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AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One

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2/17/2022 13:29:51   

ArchKnight DragonFable

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One

Location: Book of Lore -> AdventureFriends 2: Edelia -> Day 1, Hero's Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 13 -> Day 1
Level/Quest/Items required: None*
Release Date: February 12th, 2022

Objective: Welcome to the Edelia School of Weaving!
Objective completed: Sweet dreams.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Dr. Secundus



*It's a starry night as the scene focuses on Edelia; a letter from Danyel Danao, the headmaster, appears.*

Congratulations, <Character>!

You have been chosen to attend the prestigious and honorable Edelia School of Weaving!
Your application was chosen from a pool of many promising candidates, and I am proud to offer you a spot in our next class of students.
Here, you will not only learn the basics of weaving, you will forge bonds and make connections with your fellow talented students that will last long after your time here is over.
Should you decide to accept, we look forward to meeting you in the coming semester.

Once again, congratulations, and welcome, to Edelia!

-Danyel Danao, Headmaster


*Scene fades out, then back in; in one of Edelia's classrooms, a dark red four-eyed Elemental Spirit with glasses commands your attention.*

???: Greetings students. Welcome to your first day of class here at the presitigous Edelia School of Weaving.
Dr. Secundus: I am Dr. Secundus, and I have what appears to be the... sincere displeasure of, perhaps, instructing you all in the basics of weaving this semester.
Dr. Secundus: In this course, you may, or may not, learn the joys and perils of weaving. The satisfaction... and the dangers. It all depends on the amount of... effort you are willing to put into your studies. Or your natural talents.
Dr. Secundus: Names. Let us begin with names, and roll call. I shall call a name. You shall briefly introduce yourself when called.
Dr. Secundus: Alexander.
Alexander: Hi, I'm Alexander. I'll admit, I was worried that I might have some competition here, but looking at... all of you...
Alexander: Well, you can always ask me for help with the homework.
Dr. Secundus: Jarmila.
Maz: Please, call me Maz. You're all my classmates? I'm sure we're gonna get along just fine.
Dr. Secundus: Valen.
Valen: Hello, I'm Valen. Let's have a good semester together, yes? If you ever need help with anything, I'm your guy.
Dr. Secundus: Fae.
Fae: H-hi. I'm Fae. I um... I look forward to... um... g-getting to know you all.
Dr. Secundus: Percivaal.
Vaal: I prefer Vaal, if it's all the same to you.
Vaal: ...
Dr. Secundus: Tek.
Tek: Hiya! Tek here. I come from pretty far away, so um, sorry if I mess up or get anything wrong...
Tek: Dr. Secundus, when can I get my hands on some spiritlooms? I wanted to see if there was anything I could maybe... tinker with, you know? I learn best hands-on, you see...
Dr. Secundus: ...
Tek: Er... Dr. Secundus?
Dr. Secundus: <Character>.
*Dr. Secundus fixes his eyes on you, all four of them. You can feel your fellow students watching you as well, each with their own expectations. How will you introduce yourself to the class?*

  • Friendly
    • +1 Valen, +1 Maz, +1 Tek
      <Character>: Hi, I'm <Character>! It's really great to meet you all! Let's all learn weaving together!
  • Shy
    • +1 Valen, +1 Tek, +1 Vaal, +1 Fae
      <Character>: Um... I'm <Character>.
  • Aggressive
    • +1 Maz, +1 Vaal, +1 Alex
      <Character>: I'm <Character>, and don't you forget it. I'm here to be the best weaver I can be, and none of you are going to get in my way.
  • Neutral
    • +1 Valen, +1 Maz, +1 Tek, +1 Vaal, +1 Fae, +1 Alex
      <Character>: Hello, I'm <Character>. Nice to meet everyone.
  • I think Tek had something to ask...
    • +1 Valen, +1 Maz, +1 Tek, +1 Vaal, +1 Fae
      <Character>: I'm <Character>, but, I think Tek had something to ask, Dr. Secundus.
  • Stay silent
    • +1 Vaal, +1 Fae, +1 Alex
      <Character>: ...
    Dr. Secundus: ...And finally, Tomix.
    Dr. Secundus: ...
    Dr. Secundus: ...Tomix?
    Valen: There's no one else here, sir.
    Dr. Secundus: Hm. Another... disappearance. Headmaster Danyel will not be pleased.
    Dr. Secundus: Very well. To begin, we must start with what weaving is... and is not.
    Maz: Hold on, what do you mean, "another" disappearance?
    Dr. Secundus: At its core, weaving is creation. Creativity. The formation of-
    Alexander: -of substance from mind and soul. Yes. Elementary. But what is this about students disappearing?
    Fae: I-I don't want to be... disappeared!
    Vaal: You heard the lady. If there's something going on that could affect us, we should know.
    Dr. Secundus: ...The...matter is being handled by the appropriate authorities. There is nothing to be concerned about regarding... disappearances.
    Tek: You say there's nothing to be concerned about, but if Tomix was meant to be in this class, and he vanished, then... what happened to him? Sounds like a mystery!
    Valen: Let's all calm down. I'm sure the teachers are doing everything in their power to find out what's going on.
    *The classroom quickly descends into chaos as Dr. Secundus watches, seemingly bored, and making little to no attempt at regaining control of the class. If this keeps up, you won't be able to learn weaving! What will you say?*

