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Beginning of the End, The

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3/26/2016 22:22:34   

The Beginning of the End

Location: Tkaanie -> The First Weaver -> The Beginning of the End
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Marzanna
Release Date: March 26th, 2016

Objective: Danyel has caught up to Roirr, an epic showdown is at hand.
Objective completed: The dad was sweet cane... The mom gingerbread...

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Roirr - Boss

??? (Shapeless)

Memory Fragment VI

*Loads Danyel upon starting the quest.*

*A black-haired child, wrapped in a blanket, is by himself in a dark place with only a few rays of sunlight to illuminate his spot. The lost child is none other than Roirr in a distant past.*

Roirr: Mama?
Roirr: P- papa?
Roirr: .........

*He begins to shed tears, knowing there is nothing he can do to save himself from his troubled situation.*

???: ... Roirr.

Roirr: Pap-?

*He turns around and gets a glimpse of his future soul ally, Secundus, on an opposite end. He is illuminated by a red ray of light.*

???: Do not cry. It is a weakness. And you must never be weak.
Roirr: ... Are you an angel?
???: My name is... Secundus. Come. Forget everything of what just happened. You have a destiny...

*Roirr comes into the red light with Secundus. Fades to black and back in into the Shapeless's chamber where Roirr and Vaal look at the mysterious being in astonishment. The being is a colossal two-legged monster with faces and mouths wide open in each direction.

Vaal: The... Shapeless?
Roirr: Indeed.
Vaal: Why is it called that? It clearly has a shape.
Roirr: I don't really know. It was created by the Magesterium a long, long time ago. At the dawn of the very empire. The Shapeless Empire.
Roirr: I supposed they were very bad at names.
Vaal: But what IS it? What does it do?
Roirr: Now that I have possessed this Magesterium member, I can say that... in my personal opinion, it's a scapegoat.
Roirr: Its purpose was to, how should I say this... oversee. It was supposed to be a superior being that the populace worship. An artificial god-emperor.
Roirr: In truth, it doesn't really lead anything, but it does select the members of the Magesterium.
Roirr: Once one member perishes, a replacement is selected instead.
Roirr: It is released once a year to roam the lands, to seek out the unlucky folk who cannot tap into any magic source and... eats them. A feast.
Vaal: A harvest, more like.
Roirr: It does not hold power over the Magesterium, but it is consulted with ideas that help... shape the empire.
Roirr: It isn't an emperor, but it is. The entire empire belongs to it, but it doesn't.
Roirr: And so if the Magesterium makes a bad decision that reflects poorly on the empire, the Shapeless is blamed...
Roirr: ... although it is without a blame.
Roirr: The Shapeless is the puppet and the Magesterium pulls the strings.
Vaal: You... might have killed every member of the Magesterium, you know?
Roirr: I suppose "oops" is in order.
Vaal: From what I've just gathered... you might have just liberated the people.
Roirr: As I've said, "oops".
Roirr: Let's not dwell on this, shall we? I'm getting positively hungry.
Vaal: How do you plan on killing this thing? How powerful is it exactly?
Roirr: Well, right now I'm at a disadvantage I'm afraid. I "left" my fleshweaving in my old body. Which doesn't exist anymore.
Roirr: But... I don't think it can fight, not really...
Roirr: It just swallows peo-
Roirr: ple...
Roirr: Oh!
Vaal: "Oh" what?
Roirr: This... is simply marvelous!
Vaal: I'll just wait until... whatever you're doing passes and then I'll ask you again...
Roirr: It... the Shapeless... it swallows people! It eats them! And they appear here, in this chamber!

