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9/22/2013 2:30:08   
Advocator of Wills


Location: The Autumn Wind, Void Ship, Into the Ynnungaap, Adrift, Void War Intro, Halfway Through, Second Seal, The Last Chapter: Tomix, Tomix's Saga Epilogue, The Quest for More Booty!, The Quest for More Booty (Intro), Rhubarb Victorious, Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015, Party Like A Pirate, A Pirate's Revenge, Flight from Sho'Nuff, Precious "Cargo", Azaveyr Port Inn, Back to the Mainland, Darkness is Coming, Helm's Harbor, Coming Home, Khvorost

Quests given
Back to the Mainland

Shops owned

The Autumn Wind

Captain Mazurek: If ye be lookin' fer a Captain, ye be in th' right place, scallywags.
Captain Mazurek: If ye can't even be taking the time to properly address th' Captain o' th' Autumn Wind...

Captain Mazurek: ... then I don't think tha' ye will be findin' many friendly faces here.

Captain Mazurek: Ninjas! They be after my treasure, maties, grab yer sidearms and get to fightin'!

Captain Mazurek: An' just what do ye think ye be doin' down here? Ar' ye after me treasure too?

Captain Mazurek: Hah! I don't be needin' th' help o' a landlubber like ye!

Captain Mazurek: Heh, if ye want to help, be me guest. Tho', they do be ninjas. They do tend ta come at ye one atta time.

Captain Mazurek: Ye ready fer more, landlubber?

Captain Mazurek: Ye fight well fer a bilgerat, landlubber.

Captain Mazurek: Ye and yer... handsome friend, ye came to find me. Fer what?

Captain Mazurek: The rumors be true. I be th' best o' th' best.
Captain Mazurek: I got me own treasure to protect tho' an' me own ship, my lovelies. I don't be needin' whate'ver ye be callin' a ship.

Captain Mazurek: Now tha' be somethin' I'd like to see... No pirate been able to tame th' winds o' th' Void... an' I have a mind to be th' first!

Void Ship

Cpt. Mazurek: We can't set sail just yet, t' gnomes be finishin' up the "void drive", as they call it.

Into the Ynnungaap

Captain Mazurek: VS Unity be sturdy lady, as long as we stay aboard during th'voyage, we'll be fine, luv!

Captain Mazurek: Adorable.

Captain Mazurek: Noooo!

Captain Mazurek: Blast ye to th' Void! There be no wind, an' there don't be a way t' get t' paddlin'.

Captain Mazurek: Aye! Brace yourselves, ye bilge rats! An' I'll be showin' ya why I be th' best pirate!

Captain Mazurek: Aye, but how did tha' things get on board?


Captain Mazurek: The lass be right. Can't find Tani, Marey and two others. I be fearin' they be down in Davey Jones' locker...

Void War Intro

Captain Mazurek: Blimey! And so will I. I did worse thin's than that.

Captain Mazurek: Sweetie, leave sailing t' the sea legs.

Captain Mazurek: Starboard corridor. Much as I wanted t' take you luv, I'm goin' t' take Vaal.

Captain Mazurek: Ye've said ye be a mighty hero once, I want t' see it with me own ayes.

Captain Mazurek: Good man!

Halfway Through

Captain Mazurek: I be a wee busy dear.

Captain Mazurek: Oh, he be fightin' alright... but wit' his soul lass.

Captain Mazurek: Yarr, we be doin' great darlin'.

Second Seal

Captain Mazurek: Vaal, boys, keep them off o' me while I deal wit' 'tis.

Captain Mazurek: I be sorry, 'tis be nothin' personal.

Captain Mazurek: Luv, can ye hear me?

Captain Mazurek: It be done. If th' other team lift th' seal, th' door now be open.

Captain Mazurek: Alright men.
Captain Mazurek: ... and Vaal.
Captain Mazurek: Let's sword fight our way back n' join Tomix!

Captain Mazurek: Huh?
Captain Mazurek: No! Vaal, whar ye be goin'! That not be th' way back!!!
Captain Mazurek: Blast it...
Captain Mazurek: Tomix, we have a problem. Vaal ran off.

The Last Chapter: Tomix

Captain Mazurek: We've made it!

Captain Mazurek: Ye still don't get 'tis!

Captain Mazurek: Huh?

Tomix's Saga Epilogue

Captain Mazurek: We didn't take Vaal...

Captain Mazurek: VS Unity was a beautiful lady, but I must get back to me own ship.

