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8/2/2013 20:09:20   
Advocator of Wills


Location: To Edelia, The Headmaster, Tomix's Saga Epilogue, Father of Mine, From The Citadel with Love, Marzanna, The Beginning of the End, My Spot, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

Quests given

Shops owned

To Edelia

Danyel: Yes?

Danyel: I'm sorry, but headmaster Zellaraneish passed away weeks ago. I'm the current headmaster.

Danyel: Firstly, I don't know who you are.
Danyel: Secondly, I'm not giving you ANYTHING.
Danyel: Thirdly, leave or I will call the guards.

Danyel: Guards!!!

Danyel: Tomix? What...what are you doing here?

Danyel: I'm the headmaster now, Zellaraneish is dead.

Danyel: Envy killed him.

Danyel: You should be. None of this would have happened if it wasn't for you.

Danyel: He's my younger brother.

Danyel: I guess this "hero" is with you? What do you want Tommy?

Danyel: Oh. Oooh. So <Character> wasn't joking? You really are building a ship? To venture into the void? Why would you do that?

Danyel: How many are left?

Danyel: Hmm...
Danyel: How many soulweavers would you need?

Danyel: Alright...but I will need something from you.

Danyel: No, I'm certainly not. You are my brother, but as a headmaster, I can't give you my students willy-nilly!

Danyel: Oh, just a small errand, that's all.

The Headmaster

Danyel: I'm not sure what your problem is? I just said I will give you my most competent students to help you build the ship.

Danyel: Show some respect, or I will change my decision!

Danyel: And I can't believe you're still alive, after all your screw ups!

Danyel: You can expect a few of my best soulweavers, and I'm also giving you my best teacher. They'll weave sails.

Danyel: <Character>...
Danyel: Please take care of my brother.
Danyel: Promise me you will take care of him.

Danyel: Thank you.

Tomix's Saga Epilogue

Danyel: ... Does anyone have something to add?

Danyel: You didn't keep your promise.

Father of Mine

Danyel: *sigh*

Danyel: Shapeless...
Danyel: Ull... Ull is in that direction!

Danyel: Baltael?

Danyel: What... what a coincidence! I have just been reading about this!
Danyel: Here, "The Study of Forbidden Magics".
Danyel: Ativa... Bo... C...-
Danyel: R... S... T... ah, here! Tanislav's Last Will.

Danyel: ... who would do such a thing?

Danyel: What?

Danyel: Hold on, how can it be your father? Isn't he... dead?

Danyel: Even so, it has been a very long time since your or your father was alive.

Danyel: Alright, let's assume your father is still alive...
Danyel: How can you be sure it was him who just now cast the spell?

Danyel: ................
Danyel: We need to go. We need to investigate. And most importantly, we need to make sure everyone is alright.

Danyel: Everyone... is gone.

Danyel: Lead the way.

From The Citadel with Love

Danyel: Phew... no... I'm... I'm just a little... little winded. That's... all. Huuuu.
Danyel: I haven't used soul... soulblink in a looooong time... I might need to wait a bit... before I use it again.
Danyel: Alright. Which way now?

Danyel: Heavily used road, you say...
Danyel: We've passed the Visla river... and are heading toward the road...
Danyel: He's going to the Capitol!

Danyel: He's your father. Do you think he'll be reckless enough to barge in and start eating people?

Danyel: Our first priority should be informing the Magesterium about Roirr.

Danyel: Such as?

Danyel: It can't be the Mana Core piece. He wouldn't be that stupid. Multiple magesters have to tap it in order to use a fraction of its power.
Danyel: One man can't use it.

Danyel: He is not just a "one man" anymore?
Danyel: He is not just a "one man" anymore!!!
Danyel: That's it, Baltael!
Danyel: I have an idea! Let's go!


Danyel: This is the main road. We're almost there!

Danyel: Hmm?

Danyel: Certainly. It's on the way, anyway.

Danyel: There were no guards on the bridge... disturbing. He's definitely been here already.