*Vaal rolls his eyes.*

Vaal: Listen, I'm not really following your train of thought (and this is saying something, since I can hear your thoughts), care to elaborate?
Roirr: I can command it, Vaal. I am the last member of the Magesterium. I AM the Magesterium!
Vaal: Soooo does that mean we don't have to fight it?
Roirr: Are you... what ar-
Roirr: Honestly, I need to get a doublet with words "I'm with cretin" embroidered on the back! No, we don't have to fight it!!
Roirr: I can command it to leave me alone, go roam the city, eat people and they'll appear here. And I can devour their souls!
Vaal: That's a really strange custom, this "harvest".
Roirr: Ugh... on the day of this so-called "harvest", the Shapeless would transport non-magical people here...
Roirr: ... so that the Magesterium could inject them with the raw mana and make them into walking nexuses.
Roirr: For the high ranked members of this society so they could tap into a raw source of mana while they are away from the Capitol.
Roirr: Of course after a while these walking, living nexuses would be drained so they always needed more.
Roirr: Huh... now that I've said it out loud, it sounds very disturbing.
Vaal: Oh yes, and you are such an angel yourself.
Roirr: Silence now.

*Roirr prepares to command the Shapeless.*

Roirr: Shapeless. I am a Magesterium member, am I not?
???: Indeed.
Roirr: Outstanding. You will listen to me, am I correct?
???: Indeed.
Roirr: Fantastic. Go forth and lay waste!

*The Shapeless does nothing, presumably because it doesn't understand the command. Roirr waits a few seconds before he gets annoyed.*

Roirr: *sigh*
Roirr: I, the Magesterium member whose name is... Bolemira, command you to venture into the streets of the Capitol and begin the harvest...
???: As. You. Wish. Magester. Bolemira.

*The Shapeless exits the chamber to honor the command.*

Roirr: Well, that's convenient.
Vaal: So... are you going to eat the piece now or...?
Roirr: Oh, I don't think there is any rush anymore. I can have the small aperitif before the main dish.

*Meanwhile, ironically, Danyel himself is rushing through the streets of the Capitol, sprinting to get to the chamber alongside Baltael who is next to him.*

Danyel: Almost there!
Baltael: Can we talk about this?
Danyel: What do you mean?
Baltael: How are you planning to defeat my father?
Danyel: He is not just one man anymore.
Baltael: Yes, I said this some time ago. And you keep repeating it. Why does it matter?
Danyel: It's as you've brought it up; he isn't just one man anymore.
Danyel: He has consumed so many lives during his entire lifespan that he is no longer one being. And I'm planning to use that, as a last resort.
Baltael: You don't mean-
Danyel: Clearly.
Baltael: But that's forbidden. You are planning on using a forbidden magic. Are you aware of what this particular spell will do to you?
Danyel: That's why I said it's a last resort.
Baltael: If it comes to that, and it fails...
Danyel: It will not fail.
Baltael: Are you really willing t-
Danyel: Yes, Baltael! Whatever it takes!
Danyel: If he devours the Mana Core piece and escapes, we could have another "sun disappearing" scenario and it will be on me.
Danyel: On us.
Danyel: If I can't defeat him by any conventional means, I AM using this forbidden spell.
Baltael: ........

*They briefly stop when they hear a type of serious commotion nearby.*

Danyel: What was that?!
Baltael: I'll investigate.

*He floats above the city while Danyel watches him. He doesn't wait long for Baltael has figured out what is happening already.*

Baltael: It's the Shapeless. It's roaming the city!
Danyel: Why was it unleashed?!
Baltael: It doesn't matter, we need to choose. The Shapeless or my father.
Danyel: ......

*Obviously, he chooses to face Roirr with no second thoughts. Meanwhile, Roirr feels that he is prepared to taste the piece of the Mana Core.*

Roirr: Mmmm...
Roirr: I think that's enough. I am ready!
Vaal: Will it hurt?
Roirr: Well, it depends on how I want to assimilate it. I can try... possessing it. I can leave this human shell and treat the piece as a vessel.
Roirr: but I am not entirely sure if this would work.
Vaal: or?
Roirr: Or I could use this body and inject the entire piece into it. My soul might handle that, but not the body.
Vaal: I say go for the latter.
Roirr: Why? Because you're afraid you might disappear if I change bodies again?
Vaal: You're so brassy. Is this the woman in you talking?
Roirr: Silence.
Roirr: Now then, if I may-

*Roirr reaches to touch the piece of the mana core, but Danyel's arrival causes him to stop at once.*

Danyel: You may not!

