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AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two

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2/19/2022 13:55:48   

ArchKnight DragonFable

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two

Location: Book of Lore -> AdventureFriends 2: Edelia -> Day 2, Hero's Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 13 -> Day 2
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One*
Release Date: February 18th, 2022

Objective: Welcome to the Edelia School of Weaving!
Objective completed: Sweet dreams.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Headmaster Danyel





*In the classroom, you and the students are waiting for Professor Isiri to show up.*

Vaal: So uh... If fifteen minutes pass and the teacher doesn't show up, we can leave, right?
Fae: I-is that true? Sounds... r-risky!
Alexander: Of course it's not true. But if you want to risk your grade, and your education, that's up to you.
Valen: Let's see... according to the syllabus, we're supposed to be taught by a... Professor Isiri today.
Maz: No way. Isiri?! THE Isiri?
Tek: You uh, you've heard of her?
Maz: You haven't? She's one of- no, THE premier fashion designer this side of the Pasgur Ocean!
Fae: Oh, I t-think I've um... heard the name before...
Alexander: Sounds like a wonderful opportunity.
Maz: More like a dream come true! Never could I have imagined we'd be taught simple weaving by the legendary Isiri!
Vaal: Sure. On the uh, bright side, it looks like we're all here. No one else has gone missi-

*The headmaster of Edelia, Danyel, enters the classroom.*

Maz: ...
Maz: You're not Isiri.
Headmaster Danyel: Clearly not. I apologize for my lateness. I am Headmaster Danyel and I shall be your instructor for this class, starting today.
Valen: Not... Professor Isiri?
Headmaster Danyel: Is there an echo in this room? No, Professor Isiri is... indisposed. As headmaster, it is my duty to fill in the gaps where needed.
Alexander: Understood, Headmaster. And may I say, what an honor it is to-
Vaal: Wait wait wait. Wait. Headmaster? Like, the dude at the top of the school?
*Headmaster Danyel rubs his forehead in exasperation. He apparently isn't used to such simple lines of questioning.*
Headmaster Danyel: Yes. I'm sorry, you all were accepted as... students here, yes? To Edelia? Prestigious School of Weaving?
Tek: Got the letter and everything! Signed by you! With all the congratulations and stuff.
Alexander: Mine is framed.
Vaal: ...I think a tog got to mine.
Fae: I-I-I-I m-might have l-lost m-mine... Sorry.
Valen: We had class with Dr. Secundus yesterday, actually.
Headmaster Danyel: Oh. I... see.
Headmaster Danyel: You're that class. I suppose with all the... rumors flying about, it is only expected that there would be some anxieties.
Headmaster Danyel: Dr. Secundus has informed me of your situation. As headmaster, I want to reassure you that we're doing all in our power to prevent any more disappearances. You can trust us to keep you safe.
Tek: You're not... looking for Tomix?
Maz: Hold on. If you're here... and Isiri isn't... Then would that mean...
Headmaster Danyel: *sigh* Yes. It's not only the students that have been affected. Professor Isiri went missing sometime this morning.
Fae: O-oh no!
Valen: Another twist to the puzzle.
*All of the students begin muttering amongst themselves at this revelation. Headmaster Danyel looks over the scared and worried faces of the students before him, and sighs deeply.*
Headmaster Danyel: You must not let these tragedies distract from your studies. Your time here at Edelia is shorter than you think, and I would hate to have it be wasted on matters outside of your concern.
Headmaster Danyel: If we can all settle down, please, turn to page 6 of "Applied Weaving for Beginners: Threads to Follow".
*With a few residual mutters, everyone reluctantly opens their books and begins taking notes. But as Headmaster Danyel begins describing the appropriate uses of basic materials, you feel your eyelids grow heavy as you drift into sleep...*

*Scene fades to white; as you fall asleep, the same unknown entity, now with two pairs of white eyes, appears to call you.*

???: ...I know...you...can...hear me...
*You awaken with a jolt, being shaken awake by your fellow students. They're all crowded around your desk! Headmaster Danyel seems to have already concluded his lecture and left for whatever business calls for a headmaster.*
Alexander: How disrespectful.
Vaal: I'm sure s/he was just tired. I get it. Sometimes you need a nap.
Valen: Are you okay, <Character>? You look a little... pale.
*You look up at the worried faces of your peers, all looking quite concerned for you, and nervously waiting for a response.*