Danyel: This would be the case if we didn't know where he's heading, yes.
Danyel: But as we've discussed, you're pretty much sure he's here for the Mana Core piece.

Danyel: Then we go to the Seym.

The Beginning of the End

Danyel: Almost there!

Danyel: What do you mean?

Danyel: He is not just one man anymore.

Danyel: It's as you've brought it up; he isn't just one man anymore.
Danyel: He has consumed so many lives during his entire lifespan that he is no longer one being. And I'm planning to use that, as a last resort.

Danyel: Clearly.

Danyel: That's why I said it's a last resort.

Danyel: It will not fail.

Danyel: Yes, Baltael! Whatever it takes!
Danyel: If he devours the Mana Core piece and escapes, we could have another "sun disappearing" scenario and it will be on me.
Danyel: On us.
Danyel: If I can't defeat him by any conventional means, I AM using this forbidden spell.

Danyel: What was that?!

Danyel: Why was it unleashed?!

Danyel: ......

Danyel: You may not!

Danyel: Baltael, hold her- him!

Danyel: I am here to stop you!

Danyel: Your father just went crazy, that's what.

Danyel: ......

Danyel: Ungh! *pant* You good?

Danyel: Y-yes *pant* Not like this.

Danyel: Ready?

Danyel: I don't have anything left to live for!!! READY!?

My Spot

Danyel: —and I sincerely hope you all are ready for your finals this week!
Danyel: I'd like to remind you that not only will Baltael and I be judging you, but also Oyva and her soulsmith!
Danyel: I wanted to try something new, the stakes are high this year, so... don't disappoint me, students!
Danyel: Bah, who am I kidding? You all will do just fine!
Danyel: I am so proud of your accomp—

Danyel: Yes? I'm just finishing here.

Danyel: Very well, thank you.
Danyel: Good luck, students! Who knows, I might call some of you "Master Soulweavers" soon!
Danyel: Please excuse me for making you wait, I was jus—
Danyel: Oh...

Danyel: I assume you need something from me?

Danyel: <Character>, I...
Danyel: I am past blaming you.
Danyel: There is no need for... whatever this is.
Danyel: If you have a request, I'll fulfill it.

Danyel: Hm. You are an... elf, correct?

Danyel: Well, I have never seen one with my own eyes, until now... if that's what you're asking. I've mostly seen illustrations of your people.
Danyel: If I could offer some words of caution, do not linger in this land, lest the Magesterium believe you to be a spy from Volkenraand.
Danyel: Anyhow, sorry for the small talk, you're obviously here for a reason.

Danyel: Certainly.

Danyel: Prepared in advance... I don't need them, but I appreciate the effort. Soulwoven clothes are always a perfect fit.
Danyel: Now, let me take a closer look at you...
Danyel: Hmm.
Danyel: Yes, I believe I have some designs in mind that will be adequate.
Danyel: Weaving will take time, and I prefer to work alone, without anyone looking over my shoulder.
Danyel: You may go.
Danyel: Tell me where the clothes should be delivered and I will make sure you get them.
Danyel: I shall have my SoulAlly deliver them. As much as I'd like to visit again... I am kept quite busy here in Edelia.

Danyel: Likewise...

Hero's Heart Day (Chapter 13)

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two

Headmaster Danyel: Clearly not. I apologize for my lateness. I am Headmaster Danyel and I shall be your instructor for this class, starting today.

Headmaster Danyel: Is there an echo in this room? No, Professor Isiri is... indisposed. As headmaster, it is my duty to fill in the gaps where needed.

Headmaster Danyel: Yes. I'm sorry, you all were accepted as... students here, yes? To Edelia? Prestigious School of Weaving?

Headmaster Danyel: Oh. I... see.
Headmaster Danyel: You're that class. I suppose with all the... rumors flying about, it is only expected that there would be some anxieties.
Headmaster Danyel: Dr. Secundus has informed me of your situation. As headmaster, I want to reassure you that we're doing all in our power to prevent any more disappearances. You can trust us to keep you safe.

