finding her pacing back and forth in the school courtyard.*
        <Character>: Tek! You can't run off like that when we don't know what's-
        Tek: You don't get to tell me what I can or can't do!
        <Character>: I'm sorry, we were just worried...
        Tek: No... No. You're fine. Both of you. I'm sorry for making you worry. I... I worked hard to get here. Hearing Vaal's story... It's hard for me to suck up my own pride, you know?
        Vaal: All too well! But hey, we're here to work together, right? I think we can compromise a little, at least.
        Tek: ...Is that offer still on the table, Vaal? I have an idea for a custom piece that might help with the mechanism...
        Vaal: Of course. Comes with the pain of having to talk to family but, whatever. I can deal with it.
        Tek: ...Thanks.
        *With the tension lifted, you all head back to your dorms. Vaal is livelier than usual, joking and talking, feeling more comfortable now that his secret is out.*
        *Tek smiles too, and while Vaal isn't enthusiastic about it, they happily discuss different potential options for Tek's detector mechanism. As Vaal and Tek drop you off at your room, Vaal gives you a polite nod.*

    • So... you're just spoiled and lazy?
        <Character>: So... you're just spoiled and lazy?
        Vaal: Ha! You could say that. But it's not going to stop me. I'm just that good.
        Tek: Whatever. Your family has money, right? You can probably have them make some of the parts we need for free!
        Vaal: Well, I'm not exactly on the greatest of terms with them...
        <Character>: But we do need parts for Tek's mechanism. To solve the mystery and stop the disappearances, remember?
        Vaal: Ugh. Fine. Fine! I'll do it!
        *The air is tense as you all walk back to the dorms. Tek is talking Vaal's ear off with measurements and designs, and Vaal's eyes are closed, trying his hardest to be polite. While Vaal isn't exactly happy about it, it seems like progress will be made!*
  • Tek
    • +1 Tek
      <Character>: Let's hear Tek's story.
      Tek: Oh, it's nothing too interesting. I'm not from around here, you know?
      Vaal: You mentioned before, but it's pretty obvious.
      Tek: I thought so too! Well, ever since I was young, I've had a talent for creating mechanisms! The way they move, the way they tick, and spin, everything about them, I have an affinity for it all!
      Tek: My family didn't have a lot, so I had to start with wood scraps and scrounged junk. Had to make do with what people wouldn't miss...
      Tek: But my dream is to create a truly autonomous mechanism! One that can move on its own, even think, and learn, process information, perhaps even build on itself!
      Vaal: That sounds... dangerous.
      Tek: Maybe, but it also sounds wondrous! And weaving could be the key to figuring it all out.
      <Character>: Only could be?
      Tek: Yep! I mean, I have some theories and ideas on how it can all tie together, but even if it's not, I'll go and study something else. I've worked this hard to get here, I can work harder.
      Vaal: That's it? No... tragic backstory? No pained struggles?
      Tek: I mean, some days, I didn't have a lot to eat but... And I guess some people would call working hard struggling but... Nope! Not really anything I'd call a tragedy, I guess. Is that something I'm expected to have?
      Vaal: No, no, it's... quite refreshing, actually.
      <Character>: What will you do when you reach your goal?
      Tek: I haven't decided yet! I guess if my mechautomaton turns out to be dangerous, I'll have to find a way to stop it...
      Tek: But that can wait until then. For now, we have a mystery to solve. A very interesting mystery. The potential extended applications of my detector device could have many implications for the future of mechanism-craft!
      *Tek continues talking non-stop about her designs and ambitions, oblivious to Vaal starting to fall asleep. You try your best to follow her words but so much of it quickly becomes incomprehensible, until, at last...*
      Tek: So, any thoughts, you two? Maybe we can talk more about it on the way back to the dorms!
      *You see Vaal open an eye slightly. Tek smiles at you, waiting for your answer.*

