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2/7/2016 0:01:56   
Advocator of Wills


Location: Tkaanie -> The First Weaver -> Marzanna
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of From The Citadel with Love
Release Date: February 6th, 2016

Objective: Roirr is in the capitol, but Danyel and Baltael are on his trail!
Objective completed: Roirr is held up at the moment, will Danyel reach him in time?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(6) Borowik
(4) Iele
(4) Lakanica
(2) Raroog
(7) Skrzak

??? (Shapeless)

Memory Fragment V

*Loads Danyel upon starting the quest.*

*Roirr, in his Magester body, is standing in an inner sanctum within the Capitol.*

Roirr: Ugh...
Roirr: Lost again.
Roirr: Who builds a large city with no main road to the centermost building? It's like a labyrinth...
Roirr: How am I supposed to get into the Seym building...
???: Such a strapping young lady shouldn't wander the streets by herself! Would you like a guide?

*Roirr looks behind and then turns around*

Roirr: Ah, certainly! If you could poin-

*The screen turns negative blue and Roirr becomes expressive with disgust at who he's looking at*

Roirr: No...
Vaal: Oh, if only you could see your expression right now!
Roirr: HOW!? I'm no longer in your body! How can you still exist!?
Vaal: I have absolutely no idea.
Vaal: But I'm not complaining.
Roirr: ...
Vaal: Looks like you're stuck with me, buddy, whether you like it or not.
Roirr (thinking): Is he... bound to me, somehow?
Vaal: Roirr, I can hear your thoughts, remember?
Roirr: Ugh...
Vaal: So, where were we?
Vaal: Ah, you wanted to get to the main building. Seym, was it? Give me a minute.

*Vaal floats up into another level of the building, as Roirr looks up*

Roirr: ...
Vaal: Straight, left, left, straight, right, straight, right, left.
Roirr: Why... are you helping me all of a sudden?
Vaal: Listen, I've realized that by annoying you I was getting nowhere, so I might as well put that all behind and focus on the positives.
Vaal: For the foreseeable future we will be together, so there's no point in fighting.
Roirr: ...
Roirr: I...
Roirr: We...
Roirr: Lead the way then.

*The scene fades to Roirr slumping on a chair as he communes with his soul ally, in his adolescence*

Roirr: This will be the fourth girl now. You keep saying "she's not the one" over and over.
???: Because I will know which one it will be when I see her.
Roirr: Why do I even need a wife, Secundus? I'm perfectly fine on my own! Besides, isn't immortality a path one must travel alone?
???: Roirr, you don't need a WIFE, you need a woman who is able to give you children. You will not care about these children... but they will be important in the future.
???: And besides, when YOU achieve immortality, you'll NEVER be alone anymore...
Roirr: Huh?
???: They're here.
Peasant: My Lord, I'm so late, I'm terribly horribly sorry! My-
???: Be stern.
Roirr: Quiet. Have you brought your daughter?
Peasant: Yes, yes, certainly! Here she is!

*The peasant's daughter looks down on the concrete floor, and Roirr stares briefly*

???: Her age is appropriate, she can bear children if necessary. Mousy blonde hair... I think this is... ask about her name!
Roirr: What is her name, peasant?
Peasant: Marzanna, my Lord.

*Roirr's soul ally is surprised at hearing the name*

???: Marzanna...!
???: This is her. This is... your wife. She will give you three children. Your legacy.
Roirr: What was that you wanted, again?
Peasant: Livestock. Our cows died because of the plague that the war is spreading. My wife and I are barely holding on... we have seven mouths to feed!
Peasant: Please, my Lord! Please help us!
Roirr: I am taking her then. You will get two cows, one sheep and because I'm feeling generous... three bags of grain.
Peasant: My Lord! May the Shapeless bless you, oh my Lord... You are saving our lives! Oh thank you, tha-
Roirr: Yes, you can go now. Report to the burgh on the morrow.

*The peasant leaves, as Roirr and Marzanna are at eye contact with each other*

Roirr: Now, come... Marzanna.
Roirr: We need to plan the wedding...

*A few teardrops form around Marzanna's eye*

Marzanna: .........

*The scene then fades to Danyel and Baltael, on a forest path on the way to the Capitol.*

Danyel: This is the main road. We're almost there!
Baltael: Yes, we are on the right track. He went through here. But...
Danyel: Hmm?

*Baltael teleports to a light-violet canyon and uses dark red soul string to indicate Roirr's spiritual residue*

Baltael: His spiritual residue... it's somehow attracting monsters to the main road.
Baltael: This isn't good, Danyel. We have to take care of that first.
Danyel: Certainly. It's on the way, anyway.

Fight the monsters on the path, until you reach the entrance of the Capitol to trigger another cutscene. There is a potion box in the quest to refill your potions at any point.

*The scene shows the Mana Core piece in the middle of the Seym, Roirr in his Magester body looks up at it*

Roirr: Look at it!
Vaal: Why... is it doing that?
Roirr: Two powerful forces fighting for dominance, even in a small piece ripped from the source.
Vaal: So.
Vaal: What now? You just plan to... gulp it down? With all the Magesterium watching?
Roirr: Don't be silly Vaal!

*The screen zooms in to show Roirr's smile*

Roirr: I'll kill them all first...

*The scene then fades to show Danyel and Baltael standing inside the entrance of the Capitol*

Danyel: There were no guards on the bridge... disturbing. He's definitely been here already.
Baltael: What's the plan now? Splitting up?
Danyel: This would be the case if we didn't know where he's heading, yes.
Danyel: But as we've discussed, you're pretty much sure he's here for the Mana Core piece.
Baltael: Yes.
Danyel: Then we go to the Seym.

*The scene fades back to Roirr in the Seym, he is panting hard and covered in scratches*

Roirr: Phew! I've broken a sweat... this body isn't that powerful after all. I would've thought plasma magick would at least be more efficient.
Vaal: Well, that's what you get for abandoning MY body!
Roirr: I miss it already...
Vaal: You're hurt, you know?
Roirr: Am I?
Vaal: Yes, you're missing an arm.

*Roirr lifts the stump of his left arm, previously hidden by his body*

Roirr: Oh... I got so caught up in the moment I didn't realize.
Roirr: Doesn't matter, I won't need this body any longer...
Roirr: I am about to transcend mortality...
???: This. One. Will. Not. Allow. It.
Roirr: Ah. I was afraid it wasn't going to be that simple.
Vaal: What the heck is THAT!?
Roirr: This, Vaal, is the Shapeless...

*Screen turns black*

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Nitewolf for dialogue and objective completion description.

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