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Location: To Edelia, The Headmaster, Tomix's Saga Epilogue, Father of Mine, From The Citadel with Love, Marzanna, The Beginning of the End, My Spot

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To Edelia

Danyel: Yes?

Danyel: I'm sorry, but headmaster Zellaraneish passed away weeks ago. I'm the current headmaster.

Danyel: Firstly, I don't know who you are.
Danyel: Secondly, I'm not giving you ANYTHING.
Danyel: Thirdly, leave or I will call the guards.

Danyel: Guards!!!

Danyel: Tomix? What...what are you doing here?

Danyel: I'm the headmaster now, Zellaraneish is dead.

Danyel: Envy killed him.

Danyel: You should be. None of this would have happened if it wasn't for you.

Danyel: He's my younger brother.

Danyel: I guess this "hero" is with you? What do you want Tommy?

Danyel: Oh. Oooh. So <Character> wasn't joking? You really are building a ship? To venture into the void? Why would you do that?

Danyel: How many are left?

Danyel: Hmm...
Danyel: How many soulweavers would you need?

Danyel: Alright...but I will need something from you.

Danyel: No, I'm certainly not. You are my brother, but as a headmaster, I can't give you my students willy-nilly!

Danyel: Oh, just a small errand, that's all.

The Headmaster

Danyel: I'm not sure what your problem is? I just said I will give you my most competent students to help you build the ship.

Danyel: Show some respect, or I will change my decision!

Danyel: And I can't believe you're still alive, after all your screw ups!

Danyel: You can expect a few of my best soulweavers, and I'm also giving you my best teacher. They'll weave sails.

Danyel: <Character>...
Danyel: Please take care of my brother.
Danyel: Promise me you will take care of him.

Danyel: Thank you.

Tomix's Saga Epilogue

Danyel: ... Does anyone have something to add?

Danyel: You didn't keep your promise.

Father of Mine

Danyel: *sigh*

Danyel: Shapeless...
Danyel: Ull... Ull is in that direction!

Danyel: Baltael?

Danyel: What... what a coincidence! I have just been reading about this!
Danyel: Here, "The Study of Forbidden Magics".
Danyel: Ativa... Bo... C...-
Danyel: R... S... T... ah, here! Tanislav's Last Will.

Danyel: ... who would do such a thing?

Danyel: What?

Danyel: Hold on, how can it be your father? Isn't he... dead?

Danyel: Even so, it has been a very long time since your or your father was alive.

Danyel: Alright, let's assume your father is still alive...
Danyel: How can you be sure it was him who just now cast the spell?

Danyel: ................
Danyel: We need to go. We need to investigate. And most importantly, we need to make sure everyone is alright.

Danyel: Everyone... is gone.

Danyel: Lead the way.

From The Citadel with Love

Danyel: Phew... no... I'm... I'm just a little... little winded. That's... all. Huuuu.
Danyel: I haven't used soul... soulblink in a looooong time... I might need to wait a bit... before I use it again.
Danyel: Alright. Which way now?

Danyel: Heavily used road, you say...
Danyel: We've passed the Visla river... and are heading toward the road...
Danyel: He's going to the Capitol!

Danyel: He's your father. Do you think he'll be reckless enough to barge in and start eating people?

Danyel: Our first priority should be informing the Magesterium about Roirr.

Danyel: Such as?

Danyel: It can't be the Mana Core piece. He wouldn't be that stupid. Multiple magesters have to tap it in order to use a fraction of its power.
Danyel: One man can't use it.

Danyel: He is not just a "one man" anymore?
Danyel: He is not just a "one man" anymore!!!
Danyel: That's it, Baltael!
Danyel: I have an idea! Let's go!


Danyel: This is the main road. We're almost there!

Danyel: Hmm?

Danyel: Certainly. It's on the way, anyway.

Danyel: There were no guards on the bridge... disturbing. He's definitely been here already.

Danyel: This would be the case if we didn't know where he's heading, yes.
Danyel: But as we've discussed, you're pretty much sure he's here for the Mana Core piece.

Danyel: Then we go to the Seym.

The Beginning of the End

Danyel: Almost there!

Danyel: What do you mean?

Danyel: He is not just one man anymore.

Danyel: It's as you've brought it up; he isn't just one man anymore.
Danyel: He has consumed so many lives during his entire lifespan that he is no longer one being. And I'm planning to use that, as a last resort.

Danyel: Clearly.

Danyel: That's why I said it's a last resort.

Danyel: It will not fail.

Danyel: Yes, Baltael! Whatever it takes!
Danyel: If he devours the Mana Core piece and escapes, we could have another "sun disappearing" scenario and it will be on me.
Danyel: On us.
Danyel: If I can't defeat him by any conventional means, I AM using this forbidden spell.

Danyel: What was that?!

Danyel: Why was it unleashed?!

Danyel: ......

Danyel: You may not!

Danyel: Baltael, hold her- him!

Danyel: I am here to stop you!

Danyel: Your father just went crazy, that's what.

Danyel: ......

Danyel: Ungh! *pant* You good?

Danyel: Y-yes *pant* Not like this.

Danyel: Ready?

Danyel: I don't have anything left to live for!!! READY!?

My Spot

Danyel: -and I sincerely hope you all are ready for your finals this week!
Danyel: I'd like to remind you that not only will Baltael and I be judging you, but also Oyva and her soulsmith!
Danyel: I wanted to try something new, the stakes are high this year, so... don't disappoint me, students!
Danyel: Bah, who am I kidding? You all will do just fine!
Danyel: I am so proud of your accomp-

Danyel: Yes? I'm just finishing here.

Danyel: Very well, thank you.
Danyel: Good luck, students! Who knows, I might call some of you "Master Soulweavers" soon!

Danyel: Please excuse me for making you wait, I was jus-

Danyel: Oh...

Danyel: I assume you need something from me?

Danyel: <Character>, I...
Danyel: I am past blaming you.
Danyel: There is no need for... whatever this is.
Danyel: If you have a request, I'll fulfill it.

Danyel: You are an... elf, correct?

Danyel: Well, I have never seen one with my own eyes, until now... if that's what you're asking. I've mostly seen illustrations of your people.
Danyel: Though I have heard rumors of elves in Volkenraand.
Danyel: Anyhow, sorry for the small talk, you're obviously here for a reason.

Danyel: Prepared in advance... I don't need them, but I appreciate the effort. Soulwoven clothes are always a perfect fit.
Danyel: Now, let me take a closer look at you...

Danyel: Hmm.
Danyel: Yes, I believe I have some designs in mind that will be adequate.
Danyel: Weaving will take time, and I prefer to work alone, without anyone looking over my shoulder.
Danyel: You may go.
Danyel: Tell me where the clothes should be delivered and I will make sure you get them.
Danyel: I might as well deliver them myself... I haven't been over "there" in a long time.

Danyel (Shaved/Without Cloak)
Danyel (Shaved/With Cloak)
Danyel (in Soulweaver Armor)
Danyel (Full View, Soulweaver)
Danyel (Lifeless)

Thanks to
-- Tomix for full view image.
-- Occavatra for shaved/with cloak image.

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