Headmaster Danyel: *sigh* Yes. It's not only the students that have been affected. Professor Isiri went missing sometime this morning.

Headmaster Danyel: You must not let these tragedies distract from your studies. Your time here at Edelia is shorter than you think, and I would hate to have it be wasted on matters outside of your concern.
Headmaster Danyel: If we can all settle down, please, turn to page 6 of "Applied Weaving for Beginners: Threads to Follow".

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four

Headmaster Danyel: I... I apologize for my lateness, students. As you are no doubt aware, several other students went missing this morning.

Headmaster Danyel: Unfortunately, that appears to be the case. Dr. Secundus and I have been doing all we can to try and find the source of the disappearances, but...
Headmaster Danyel: Unfortunately, with Professor Isiri's disappearance, and the escalation of the incidents, we're left with no choice.

Headmaster Danyel: ...Edelia, School of Weaving will have to shut down.

Headmaster Danyel: Classes... are canceled. You are to return to your dorms and remain there, for your own safety, until we can establish a suitable transportation method to send you all home.

Headmaster Danyel: ...I would ask you to consider your own safety first. But I cannot stop you. We don't have the resources to track every student all the time.

Headmaster Danyel: I must stress, this is not something for first year students, or any year, for that matter, to be involved with. But yes, if the threat is dealt with, you will be free to attend classes.
Headmaster Danyel: I apologize, but I must be going. Dr. Secundus is expecting me for another experiment.

Headmaster Danyel: Apologies for the lateness, students. As you are no doubt aware, several other students went missing this morning.

Headmaster Danyel: The... source of the disappearances leaves behind some telltale signs. Beyond that I am not at liberty to say, for your own safety.

Headmaster Danyel: Unfortunately, with this latest escalation of disappearances, we have no choice but to cancel classes.

Headmaster Danyel: If Dr. Secundus and I cannot stop the source of the disappearances, Edelia will have to be shut down.

Headmaster Danyel: You? You are going to head back to your dorms, and wait for us to either sort out safe transportation for sending you home, or solve the problem.

Headmaster Danyel: It's for your own safety. When we have resolved the issue one way or the other, you will be informed.
Headmaster Danyel: Now please, excuse me. I must be off. I have to meet with Dr. Secundus regarding the latest developments.

Headmaster Danyel: Greetings, students. I apologize for the lateness. There have been... new developments in the cases of the disappearances that are keeping me occupied.

Headmaster Danyel: If you were expecting class, I'm afraid I must disappoint you. As you have noticed, Valen and Mazurek went missing this morning..

Headmaster Danyel: Not just class. If we cannot provide a safe environment for our students, Edelia will have no choice but to close.

Headmaster Danyel: That is our hope. But that is for the faculty to worry about. It's far too dangerous for students to be wandering around after this latest escalation.

Headmaster Danyel: Please head back to your dorms for now. We will notify you when either the situation has been resolved, or we have established a way to safely send you all home.

Headmaster Danyel: You will be compensated, of course. Now, if you will excuse me, I must meet with Dr. Secundus about the latest developments...

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

Headmaster Danyel: I'm certain I told you to return to your dorms. What are you doing here?

Headmaster Danyel: Oh, I didn't see you there. Is something wrong, Fae?

Headmaster Danyel: That business was concluded. I thought I'd visit the library to see if there was anything I'd missed. It appears your group had the same thoughts. Rather exemplary.

Headmaster Danyel: What an interesting direction to pursue your investigation.

Headmaster Danyel: I can teach you more about Sk'aar, if you wish.

Headmaster Danyel: You will be educated. Now listen closely...

Other information
  • Danyel previously appeared in the retired quest My Spot; any retired content has been archived on its respective entry.

    Danyel (Shaved/Without Cloak)
    Danyel (Shaved/With Cloak)
    Danyel (in Soulweaver Armor)
    Danyel (Full View, Soulweaver)
    Danyel (Lifeless)
    AdventureFriends 2 Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Dove for full view and AdventureFriends 2 images.
  • Occavatra for shaved/with cloak image.

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