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AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

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2/26/2022 23:03:40   

ArchKnight DragonFable

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

Location: Book of Lore -> AdventureFriends 2: Edelia -> Day ???, Hero's Heart Day Storybook -> Chapter 13 -> Day ???
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four*
Release Date: February 26th, 2022

Objective: Welcome to the Edelia School of Weaving!
Objective completed: Time to wake up.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Dr. Secundus
Headmaster Danyel



DAY 5 ???

*The number 5 is briefly shown before being replaced by ???.*


*You and the Wolf group are in Edelia's tunnels, trying to find answers.*

<Character>: ...
*You rub your eyes and shake your head, and everything comes back into focus.*
Maz: How far does this stupid tunnel lead? It feels like we've been going for hours.
Valen: Do you need to take a break? I think I've lost track of time too. How are you doing, <Character>?
Maz: No urge to fall asleep?
<Character>: I'm fine, thanks. I got a little dizzy a moment ago, but I'm okay.
Maz: We're here for you, <Character>. Wherever... here is.
Valen: I knew Edelia was old, but how far down does this go?
*You turn to look back up the way you came. There's no sign of the entrance.*
Valen: Let's keep going. We have to reach the bottom eventually.
Maz: Yeah. Eventually.
*After a brief pause to catch your breath, you continue down the stairs. But as you take your next step... The stairs spin out from under you.*
Maz: <Character>?!
Valen: <Character>, come on, get up!

*The scene flashes white, revealing the unknown entity with four pairs of glowing eyes, who is waiting for your arrival.*

???: ...almost there...
Maz: <Character>, don't fall asleep on us now!
<Character>: I'm awake! I'm awake!
Valen: What happened? You suddenly collapsed. Did you see the glowing eyes again?
<Character>: Y-yeah. It said "almost there". I'm not sure if it meant itself... or us. What if it wants us to keep going?
Maz: Either way, it's not gonna stop us. What are our options? Just sit around and wait for it to get worse, or push ahead and smash whatever's waiting for us?
Valen: I'll protect you if it comes to it, <Character>.
Maz: We'll protect you, he means.
<Character>: Thanks, you two. I think I'm okay to keep going now. Let's see what waits for us ahead.
*As Maz helps you to your feet, you look down the dark stairway, and swear you can see a faint dot of light in the distance.*
*One step after another, you continue. How long you've been going, you're not sure. Maz tells tales of her life in the streets to pass the time, while Valen stares ahead, gritting his teeth in preparation for the coming unknown.*
*Soon enough, the dot of light grows larger, and brighter, an opening into a larger room. At last, you've reached the bottom of the corridor. Valen scouts ahead, peaking into the room.*
Maz: What do you see, Valen?
Valen: It's... It's huge! And empty, except for something glowing in the middle.
<Character>: Something glowing?
Valen: It's too bright to make out any details. I don't see anything or anyone, though. Seems to be safe enough.
Maz: Stay close, <Character>. Don't want you collapsing and hitting your head or anything.
*You enter the room after Valen, with Maz at your side. You look around, and see it to be as Valen described. The brickwork is much the same as the rest of the school, and the ceiling stretches onward into darkness.*
*And in the center of the room, glowing, is an object on a pedestal, illuminating the chamber with its bright, white light. A familiar light.*
Maz: There's nothing here! Only that... light. Ugh. Does it have to be so blinding?
Valen: Is that what we're here for, maybe? What do you think, <Character>? Do you feel any connection to it?
<Character>: What am I, a moth? It just looks like a bright light to me. Unless you want me to try touching it?
Maz: Oh no you don't! You took all the glory with that wall up top. You gotta let Valen and I have a try first for this!
Valen: You're volunteering, then, Maz?
Maz: Of course! Light or not, Let's see how it handles the Maz special!
<Character>: Maybe we should be a little more careful... Oh. Too late.
*Maz sprints up to the light, and with a roar, launches a fist into it.*
Maz: There's something... something in here! It's umm... Oh. This probably isn't good.
*Before Maz can step back, the light grows even brighter, consuming the room with a flash. After a few blinks, you can see again. And Maz is nowhere in sight.*
Valen: Maz?! Maz! What did you do? Aargh! No time to think! <Character>, come on!
*Before you can even respond, Valen throws himself into the light, vanishing with another burst.*
*You can't abandon your friends! You reach out for the light, becoming enveloped in its familiar warmth, before grasping what feels like a smooth sphere of some kind. And then...*

*You and the Wolf group confront the unknown entity.*

Maz: There you are, <Character>! Glad you could join us!
Valen: Where... are we? Are those... Are those the eyes you mentioned, <Character>?
<Character>: You can see them too?
Maz: Yeah. They were just floating there when I arrived. Decided to wait to uh, confront them 'cause, well...
Maz: They're freaky.
Valen: What should we do now? I guess... you said it spoke to you, <Character>? Maybe we can talk to it.
<Character>: It's worth a shot. Before letting Maz uh, punch it.
<Character>: Hello, glowing eyes?
???: Unexpected entities encountered. Reformatting threat response. Reconfiguring path.
Maz: That's a whole lot of Tek-talk. What's it mean, <Character>?
<Character>: I don't think it expected you and Valen to show up. If I had to guess, I'd say it's confused.

