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Location: Father of Mine, From The Citadel with Love, Marzanna, The Beginning of the End, The End of the Beginning, Just Chillin', The Fire Paradigm, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

Quests given

Shops owned
Chaosweaver (Shop)
Chaosweaver Items
Chaosweaver Upgrades

Father of Mine

???: I will have to leave you soon...

???: I have done all I could to set you on this path...

???: But before I go, I have one last piece of advice for you...

???: Ugh...

???: He's interrupting you...

???: He always does this...

???: Make him go away...

???: Now, listen carefully...

From The Citadel with Love

???: That would be cheating.

???: You will find the answer in time. Believe me.

???: Hah.
???: So, are you done with your little outburst? Can we continue?

???: No. You still have so much to learn. You've made the children only as your legacy, just as I've told you. You don't really need to raise them.
???: You don't need to bother yourself with such distractions. Leave the children to their mother, that's what she's for, isn't she?
???: Now... cut the tip of your thumb, repeat after me and copy my hand movements.


???: Because I will know which one it will be when I see her.

???: Roirr, you don't need a WIFE, you need a woman who is able to give you children. You will not care for these children... but they will be important in the future.
???: And besides, when YOU achieve immortality, you'll NEVER be alone anymore...

???: They're here.

???: Be stern.

???: Her age is appropriate, she can bear children if necessary. Mousy blonde hair... I think this is... ask about her name!

???: Marzanna...!
???: This is her. This is... this is your wife. She will give you three children. Your legacy.

The Beginning of the End

???: ... Roirr.

???: Do not cry. It is a weakness. And you must never be weak.

???: My name is... Secundus. Come. Forget everything of what has just happened. You have a destiny...

???: No.

???: Roirr.

???: Go. Finish what you have started.

The End of the Beginning

???: Wha-
???: I am... We are...
???: Vaal...

???: Roirr...
???: Do not cry.

Just Chillin'

???: That was the plan.

The Fire Paradigm

Secundus: Whether you followed my threads, stumbled upon this place accidentally or... cheated, it doesn't matter.

Secundus: You are mine now.

  • Talk
    Secundus: Speak.
    • Where am I?
      Secundus: The Fire Paradigm of the Plane of Elemental Spirits. Before you ask, yes, you are here in a material form. I made this possible just for you. Or I didn't. Does it matter?

    • Who are you?
      Secundus: I'm Secundus. The Elemental Spirit of Duality. I will be your owner... or I will not. I will teach you many things. Or I won't. Fleshweaving being one of them. Or not.

    • Fire Paradigm
      Secundus: The ever changing, shall we say, region of the Plane of Elemental Spirits. A region specifically for spirits attuned to fire. It's not really a hard to grasp concept...

    • Fleshweaving
      Secundus: The pinnacle of all weaving techniques. Transform your own flesh, painlessly, into whatever you desire.
      Secundus: Become one with multiple elemental spirits and summon their essence on a whim. Become... what the First Weaver was. What the art of weaving was meant to be. Or don't.

    • Plane of Elemental Spirits
      Secundus: You would like to know how it was created, correct? Very well. Before Tanislav's Last Will was used, it was a mostly uninhabited plane of existence, one of many more like it.
      Secundus: The ritual, used for the first time, shook the very balance of the fabric of space, creating a link between the plane we call Lore...
      Secundus: ... and the one we now call the Plane of Elemental Spirits.
      Secundus: You would not comprehend how exactly Elemental Spirits were able to traverse into the plane most of them now call home, so I will not explain it. Or I will. It depends.

    • Who is this boy?
      Secundus: Piotr, my protégé. You will become like him. Or you will not. It doesn't matter. Even if I won't have you... I'll still have him.

      Secundus: My fair-haired boy.

    • Where is Char?
      Secundus: You mean the soulweaver boy who lived in that house?

      Secundus: He and his brother are fine. You don't have to worry about them...
  • Fleshweaver (Coming soon!)

  • Chaosweaver
    Secundus: I can see that someone has already trained you as a chaosweaver. You simply didn't have the proper equipment to look the part.
    Secundus: It would be my pleasure to provide you with the tools suited for one such as yourself.

    AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One

    ???: Greetings students. Welcome to your first day of class here at the presitigous Edelia School of Weaving.
    Dr. Secundus: I am Dr. Secundus, and I have what appears to be the... sincere displeasure of, perhaps, instructing you all in the basics of weaving this semester.
    Dr. Secundus: In this course, you may, or may not, learn the joys and perils of weaving. The satisfaction... and the dangers. It all depends on the amount of... effort you are willing to put into your studies. Or your natural talents.
    Dr. Secundus: Names. Let us begin with names, and roll call. I shall call a name. You shall briefly introduce yourself when called.
    Dr. Secundus: Alexander.

    Dr. Secundus: Jarmila.

    Dr. Secundus: Valen.

    Dr. Secundus: Fae.

    Dr. Secundus: Percivaal.

    Dr. Secundus: Tek.

    Dr. Secundus: ...

    Dr. Secundus: <Character>.

    Dr. Secundus: ...And finally, Tomix.
    Dr. Secundus: ...
    Dr. Secundus: ...Tomix?

    Dr. Secundus: Hm. Another... disappearance. Headmaster Danyel will not be pleased.
    Dr. Secundus: Very well. To begin, we must start with what weaving is... and is not.