Captain Mazurek: *sighs*
Captain Mazurek: Ye know, 'luv, yer not the first man to have taken up on an adventure like that.
Captain Mazurek: I've seen many. Comin' in with yer handsome, pretty looks and yer fighting skills. Promisin' a wild adventure like no other...
Captain Mazurek: Life be filled with plenty of short lived and passing acquaintances. Aye, a pirate's life it is.
Captain Mazurek: Saying that you be no more that though... I'd be wrong.
Captain Mazurek: Listen... I mayen't have pretty words or fond memories like yer friends 'ere.
Captain Mazurek: I were the ship's Captain. surely, but ye... ye were sailin' in yer own storm as well, weren't ye?
Captain Mazurek: One so terrible and so violent, ye knew that, no matter how ye'd sail, no matter how hard ye fought against it...
Captain Mazurek: Eventually... ye'd sink and join Davey's Locker.
Captain Mazurek: Still kept to the wheel though.
Captain Mazurek: Ye still sailed because ye knew that though ye might go down tryin', ye could still save the one thing that mattered.
Captain Mazurek: Ye could still save yer crew.
Captain Mazurek: Ye were a brave Captain to us all, Tomix, 'cause ye had the true heart of one.

The Quest for More Booty (Intro)

Captain Mazurek: More drinks fer me crew! They be thirsty after a long day mannin' t' sails.

Captain Mazurek: I be thinkin' an old salt at t' end o' his voyage be lookin' at us wit' a fearsome green-eyed gaze.

Captain Mazurek: Ye be challengin' me, ye one-eyed, slovenly sea dog?

Captain Mazurek: Th' Autumn Wind will be settin' sail in search a booty. Th' riches in our hold will be beyond anythin' ye scurvy bilgerats could recover!

Rhubarb Victorious

Captain Mazurek: Ye be a Cap’n worth yer salt, Rhurbarb!

Captain Mazurek: Now I be buyin’ a round fer both t’ crews!

Captain Mazurek: I tried me best, Tom.

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2015

Captain Mazurek: Avast! I be needin' yer help, <Character>. Th' blasted ninjas hav' pillaged me ship.

Captain Mazurek: Th' Kessel had' th' reptutation o' bein' the' fastest ship.
Captain Mazurek: 'Cept th' ninjas don't be havin' no mind fer keepin' a ship and me own Autumn Wind been th' fastest ship on th' seas fer years...
Captain Mazurek: An' now th' scurvy dogs might as well as scuttled me poor ship. Th' glorious Autumn Wind ha' been becalmed.
Captain Mazurek: Find wha' th' scallywags stole, <Character>. An' then we be needin' to deal wit' th' ninjas once an' fer all.

Party Like A Pirate

Mazurek: Me cargo!

Mazurek: Me sails!!

Mazurek: Me...

Mazurek: ME FLAG!!!

A Pirate's Revenge

Mazurek: It be time t' get back at th' thievin' ninjas, <Character>.

Mazurek: I promoted meself to Admiral an' I mean t' hav' th' first an' second fastest ships in me fleet. We be goin' t' steal back th' Kessel!

Mazurek: Ye be a good First Mate, <Character>. Ever think a bein' a Captain?
Mazurek: I be needin' one fer th' newest ship in me fleet.

Flight from Sho'Nuff

Mazurek: This been none o' our doin' ye shadowy demons!

Precious "Cargo"

Mazurek: Ahoy, <Character>! Good timin', I be about t' set sail 'n I be needin' your help!

Mazurek: Azaveyr! I 'ave this 'ere "cargo" t' deliver.

Mazurek: It be fine. Now hush 'n get back in thar!

Mazurek: <Character>! How can ye say that!!! Th' gall!
Mazurek: These people... they be runnin' away from here. I heard this family in th' inn natterin' about leavin', an' I offered me help.
Mazurek: O'er a few weeks more o' them said they wanted to. And don't be thinkin' I haven't done this before.

Mazurek: And so be wha' th' Rose be doin'! Goin' after people who can't help as to what... who they be.
Mazurek: I didn't think ye'd mind this. Are ye with the Rose now? Be that yer gambit? Huh?

Mazurek: Yar, but ken ye, word travels fast. Were they t' be spied, wit' a whisper here 'n yon, them Rose rapscallions would come from nowhere.
Mazurek: Tis best t' keep quiet.

Mazurek: Oh, don't be thinkin' I like magic. I don't, for a good reason. But it be a part of this place we call our world.
Mazurek: I get why they wants t' control it, under them special laws, but wha' some Rose goons be doin' is wrong.

Mazurek: I don't do magic, <Character>... besides, I be th' exception t' th' rule obviously!

Mazurek: Aye, now let's set sail. We don't want our cargo t' spoil now, do we? *wink*

Mazurek: I be in needs o' a, shall we say, bodyguard.
Mazurek: And ye be one fine lookin' specimen!
Mazurek: Ye look a wee bit discomforted.

Mazurek: Good! Th' voyage from here t' Volkenraand port be long but th' Kessel be fast.
Mazurek: She be faster than fast even. We'll encounter other pirates on th' seas. They be nah as good as I, o' course.
Mazurek: Thar be Rose ships on th' seas as well. Be a dear 'n help wit' any boardin' parties.

Mazurek: That be "Admiral" now!

