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3/16/2006 15:30:01   


Location: Testopia (Beta), Race to the Key Orb, Reanimated, New Face of Entropy, Reforged, Nature's Keeper, Earth and Entropy, Hidden Blades, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

Quests given

Shops owned

Race to the Key Orb

Fae: A-choo!

Fae: Oh... OH!
Fae: Finally! No fur! I..... I.....I......
Fae: A-chooo!


Fae: Oh shoot.


Fae: Wait, no, what's going on?

Fae: Trey... where are-- a--
Fae: Atchoo!
Fae: *sigh*
Fae: Where is what? I... I don't understand....
Fae: I don't know why it happens... it just does when I sneeze!

New Face of Entropy

Fae: He blasted you....

Fae: It.... it's gone?

Fae: At least the dragon is after that mean man...


Fae: I... I don't know what you mean.

Fae: You... you mean my garden stone?

Fae: But... it's mine!

Fae: Hey!

Fae: Atchoo!
Fae: Oh... I... I didn't change!
Fae: What... why?

Fae: Oh no...
Fae: Are you ok?

Nature's Keeper

Fae: With... with me I guess.

Fae: I... just thought it was pretty.

Fae: WOOOOOW!!!!

Fae: Okay, coming!

Fae: My parents were... were gone.
Fae: The elementals had been attacking the towns and... they didn't make it.

Fae: The Guardians took me in though. There was something important happening, but we weren't allowed to go see....
Fae: I snuck out to try and watch but I missed whatever happened. Then the elementals attacked....
Fae: Magic was flying through the air and I... and I guess I got hit.

Fae: Ahh--
Fae: ATCHOO!!!! !!!!?!

Fae: I ran. For a long time. Everywhere I went there was war... I had to escape the battle. To get somewhere safe....

Fae: Eventually I made it somewhere safe but I had no idea where I was and I was all alone.
Fae: Everytime I sneezed I changed... I couldn't control it.
Fae: Mr. Salad found me and he was so nice. I would play tag with the Squishies upstairs too.
Fae: They had all sorts of fun traps in their house to figure out...

Fae: Hmm...

Fae: Cat-like reflexes? Maybe this isn't so bad after all...

Fae: Oooh.. pretty..
Fae: I'll just leave a nice little surprise here for them instead...
Fae: Hope they like fruit... Hee hee!

Fae: I don't know how long I was there for but, eventually, the Squishies seemed to be... uh, upset with my playing.
Fae: So I set out on my own and built my treehouse....

Fae: No... it can't have been that long....

Fae: I should return it... I just meant to play a joke on them....

Earth and Entropy

Fae: More earthquakes?!

Hidden Blades

Fae: Valencia..

Fae: Where can we hide the Blade of Awe that they won't find it though?

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One

Fae: H-hi. I'm Fae. I um... I look forward to... um... g-getting to know you all.

Fae: I-I don't want to be... disappeared!
    If you select the 'What if I'm next?!' option:
    Fae: T-that's what I'm saying! The students are d-disappearing, right? W-what happens to them? Where do they g-go? Imagine all the horrible things that could be... be...
Fae: Dream anything sweet? Hehe.

Fae: T-that would be so much pressure! I d-don't know if... if I could...

Fae: Um... O-okay.
    If you joined 'Hawk':
    Fae: O-oh! Okay! Um... W-welcome?
Fae: Or... O-or what if... what if the teachers are in on it? C-can we even trust them? What if we're all j-just here to be... I-I don't know...
    If you select the 'It's up to us to stop the disappearances!' option:
    Fae: Ooh. T-that would be an exciting twist, Tek! But also kind of scary...

    If you select the 'Remain silent.' option:
    Fae: U-um... See you all in class t-tomorrow!

    If you have sufficiently bonded with Fae:
    Fae: H-hi, <Character>, I um... You dropped your pencil earlier and I, uh, t-thought you'd want it back?

      If you select the 'Thanks, Fae.' option:
      Fae: Y-you're welcome! Um. Do you mind walking me back to my d-dorm? I w-was going to ask Maz, but she um... S-she ran off before I could...

      If you select the 'That's not mine.' option:
      Fae: O-oh, it's n-not? U-um... I-I'm sorry!

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Two

Fae: I-is that true? Sounds... r-risky!

Fae: Oh, I t-think I've um... heard the name before...

Fae: I-I-I-I m-might have l-lost m-mine... Sorry.

Fae: O-oh no!
    If you select the 'Maybe I'm getting sick...' option:
    Fae: O-oh no. T-that wouldn't be good. Especially on your first w-week!
Fae: Y-yeah! We can't let this c-continue! We have to try!

