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Coming Home

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4/21/2019 20:26:54   

Coming Home

Location: First Halo -> Quests! -> Coming Home
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Proclamation
Release Date: April 19th, 2019

Objective: You've made it out of Nieboheim! Now, it's time to head home...
Objective completed: After a very awkward rowboat ride... What has the Rose been up to? What of the resistance? What awaits you back home in the Land of Dragons?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Magi Drone
(4) Magi Scout
(4) Magi Sentry
(1) Magi Sentry, (1) Magi Drone, (1) Magi Scout - Boss


If you select the 'Summon Aegis!' option:

Azaveyran Farewell (I, II, III)
Broken Bracelet

Access to Coming Home Loot for DCs.


*Picking up from where The Proclamation left off, you and Khvorost are plummeting to your imminent death over the Pasgur Ocean, just outside of Nieboheim.*

<Character>: Why do I always end up in these situatiooooons?!
Khvorost: Hehe, uh... whoops! It'd seem soulblinking with another person is harder than it looks!
<Character>: Oh, I am SO GLAD we've established that!!
Khvorost: Well, I did get you out of Nieboheim!
<Character>: Wow, I'm so grateful! Now I'm just falling to almost certain death!
<Character>: Ugh.

<Character>: Don't worry, I have an idea.
Khvorost: As do I! Let me just—
<Character>: You've "helped" enough!
Khvorost: <Class>, I got you into this, let me fix it!
<Character>: ...

  • Summon Your Dragon! - if you select this option:
      <Character>: No, we'll do it my way!

      *You close your eyes to focus, and everything else seems to fade away into black.*

      <Character>: <Dragon>!

      *Your pet dragon appears from your pack, and the power of your Dragon Amulet summons it to its full form, allowing it to swoop in and save you and Khvorost from imminent death.*

      Khvorost: Hahahaha!
      Khvorost: You have a dragon! A real dragon!
      Khvorost: You are full of surprises!
      Khvorost: ...Please tell it not to eat me.
      <Character>: Thanks for the save, <Dragon>!
      <Character>: Take us to the shore, please.

      *Your dragon appears to slow down prematurely, mid-air.*

      <Dragon>: I... ugh...
      <Character>: <Dragon>?
      <Dragon>: So... hungry...

      *Your dragon appears to be running out of energy.*

      <Character>: No no nO NO! <Dragon>! We're almost to the shore! Hold on a little longer!

      *Your dragon transforms back to its pet form mid-air, causing you all to fall once more. Fortunately, this fall is only a very small one.*

      <Character>: AAAAAAAAAAAA—
      <Character>: —Oh...
      Khvorost: Ouch.
      <Dragon>: I told you... we were out of snacks.
      <Character>: Thanks, <Dragon>! You were great! You'll get all the snacks you want when we get home.

      *A blue corrupted elemental spirit appears from a giant bubble; potentially Khvorost's Soulally.*

      Ruuma: Really, Khovrost?
      <Character>: Wait, who are you? Where did you come from?
      Khvorost: <Character>, this is Ruuma. He's— he's uuh...
      Ruuma: You know the Magesterium is going to be on high alert after this stunt... A dragon... Right outside the walls... What were you thinking...
      Ruuma: Oh wait. You weren't... Like usual...
      Ruuma: And by the way, wow, a dragon saved you... How original...
      <Character>: Hold on, <Dragon> is MY dragon, and this was MY idea! I just saved both of us from falling to death!
      Ruuma: Don't— don't speak to me, <Class>.
      Ruuma: Well, Khvorost... I do hope you enjoy having an even higher bounty on your head now...
      Ruuma: Anyway... I have a date to catch...
      <Character>: Wait, I—

      *Ruuma vanishes in a giant bubble.*

      Khvorost: Isn't he remarkable?
      Khvorost: Always, always, looking out for my best interests.
      Khvorost: It's true, though. The Magesterium probably won't be happy with us. But at least, at least, you, uh, pulled your dragon out outside of the city.
      Khvorost: Imagine if you did that trick in the city!
      <Character>: Well, what's done is done. I have a ship waiting along the coast. We should start heading south!
      Khvorost: A ship! Fancy!
  • Trust Khvorost - if you select this option:
      <Character>: Fine! Do your thing!
      Khvorost: Ruuma!

      *A blue corrupted elemental spirit appears from a giant bubble; potentially Khvorost's Soulally.*

      Ruuma: Impeccable timing... I was in the middle of something, you know...
      Khvorost: Could you be a dear? Help us out?
      Ruuma: You... are so needy...
      Ruuma: What do you require this time...
      Khvorost: As you can see, my friend and I here are about to die.
      Ruuma: Sigh...

      Ruuma: And?
      Khvorost: I don't suppose you could be bothered to save us? Both, preferably.
      Ruuma: You're going to owe me... And Murshrom brew won't cut it this time...
      Ruuma: You know I can't eat, nor drink...
      Khvorost: Of course, of course!

      Khvorost: Please hurry.

      *With a simple wave of his hand, Ruuma encases you and Khvorost in a giant bubble, which makes a small bounce when it hits the ocean below.*

      <Character>: You know what, I just realized I forgot to pack a towel.
      Khvorost: See, see, <Character>? I told you I'd fix this!
      Ruuma: You can thank me now...
      Khvorost: Thanks, Ruuma!
      <Character>: Thanks... Ruuma, was it? But what do we do now?
      Ruuma: You have arms and legs...
      Ruuma: You can just roll your way... to shore...
      Khvorost: I don't suppose you could—
      Ruuma: Anyway... You're welcome, I'm out...
      Ruuma: You interrupted my date... You... Owe... Me...