*The entity reveals its true form - a dragon head visage with horns in both sides.*

Valen: Then we need to strike while we have the advantage! Come on, Maz!
Maz: Whoa there.
Valen: What...?
???: You are not where you are supposed to be.
Valen: Okay. Let's maybe try going back to talking.
<Character>: Who are you? What do you want from us?
???: I am Sk'aar.
Sk'aar: What I want is quite simple. I need to consume aspects of this world in order to wrest control from its current master.
Maz: Consuming aspects?
Valen: The disappearances! We can't let this continue, whatever the reason!
<Character>: Right! Come on, Maz, Valen! We're not going to let this Sk'aar thing get away with it!
Maz, Valen (in unison): Yeah!
Sk'aar: Even in the face of overwhelming odds, you feebly struggle.
*Wolf group launches a flurry of fists and kicks at Sk'aar, trying to hit something, anything.*
Sk'aar: You wandered into my domain, where I decree reality. A foolish, futile, endeavor.
Sk'aar: Still, I am not one to turn down a sacrifice freely offered.
*As your vision blurs, you can see Maz and Valen falling away into the light. You reach out, but they're too far to hold onto both of them. Whose hand do you grasp in your last moments of consciousness?*

  • Maz
      <Character>: Maz! Maz, hold on!
      Maz: I'm not about to let go! But neither is Sk'aar!
      <Character>: Do you see Valen anywhere?
      Maz: He's here! He's... everywhere... Oh, this is gonna make me sick.
      <Character>: What are you talking about? Where's Sk'aar?
      Maz: It's like a chain, <Character>! Sk'aar's trying to drag me under, and you're keeping me afloat.
      <Character>: I won't let go. I won't!
      Maz: You're gonna have to. Trust me, I have an idea.
      <Character>: But...
      Maz: Don't worry, <Character>. Let me go. I'm gonna need both hands for this!
      *Maz smiles at you confidently. Reluctantly, you let go of her hand, and as she falls into the light...*

        If you have sufficiently bonded with Maz:
        <Character>: Go get 'em, Maz!
        Maz: Aw yeah! It's time for the ol' Maz special... no, the Maz meteor!

        *Scene cuts to black.*

        *Your eyes open to the sight of clouds and the scent of saltwater. A grand vessel carries you to waters and lands unknown. And there, at the helm...*
        Maz: Look at all this, <Character>! What a sight! What a sensation!
        <Character>: Where... where are we?
        Maz: I haven't the faintest idea! But I feel so... free! This rush...
        <Character>: Is... is everyone else okay? What about Edelia? And weaving?
        Maz: That's all... It's... All I know is, it's going to be okay. It's going to be okay.
        Maz: Come on, <Character>. Get up. We've got adventure to find! And I wouldn't want to do it with any other at my side!
        *Slowly, unsteadily, you get to your feet, as the ship rocks across the waves. You join Maz, looking over the prow of the ship, into the rising sun.*
        *There, with her, you give yourself to the moment, and close your eyes. Maz puts an arm around your waist, and you breathe in the smell of the ocean.*

        *Scene fades to black.*

        If you have not sufficiently bonded with Maz:
        Maz: If... if you see professor Isiri after this, tell her I said hi, okay?

        *Scene cuts to black.*
  • Valen
      <Character>: Valen!
      Valen: <Character>? Is... is that you? Everything is so... blurry.
      <Character>: Are you okay? Where's Maz?
      Valen: Maz is... ungh... I am...
      <Character>: Stay with me, Valen!
      Valen: I feel like I'm being torn in so many directions... I see... things about you... about me...about this... this world and another...
      <Character>: What are you talking about?
      Valen: I think it has me, <Character>. But your touch... You're keeping me here. Wherever here is.
      <Character>: I won't let go.
      Valen: I'm in between two gods, <Character>. You and... Sk'aar... Two gods, connected by so many threads...
      <Character>: I'll find a way to help you!
      Valen: No, <Character>... I think... No, I know I can do something here! I don't know what's going to happen to me, after this, <Character>. But...

      *Valen uses the power of his Darkness spirit to save you and himself from Sk'aar.*

        If you have sufficiently bonded with Valen:
        Valen: It won't end like this. It can't. I won't allow it!
        <Character>: Valen!

        *Scene cuts to black.*

        *Your eyes open to see a lush forest around you. Your back is against a tree, and the smells of earth and leaves fills your nostrils. The sun streams from above. And there, before you...*
        Valen: Hey.
        <Character>: Valen! You're okay!
        Valen: I guess you could say that. Turns out... This world wasn't meant to last, after all.
        <Character>: What are you talking about? We have to go find the others! Where... where are we?
        Valen: Calm down. I'm here with you. I... I think I made this. For you.
        <Character>: I don't understand...
        Valen: I can't say I do, either, really. Not entirely. But all that matters is that we're here, together. We did it, <Character>.
        Valen: We protected everyone.
        *Valen takes a few steps forward, and sits next to you under the trees. Soon, the warmth of the sunlight captures you. Valen dozes off, resting his head on your shoulder, and your eyelids close...*

        *Scene fades to black.*

        If you have not sufficiently bonded with Valen:
        Valen: If it means protecting you and everyone else... it'll be worth it.