Fae: T-that can't be it, Alexander. Dr. Secundus told us that Tomix disappearing was just another in a string of t-them. W-which means they m-must have started before we showed up. I t-think!

Fae: S-smaller groups sounds... n-nice!
    If you joined 'Hawk':
    Fae: U-um, hi, <Character>! T-thanks for um... I mean... um...

    Fae: M-maybe there's a p-pattern to the disappearances? L-like in the mystery stories...

    Fae: O-oh.

      If you select the 'Side with Alexander' option:
      Fae: I- I see...

      Fae: R-right! I-I'll do my best!

      If you select the 'Side with Fae' option:
      Fae: I-I got an idea for a s-story... so I'm writing it down before I f-forget it.

      Fae: R-right! Any l-legends we learn about are probably e-embellished. W-writing helps me sort things out!

      Fae: W-what? O-okay. That sounds... g-good!

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three

Fae: D-Dr. Secundus... um...

Fae: U-um... Nothing! I j-just didn't w-want to feel left out.

Fae: M-maybe it's all a m-metaphor? F-for... um... something!
    If you joined 'Hawk':
    Fae: ...

    Fae: Ah! S-sorry!

    Fae: I-I trust <Character>! B-besides, we can think about this l-later! We have h-homework!

    Fae: W-wait! <Character>, how are you f-feeling?

      If you select the 'Alexander' option:
      Fae: O-oh no!

      Fae: W-what brought you to Edelia?

        If you select the 'I was under the impression that I'd be the best!' option:
        Fae: Nothing! N-nothing! J-just some ideas!

        If you select the 'You don't have any other aspirations?' option:
        Fae: M-maybe we can c-change the subject...

      If you select the 'Fae' option:
      Fae: M-me? A-are you sure? Well... O-okay, here goes...
      Fae: When I was little, I got sick a lot. Like, a lot a lot. I couldn't go outside, or play with other kids, or anything.

      Fae: I was miserable. I was locked up, had to eat special food, take special medicine, all just to end up alone.
      Fae: Until one day, a traveling weaver visited. It was a big occasion, rare to have such individuals grace our small village.
      Fae: Obviously I heard people talking about her. About the wondrous things she could make, for the right price.
      Fae: My family didn't have much. Keeping me safe took a lot from my parents. But I just had to see her!
      Fae: I tried to slip out, but was caught right away. A sickly girl didn't really stand much chance of sneaking out of the house.
      Fae: I cried a lot that night. It was unfair. Life was unfair!
      Fae: But... then, the next morning, when my tears had dried, there was a knock on my door. I couldn't open it myself, so there wasn't much I could do but wait.
      Fae: With a creak, it opened, and there, with my parents, was the weaver. I was stunned. Her immaculate long jacket, her fashionable belts, her facemask... and the looms at her wrists. I remember it all.
      Fae: She asked me my name, and I told her. Fae. I was too stunned to say anything else. I just sat there, in silence.
      Fae: She sat with me for a while, weaving with her looms, talking to me, asking about my life. I'll admit, I could hardly pay attention, so focused as I was on her weaving.
      Fae: Her hands moved at incredible speed, her looms glowing with magic...
      Fae: And before I knew it, she presented me with a mask. The mask I wear now. A woven mask that would let me out of that lonely room.
      Fae: My parents tried to pay the weaver, but she refused. After making sure my mask was secure, she winked at me, and left. I never even asked her name.
      Fae: But finally, at last, I could be free! I could go outside, go to school, learn, and play! And there was only one thing I wanted to do with my newfound freedom. I wanted to weave. To help other kids like me, or a-anyone else!

        If you select the 'What an inspiring tale!' option:
        Fae: T-thanks! I-I like weaving, b-but I like telling s-stories too!

        Fae: I-I think I'll just do b-both!

        If you select the '...Are you contagious?' option:
        Fae: I-it's fine, Alexander. I-I've had to deal with a lot of u-um... assumptions.
        Fae: N-no, <Character>. W-whatever's wrong with m-me, it's just me.

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Four

Fae: Y-you don't think they got...

Fae: S-speaking of which... I think H-headmaster Danyel is supposed to t-teach us today...

Fae: T-tek and Vaal are... g-gone?

Fae: W-what should we d-do?

Fae: Y-yeah! The s-story is just getting e-exciting!

Fae: T-that seems... risky!

Fae: I-I like Alexander's idea...

Fae: N-none of your business!
Fae: ...I-I'm sorry for yelling...

Fae: I... I d-don't think I can keep up w-with that...
    If you select the 'Hawk' option:
    Fae: Y-yay!

    If you select the 'Wolf' option:
    Fae: T-take care, <Character>!
Fae: Mm. H-hi <Character>.

