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Proclamation, The

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3/31/2019 10:30:37   

The Proclamation

Location: First Halo -> Quests! -> The Proclamation
Requirements: Completion of Heroes
Release Date: March 30th, 2019

Objective: It's time for the Harvest celebration in Nieboheim! One final distraction before you can head back home... right?
Objective completed: That probably wasn't supposed to happen. And what is the Magesterium doing? What were they trying to stop you from warning people about?

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

If you select the 'Interfere!' option:
(4) Citizen
(4) Magi Guard
(4) Magi Sentry
(1) Assassin Golem - Boss

If you select the 'Tactical Retreat!' option:
(1) Assassin Golem - Boss

Capitol Citizen(s)
The Empress

If you select the 'Interfere!' option:
High Protector

Black Magester Veil (I-VII)
White Magester Veil (I-VII)

Access to ThPr Loot for DCs.


*In the Seym, the Magesterium are having a gathering.*

Magester (1): The final focus point is in place.
Magester (2): The Proclamation is ready to be cast alongside the Harvest.
Magester (3): The skies of Nieboheim will be lit for all to behold.
Magester (4): Bring up the map of the focus points.

*A magical blue map of the Land of Dragons appears, covered with purple triangular markers signifying the Magesterium's focus points.*

Magester (5): That's all of them accounted for. Exquisite.
Magester (6): Where does the Shapeless request our first move?

*The Magesterium pauses to ponder the best focus zone to initiate their plans.*

Magester (7): Over here, perhaps?
Magester (8): No, that should be saved for last. Remember, this is just giving her a taste, a warning.
Magester (9): Here.

*The Magester appears to be referring to the Sandsea Region, as indicated by zooming in on that area of the map.*

Magester (9): It's sufficiently isolated, yet inhabited. Lives will be lost, but word of the cataclysm will spread further into the continent...
Magester (9): ... while the area and its population suffer fewer damages than a more densely populated area.
Magester (10): It is a perfect location.

Magester (10): The Shapeless does not object.
Magesters (together): The Shapeless does not object.
Magesters (together): Let the Harvest begin!

*Meanwhile, you are seated alone at a table inside of Nieboheim's inn.*

<Character>: It's about time to start heading home. Let's see, what information have I gathered?
<Character>: The Magesterium is planning something against the Rose, but we don't know what.
<Character>: We should be wary, but also be willing to provide aid and accept aid in the future.
<Character>: They refuse to ally with us directly, though, and seem to be extremely averse to dragons and those from the Land of Dragons.
<Character>: It seems like there's some history that I may not be fully aware of.
<Character>: I learned why they dislike dragons, but they seemed to think that we were primitive and barbarous. I wonder how they got that impression?
<Character>: Other than the Magesters, the people here are friendly and welcoming, and appear to have a rich culture.
<Character>: Maybe when all of this Rose business is over, we can establish a peaceful dialogue.
<Character>: They all worship this... Shapeless. It doesn't resemble the Avatars or anything that I'm familiar with though.
<Character>: Maybe someone else knows more about this god of theirs.
<Character>: They also have a lot of heroes who are treated very well by the populace. They're good people!
<Character>: Note for future visitors: Don't attack the spirits!
<Character>: Yep, that about sums it all up! Good job, <Character>!
<Character>: Time to hit the seas.

*You stand up and leave the inn, now ready to sail home to the Land of Dragons; while making your way through the First Halo however, you look around to notice a crowd of citizens.*

<Character>: Excuse me, what's going on?
Citizen (1): The Harvest! The Harvest! The Celebrations are about to start! We're heading over to the Forum, come, come!
<Character>: Well, I was about to leave, but... I can't miss this!

<Character>: I'll just leave right after...
???: Good people of our illustrious Nieboheim, the time has come!
???: Let us celebrate, for our god, the Shapeless, announces... THE BEGINNING OF THE HARVEST!
???: We, the earthly link to the Shapeless, the humble Magesterium, have prepared something special for this year's Harvest.
???: May the Judgements begin. Revel in the Celebrations!