  • I'm sorry, I must not have slept well last night.
    • +1 Valen, +1 Tek, +1 Alex
      <Character>: I'm sorry, I must have had trouble sleeping last night...
      Maz: Don't worry your head about it. It's understandable, really. With all that's happening, staying awake for the lecture seems like it's not the most important thing.
      Alexander: Speak for yourself.
      Tek: I actually made a device that makes a light calming whirring noise that helps me fall asleep when I can't stop my brain from thinking about ideas and things! I can maybe lend it to you if you want, <Character>.
  • Maybe I'm getting sick...
    • +1 Maz, +1 Vaal, +1 Fae
      <Character>: Maybe I'm getting sick...
      Fae: O-oh no. T-that wouldn't be good. Especially on your first w-week!
      Vaal: You don't have to make any excuses.
      Maz: Make sure you're taking care of yourself, <Character>. We need your help to get to the bottom of whatever's going on!
    Valen: About that. Now that everyone's awake and present, we should discuss what we're going to do.
    Alexander: Agreed. The disappearance of students and faculty presents the greatest challenge to our education here.
    Tek: It's certainly the most major concern at the moment. But... what can we do? We're all just new students. We can't weave, or anything!
    Vaal: ...Normally I'd be all up for just letting whatever happens happen, but... yeah. This probably isn't a good thing.
    Fae: Y-yeah! We can't let this c-continue! We have to try!
    *You find yourself nodding along. If the teachers aren't able to control the situation, it's up to the students!*
    Maz: Seems we're all in agreement then. So now, we gotta figure out what to do next. Whatever, or whoever is causing the disappearances has to be connected to the school.
    Alexander: First things first, do we even know we can trust each other? What if one of us is responsible?
    Vaal: This again?
    Fae: T-that can't be it, Alexander. Dr. Secundus told us that Tomix disappearing was just another in a string of t-them. W-which means they m-must have started before we showed up. I t-think!
    Alexander: ...Er. Right.
    Tek: So as Maz said, we have to find out what's causing the problem.
    Valen: We also have to try to stop more people from vanishing.
    Alexander: I'm more curious about why the phenomenon is happening.
    *There's a pause as everyone considers how best to proceed.*
    Vaal: Looks like you all can't decide again.
    Maz: What if we tried splitting up into the groups Dr. Secundus assigned? With how many of us there are, it might help to focus, rather than argue.
    Alexander: A surprisingly solid suggestion, Maz.
    Maz: Watch it, boy.
    Fae: S-smaller groups sounds... n-nice!
    Tek: Works for me.
    Valen: I... suppose that would be for the best.
    *Everyone splits off into their pairs in different areas of the classroom, and, shaking off the last vestiges of your earlier nap, you make your way over to your group.*


    *By the time you arrive to the Wolf group, Valen and Maz are already deep in conversation.*
    Maz: There has to be a chance, Valen! If there's some way we can save them-
    Valen: You're blinded by your ambition to be taught by Isiri. We don't even know if they're still alive.
    Maz: So what, you're just going to give up?
    Valen: I'm saying that going into this with unrealistic expectations isn't going to help.
    Maz: And why bother if you think there's no point? If you think there's no hope? The headmaster didn't say they were dead or lost. There must still be some way.
    Valen: Maybe he was trying to spare our feelings. I'm being realistic, Maz. Don't raise your hopes only for them to be crushed.
    *Suddenly, as if just now noticing you're there, they both turn to you, eyes burning with heroic fervor.*
    Valen: Help me out here, <Character>. Maz needs to lower her expectations or she's just going to get hurt.
    Maz: You think I'm scared of getting hurt? <Character>, tell Valen he's being an idiot.
    *For a moment, you feel as though you're caught between two ravenous predators. Could the missing people still be alive? Would it even be possible to save them? Whose side will you choose?*