Mazurek: Bavlo!!! Long time no see, me scallywag!

Mazurek: Call me by me name again, gemborn, 'n I shall make sure th' sky will eat ye up!

Mazurek: Blisterin' Barnacles, Bavlo me ole hearty, allow me t' introduce ye t' <Character>! Me dearest bucko!

Mazurek: Take that stick out o' yer keel 'n greet 'em proper!

Mazurek: Don't! Only I can call 'im that!

Mazurek: Aye. All are present 'n accounted fer.

Mazurek: Oh, nay, nah really. Tis nah like we were childhood hearties. We couldn't 'ave been. He's from these parts 'n I was from th' Empire.
Mazurek: I met 'im aft I ran away.

Mazurek: I know ye 'ave questions about me...
Mazurek: ... but I be a tease, ye know!

Mazurek: That be how they speak, <Character>, if they be among th', shall we say, less developed races.

Mazurek: They don't speak between each other, they use feather movements or somethin'.
Mazurek: So when they speak wit' other races, they use th' voice o' th' ones they be speakin' t'.

Mazurek: Alright Bavlo, load th' cargo we agreed upon 'n we'll set sail wit' th' high tide.

Mazurek: Then t' th' Inn 'tis, fer rest. <Character>, speak wit' me when ye be ready t' return.

Azaveyr Port Inn

Mazurek: Are ye ready t' set sail <Character>?

Back to the Mainland

Mazurek: Thanks sweetie. Love ye.

Mazurek: Yar, well, I 'ave so much love t' be givin' aft all!

Mazurek: Don't count on it, gemborn!

Mazurek: I be thankin' ye fer th' help <Character>. Tis much appreciated, it is.

Mazurek: Aye, I be hopin' so too, but... th' winds are freshenin'. Thar be a storm brewin'.
Mazurek: Anyway, fer a landlubber, ye 'ave some nice sailin' skills ye know. Th' offer remains. I expect ye t' sign aboard me crew in th' future!

Darkness is Coming

Mazurek: We be sailin' together wit' ninjas... 'tis not goin' to get any worse than 'tis.]

Helm's Harbor

Adm. Mazurek: Ahoy <Character>! If ye be wantin' to sail the Pale Sea, the Autumn Wind be ready. Ye let me know at once- I be nah exactly welcome here.

Coming Home

Mazurek: 'Tis about time! I managed t' do some plunderin', smuggle some scallywags 'n save th' world while ye were gone!
Mazurek: Ye could 'ave at least sent me a message.

Mazurek: Did ye now.

Mazurek: Aye, mighty small.
Mazurek: He been jus' a phase.

Mazurek: Ye still 'ave a crew? I'd be surprised if they tolerated ye this long.

Mazurek: Ye lookin' t' join mine?

Mazurek: I like t' keep me exes under me heel.

Mazurek: O' course, <Character>!


Mazurek: Ye didn't.

Mazurek: One way trip. I nah be shippin' ye back thar.

Mazurek: Th' Magesterium may 'ave turned a blind eye t' ye afore, but aft helpin' <Character> escape?
Mazurek: They'll be lookin' fer any excuse t' drag ye in front o' that god o' thars.

Mazurek: Likely already seized.

Mazurek: If ye nah be lookin' t' sail wit' me, thar be a place ye might enjoy makin' yer new home.

Mazurek: Aye. An ancient underground city full o' ye weaver types and whatnot.

Mazurek: I spent some time thar meself. Made some... good friends. Includin' <Character> here.

Mazurek: Oh no. Ye didn't, <Character>.

Mazurek: Th' short version, Khvorost.

Mazurek: How do ye even remember that?

Mazurek: Wha' did ye do?

Mazurek: KHVOROST!

Mazurek: ...

Mazurek: That's it. We're tossin' ye o'erboard!

Mazurek: Tomix be dead, Khvorost! Ye set 'im on a path that led 'im through much pain 'n sufferin', even t' th' end!

Mazurek: This ain't about ME. I wants ye off me vessel. Now.

Mazurek: We'll deal wit' ye later.

Mazurek: Ye can come out now. We nah be throwin' ye t' th' sea.

Mazurek: Ye 'ave me word, Khvorost. Ye may 'ave set Tomix down his path, but wi'out that path, none o' us would 'ave met 'im.
Mazurek: 'N we were better fer havin' known 'im.

Mazurek: Nothin' like a scrap t' clear th' mind.

Mazurek: Khvorost may 'ave his regrets, but he ain't a bad person. Nah anymore, at least. Right, Khvorost?

Mazurek: Aye.

5 Years Earlier Image
TLaPD 2015 Image
TLaPD 2016 Image
Helm's Harbor Appearance

Thanks to
  • Slayer Zach for 5 Years Earlier image.
  • Occavatra for TLaPD 2015 and Helm's Harbor appearance images.
  • Tomix for TLaPD 2016 image.

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