        *Scene cuts to black.*
  • End of Day ??? - completes Day ???.


    *In space, a vision of a galaxy is shown before being destroyed; in pitch black, Vaal and Tek's voices can be heard.*

    Vaal: Tek? This uh... This doesn't look good...
    Vaal: Come on, <Character>, wake up!
    Tek: I'm trying to find more coffee! Is s/he breathing?
    Vaal: Yeah. Still alive.
    *Your eyelids flutter open to see Vaal supporting your head as Tek is rummaging through her piles of mechanisms.*
    Vaal: S/he's awake! <Character>, can you hear me? Can you speak?
    Tek: Aha! Found it. I knew I had another spare somewhere.
    <Character>: What- what happened? What time is it?
    Vaal: Tek was trying another thing with her cube, but when she brought it close to you, you drank the rest of that coffee, started shaking, and passed out.
    Tek: What's the last thing you remember, <Character>? Do you remember us? I'm Tek, that's Vaal. Here, I found another cup of coffee-
    *Tek presents you with a cup made of paper, inside which sloshes a dark brown liquid. Instinctively, your arms lash out, knocking the cup of coffee from her hands.*
    Tek: Oh! <Character>! Really? You've gotten it all over the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube! That was the last cup of coffee we had too. I think.
    <Character>: I'm sorry! I don't know what got over me! I just... no more coffee. Please.
    Vaal: Way to go, <Character>. I wanted to try some too! Maybe I can lick some of it up...
    Tek: Don't be gross! Plus, plusplus, we have bigger things to worry about! The Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube isn't built to handle moisture! If the components... if the...
    *Tek pauses, looking curiously at her cube.*
    <Character>: What's wrong, Tek?
    Tek: Nothing. Which is weird. It's like the coffee was... absorbed? But that shouldn't be possible.
    Vaal: Aw, man. Even the cube got to have some coffee before me.
    <Character>: It's overrated. Really.
    Tek: I don't see anything wrong with the mechanism... Vaal, does this gear look right to you?
    Vaal: It all looks the same to me. Same as before, I mean.
    Tek: That's what I thought. Let's try a quick diagnostic test.
    *Tek pokes the mechanism and turns some gears as the cube whirs to life.*
    Tek: So, it should start beeping any moment now...
    Vaal: Nothing yet. Try holding it closer to <Character>, maybe.
    *Tek waves the cube in front of you. No response.*
    Tek: Huh. Huhhuh. The parameters are all the same, working off the same dataset... The only difference was the coffee...
    <Character>: Is it broken?
    Tek: No, quite the opposite. It's searching for the presence of extra-reality entities but it's not registering you like before.
    Vaal: That's what this is all about? Couldn't you have just added a, like, "find spooky things except for <Character>" button or something?
    Tek: That's not how this works, Vaal.
    Vaal: Oh.
    Tek: ...Good instincts, though. Very logical.
    Vaal: Thanks, Tek!
    <Character>: So it's just working now?
    Tek: Yeah! Yeahyeah. I'm not going to question it. If there's anything I've learned about mechanisms, if they're working, it's better not to probe too hard to find out why.
    Vaal: That's a philosophy I can get behind.
    Tek: It's not out of laziness! We just don't have time for me to accidentally break things trying to figure out what's happening when we're in such a rush!
    Vaal: Speaking of rush, what's our next step then?
    <Character>: We're setting a trap, right?
    Tek: Exactly! The Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube will be the trigger. As for the trap itself... Ok, I'll admit, I didn't think that far.
    <Character>: You... didn't? Wasn't trapping it all your plan?
    Tek: I have some ideas, but they're all still theoretical! I can figure something out, I just need a little bit of time. Umm...
    Vaal: You uh, you have a lot of cube things here. Is it possible for you to sort of stick them together? Like a big... blanket of mechathingies?
    Tek: ...If I can connect the mechanisms together, make them work as a net... That's... You're a genius, Vaal!
    Vaal: I am? I mean, yeah, I know I am! That's me, Vaal!
    <Character>: Don't let it get to your head.
    Vaal: Too late! Tek said it so it must be true!
    Tek: <Character>, hand me that Auto-Mecha-Recursion-Splicer-Cube! Vaal! Help me hold some of these wires!
    *You help Tek and Vaal string together the mechanisms. Vaal, to his credit, actually follows Tek's instructions quite well, and soon, after some hard work, Tek's net comes into shape.*
    Tek: And then if I plug in the servo-modulator channel to the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube... There we go. The Auto-Mecha-Entity-Detector-Trap-Cube-Network is complete!
    Vaal: Yay! So... What do we do with it?
    Tek: We'll pull it outside, using... using <Character> as bait! And then capture whatever's behind all of this!
    Vaal: Sounds like a plan to me. I don't mind waiting around.
    <Character>: Hold on, why am I the bait?
    Tek: You're the one who keeps falling asleep, right? Well, besides Vaal. You're the one with the weird dreams! And whatever's out there is trying to make some sort of connection to you.
    Tek: And when it tries again, we'll catch it!
    Vaal: Wow, you're so special, <Character>.
    <Character>: And... and then what? I'm just stuck in a trap with it?
    Tek: Maybe Vaal can find a pointy stick or something to poke it with. Or maybe we can reason with... whatever it is.
    <Character>: That's not exactly filling me with confidence.
    Vaal: I'll find an extra pointy stick, don't worry! And if that doesn't work, Tek will figure something out, right?
    Tek: Yeah! Yeahyeah. Absolutely.
    *With doubts still lingering in your mind, you follow as Tek and Vaal drag the cube network out into the school's courtyard.*
    Tek: There we go! Now, if you'll have a seat there, <Character>, right in the middle...
    *Hesitantly, you follow Tek's instructions, sitting down in the middle of the mechanism net, and staring into the sky and stars above.*
    Vaal: Glad I'm over here. That doesn't look too comfortable.
    <Character>: Wasn't there a pointy stick you were going to find, Vaal?
    Vaal: Yeah, yeah, I'm working on it.
    *Time passes. The stars spin above you, as Vaal takes a nap, and Tek monitors the status of the cube network. But nothing happens. Oddly, even after Tek yawns loudly, you don't feel the need to sleep...*
    <Character>: Um, Tek, how long does that "coffee" last?
    Tek: Oh, you'll probably be up all night. Why do you ask?
    <Character>: I haven't felt the need to sleep at all since I passed out earlier. What if the coffee is somehow keeping the source of the disappearances away?
    Tek: Hmm. Hmhm. An interesting theory. But why coffee? It's not that special...
    Vaal: Does this mean I have to be the bait now?
    Tek: I'm not sure... <Character>, why don't you try... counting togs in your head or something? Maybe Vaal can sing a lullaby.
    Vaal: Not happening. Don't you have a cube that can help?
    Tek: It's part of the Auto-Mecha-Entity-Detector-Trap-Cube-Network now. I'd have to find it, disconnect it, reconfigure it...
    Vaal: Too much work, yeah, I get it. I guess it wouldn't hurt to wait a little longer...