  • Side with Valen
    • +1 Valen
      <Character>: Valen's right. We don't know what to expect. We can't focus on those we've lost when there are so many who still need to be protected.
      Maz: Do you both really think I'm so fragile?
      Valen: We need to stay grounded. If we get to the bottom of this, and there's some way to save the missing people- if they're still alive- nothing will stop us.
      Valen: It's not just about trying to save people. As <Character> said, it's about protecting everyone else, too.
      Maz: ...Okay. You're right. You're right. I... let my dreams get ahead of me. But I won't give up hope. I'm sorry, but I can't.
      Valen: If we can save them, we will. But we have to focus on stopping whatever... or whoever is behind this first.
  • Side with Maz
    • +1 Maz
      <Character>: I agree with Maz. We can't give up hope! Tomix and Isiri, and whoever else has vanished... we have to believe they're still out there.
      Maz: It might be optimism, but that's my motivation. There's something there waiting for us at the end. Whether it be closure, or justice.
      Valen: And what if you're wrong? What if there's nothing we can do for them? What if all that remains is loss and pain?
      Maz: Then we take that pain into ourselves. We learn and grow from it. We can't change reality, but we can wish for the best.
      Valen: No amount of wishing will bring them back. But I see I was wrong about you. You're as determined as I am to see this through. Both of you. We can do this.
    <Character>: So... where do we start?
    Valen: Good question, <Character>. Information gathering, I'd assume.
    Maz: We have class with Dr. Secundus tomorrow. Maybe we can ask him about what's going on.
    Valen: Good idea, Maz. I get the feeling he definitely knows more than he's telling us.
    Valen: In the meantime, let's make sure to keep an eye out for each other. We don't know what's going on, but Isiri can't have been the last of the disappearances.
    *Valen walks you and Maz back to your dorms. There's a chill to the evening air, and with a shiver, you begin to doubt if there even is safety in numbers... But the company of your new friends reassures you. Whatever is behind the mystery, you'll find it!*


    *Tek and Vaal are sitting quietly in the corner. Tek has pulled out a small metal cube, and appears to be tinkering with its internals. Vaal... looks like he's sleeping? No, he has an eye barely open, keeping watch! Tek notices you and waves!*
    Tek: Perfect timing, <Character>! Can you hold this for me?
    *Without waiting for a response, Tek hands you a strange looking tool whose use you can't even begin to comprehend.*
    Vaal: ...
    <Character>: So... about those disappearances...?
    Tek: Working on it! This latest mechanism should be able to help predict the next vanishing event, given proper parameters and attunement... but, ah, I'm still missing some critical components and data. We'll just call it a prototype for now!
    Vaal: ...Same.
    <Character>: Really, Vaal?
    Vaal: I'm thinking! I'm thinking, alright?
    Tek: It's true. I can hear his lone brain cell bouncing around his skull. Quite distracting, really.
    Vaal: Aw, come on, that's just rude! It's trying its best!
    Tek: Hehe. I'm kidding, I thought you were sleeping, actually. Didn't want to disturb you. <Character> makes for a better assistant, anyway.
    <Character>: And... have you thought of anything related to the disappearances, Vaal?
    Vaal: I don't think-
    Tek: Heh.
    Vaal: -that any of us in the class are responsible.
    <Character>: Well yeah, as Fae said, the disappearances began before we arrived.
    Vaal: That doesn't rule anything out.
    Tek: Actually, it kind of does.
    Vaal: We're dealing with something that can make people vanish without a trace. I'm keeping an open mind.
    Vaal: What if it replaced one of us? What if it's just pretending to be a student?
    *Vaal focuses on you, almost accusingly. Weird. And rude.*
    Tek: I suppose... that's not out of the realm of possibility...
    Vaal: Well it is. I've been watching everyone all class, and as far as I can tell, I think it's safe to assume none of us is responsible.
    <Character>: You seem very sure of that.
    Vaal: I've got good instincts.
    Tek: And I have an Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube V.05 Beta!
    Vaal: It's missing half of its parts. And data. And parambulators. And all that other stuff.
    Tek: You were listening! I'm so proud! But it's still better than your "instincts".
    Vaal: ...
    *Tek returns to her work, and Vaal returns to his... nap. It doesn't seem like they're going to be willing to work together... Unless you step in! But will you support Tek's mechs? Or defend Vaal's instincts?*