  • I'm paying a lot of tuition! I expect to learn!
    • +1 Alex
      <Character>: I'm paying a lot of tuition for this! I expect to learn!
      Alexander: Thank you, <Character>! I agree! This nonsense about disappearances is just an... unnecessary distraction from the real reason we're here. I have full confidence in the school's faculty to protect us and keep us safe.
  • I'm paying a lot of tuition! I expect to be safe!
    • +1 Maz
      <Character>: I'm paying a lot of tuition for this! I better be safe!
      Maz: Aye, whatever is happening, it better not affect us. Otherwise, what are we paying for?
  • What if I'm next?!
    • +1 Fae
      <Character>: What if I'm next?!
      Fae: T-that's what I'm saying! The students are d-disappearing, right? W-what happens to them? Where do they g-go? Imagine all the horrible things that could be... be...
  • Whatever, I just want to learn how to weave.
    • +1 Vaal
      <Character>: Whatever, I just want to learn how to weave.
      Vaal: Yeah. If it's being dealt with, then it's not really our problem, is it?
  • Disappearing students? Sounds interesting!
    • +1 Tek
      <Character>: Disappearing students? Sounds interesting!
      Tek: Right? We're smart! We can probably get to the bottom of this! Give us all the details, professor!
  • Stay silent
    • +1 Valen
      <Character>: ...
      Valen: That's enough, everyone! Whatever's going on, arguing isn't going to help. I'm sure we can all work together to keep each other safe.
    *A silence falls upon the classroom as everyone wonders how to proceed. Dr. Secundus seizes the opportunity to take a deep breath and continue his lecture.*
    Dr. Secundus: I understand your concern, but let us put this behind us, and proceed with the lesson, if we can.
    *Reluctantly, everyone settles down.*
    Dr. Secundus: Throughout history, there have and have not been multiple instances of the weaving of fiber, spontaneously emerging in different cultures.
    Dr. Secundus: Whether it be plant or animal fiber, there appears to be an instinctive, innate, desire to weave, and create...
    *Dr. Secundus continues to drone, and you find yourself... drifting... to... sleep...*

    *Scene fades to white as you fall asleep; a pair of white eyes appears to call you.*

    ???: ...<Character>...
    ???: ...<Character>...I...need...you...
    ???: <Character>!

    *You immediately wake up in the classroom as Dr. Secundus calls your name.*

    Dr. Secundus: Hmph! I expect better of new students than to slip into dreams in the middle of the first day of class, <Character>.
    Fae: Dream anything sweet? Hehe.
    Valen: Maybe s/he just had a long night. I know I was rather nervous last evening.
    Alexander: Disappointing. Edelia is a prestigious academy. You should be bringing your best.
    Maz: I'd have nudged you awake but you just looked so... cute, sleeping like that.
    Tek: I don't know how you could have fallen asleep! This lecture has been absolutely gripping!
    Vaal: Ha. How embarassing!
    Dr. Secundus: The condescension of your peers shall suffice as punishment for now, perhaps. But do not let me catch you sleeping in my classroom again!
    Dr. Secundus: I may, or may not, have a more... severe punishment for... repeat offenders.
    *You can't quite tell how... serious Dr. Secundus is. With your new classmates' comments still echoing in your ears, how will you respond?*