      *Ruuma vanishes in a giant bubble.*

      <Character>: Charming.
      Khvorost: Isn't he? Absolutely reliable.
      Khvorost: You know, I'm not actually sure how much time we have. Before this bubble, uh, pops.
      <Character>: Let's roll to shore quickly, then! I have a ship that should still be waiting for me.
  • Summon Aegis! - if you select this option:
      <Character>: As I've said, you've helped enough! Watch and learn!

      *You close your eyes to focus, and everything else seems to fade away into ice blue.*

      <Character>: Aegis!

      *Your Soulally Aegis appears from a wall of ice.*

      Aegis: <Character>! What's up—
      Aegis: Oh!
      Aegis: Falling again, are we? As is tradition!
      <Character>: Don't get sassy.
      Khvorost: An Elemental Spirit! You are full of surprises, <Character>!
      Khvorost: Hi, I'm Khvorost! People call me many things. A pirate, a savior, a smugg—

      *A blue corrupted elemental spirit appears from a giant bubble; potentially Khvorost's Soulally.*

      Ruuma: Who... Khvorost... Who is this... this floozy?
      Khvorost: Oh uh, hi Ruuma. It's not what it looks like, I swear!
      Ruuma: You... Spirit... Explain yourself...
      Aegis: Wow! Ruuma, is it? My name is Aegis! I am <Character>'s Soulal—
      <Character>: Not now!
      <Character>: Aegis, can you help us?
      Aegis: Of course! Hmm, let's see...
      Aegis: If you're in a block of ice that miiiight—
      <Character>: NO FREEZING!
      <Character>: I don't mind if you freeze him, just not me!
      Khvorost: Hey, hey! Ruuma, are you just going to let that elemental spirit do that? To me?

      *Ruuma ponders the question.*

      Ruuma: Sigh...

      *Ruuma vanishes in a giant bubble. Khvorost looks disappointed, but not necessarily surprised.*

      Aegis: No worries, I remember! Just hold on to your butts!

      *With the extension of his arm, Aegis creates a giant ice slide for you and Khvorost to reach land.*

      <Character>: WOOOOOO!

      *You and Khvorost reach land at the end of the ice slide, which now appears to be melting.*

      Khvorost: Remarkable! Where to now, hero who is so full of surprises?
      <Character>: There's a ship waiting for me south along the shore. We should head that way immediately.
      Khvorost: A ship! Brilliant!
    *You fight your way through various Magi Drones, Magi Scouts, and Magi Sentries as you approach the shore.*

    Khvorost: That. Was. Amazing!
    Khvorost: You truly are a Hero! Watching— watching you in combat was breathtaking.
    <Character>: You could have helped!
    Khvorost: Me?!
    Khvorost: Oh, no, no. I could never.
    <Character>: What do you mean? You're a Chaosweaver, aren't you? Doesn't that mean you use your spiritlooms and your Soulally to fight?
    Khvorost: Never! That— that would be illegal!
    <Character>: That didn't seem to stop you from soulblinking us out of the city.
    Khvorost: I mean, I mean, I got you out! The rest was on you!
    Khvorost: Ruuma seemed busy too. I didn't want to intrude... And, and you didn't seem like you needed any assistance.
    <Character>: Ruuma? That was your Soulally, right?
    Khvorost: You can... call him that, yes!
    Khvorost: Ruuma, the Elemental Spirit of Arrogance!
    <Character>: That explains so much.
    <Character>: But that's, well, not important right now, I can see Mazurek from here!
    <Character>: Come on!
    Khvorost: ...
    Khvorost: Mazurek?

    *You and Khvorost finally reach the shore, where Mazurek is patiently awaiting your return.*

    <Character>: Admiral, I'm back!

    *There is a brief pause as you and Khvorost stop to rest after making it through the Azaveyran forest.*

    Mazurek: 'Tis about time! I managed t' do some plunderin', smuggle some scallywags 'n save th' world while ye were gone!
    Mazurek: Ye could 'ave at least sent me a message.
    <Character>: Uhh... apologies, Maz. I got a bit caught up in my work.
    <Character>: Oh, and this is Khvorost. Khvorost, Admiral Mazurek. Admiral Mazurek, Khvorost. He helped me escape from Nieboheim. Barely.
    Mazurek: Did ye now.
    Khvorost: Hello again, Maz! Lookin' good. I can see the storms did wonders for your hairstyle.
    <Character>: You two... know each other? Huh, small world.
    Mazurek: Aye, mighty small.
    Mazurek: He been jus' a phase.
    Khvorost: A ph— Just a phase? You wound me!

    Khvorost: It was at least a week!
    Mazurek: Ye still 'ave a crew? I'd be surprised if they tolerated ye this long.
    Khvorost: Ha! About that!
    Khvorost: I sail solo now! Saving people, breaking the law, you know, same old dashingly handsome rogueish business!
    Mazurek: Ye lookin' t' join mine?

    *Khvorost is visibly startled by this offer.*

    Khvorost: Why?
    Mazurek: I like t' keep me exes under me heel.
    Khvorost: I... will... I will think about that.
    <Character>: I hate to interrupt... but I'd like to set sail now. Please. It's urgent. Stopping the Rose and all that.
    Mazurek: O' course, <Character>!

    *Meanwhile, in Atrea, a snowstorm is raging as a result of the portal being opened in the Sandsea Region. Yashta, Isiri, Etaos, Alz'ein, and Nirios are on the front line, preparing for whatever is to come. What appears to be a green warbeast emerges from the portal.*

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot for DCs - opens Coming Home Loot for DCs.

    Other information
  • Guests are removed upon beginning this quest as of January 29th, 2021.

    Next Up: Khvorost

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