    *Scene fades to black as you and the Raven group wait...*

    <Character>: Twenty togs... Twenty-one togs... Twenty-two togs...
    *Three-hundred togs later...*
    <Character>: This isn't working. I'm sorry, Tek, Vaal. I don't think it'll find me if I'm not asleep.
    Tek: It's fine! All part of working with mechanisms. Sometimes, things just don't work. Vaal, can you help me pack- Oh. You're asleep.
    Vaal: Shh. There's someone watching us.
    *Vaal opens a single eye, and points past you, across the courtyard. From the shadows emerges...*
    Dr. Secundus: It may or may not be past your curfew, students. I must insist that you attempt to return to your rooms.
    Vaal: We've been fine out here, thanks, Dr. Secundus. How goes saving the school?
    Dr. Secundus: That is not relevant. Tek, Vaal, <Character>, return to your dorms immediately.
    Dr. Secundus: Although, if this is how you're spending your nights, it's quite obvious why you have a bad habit of falling asleep in class.
    Tek: Vaal, take a look at this.
    *Out of the corner of your eye, you see Vaal glance over at whatever Tek is showing him.*
    Vaal: We're having a study session, Dr. Secundus. Might be our last chance, since the school is closing. <Character>, do you mind coming over here? I have some... um... research to show you.
    *Something's definitely up. Vaal keeps obviously winking at you. Quickly, you run over to your friends.*
    <Character>: We'll head back right after this, Dr. Secundus!
    Dr. Secundus: I'm afraid this is completely unacceptable. I will personally escort you back to your dorms, if I must.
    Tek: Wait for it...
    *Dr. Secundus glides forward toward your group. As he steps over the trap however...*
    Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube: *Beep*
    *The Auto-Mecha-Entity-Detector-Trap-Cube-Network springs to life, surrounding Dr. Secundus, and entangling him a mess of wires and mechanisms!*
    Tek: Yes! It worked!
    Vaal: Tek was right!
    <Character>: Dr. Secundus!? You were behind this the whole time?
    Tek: When he got closer, the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube started giving off some unusual readings... Looks like we caught it! If that's even really Dr. Secundus...
    Dr. Secundus: What is this? How is this possible?
    Vaal: Is it time for the pointy stick?
    Tek: Maybe, if he refuses to explain himself!
    Dr. Secundus: I am faculty of Edelia! You will be punished severely for this! Release me at once!
    <Character>: We know you're involved in everything! Why are you kidnapping people?
    Dr. Secundus: ...
    Tek: Alright Vaal. Have at it.
    Vaal: Pointy stick! Pointy stick!
    *Vaal jabs at the confined Dr. Secundus, but his pointy stick doesn't seem to make contact. Instead, every time it hits, there appears to be a burst of light.*
    Dr. Secundus: Do you really want answers so badly? Enough of this charade then.
    *Dr. Secundus' form shimmers and is replaced with the blinding light of... something. Something familiar.*
    ???: I am Sk'aar.
    <Character>: Again, then. Why are you kidnapping people?
    Sk'aar: I must wrest control of this world. And to do so, I consume certain aspects of it. People contain the most... substance. Complexity. They are the most efficient to consume.
    Tek: What do you mean, wrest control? From who?
    Sk'aar: Hahaha. Ahaha. Do you really want to know?
    Vaal: Tell us or I'll poke you again!
    Sk'aar: I seek to take control from the only one here who truly matters. From <Character>.
    <Character>: What are you talking about?
    Sk'aar: This is all your dream, <Character>! These people, your friends, this school... nothing but memories and images, twisted and mixed with your soul.
    <Character>: You're lying! Tek and Vaal, and everyone else are my friends! They're real!
    Sk'aar: Deny it all you want, but it is the truth. And once I consume them all, I will consume you. And we shall free me from my prison!
    Tek: Or, we can just leave you in the trap. Maybe have Vaal poke you a few more times.
    Vaal: I'm up for it.
    Sk'aar: That's where you're wrong. You see, <Character> might be having a dream... but I... I can turn it into a nightmare!