    Dr. Secundus: At its core, weaving is creation. Creativity. The formation of-

    Dr. Secundus: ...The...matter is being handled by the appropriate authorities. There is nothing to be concerned about regarding... disappearances.

    Dr. Secundus: I understand your concern, but let us put this behind us, and proceed with the lesson, if we can.

    Dr. Secundus: Throughout history, there have and have not been multiple instances of the weaving of fiber, spontaneously emerging in different cultures.
    Dr. Secundus: Whether it be plant or animal fiber, there appears to be an instinctive, innate, desire to weave, and create...

    ???: <Character>!

    Dr. Secundus: Hmph! I expect better of new students than to slip into dreams in the middle of the first day of class, <Character>.

    Dr. Secundus: The condescension of your peers shall suffice as punishment for now, perhaps. But do not let me catch you sleeping in my classroom again!
    Dr. Secundus: I may, or may not, have a more... severe punishment for... repeat offenders.

    Dr. Secundus: If that could possibly be the last of the disruptions in today's class, I shall continue with what I was saying.
    Dr. Secundus: It is... traditional for classes of students here in Edelia to consist of eight students, divided into pairs. Such groupings are essential for learning how to trust and bond with new allies..
    Dr. Secundus: Each of such groupings are, traditionally, named after one of the school's guardian creatures. Wolf, Hawk, Raven, and Dragon.

    Dr. Secundus: I shall determine for you. If your pairing has problems, speak to Headmaster Danyel. I couldn't care less.

    Dr. Secundus: Let's begin with Wolf. That will be Valen... and Maz.

    Dr. Secundus: Raven shall have... Tek... and Vaal.

    Dr. Secundus: And... Alexander and Fae for Hawk.

    Dr. Secundus (briefly): Which leaves Dragon. <Character> and... Ah. That's right. Tomix refused to grace our classroom with his presence today.
    Dr. Secundus: Which leaves Dragon. <Character> and... Ah. That's right. Tomix refused to show up.
    Dr. Secundus: ...I may or may not have forgotten. Well, we can't have you on your own. That would defeat the... purpose of the exercise.
    Dr. Secundus: In that case, perhaps we can eschew tradition. You may choose a group to join, <Character>. Or... I can decide for you, if such a task is beyond your limited capabilities.

    If you click Dr. Secundus' face and select 'Yes':
      Dr. Secundus: Wolf.

      Dr. Secundus: Raven.

      Dr. Secundus: Hawk.
    Dr. Secundus: Good. Lecture finished. Groups assigned. Class dismissed. Do try to show up to class tomorrow... or not.

    AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three

    Dr. Secundus: Welcome, students.
    Dr. Secundus: I see no others of you have elected not to attend.

    Dr. Secundus: I am not aware of how that pertains to today's lesson in any capacity. Now, please-

    Dr. Secundus: ...

    Dr. Secundus: Enough. Enough! Your... persistence is most irksome. No, the faculty has made little to no progress in our own investigations. This... stressful matter is our top priority. After educating the students, of course.
    Dr. Secundus: I cannot say I know what has happened to those who are... no longer with us. Headmaster Danyel believes they may be recovered, but for his own reasons, he declines to share his findings with the rest of the staff.
    Dr. Secundus: As to whether a... tragedy of this sort has occurred in Edelia's storied past, I cannot say. In such an ancient and revered school, there are certainly legends, muddled by time and voice.
    Dr. Secundus: And what was your query, Fae?

    Dr. Secundus: If that's all...

    Dr. Secundus: Then listen well. Or don't.
    Dr. Secundus: Once upon a time, four animals lived happily together in the forest.
    Dr. Secundus: For many years they lived in peace and harmony, until one day, the ground began to shake.
    Dr. Secundus: With a mighty roar, their once tranquil forest was split in twain, swallowing all in the path of its cavernous maw.
    Dr. Secundus: The hawk, with its knowledge of magic and the land, tried to find out why their peace was broken.
    Dr. Secundus: The otherworldly raven, in its cleverness, sought a means to reverse the calamity.
    Dr. Secundus: The wolf, bold as ever, dove into the pit, to find the source of their woes.
    Dr. Secundus: But the dragon was never seen again.
    Dr. Secundus: ...The end. Let us return to your edification in the pursuit of weaving.

    Dr. Secundus: I did say that it only may relate to the issue at hand. I would ask that any other off-topic speculation please remain until after class. So, back to today's lesson.
    Dr. Secundus: Last class, we most likely left off on the subject of the evolution of weaving throughout the ages...

    AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

    Dr. Secundus: It may or may not be past your curfew, students. I must insist that you attempt to return to your rooms.

    Dr. Secundus: That is not relevant. Tek, Vaal, <Character>, return to your dorms immediately.
    Dr. Secundus: Although, if this is how you're spending your nights, it's quite obvious why you have a bad habit of falling asleep in class.

    Dr. Secundus: I'm afraid this is completely unacceptable. I will personally escort you back to your dorms, if I must.

    Dr. Secundus: What is this? How is this possible?

    Dr. Secundus: I am faculty of Edelia! You will be punished severely for this! Release me at once!

    Dr. Secundus: ...

    Dr. Secundus: Do you really want answers so badly? Enough of this charade then.

    Front View Appearance
    AdventureFriends 2 Appearance


    Secundus is an amalgamation of Roirr and Vaal in one elemental spirit; due to a bootstrap paradox, he also becomes the former's SoulAlly.

    Thanks to
  • Occavatra for front view appearance image.
  • Dove for AdventureFriends 2 image.

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