  • Sorry, won't happen again.
    • +1 Valen, +1 Tek, +1 Fae, +1 Alex
      <Character>: Sorry, won't happen again.
  • Whatever.
    • +1 Maz, +1 Tek, +1 Vaal
      <Character>: Whatever.
  • Remain silent.
    • +1 Vaal, +1 Fae, +1 Alex
      <Character>: ...
    Dr. Secundus: If that could possibly be the last of the disruptions in today's class, I shall continue with what I was saying.
    Dr. Secundus: It is... traditional for classes of students here in Edelia to consist of eight students, divided into pairs. Such groupings are essential for learning how to trust and bond with new allies..
    Dr. Secundus: Each of such groupings are, traditionally, named after one of the school's guardian creatures. Wolf, Hawk, Raven, and Dragon.
    Maz: Do we get to choose who we're paired with? I have a few candidates I had my eye on already, if so...
    Fae: T-that would be so much pressure! I d-don't know if... if I could...
    Dr. Secundus: I shall determine for you. If your pairing has problems, speak to Headmaster Danyel. I couldn't care less.
    Vaal: Sure. Works for me.
    Alexander: I will be expecting the most out of whoever I'm paired with.
    Dr. Secundus: Let's begin with Wolf. That will be Valen... and Maz.
    Valen: Understood. I look forward to getting to know you better, Maz.
    Maz: Nice.
    Dr. Secundus: Raven shall have... Tek... and Vaal.
    Tek: Ravens are clever. I like it.
    Vaal: You're smart, right? Works for me.
    Dr. Secundus: And... Alexander and Fae for Hawk.
    Alexander: So it goes.
    Fae: Um... O-okay.
    Dr. Secundus (briefly): Which leaves Dragon. <Character> and... Ah. That's right. Tomix refused to grace our classroom with his presence today.
    Dr. Secundus: Which leaves Dragon. <Character> and... Ah. That's right. Tomix refused to show up.
    Dr. Secundus: ...I may or may not have forgotten. Well, we can't have you on your own. That would defeat the... purpose of the exercise.
    Dr. Secundus: In that case, perhaps we can eschew tradition. You may choose a group to join, <Character>. Or... I can decide for you, if such a task is beyond your limited capabilities.
    *You can feel everyone's eyes on you as you consider your options. Will you join the Wolf group with Valen and Maz? The Raven group with Tek and Vaal? Or the Hawk group with Fae and Alexander?*

    *Choose a group; Wolf with Valen and Maz, Raven with Tek and Vaal, or Hawk with Fae and Alexander; if you click Dr. Secundus' face:*



    Are you sure you want Secundus to choose your group for you?

    Yes - proceed dialogue.

    <Character>: ...

    *One of the three Dr. Secundus' dialogue will be chosen, at random:*

    Dr. Secundus: Wolf. - proceed with 'Wolf' dialogue.

    Dr. Secundus: Raven. - proceed with 'Raven' dialogue.

    Dr. Secundus: Hawk. - proceed with 'Hawk' dialogue.


    <Character>: I'll go with Wolf!
  • +1 Valen, +1 Maz
    Valen: Glad to have you, <Character>.
    Maz: This is gonna be good.


    <Character>: I'll join Raven.
  • +1 Tek, +1 Vaal
    Tek: Neat! Always nice to have another test subject. Er, I mean, friend. Yes. Friend.
    Vaal: Less work for me. No objections.


    <Character>: I'll go with Hawk!
  • +1 Alex, +1 Fae
    Fae: O-oh! Okay! Um... W-welcome?
    Alexander: I think this can work.

    Dr. Secundus: Good. Lecture finished. Groups assigned. Class dismissed. Do try to show up to class tomorrow... or not.
    *Dr. Secundus hastily leaves the room without another word, leaving you and your new classmates to consider your situation. You look around nervously. Dr. Secundus' off-hand dismissal of the disappearance of one of your fellow students has everyone on edge.*
    Valen: So... We obviously can't trust the teachers to get to the bottom of this, right?
    Alexander: Clearly. It appears that this has been an ongoing problem, and yet even up to now, students are going missing.
    Tek: Dr. Secundus seems to be a bit scatterbrained, but definitely not incompetent. The faculty are probably doing their best to keep Edelia safe!
    Maz: Well, it's not enough! Now, I like all of you, and I'm sure I would've liked that Tomix fellow too. I don't want to come to class tomorrow to find any of you gone.
    Vaal: Maybe they just don't care enough. Weaving can get dangerous, right? So what if a student or two is lost?
    Fae: Or... O-or what if... what if the teachers are in on it? C-can we even trust them? What if we're all j-just here to be... I-I don't know...
    *Fae's stuttering fades into silence. Can you trust Dr. Secundus? Can you trust the faculty? Can you trust... each other? Will you break the silence?*