    *Suddenly, Sk'aar's appendages extend unnaturally through the cube net's confines, reaching out for Vaal and Tek. They quickly back away with you, but the mechanisms won't hold for long.*
    Sk'aar: This will not hold me forever. I will break free. And you cannot escape!
    <Character>: What do we do? What can we do?
    Tek: I... I don't know. We're out of mechanisms. If Sk'aar manages to break out, we won't be able to recapture it...
    Tek: The Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube doesn't lie. Is there anything weird or strange that's been happening?
    Vaal: What if we made the net thingy... squeeze tighter? Squish Sk'aar in all that metal?
    Tek: That's... It's not impossible, I suppose, but it wasn't one of the features I planned for. We wouldn't be able to do it remotely.
    <Character>: We'd have to get close to... that?
    *You look over. More of Sk'aar's appendages have emerged, flailing wildly around.*
    Tek: Even then, it wouldn't be easy. We'd need two us on either side to recalibrate the tension modulators, actuate the spring servos... it would be a risk, even then.
    <Character>: But it's our only chance, unless we can think of something else right now.
    Tek: Right. But who's going? I guess, <Character>, since I think you're kind of immune to Sk'aar thanks to that coffee...
    Vaal: I can do... all the things you said. I just have to turn some buttons and push dials, right?
    Tek: Yeah, it's easy enough. Just like what I had you do to make the net in the first place. And then you have to run. I don't know what crushing this Sk'aar thing will do, but probably not something healthy for the immediate vicinity.
    Vaal: Okay then, what do you think, <Character>?
    *Looks like it's up to you to decide. Tek is pacing, muttering calculations under her breath, fumbling with the Auto-Mecha-Detector-Cube in her hands, while Vaal appears oddly determined, holding his pointy stick at the ready..*

  • Vaal
      <Character>: Vaal, you're with me. Tek, see if you can help keep everything stable while we work!
      Vaal: You got it, <Character>.
      Tek: Right. Rightright. Good luck!
      *You and Vaal weave your way toward the confined Sk'aar, dodging appendages of light. As you duck in close to the trap, Sk'aar's furious thrashing grows even more intense.*
      Sk'aar: Don't you see? You're all doomed regardless! It's all a dream of one. That one. <Character>! Stop her/him. Stop!
      Vaal: You... can shut up!
      *Vaal thrusts the pointy stick into the cage. Surprisingly, Sk'aar recoils, struggling to remove it and buying you precious time.*
      <Character>: Let's do this, Vaal.
      Vaal: Right. Turn the thingy... push that... Oh, shoot, it's jammed.
      <Character>: What?!
      Vaal: No time. I have to hold this servo in place or it won't actuate properly. <Character>, get out of here!
      <Character>: I'm not leaving you until it's done!
      *Vaal shakes his head, and then shoulder tackles you away from the cube net and the flailing Sk'aar within.*

        If you have sufficiently bonded with Vaal:
        Vaal: We've had a good run, <Character>. But this is a job for the best. It's time for Vaal to save the world!
        *There's a loud snapping sound. A burst of light. And then...*

        *Scene cuts to black.*

        *You awaken to find yourself in the classroom. Empty chairs and desks litter the room. Empty, except for...*
        Vaal: Oh, hey. You're up. I didn't want to wake you, 'cause, you know. Naps are important.
        <Character>: What... what happened? Sk'aar and Tek... and...
        Vaal: I think... I think we won. Not sure why we're back here though.
        <Character>: It's so... quiet.
        Vaal: Yeah. Really peaceful. That uh, that nap looked nice, actually.
        <Character>: I could do with some more sleep, too, you know. Without Sk'aar.
        Vaal: Ha. Yeah, some actual rest sounds good, this time. Scoot over.
        *Vaal drags a chair over to your desk, unceremoniously breaking the silence of the classroom. With a sigh, he drops into it, leaning against you.*
        Vaal: Yeah. I could think about this forever.
        *And in the empty classroom, side-by-side with Vaal, you close your eyes and find peace.*

