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From The Citadel with Love

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10/3/2015 17:23:29   

From The Citadel with Love

Location: Tkaanie -> The First Weaver -> From The Citadel with Love
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Father of Mine
Release Date: October 2nd, 2015

Objective: Roirr has reached the Capitol of the Shapeless Empire. Meanwhile, Danyel and Baltael are trying to catch him, before something terrible happens.
Objective completed: Vaal is no more.

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0



Memory Fragment IV

*Roirr gazes at two villages and a golden fortress that overlooks a beautiful clear lake.*

Vaal: Whoa...
Roirr: "Whoa" indeed.
Roirr: Even in my times, the Capitol was this grand. I have been here only once in my lifetime and I presume a lot has changed since then.
Vaal: What exactly has changed?
Roirr: The Mana Core piece. And on top of that the city looks bigger.
Vaal: Yes yes, you have been mentioning this mana core piece. Why? Why do you want it so?
Roirr: I am baffled that you did not figure it out yet.
Vaal: What, immortality? That's all?!
Roirr: Correct.
Vaal: Wha... you... thi...
Vaal: This is such a waste! We're talking about the mana core piece here!! Raw power! In such close proximity!
Roirr: I don't need more. I already have "more". What I need is... eternal life. Free of pain and suffering.
Roirr: I want live forever and observe as the world around me changes.
Roirr: I don't want to jump from body to body, always worrying when it runs out of juice and I have to jump again. I don't want to feel the withdrawal.
Vaal: .......
Roirr: I simply don't want to die! I despise the idea of my existence ending... of not being around anymore.
Roirr: You... wouldn't understand that.
Vaal: No, I don't. You want to know why?
Roirr: No, not really.
Vaal: Because you don't really... die. You live on as memories.
Vaal: As long as there are people who remember your name, who remember who YOU are... you are immortalized as an idea.
Vaal: The idea of you.
Vaal: Take me, for instance! I may be a dead, lingering emanation of my consciousness...
Vaal: ... but there are people in this world that remember my name and all my great deeds! I am going to live forever too!
Roirr: Are you hearing yourself? You keep on living as an idea, a memory?!
Roirr: No, you don't! You don't LIVE as a memory. The YOU is dead. Deep underground, or in water, whatever.
Roirr: The memories are not you... they are not sentient! That's not immortality.
Vaal: Well, we can agree to disagree.
Roirr: Just. Stop. Talking.
Vaal: So.
Vaal: How are you planning on getting inside? It's not like you can just barge in, looking like that.
Roirr: Looking like what?
Vaal: You are crumbling! Your skin is coming off.

*Roirr stares at Vaal. He believes Vaal pointed it out as if he isn't aware already. He looks ahead as an idea strikes him.*

Roirr: I may have a way.
Vaal: Hmm?
Roirr: Let's see if I can jump again...
Vaal: Don't you dare!

*Meanwhile, Baltael is in an area in a forest. Danyel runs at high speed and stops when he is in front of Baltael, on his knees.*

Baltael: Are you unwell?
Danyel: Phew... no... I'm... I'm just a little... little winded. That's... all. Huuuu.
Danyel: I haven't used soul... soulblink in a looooong time... I might need to wait a bit... before I use it again.

*Danyel takes a deep breath.*

Danyel: Alright. Which way now?
Baltael: Give me a moment.

*Baltael teleports to a light-violet canyon and holds onto a dark red soul string to indicate Roirr's direction.*

Baltael: About eighty feet in this direction. Then it curves. Left.
Baltael: I think... I think it goes by a road. It looked heavily used. By merchants, probably.
Danyel: Heavily used road, you say...
Danyel: We've passed the Visla river... and are heading toward the road...
Danyel: He's going to the Capitol!
Baltael: We are not going to catch him before he reaches it.
Danyel: He's your father. Do you think he'll be reckless enough to barge in and start eating people?
Baltael: I don't know him that well anymore.
Baltael: But he is not hot blooded. He's patient.
Baltael: He might hide and wait. That would give us time to track him down.
Danyel: Our first priority should be informing the Magesterium about Roirr.
Baltael: No. They'd send the Shapeless to roam the city in order to find him.
Baltael: That would cause mass panic and could even create an opportunity for my father. We have to lay low.
Baltael: We are just assuming he's there to feast. He might have different plans.
Danyel: Such as?
Baltael: Ruling the entire Shapeless Empire? Killing the Magesterium? Seizing control over the Mana Core piece?
Danyel: It can't be the Mana Core piece. He wouldn't be that stupid. Multiple magesters have to tap it in order to use a fraction of its power.
Danyel: One man can't use it.
Baltael: He... actually could harness the Mana Core.
Baltael: He is not just a "one man" anymore.
Danyel: He is not just a "one man" anymore?
Danyel: He is not just a "one man" anymore!!!
Danyel: That's it, Baltael!
Danyel: I have an idea! Let's go!

*Fades to black. Meanwhile, at some point in the deep past, Roirr's soul ally communicates with him in a volcanic region.*

Roirr: I don't understand, why can't you just tell me!?
???: That would be cheating.
Roirr: I have looked and waited for so many years already! I'm still not even close to finding out how to achieve immortality!
Roirr: And you've said you'd help me!
???: You will find the answer in time. Believe me.
Roirr: I do believe you, Secundus. You see the future. I just... I don't want to be old and grumpy when I gain eternal life.
Roirr: That would be so cumbersome.
???: Hah.
???: So, are you done with your little outburst? Can we continue?
Roirr: Can it wait just a little? I... it has been some time since I've played with my kids. Maybe...
???: No. You still have so much to learn. You've made the children only as your legacy, just as I've told you. You don't really need to raise them.
???: You don't need to bother yourself with such distractions. Leave the children to their mother, that's what she's for, isn't she?
???: Now... cut the tip of your thumb, repeat after me and copy my hand movements.

*Fades to black. Meanwhile, in present, Roirr puts on sunlike, white robes to mask his appearance.*

Roirr: I forgot how ridiculous the Magesterium headgear looked like...

*Roirr looks up before gazing back at the hood.*

Roirr: I've never been a woman. This is more constraining than I've thought...
Roirr: Nevertheless, now I have a way into the Citadel.
Roirr: And apparently this woman can do plasma magick.
Roirr: It would seem that a close proximity to the Mana Core piece allows the magesters to develop... unique magicks. Interesting.
Roirr: Also...
Roirr: I'm alone! Oh, the silence, how I've missed you.

*Cuts to black*

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Marzanna

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