*Meanwhile, in the Seym, the Magesterium begin their plans, casting a runic circle over the entire city of Nieboheim, using the Harvest as a distraction; back in the Forum, the Shapeless towers over four citizens, each tied to a stake, surrounded by a huge crowd; you appear to assess the situation, piecing together what the Harvest is really about; a look of shock, then anger, then disgruntled confusion appears across your face.*

<Character>: Huh...?
Sacrifice (1): Please! Spare me!
Sacrifice (2): It was just salt, I'm sorry, please!
Sacrifice (3): I offer myself freely and without pause! Judge me, O Shapeless, for I have sinned!
Sacrifice (4): *ugly crying*
<Character>: W—what's happening?!
Citizen (2): The Ignominious will be devoured for their sins and swirl within the stomach of the Shapeless...
Citizen (2): ... where they are cleansed and their spirits purified, blessing our crops for this year.

Citizen (2): Rejoice!

*The Shapeless leans over the first sacrifice, then devours it; horrified, you realize you can no longer stand in silence and watch the events unfold.*

<Character>: This...
<Character>: T—this is...

  • Interfere!
      <Character>: THIS IS WRONG!

      *Various citizens begin glaring at you; you begin making your way towards the Shapeless, before a High Protector stops you.*

      High Protector: Halt! How dare you disrupt the sacred Harvest!
      <Character>: Sacred!?! You're offering these people as living sacrifices!
      <Character>: ARE YOU ALL OKAY WITH THIS?!

      *More citizens begin glaring at you now, evidently okay with the sacrificial offerings.*

      Citizens (mob): That's the hero from the other day! How dare <he/she/they>!
      Citizens (mob): Blasphemy!
      Citizens (mob): Interfering with the Harvest, the gall!
      Citizens (mob): The hero is ruining the Celebrations!
      Citizens (mob): Hero? More like "Zero"!
      Citizens (mob): Get <him/her/them>!
      <Character>: I have to get out of here. This is insanity!!

      *You fight your way through various citizens and Magisterium golems before reaching Nieboheim's main entrance, which is now locked.*
  • Tactical Retreat!
      <Character>: This... this is wrong...

      <Character>: I have to get out of here.

      <Character>: Now.

      *You sneak away from the crowd and walk back through the First Halo before reaching Nieboheim's main entrance, which is now locked.*
    <Character>: It's... it's closed!
    <Character>: I'm locked in here! There has to be a way—
    ???: And so, our visitor finds <himself/herself/themself> at an impasse.

    *A Magester wearing white stands before you.*

    <Character>: Let me out of here, now!
    Magester: If only you had left a little sooner. It wouldn't have had to be so... messy.
    <Character>: What are you saying? I've beaten one of you before, and all your friends are busy with the Celebration!
    <Character>: Are you here to try and stop me?
    Magester: Stop you? Me?
    Magester: By the Shapeless, no. The gates of Nieboheim are doing a well enough job of that.
    Magester: But you seem so distressed.
    <Character>: I should say so! Your god is up there eating people and people are... are cheering for it!
    Magester: The sacrifices are criminals. Those who broke our laws, <Character>.
    Magester: They are being punished as any would be, regardless of standing or place in society.
    <Character>: What sort of crimes demand such a public execution?
    Magester: One may argue that the punishment outweighs many crimes.
    Magester: Yet...by committing even a minor offence, they are opposing the word of the Shapeless. And in itself that is the greatest crime of all.
    Magester: As one would imagine, this results in a surprisingly low recidivism rate.
    <Character>: Surely some people should be given a second chance? And such a... public and horrifying way of execution...
    <Character>: There were children in the crowds cheering!
    Magester: As there should be. Are they not having a good time? Are they not learning a very valuable lesson?
    Magester: The people here are happy, foreign hero.
    Magester: They want for little, and are content in their safety.
    <Character>: No. This is not safety. This is not justice. If someone can end up publicly sacrificed for the smallest crime—
    <Character>: There have to be people who see that this isn't right! They aren't allowed to make mistakes and learn from them, they're expected to be perfect!
    <Character>: There have to be people who are tired of living in fear that one misstep will be their doom!
    Magester: You are seeking suffering where there is none, <Character>. Make of our customs what you will, but what do you intend?
    Magester: To slay the masses of innocents before you clash against their god?