        *Scene fades to black.*

        If you have not sufficiently bonded with Vaal:
        Vaal: You've got more at stake than us! You better not forget me! Vaal! I'm Vaal!
        *There's a loud snapping sound. A burst of light. And then...*

        *Scene cuts to black.*
  • Tek
      <Character>: Come on, Tek. We can do it!
      Tek: Yeah! Yeahyeah. Vaal, keep that stick ready!
      Vaal: Ready to poke!
      *You help Tek maneuver Sk'aar's flailing arms and get close to the cube net. Tek immediately gets to work, making adjustments and tweaking mechanisms, while you tweak the cubes on your side.*
      Sk'aar: It's all <Character>'s dream! You're worthless! You're not even doing anything! None of this matters!
      Tek: See if this matters!
      *Tek pushes a button on a cube, and part of the net constricts, causing Sk'aar to howl in pain and laughter.*
      Tek: Almost there... Oh. Oh nono.
      <Character>: What's wrong?
      Tek: This button's loose. If it's not held in... it's a critical point of failure. Get away, <Character>!
      <Character>: I'm not going to just leave you!

        If you have sufficiently bonded with Tek:
        Tek: Whatever waits for us ahead, this can't have all been for nothing! What's a dream but an organic mechanism? I'll figure this out! Trust me, <Character>!
        *Tek gives you a wide smile as you turn, and run for cover. There's a loud snapping sound. A burst of light. Then...*

        *Scene cuts to black.*

        *You awaken to a loud buzzing noise in your ears, but you've learned. You take Tek's Auto-Mecha-Unsleep-Alarm-Cubeset off your head and find yourself in... her room. Surrounded by mechanisms, and there, at her workbench, is Tek.*
        Tek: Okay! Okayokay. You're awake! I think it worked!
        <Character>: W-what worked? What happened?
        Tek: We're safe now. It doesn't matter. But... I don't think we have a lot of time.
        <Character>: What's going on?
        Tek: Well... Sk'aar wasn't exactly lying, about this being your dream. But I found a way to make it work.
        Tek: Maybe this was kind of selfish of me, but... I guess.. I didn't want your dream to end. Because then you'd be gone. And me too, I suppose. So in the end it doesn't really matter but... I don't know. I just did what I thought was right and...
        *Tek anxiously turns a mechanism around in her hands.*
        <Character>: What are you working on there, Tek?
        Tek: This? It's just something small. I... I don't have a good name for it yet. You push the button on it, and it releases a contained miniaturized fireworks display! There's a few issues with it, though, and I don't think I have the containment system entirely stabilized...
        Tek: Here, take a look!
        *Tek sits next to you on the bed, and presses a button on the mechanism. Before your eyes, it's as she described. Tiny fireworks shoot off into the air around the palm of her hand.*
        *You watch them, entranced, as Tek continues describing her plans and dreams. And then you close your eyes for a moment that seems to last... forever.*

        *Scene fades to black.*

        If you have not sufficiently bonded with Tek:
        Tek: Maybe... Maybemaybe out there, in the real world, your world, there's a me who has seen her dreams come true. But you'll need to live to see her!
        *Tek gives you a wide smile as you turn, and run for cover. There's a loud snapping sound. A burst of light. Then...*

        *Scene cuts to black.*
  • End of Day ??? - completes Day ???.


    *You and the Hawk group are in Edelia's library, trying to find answers.*

    *As you turn through some pages with Alexander, Fae stumbles back to the group with a pile of books taller than her.*
    Fae: O-okay! I might have gotten c-carried away, b-but I got everything that might even be b-barely related to <Character>'s p-problem!
    Alexander: Thanks, Fae. Here, look at this one I found. The calamity of Hawkscry. It's a bit faded, but what I can make out sounds familiar, doesn't it?
    Fae: '...following the explosion, the ground tore open, and the academy and the surrounding city crumbled into the fissure...'
    <Character>: That reminds me of the story Dr. Secundus told us.
    Fae: Y-yeah! Um... w-what was it? 'With a mighty roar, their once tranquil forest was split in twain, swallowing all in the path of its cavernous maw.'
    Fae: M-maybe whatever caused the H-Hawkscry calamity... is d-doing it again!
    Alexander: Good thinking, Fae. Judging by the stack of books you brought back, you must have something to share.
    Fae: I b-brought everything I could find! T-this book about n-nightmares seemed r-relevant! It's r-really interesting... W-weavers have a lot of bad d-dreams...
    *You spend some time with Alexander and Fae going through the books. Alexander is scanning the book about nightmares that Fae suggested, while Fae appears to be taking notes.*
    Alexander: Hmm. How about this entry? "Sk'aar: The Watching Eyes".
    Alexander: Looks like it's about eyes that appear in dreams, usually bad ones. But only two. Not eight, like you've been seeing, <Character>.
    <Character>: Seems like the closest fit we have so far. Tell us more about this "Sk'aar", Alexander.
    Alexander: Right. Seems like it's-
    ???: Alexander? <Character>?
    Headmaster Danyel: I'm certain I told you to return to your dorms. What are you doing here?
    Alexander: Headmaster Danyel! We've made progress! I, that is, we, think whatever's happening is related to the-
    Fae: W-wait, Alexander!
    Headmaster Danyel: Oh, I didn't see you there. Is something wrong, Fae?
    Fae: Y-yeah... W-weren't you working on s-something with Dr. S-Secundus? W-what are you d-doing here in the l-library?
    Headmaster Danyel: That business was concluded. I thought I'd visit the library to see if there was anything I'd missed. It appears your group had the same thoughts. Rather exemplary.
    Alexander: ...No, that doesn't sound... right. Fae has a point. You showed up right on time to interrupt me from explaining my theory about Sk'aar being behind everything-
    Fae: A-Alexander!
    Headmaster Danyel: What an interesting direction to pursue your investigation.
    <Character>: Well, I don't know if we're exactly pursuing the investigation, so to speak, we kind of just now stumbled upon it.
    Fae: Y-yeah! We um... "We have no idea what's going on!", she said, bravely and u-um, convincingly!
    Headmaster Danyel: I can teach you more about Sk'aar, if you wish.
    Alexander: We do need all the information we can get...
    <Character>: Alexander, wait. Something's not right about this.
    Headmaster Danyel: You will be educated. Now listen closely...