Fae: T-Those two keep arguing about mechanism this and m-mechanism that. It's g-good to have you b-back, <Character>!

Fae: I-it's a little distracting...

Fae: O-oh, it's f-fine. You know, j-just some ideas...

Fae: N-not them t-too!

Fae: W-what if it b-breaks and you're n-next?

Fae: U-um... That doesn't sound... g-great...

Fae: D-do you even know how to r-read?

Fae: I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry! T-that was r-rude...

Fae: <Character>... w-what do you think? Y-you can go with Tek and V-Vaal if you really want t-to...
    If you select the 'Raven' option:
    Fae: R-right. S-stay safe everyone!

    If you select the 'Hawk' option:
    Fae: Y-yay!
If you select the 'Hawk' option in either 'Wolf' or 'Hawk' paths:
Fae: A-Alexander? W-what are you talking about?

Fae: B-but no one went missing yesterday...

Fae: I-is there anything you can t-tell us about it, <Character>? Anything at a-all?

Fae: N-never! I write all kinds of s-stories! Anything is p-possible!

Fae: S-spooky...

Fae: R-right! We can look for stories about dreams, a-and eyes! And disappearances!

Fae: L-let's get going!

AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day ???

Fae: O-okay! I might have gotten c-carried away, b-but I got everything that might even be b-barely related to <Character>'s p-problem!

Fae: '...following the explosion, the ground tore open, and the academy and the surrounding city crumbled into the fissure...'

Fae: Y-yeah! Um... w-what was it? 'With a mighty roar, their once tranquil forest was split in twain, swallowing all in the path of its cavernous maw.'
Fae: M-maybe whatever caused the H-Hawkscry calamity... is d-doing it again!

Fae: I b-brought everything I could find! T-this book about n-nightmares seemed r-relevant! It's r-really interesting... W-weavers have a lot of bad d-dreams...

Fae: W-wait, Alexander!

Fae: Y-yeah... W-weren't you working on s-something with Dr. S-Secundus? W-what are you d-doing here in the l-library?

Fae: A-Alexander!

Fae: Y-yeah! We um... "We have no idea what's going on!", she said, bravely and u-um, convincingly!

Fae: <Character>?! A-Alexander! H-help! S-something's h-happening to <Character>!

Fae: I-I won't let you h-have her/him!

Fae: N-none taken! H-hand me another b-book, p-please!

Fae: W-we were so w-worried, but then, Alexander r-realized...

Fae: N-nothing to l-lose, right?

Fae: S-shut it, we're having a m-moment!

Fae: Mm! We're here for you, <Character>, no matter what!
    If you choose the 'Alexander' option and have sufficently bonded with Alexander:
    Fae: R-right, Alexander! I-is that <Character> under all those b-books? W-what happened?

    If you choose the 'Fae' option:
    Fae: I-I got it!

      If you have sufficiently bonded with Fae:
      Fae: I-it's a dream r-right? T-that means it's just a s-story, like any o-other! And I'll write one with a happy ending for all of us!

      Fae: Mwahahaha! Now that I have Sk'aar's powers, I can take over the dream! And there's nothing you can do to stop me, <Character>! You've lost!

      Fae: I-I'm kidding. I thought t-that would be f-funny.
      Fae: I-I'm glad you're o-okay...

      Fae: I g-guess it wasn't entirely a j-joke. I w-wrote S-Sk'aar out of the s-story!

      Fae: ...S-Sk'aar wasn't l-lying. This really is just y-your dream. W-which means you have to w-wake up at some p-point.
      Fae: W-we're in o-one of my s-stories. N-not one of the ones i-involving uh... the o-other students.
      Fae: I-I thought, maybe we can go an adventure, just the two of us! B-before you have to g-go.

      If you have not sufficiently bonded with Fae:
      Fae: Y-you're the only one of us who's r-real. S-so.. I g-guess you're the only one who m-matters, in the end. I-it's okay!

Other information
  • First seen on March 16th, 2006 during the Beta of DragonFable in Testopia (town has since been renamed to Falconreach).
  • Fae was in Beta and then disappeared for 5 years until she showed up in Race to the Key Orb on January 21st, 2011. Her absence was the longest running in game joke.
  • Was hinted at being a possible villain.

    Fae (Child)
    Story in Beta
    Alternative Image
    AdventureFriends 2 Appearance

    Thanks to
  • Andras and Dooms for information.
  • Insane2201 for additional information and story image.
  • Stephen Nix for images and corrections.
  • Peachii, SalvationXI and Voodoo Master for additional dialogue.
  • Niki for corrections.
  • Voodoo Master for dialog.
  • Slayer Zach for child image.[
  • Dove for AdventureFriends 2 image.

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