    • I think your mechanisms have a lot of potential!
      • +1 Tek
        <Character>: I think your mechanisms have a lot of potential!
        Tek: Hehe! I appreciate it, <Character>! I know I have a long way to go, but your support definitely helps!
        Tek: If you don't mind, I have a few more ideas I'd like to run past you later!
        Vaal: ...snrk. We done? I think I like my bed better as a uh... thinking platform...
        *You and Tek help the sleepy Vaal back to his room. As you walk Tek back to hers, she's uncharacteristically quiet. You arrive, and she pauses before opening her door.*
        <Character>: Everything okay, Tek?
        Tek: Yeah. Yeahyeah. I just... didn't want to be annoying, you know? I know I can talk a lot and it's not always the right time for it and I didn't want you to think I- um good night <Character>!
        *Tek slams the door shut after her, and you head back to your room alone, smiling to yourself.*

    • I didn't understand a word of that.
        <Character>: Um. I didn't understand a word of that.
        Tek: I'm sorry! I... must have been rambling again...
        Vaal: You done, then? ...At least I had plenty of time to think.
        Tek: Sorry! Sorrysorry! Let's go back to the dorms. I've... I've taken up enough of your time.
        *As you head back to your dorms, Tek keeps fidgeting with her hands, and turning as though about to speak, but stopping. Vaal actually appears deep in thought as well, as opposed to just tired like usual. You make it back to your room safely, if quietly.*


    *Waking up, you find that Fae is looking at you.*

    Fae: ...
    <Character>: Um... Hello?
    Fae: Ah! S-sorry!
    *Fae jumps back, clutching her notebook.*
    Alexander: How is s/he doing, Fae?
    <Character>: Did I... fall asleep again?
    Alexander: This is becoming a problem, <Character>. Are you going to be a liability for this group?
    <Character>: Um. No, I think I only fall asleep during class, for some reason.
    Alexander: Another mystery? I wonder. There are few coincidences in life. Could this be connected to the disappearances?
    Alexander: ...
    Fae: I-I trust <Character>! B-besides, we can think about this l-later! We have h-homework!
    Alexander: Ah, yes. The homework. While you were... resting, <Character>, Dr. Secundus gave us an assignment to learn about each other. It's supposed to help us with future bonding.
    Alexander: Judging by the position of the sun, I'd say we have time for only one of us to speak. I volunteer you, <Character>.
    Fae: W-wait! <Character>, how are you f-feeling?
    <Character>: Still kind of sleepy, sorry.
    Alexander: ...Right. Sure. Why don't you choose then, <Character>?
    *Fae and Alexander turn to face you. Fae seems concerned, and Alexander appears slightly annoyed, but both await your decision.*

  • Alexander
    • +1 Alex
      <Character>: You seem like you have an interesting story behind you, Alexander.
      Alexander: ...I was an orphan from a very young age. I don't remember my parents.
      Fae: O-oh no!
      Alexander: The orphanage I was sent to was... fine. They gave us names, food, shelter. We were expected to learn a trade and fend for ourselves once we came of age.
      Alexander: But it was competitive. With no money or influence behind our names, we had to stand out by merit of skill alone, or we would be helpless once we came of age and were thrown out.
      <Character>: It sounds like a rough upbringing.
      Alexander: Maybe. But it taught me that I needed to be the best to survive. And I was the best. Everything I applied myself to, I put my all behind.
      Fae: W-what brought you to Edelia?
      Alexander: Weaving. It's different from anything else I've studied. I'm going to learn, and be the best, and no mysterious disappearances are going to stop me.
      *Alexander stops, waiting for you to respond. Daring you to make a comment. Fae watches the tension between you and Alexander carefully, pulling out a notebook and... taking notes?*

    • I was under the impression that I'd be the best!
      • +1 Alex
        <Character>: That's funny, because I was under the impression that I'd be the best!
        Alexander: Good! It's not the same without any competition.
        <Character>: Fae, what are you-
        *Fae slams her notebook closed with a loud snap, and looks at you almost... guiltily?*
        Fae: Nothing! N-nothing! J-just some ideas!
        Alexander: Right! We should be getting back to the matters at hand.
        *As the three of you walk back to your dorms, you begin discussing plans of how to tackle the mystery. Alexander's still watching you, although his demeanor is friendlier.*
        *Evening falls, and you bid farewell to your companions, hoping for their safety, as they surely hope for yours.*