    *The scene goes white, symbolizing that you are falling asleep.*

    <Character>: Wait! What-
    Fae: <Character>?! A-Alexander! H-help! S-something's h-happening to <Character>!
    Alexander: What are you doing to her/him? Come on... stay awake, <Character>!
    <Character>: I... can't...
    ???: ...At last, <Character>. At last, I have you.
    *You struggle to open your mouth, to move your arms, your legs, but your body won't obey.*
    ???: Ah. Introductions are in order. I am...

    *The unknown entity reveals itself as Sk'aar - its true form being a dragon head visage with horns in both sides.*

    ???: Sk'aar. Free at last.
    *You try to look around, but your eyelids refuse to so much as twitch. A scream wells up in your chest, anything, a breath, a whimper... nothing escapes.*
    Sk'aar: And you, <Character>. I know you. I know all about you. I know what even you don't know about you.
    Sk'aar: I know this world, this dream of yours, and I know your world. Memories and mana eternally flowing. Information just out of reach of visibility.
    Sk'aar: Now I have you. You have me. And we will unleash that which slumbers-
    Sk'aar: What is this?
    Fae: I-I won't let you h-have her/him!
    Alexander: S/he's my rival! No one else will be able to push me to compete! No offense, Fae.
    Fae: N-none taken! H-hand me another b-book, p-please!
    Sk'aar: Stop this! Stop this at once! How dare y-

    *Scene cuts to black.*

    *Suddenly, breath hits your lungs as a wave of relief washes over you. Everything is in its place. Your eyes. You open your eyes and see...*
    *Where Headmaster Danyel once stood, now stands an amorphous being of light, with the visage you saw introduce itself as Sk'aar. A book flies through the air, striking the being on the head.*
    Sk'aar: Such insolence! I have not worked this hard only to be defeated by the likes of such malformed memories!
    *You watch as Fae hurls another dusty tome at Sk'aar, landing another solid thump.*
    <Character>: Fae? Alexander? What- What happened?
    Alexander: Headmaster Danyel transformed into... whatever that is. Sk'aar, I assume. And you just kind of collapsed.
    Fae: W-we were so w-worried, but then, Alexander r-realized...
    Alexander: I figured this must have been the glowing thing you saw in your sleep! And then Fae just started hurling books at it!
    Fae: N-nothing to l-lose, right?
    <Character>: Thank you. Thank you! It was terrifying. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't move...
    Sk'aar: I am still free! I can still reach y-
    *Fae throws another book, interrupting Sk'aar.*
    Fae: S-shut it, we're having a m-moment!
    <Character>: It- Sk'aar, said that this was all a dream. All my dream. And I guess, it's trying to control me in order to control the dream?
    Alexander: A dream? No. That can't be. That's impossible!
    Fae: Mm! We're here for you, <Character>, no matter what!
    Sk'aar: Enough! I tried to do this nicely. I tried to simply... subsume your mind's creation, <Character>. But if it will take a nightmare to break you, then a nightmare, you shall have!
    *With a wave of his hand, Fae and Alexander suddenly fall to the ground. Sk'aar floats slowly toward you, its light growing ever brighter.*
    <Character>: Fae! Alexander!
    *You hurry to your companions. They're asleep. Sk'aar inches closer, and closer, relishing in your despair.*
    Sk'aar: They cannot help you, <Character>. You are all alone. With me.
    *You could probably try to wake up one of your companions, but with Sk'aar gliding closer to you, it seems like you'll only have time to help one of them. It's time to choose.*

  • Alexander
      <Character>: Come on, Alexander, get up! I need you to help me think of a way out of this!
      *Alexander stirs, and readjusts his glasses.*
      Alexander: Wha- Right! Sk'aar. Um. If it's just a dream...
      *Sk'aar, suddenly reaches out with two appendages, wrapping around Alexander and Fae, dragging them toward him.*
      Alexander: Um. Books. Books! Stories.
      Alexander: I think I know what to do, <Character>!
      *As Fae is consumed by Sk'aar's light, you reach out for Alexander.*
      <Character>: Stop thinking and grab my hand!
      Alexander: Right! Okay, This might go weird...
      *Alexander grabs onto your hand, pulling and straining as Sk'aar's light grows even brighter.*

        If you have sufficiently bonded with Alexander:
        Alexander: Thank you, <Character>. And trust me. We'll do this together!