  • It's up to us to stop the disappearances!
    • +1 Valen, +1 Tek, +1 Fae
      <Character>: It's up to us to stop the disappearances!
      Vaal: *Yaaaaaawn* I guess it couldn't be easy, could it?
      Valen: You could stand to be more enthusiastic, Vaal. It's not just our safety on the line, it's yours as well.
      Vaal: Sure.
      Maz: It's all well and good to say that we'll handle it, but we don't even have a plan. Anyone have any ideas?
      Alexander: I barely even know you. Why should I trust you to watch my back?
      Tek: That's true... We've suspected everyone but ourselves... Very unlikely, but I suppose it's not out of the realm of possibility...
      Fae: Ooh. T-that would be an exciting twist, Tek! But also kind of scary...
      Valen: I guess Alexander has a point. All we can really do is keep an eye on each other until we get to know one another better.
      Valen: Let us hope that no one else will disappear before class tomorrow.
  • Remain silent.
    • +1 Maz, +1 Vaal, +1 Alex
      <Character>: ...
      Alexander: I'm going to go now. Watch yourselves.
      Valen: Alexander, wait! We... we all need to work together!
      Alexander: We barely know each other. For all we know, the culprit, or culprits could be any of you.
      Alexander: Besides, I need to do my homework.
      Tek: I don't like it, but until we get more information, we'll just have to look out for ourselves.
      Vaal: Works for me.
      Maz: Stay vigilant, everyone.
      Fae: U-um... See you all in class t-tomorrow!
    *With that, everyone heads back to their dorms alone, with doubts and fears echoing in their minds. But as you're walking along the hall... you feel as though someone is watching you. A familiar presence. A fellow student? Or something... worse? Quickly, you turn, and find...*


    Valen: Ah! <Character>. I apologize for sneaking up on you like that. I just... I wanted to make sure you were safe.
    *Valen looks around nervously. It appears he was following you. How will you respond?*

  • Thanks Valen.
    • +1 Valen
      <Character>: Thank you, Valen.
      Valen: It's no problem. Despite what some of us might think, we all have to look out for each other, don't we? I just hope we can get to the bottom of this.
      *Valen walks you back to your dorm, and bids you good night before heading back into the evening. While it wasn't the longest of walks, his presence was certainly comforting.*
  • I don't need your help.
      <Character>: I don't need your help.
      Valen: Oh. Sorry. I apologize for my presumption. Have a good evening, <Character>.
      *You head back to your dorm alone, but can't shake the feeling that Valen seemed rather disappointed, even if his words did not convey his feelings.*


    Maz: There you are, <Character>! I thought I saw you going this way. Want some company on the way back to your dorm?
    *Mazurek approaches you, smiling gently. How will you respond?*

  • That sounds wounderful!
    • +1 Maz
      <Character>: That sounds wonderful!
      Maz: Doesn't it? This way we can keep our eyes on each other. For purely safety related reasons, of course.
      *Maz hooks her arm around yours as you stroll comfortably back to your dorm. She bids you farewell and thanks you for the pleasant walk before leaving on her own. As you close your door behind you, you can't help but wonder... Was she being too friendly?*
  • No thanks.
      <Character>: No thanks.
      Maz: Suit yourself. Won't say I'm not disappointed, but I suppose you can take care of yourself, hm?
      *As Maz leaves you to your thoughts, you get the feeling that she's somehow... relieved that you declined her offer.*


    Tek: Boo! Haha, you should see your face! Sorry for the scare, I wanted to ask you for some advice on a new project I was working on!
    *Tek is bouncing lightly on her feet, awaiting your response to her... unusual proposition. How will you respond?*