  • Side with Vaal
    • +1 Vaal
      <Character>: Where would we even get a uh, parameter? I think Vaal has some good insight.
      Vaal: We've got about the same idea, at least. I think the best way to go about this is to catch whatever's causing the disappearances in the act.
      Tek: And my Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube can help with that!
      Vaal: It... can?
      Tek: That's the whole point of it! I thought you were listening!
      Vaal: Oh. Uh, thanks for backing me up, anyway, <Character>.
  • Side with Tek
    • +1 Tek
      <Character>: I like Tek's uh... cube! Maybe we can help find those missing things she needs!
      Tek: Yes, that would be infinitely helpful, as a matter of fact.
      Vaal: Not going to get much peace and quiet with you two around, am I?
      <Character>: Not a chance!
      Vaal: ...Alright. Alright, fine. I'll help you with your... cube thing.
      Vaal: But I still trust my instincts. And I'm not going to stop keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.
      Tek: That's probably a good idea. I'm going to be pretty focused on getting the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube up and running! Ooh, I wonder if I can incorporate it into a modular cubular design!
    *You, Vaal, and Tek spend some time working on the cube before heading back to your dorms. Vaal seems to have opened up a bit, although you can still catch him glancing around your surroundings occasionally.*
    *Tek, on the other hand, keeps talking the entire time. You only understand about half of what she's saying, though.*


    *You head over to the Hawk group to find Alexander with his face buried in an open book, while Fae sits nearby in silence, staring closely at him. As you approach, Alexander closes the book with a snap, causing Fae to look around in a panic before seeing you.*
    Fae: U-um, hi, <Character>! T-thanks for um... I mean... um...
    *As Fae tries to untie her tongue, you start to wonder if Alexander was actually reading, or if he was just pretending for dramatic effect.*
    Alexander: It's about time you joined us.
    <Character>: Is... everything okay?
    Alexander: Students and faculty are disappearing, and the dilemma is distracting me from my studies, so no, everything is not 'okay'.
    Alexander: We need to be on top of this. We need to find out why it's happening, and put a stop to it.
    Fae: M-maybe there's a p-pattern to the disappearances? L-like in the mystery stories...
    Alexander: It's possible. But I'm certain the answer will lie in whatever secrets this school is hiding.
    <Character>: What kind of secrets?
    Alexander: I'm... I'm not sure yet. But a school this old and with such a long history is bound to have some dangerous things hidden in its past, right?
    Fae: M-maybe! W-what if... What if it's the vengeful spirit of a deceased student, who died in a weaving accident and now haunts the school, luring unsuspecting folk to their own demise in an attempt to sate their eternal loneliness?
    Alexander: ...What?
    Alexander: No, I mean secrets like forbidden weaving techniques, or secret experiments breaking the boundaries of reality!
    Fae: O-oh.
    *There's an awkward silence. Alexander wears a face of incredulity at Fae's suggestion, while Fae seems to be engrossed in scribbling something in her notebook. Looks like it's up to you to bridge the gap!*

  • Side with Alexander
    • +1 Alex
      <Character>: I think Alexander's ideas sound pretty plausible, Fae. Edelia is ancient, isn't it? It can't have had a spotless history.
      Fae: I- I see...
      <Character>: But that doesn't mean we don't need your help! Right, Alexander?
      Alexander: I agree. I will admit, I can be close-minded at times. A rare flaw. Having your... unique perspective on some of the school's histories will prove most beneficial for solving this mystery.
      Fae: R-right! I-I'll do my best!
  • Side with Fae
    • +1 Fae
      <Character>: What are you writing, Fae?
      Fae: I-I got an idea for a s-story... so I'm writing it down before I f-forget it.
      Alexander: This isn't a story. It's reality!
      <Character>: Stories are often based on reality.
      Fae: R-right! Any l-legends we learn about are probably e-embellished. W-writing helps me sort things out!
      Alexander: That's... that's true. I will admit, I would have probably taken such histories at face value.
      Alexander: I'm sorry, Fae. I misjudged your open-minded approach as sheer illogical fancies, but <Character> has opened my mind to the unlimited potential of such an imaginative approach!
      Fae: W-what? O-okay. That sounds... g-good!
    *You spend the rest of the afternoon poring over old tomes that Alexander had thoughtfully procured from Edelia's student library ahead of time. Unfortunately, between the three of you, you don't find any promising leads...*
    *But Fae and Alexander seem happy enough just reading until it's time to head back to your dorms!*

    *As you settle down to rest in your bed, you think over the events of your day. The mystery has deepened, you've made friends with your group... What will tomorrow bring?*

    *Scene fades to white; as you fall asleep, the unknown entity grows an another pair of white eyes; scene cuts to black.*

  • End of Day 2 - completes Day 2.

    Other information
  • *Once completed, this quest cannot be replayed until replaying AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One again.

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