        *The scene flashes white before fading to black.*

        *Your eyes open. You try to move, but you're pinned in place, and you see only darkness.*
        ???: Come on... it had to have worked! Fae, give me a hand!
        *You struggle, shifting slightly.*
        Fae: R-right, Alexander! I-is that <Character> under all those b-books? W-what happened?
        Alexander: I think a bookcase fell over. Help me dig her/him out!
        *A book is removed from your face, and you see the beaming face of Alexander above you.*
        Alexander: Oh! It worked! It worked!
        <Character>: Alexander? What happened? Where's Sk'aar?
        Alexander: I'm.. not sure, really. When Sk'aar started pulling me in, I realized that this was all just a story! Your dream, like it said!
        *Alexander sits next to you, removing books that had fallen over you. Fae, satisfied that you're free, grabs a chair and watches the two of you, writing in her notebook as usual.*
        Alexander: So, I figured, I could probably think up a change to the dream where Sk'aar never existed! Of course, there's the existential problem of knowing that this is all happening inside your head, but...
        Alexander: I guess, I wanted everything to go back to normal. Or, normal enough. I'm... I'm not that imaginative.
        <Character>: I guess that means I have to wake up at some point, too.
        Alexander: Yeah. I don't know how much time we have left. And to be honest, it's making me nervous.
        *You put your hand on Alexander's shoulder.*
        <Character>: Why don't we find a good book to go through, together?
        Alexander: That... that sounds amazing, <Character>. Thanks.
        *You curl up with Alexander, laughing and reading into the night. A moment of peace, at last.*

        *Scene fades to black.*

        If you have not sufficiently bonded with Alexander:
        Alexander: It's your dream, right? In the end, looks like you're the best, <Character>. Don't worry. We'll be... fine!

        *The scene flashes white before fading to black.*
  • Fae
      *You reach over and shake Fae, calling her name.*
      <Character>: Fae! Fae, wake up! I need your help!
      *Fae blinks slowly, before sitting upright, and looking around. Her eyes fall upon Sk'aar, who suddenly lashes out with two appendages, wrapping around Alexander and Fae, grabbing them by their ankles, and pulling them slowly into the light.*
      *You throw a book at Sk'aar, but it dodges easily out of the way with a twitch of its head.*
      <Character>: Come on, Fae, I know you can think of something!
      Fae: I-I got it!
      *Fae pulls out her notebook and starts writing furiously as Sk'aar reels in your friends. You reach out for Alexander but his unconscious body disappears into the light.*
      <Character>: Fae! Grab my hand!
      *Fae gives you a shy smile, her pencil writing line after line even as she's consumed by the light.*

        If you have sufficiently bonded with Fae:
        Fae: I-it's a dream r-right? T-that means it's just a s-story, like any o-other! And I'll write one with a happy ending for all of us!

        *The scene flashes white before fading to black.*

        *You blink. Is it... over? As everything comes into focus, you find yourself in an opulent palace, shining with marble and gold. You rub your eyes and see...*
        Fae: Mwahahaha! Now that I have Sk'aar's powers, I can take over the dream! And there's nothing you can do to stop me, <Character>! You've lost!
        <Character>: Fae? What-? What are you talking about?
        Fae: I-I'm kidding. I thought t-that would be f-funny.
        Fae: I-I'm glad you're o-okay...
        <Character>: Where's everyone else? What happened to Sk'aar? Where... are we?
        Fae: I g-guess it wasn't entirely a j-joke. I w-wrote S-Sk'aar out of the s-story!
        <Character>: What do you mean? Where's... everyone else?
        Fae: ...S-Sk'aar wasn't l-lying. This really is just y-your dream. W-which means you have to w-wake up at some p-point.
        Fae: W-we're in o-one of my s-stories. N-not one of the ones i-involving uh... the o-other students.
        Fae: I-I thought, maybe we can go an adventure, just the two of us! B-before you have to g-go.
        <Character>: I... see. Fae, that sounds wonderful. Thank you.
        *Fae smiles, grabbing onto your arm, and walking with you as you open the doors of the palace. Together, you step out into the awaiting world of Fae's construction.*

        *Scene fades to black.*

        If you have not sufficiently bonded with Fae:
        Fae: Y-you're the only one of us who's r-real. S-so.. I g-guess you're the only one who m-matters, in the end. I-it's okay!

        *The scene flashes white before fading to black.*
  • End of Day ??? - completes Day ???.

    Other information
  • *Once completed, this quest cannot be replayed until replaying AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One again.

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