    *You scowl at the Magester, knowing she has made a valid point based on your moral character.*

    Magester: No, I doubt that is something that you will do. As surely that would be an even greater injustice in your eyes.
    Magester: Perhaps in the distant future, some day, you may return to foment unrest in our city.
    <Character>: I cannot stand idly by—
    Magester: And when that day comes, your ignorance will no longer shield you from the judgement of the Shapeless.
    Magester: But for now, I believe you wished to leave our fair city? I am sorry, but the gates will not open for you.
    <Character>: What do you mean? I need to get out of here... I need to get back— the resistance needs me to fight the Rose!
    Magester: The Rose, yes. Well. Our own plans are in motion, and you... You've seen what you do not yet fully comprehend.
    Magester: And it is too much to allow you to return to your Land of Dragons just yet.
    <Character>: I'm not just going to wait here until you Magesters decide if and when I can leave! I'm going to find a way through this gate and—
    Magester: And even if you make your way through the gates, you will find that we, the Magesterium, control access to and from the city.
    Magester: The bridge will not hold, and you will fall to certain doom.
    <Character>: So how are you going to stop me from finding another way out? Feed me to that god of yours? Send your brainwashed citizens after me?
    Magester: By the Shapeless, no. We are not savages. We only intend to delay you until whatever information you've gathered is... past its usefulness.
    Magester: You're resourceful. I'm sure we can't contain you forever.

    *A golem appears by the Magester's side.*

    Magester: But if there is an unfortunate accident... well, such is the will of the Shapeless.

    *The Magester disappears.*

    <Character>: ...

  • Battle! - begins battle with Assassin Golem.
  • Heal - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.
  • Summon your dragon and fly away? (DA Required)
  • Run Away! - returns to First Halo.

    *After defeating the Assassin Golem...*

    <Character>: *pant*

    *You are exhausted from all of the running and fighting.*

    <Character>: *pant*
    ???: Psst!

    *You look around frantically, searching for the source of the whisper.*

    ???: Hey, over here.

    *You spot a man with blue hair leaning against a wall.*

    ???: I remember you, hero. From the broadcast. Turns out, you're capable.
    ???: Not really a fan of crowds though, eh?
    <Character>: *pant* And who are you supposed to be?
    Khvorost: Khvorost. People call me many things. A pirate, a savior, a smuggler... a chaosweaver... but for today, I'm your only friend in this city!
    <Character>: That's... convenient.
    Khvorost: I'm full of surprises.

    *You stare at Khvorost for a moment, presumably trying to decide whether or not you can trust him... not that you have much of a choice.*

    <Character>: You said you're a smuggler. Can you get me out of here?
    Khvorost: Now, I didn't say I was a charity.
    <Character>: What do you want, then?
    Khvorost: A favor. I help you escape, you owe me a favor. That I collect in the future. Nothing horrific. Nothing to disturb that delicate palate of yours.
    Khvorost: Maybe I never collect!

    Khvorost: Just... a favor.
    Khvorost: I just simply love collecting favours. It's the most valuable currency in this day and age. How's that sound?
    <Character>: Okay, whatever. Just help me get out! This is very important, something bad is—
    Khvorost: Blah blah. Take my hand. And don't let go. We're about to phase through planes. We wouldn't want for you to get spliced! Or stuck.
    Khvorost: Or— hm. No, that would actually be interesting.

    *A look of uncertainty appears across your face.*

    Khvorost: Ah, don't worry. I'm very skilled in soulblinking.
    Khvorost: Although I've never done it with another person!
    <Character> (momentarily): Wha—
    Khvorost: Off we go!

    *Khvorost takes your hand, and without further hesitation, begins soulblinking, phasing you both through various planes.*

    <Character> (momentarily): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
    <Character> (momentarily): -AAAAAAHHH!

    *The soulblink appears to have been a success, until you and Khvorost both realise you are now suspended in the middle of the air above the Pasgur Ocean, just beyond the city of Nieboheim, moments away from plummeting to your "certain doom".*

    Khvorost: Oh dear.

    *You gasp, looking at Khvorost, then down at the ocean, before plummeting.*

    <Character> (momentarily): aaaAAA—

    *Meanwhile, in the Sandsea Region, three of the Magesterium's focus points levitate and activate, opening a giant, triangular portal; nearby, in Atrea, the Atealan people are warned of the impending dangers.*

    The Empress: Come to us, our ateala children.
    The Empress: Atrea is in danger.

  • Complete Quest
  • Quest Loot - opens ThPr Loot for DCs.

    Next Up: Coming Home

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