    • You don't have any other aspirations?
        <Character>: That's it? You don't have any other aspirations?
        Alexander: I don't need anything else.
        <Character>: What will you do after Edelia?
        Alexander: I don't know yet. I'll find out when the time comes.
        Fae: M-maybe we can c-change the subject...
        Alexander: We've spent enough time on me. I'm done. Now, how are we going to deal with these disappearances?
        *As the three of you walk back to your dorms, you begin discussing plans of how to tackle the mystery. Alexander is watching you carefully, as though picking apart your every word and action. After dropping Fae off at her room, Alexander turns to you.*
        Alexander: <Character>. I don't know what's going with you, but something... isn't right. You're connected to this somehow, whether you know it or not.
        Alexander: But... we're in this together. And while I don't know if I can trust you... I'll choose to believe.
        *Without another word, Alexander turns and leaves you to go back to your room alone.*
  • Fae
    • +1 Fae
      <Character>: What's your story, Fae?
      Fae: M-me? A-are you sure? Well... O-okay, here goes...
      Fae: When I was little, I got sick a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I couldn't go outside, or play with other kids, or anything.
      Alexander: Wait, where did your stutter go-?
      <Character>: Alexander, shush!
      Fae: I was miserable. I was locked up, had to eat special food, take special medicine, all just to end up alone.
      Fae: Until one day, a traveling weaver visited. It was a big occasion, rare to have such individuals grace our small village.
      Fae: Obviously I heard people talking about her. About the wondrous things she could make, for the right price.
      Fae: My family didn't have much. Keeping me safe took a lot from my parents. But I just had to see her!
      Fae: I tried to slip out, but was caught right away. A sickly girl didn't really stand much chance of sneaking out of the house.
      Fae: I cried a lot that night. It was unfair. Life was unfair!
      Fae: But... then, the next morning, when my tears had dried, there was a knock on my door. I couldn't open it myself, so there wasn't much I could do but wait.
      Fae: With a creak, it opened, and there, with my parents, was the weaver. I was stunned. Her immaculate long jacket, her fashionable belts, her facemask... and the looms at her wrists. I remember it all.
      Fae: She asked me my name, and I told her. Fae. I was too stunned to say anything else. I just sat there, in silence.
      Fae: She sat with me for a while, weaving with her looms, talking to me, asking about my life. I'll admit, I could hardly pay attention, so focused as I was on her weaving.
      Fae: Her hands moved at incredible speed, her looms glowing with magic...
      Fae: And before I knew it, she presented me with a mask. The mask I wear now. A woven mask that would let me out of that lonely room.
      Fae: My parents tried to pay the weaver, but she refused. After making sure my mask was secure, she winked at me, and left. I never even asked her name.
      Fae: But finally, at last, I could be free! I could go outside, go to school, learn, and play! And there was only one thing I wanted to do with my newfound freedom. I wanted to weave. To help other kids like me, or a-anyone else!
      *Fae finishes with a half-hearted flourish before retreating back into her hoodie. She looks at you and Alexander expectantly.*

    • What an inspiring tale!
      • +1 Fae
        <Character>: What an inspiring tale, Fae!
        Fae: T-thanks! I-I like weaving, b-but I like telling s-stories too!
        Alexander: If weaving doesn't work out, you can definitely write.
        Fae: I-I think I'll just do b-both!
        *You can tell Fae is proud and beaming behind her mask. Alexander is looking at her with newfound respect. You all walk back to the dorms, chatting and discussing plans for the future, the looming threat of the disappearances all but forgotten...*

    • ...Are you contagious?
        <Character>: ...Are you contagious?
        Alexander: Why would you ask that, <Character>? She's clearly not!
        Fae: I-it's fine, Alexander. I-I've had to deal with a lot of u-um... assumptions.
        Fae: N-no, <Character>. W-whatever's wrong with m-me, it's just me.
        *Alexander glares at you like you're insane. Fae looks away and doesn't meet your eyes. You apologize, and Fae accepts it, but the group doesn't seem quite as lively as before as you head back to your dorms.*
    *Night falls. Alone at last. You crawl into bed, put your head on the pillows, pull the covers up. And wait.*

    *Scene fades to white; as you fall sleep, the unknown entity appears to give you an ominous warning.*

    ???: ...and you... shall free me from this purgatory!

    *The unknown entity grows an another pair of white eyes, amounting to four pairs; the entity hastily approaches you; scene cuts to black.*

  • End of Day 3 - completes Day 3.

    Other information
  • *Once completed, this quest cannot be replayed until replaying AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One again.

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