  • A project, you say?
    • +1 Tek
      <Character>: A project, you say?
      Tek: Yes! I'm working on an autonomous clockwork alarm device that can be used to alert its owner of any nearby threats! And well, you seem pretty strong. And threatening. So maybe you can help me test it later?
      *You and Tek wander back to your dorm in the crisp evening air, discussing all sorts of mechanical contraptions and ideas! A most stimulating discussion was had before Tek leaves you at your door with a warm smile.*
  • What's wrong with you?!
      <Character>: What's wrong with you?!
      Tek: Hmm. An interesting question. My body temperature could stand to be a few degrees higher at present, all other functions seem normal. And- ah. I take it from your expression that you did not appreciate my um... prank.
      *You inform Tek that you did not, in fact, appreciate the "um... prank". Tek frowns for a moment, before smiling and skipping off, muttering to herself about gears and noise boxes. Were you too harsh on her? But given the circumstances...*


    Vaal: Let's see... it was... this way, I think? Oh! <Character>! I... Uh... I seem to have gotten lost.
    *Vaal gives you a half-hearted shrug and a smile, seemingly awaiting your comment. How will you respond?*

  • Need some help?
    • +1 Vaal
      <Character>: Need some help?
      Vaal: Haha, yes, um, that would be appreciated. Thanks. You're not so bad, you know? Not like some of those spoiled stuck-up rich kids. I think... my dorm was that way...
      *You help Vaal to his dorm after a few mishaps, before heading back to your own. Vaal seemed rather grateful, but did he really have so much trouble finding his dorm? Or was it all an act? Could someone so disorganized really have been accepted into Edelia?*
  • Um. Good luck.
      <Character>: Um. Good luck with that.
      Vaal: Oh, I see. Not to worry, I won't keep you from your important business.
      *Without another word, Vaal stalks into the evening. You get the feeling that you failed some kind of test... But what was Vaal testing you for? You head back to your dorm, lost in thought.*


    Fae: H-hi, <Character>, I um... You dropped your pencil earlier and I, uh, t-thought you'd want it back?
    *Fae holds out a pencil to you that... you're not sure if it's yours or not. But she appears to earnestly believe it belongs to you. She glances around nervously. How will you respond?*

  • Thanks, Fae.
    • +1 Fae
      <Character>: Thanks, Fae.
      Fae: Y-you're welcome! Um. Do you mind walking me back to my d-dorm? I w-was going to ask Maz, but she um... S-she ran off before I could...
      *You assure Fae that it will be no problem. After a brief and relatively quiet walk to Fae's dorm, she turns and gives you what you think is a quick smile from under her mask before disappearing into her room. You head back to your own room basking in the evening light.*
  • That's not mine.
      <Character>: That's not mine.
      Fae: O-oh, it's n-not? U-um... I-I'm sorry!
      *Before you can say another word, Fae runs off, leaving you a little confused. You head back to your dorm for a peaceful evening, but can't seem to shake Fae's nervousness out of your head.*


    Alexander: <Character>.
    *Alexander walks up to you calmly, scanning your face, just... staring. How will you respond?*

  • Alexander.
    • +1 Alex
      <Character>: Alexander.
      Alexander: I'm keeping an eye on you. Just thought you should know that. You're definitely the most suspicious of us all. And if you have any hand in this... distraction from our studies, I. Will. Find. Out.
      *You give Alexander a weak smile as you protest your innocence and continue back to your dorm. Alexander keeps pace with you though, occasionally glaring at you when he thinks you aren't looking.*
      *While not the friendliest, the company is nice, and he does leave you alone once you make it back into your dorm.*
  • *Keep walking*
      *You keep walking.*
      Alexander: Ignore me all you want. I know you're hiding something. And I will bring it to light!
      *He's clearly crazy. You walk back to your dorm alone, but can't shake the feeling that someone is still watching you...*
    *After an eventful day, you enter your room, and crawl into bed. You close your eyes, waiting for tomorrow, but sleep doesn't find you. You toss, and turn, shifting and rolling until at last...*

    *Scene fades to white as you fall asleep; the same pair of white eyes from earlier appears; another pair of white eyes appears above it; scene cuts to black.*

  • End of Day 1 - completes Day 1.

    Other information
  • *Once completed, this quest cannot be replayed until replaying this quest again, which allows other paths to be explored.
  • Once a group has been selected, it cannot be changed until replaying this quest again.

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