*Upon their arrival, Roirr is noticeably startled by Danyel's and Baltael's presences.*

Roirr: Umm... I... must admit, that caught me by surprise. Who are you?
Danyel: Baltael, hold her- him!

*Baltael rushes toward Roirr quickly, further surprising the latter.*

Roirr: Balt-
Roirr: Oh no, you don't!

*Roirr half-kneels toward the floor and fires a lime green beam at Baltael, stunning him.*

Baltael: Huh? I can't-
Roirr: Baltael, huh? I think I know you...
Baltael: You... you think? You are not sure if you know your own son? How much of you is even left in there?

*Roirr is stunned himself by a flow of memories emerging inside of him. Reigniting a small, happier side of him, Roirr touches Baltael's cheek.*

Roirr: Baltael, my son! How could I forget!
Roirr: Anyway-

*He touches the mana core piece with his host's wounded arm, much to Vaal's and Danyel's shock. The piece fuses with the skin, removing human traces of the host's body to create a mana-like humanoid.*

???: Haaaaaa...
???: This... is... unimaginable! I feel... everything! I can see sounds!
Baltael: Danyel?!
???: What are you doing, human?
Danyel: I am here to stop you!
???: I have just become a God. Why would you throw your life away like this?
Baltael: What is-
Danyel: Your father just went crazy, that's what.
???: So... many... colors...
Baltael: Danyel-
Danyel: ......

  • Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    *Danyel attempts to take down the mana-fused Roirr regardless of the consequences that would befall, but he had failed to stop him.*

    Danyel: Ungh! *pant* You good?
    Baltael: Yes, his spell broke... I don't- I don't think we can do it.
    Danyel: Y-yes *pant* Not like this.
    ???: I have seen the throne of the Gods... and it was empty...
    Danyel: Ready?
    Baltael: Dan, don't-
    Danyel: I don't have anything left to live for!!! READY!?

    *Reluctantly, Baltael nods his head and stabs Danyel's chest with his arms, removing the soul and shattering it. The spell results in Roirr being encased in several runic circles. The energy from the Mana Core piece is expelled from Roirr's host body. The expulsion of energy flows out of the citadel rapidly, just enough for the village below to take notice. Danyel's hair turns white and the pupils on his eyes disappear. The lack of energy destroys the host body, reducing Roirr to a black skeleton with a beating red soul.*

    Baltael: Danyel... ?

    *Danyel is now lifeless and unable to respond. Baltael begins to grieve.*

    Baltael: Dan... It is done... We have won-

    *Roirr gets up on his knees, suffering from the lack of a proper body.*

    Roirr: Aaaaaaaaaarghhh!
    Baltael: W... what?!
    Vaal: Sweet Avatars, that was something else! Wooo...
    Baltael: How can you still be alive?! You should have no soul!!!
    Roirr: Aaaaaaaiiieeeee!!!
    Vaal: Stop screaming!
    Roirr: I aaaaam dyyyyiiiing!!!
    Vaal: We can't have that! Aren't you glad now that I stuck around? I think I've saved you. But now run!
    Roirr: Hhhhnnnggggg!
    Baltael: I WON'T let you get away!!! Just die!!!

    *Suddenly, Secundus snuck up on Baltael and stabbed him with his fist.*

    ???: No.
    Baltael: We...
    Baltael: ... failed.

    *Baltael's body disintegrates and he disappears.*

    Roirr: Hhhhhhh.... Hhhhhhh....
    ???: Roirr.
    Roirr: Yoooou... Yoou are baaack...

    *Secundus summons a hole in the floor, leading to a dark red pit below Roirr's skeleton.*

    ???: Go. Finish what you have started.

    *Roirr's skeleton falls through the hole immediately. Secundus remains in the empty chamber and the screen fades to black.*

  • Complete Quest


    You are not supposed to win the fight against Roirr.

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