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Precious "Cargo"

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9/16/2016 22:47:39   

Precious "Cargo"

Location: Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016 -> Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016
Requirements: None
Release Date: September 16th, 2016

Objective: Admiral Mazurek wants you to help her with delivering something.
Objective completed: Let's rest in the inn a little bit and talk with the refugees.

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

(X) Bonny Lass
(X) Buccaneer
(X) Energizer
(X) Galeocerda
(X) L.D. Monkee
(X) ManaHunter
(X) Ocean Fury
(X) Pirate Monkee
(X) Unlucky Pirate

Dark Elf
Little Clawkin


Mazurek: Ahoy, <Character>! Good timin', I be about t' set sail 'n I be needin' your help!
<Character>: Set sail? Where to?
Mazurek: Azaveyr! I 'ave this 'ere "cargo" t' deliver.
<Character>: Umm...
<Character>: Why "cargo"...? Is it... something illegal? Because I don't think-

*A dark elf peeks his head out of the crate, feeling concerned.*

Dark Elf: Excuse me, Miss Mazurek, what's the hold up?
Mazurek: It be fine. Now hush 'n get back in thar!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Maz...
<Character>: Are you smuggling people?
<Character>: Are you a some kind of a... slave tr-
Mazurek: <Character>! How can ye say that!!! Th' gall!
Mazurek: These people... they be runnin' away from here. I heard this family in th' inn natterin' about leavin', an' I offered me help.
Mazurek: O'er a few weeks more o' them said they wanted to. And don't be thinkin' I haven't done this before.
<Character>: I think that's stiiiiiiill pretty much illegal.
Mazurek: And so be wha' th' Rose be doin'! Goin' after people who can't help as to what... who they be.
Mazurek: I didn't think ye'd mind this. Are ye with the Rose now? Be that yer gambit? Huh?
<Character>: No, I am not!
<Character>: I'm sorry. You are... right... to help these people.
<Character>: But why the secrecy? There are no Rose soldiers stationed here in Osprey.
Mazurek: Yar, but ken ye, word travels fast. Were they t' be spied, wit' a whisper here 'n yon, them Rose rapscallions would come from nowhere.
Mazurek: Tis best t' keep quiet.
<Character>: So you're... not happy with what the Rose is doing, huh?
Mazurek: Oh, don't be thinkin' I like magic. I don't, for a good reason. But it be a part of this place we call our world.
Mazurek: I get why they wants t' control it, under them special laws, but wha' some Rose goons be doin' is wrong.
<Character>: Didn't you use magic before...?
Mazurek: I don't do magic, <Character>... besides, I be th' exception t' th' rule obviously!
<Character>: Right, obviously...
Mazurek: Aye, now let's set sail. We don't want our cargo t' spoil now, do we? *wink*

*You two walk to one of the piers where the Kessel is docked at. Seeing it again impresses you.*

<Character>: Hey! That's the Kessel! Doesn't it just need one crew member to operate? What do you need me for?
Mazurek: I be in needs o' a, shall we say, bodyguard.
Mazurek: And ye be one fine lookin' specimen!
Mazurek: Ye look a wee bit discomforted.

*You were nervous at the sound of being called the specimen. Therefore, Mazurek is correct.*

Mazurek: Good! Th' voyage from here t' Volkenraand port be long but th' Kessel be fast.
Mazurek: She be faster than fast even. We'll encounter other pirates on th' seas. They be nah as good as I, o' course.
Mazurek: Thar be Rose ships on th' seas as well. Be a dear 'n help wit' any boardin' parties.
<Character>: Aye aye, Captain Mazurek!
Mazurek: That be "Admiral" now!

  • Quest
  • Heal & Potions
  • Leave

    *You set sail across the ocean over to Azaveyr, which is located on the other side of the world. Along the way, you battle any attackers that board the ship with hostile intentions. After the day's voyage, you, Mazurek, and the refugees dock at the Azaveyr port, where everyone is greeted by a dwarf-like man.*

    Mazurek: Bavlo!!! Long time no see, me scallywag!
    Bavlo: Jarmila! Looking as ugly as ever, surface dweller!
    Mazurek: Call me by me name again, gemborn, 'n I shall make sure th' sky will eat ye up!
    Bavlo: It'd puke me right away!

    *The duo greet each other warmly with open arms and joyful smiles.*

    Mazurek: Blisterin' Barnacles, Bavlo me ole hearty, allow me t' introduce ye t' <Character>! Me dearest bucko!
    <Character>: Hello!
    Bavlo: ...
    Bavlo: I've seen better.
    Mazurek: Take that stick out o' yer keel 'n greet 'em proper!
    Bavlo: Ugh.
    Bavlo: Hello to you, oh surface dweller!
    <Character>: Thank you...
    <Character>: ... gemborn!!!

    *The veins in Bavlo's eyes throb for he is angry by the remark for some reason. Mazurek herself is startled you used the word.*

    Mazurek: Don't! Only I can call 'im that!
    <Character>: Oh Avatars! My apologies Bavlo! I didn't mean that...
    Bavlo: I hope so.
    Bavlo: Alright. The "cargo" got here safely, I assume?
    Mazurek: Aye. All are present 'n accounted fer.
    Bavlo: I'll go get Caetual.
    <Character>: It looks like you two go way back?
    Mazurek: Oh, nay, nah really. Tis nah like we were childhood hearties. We couldn't 'ave been. He's from these parts 'n I was from th' Empire.
    Mazurek: I met 'im aft I ran away.
    <Character>: Oh...
    Mazurek: I know ye 'ave questions about me...
    Mazurek: ... but I be a tease, ye know!
    <Character>: Yep, I've gathered that much.

    <Character> (???): Peace be upon you.

    *The two of you turn around, surprised by the sound of your own voice. Bavlo has returned with Caetual, a strange white furred creature with a small kind of face mask.*

    <Character>: Th-that's my voice! How... are you doing that?
    Mazurek: That be how they speak, <Character>, if they be among th', shall we say, less developed races.
    Mazurek (Caetual): That is correct.
    Mazurek (Caetual): Caetual will take the newly arrived ones now. Come, children. Rest in the inn. Then Caetual will take you to your new homes.
    Mazurek (Caetual): Beyond the cloud's edge.
    Gnome: This is... weird.

    *Caetual approaches the gnome refugee and kneels to him with kind intentions.*

    Gnome (Caetual): Please, do not be afraid. Caetual mean you no harm.
    Gnome: Uuuuh...
    Bavlo: Go with him... it... whatever. They're harmless.
    Little Clawkin: ...
    Bavlo: Brrr... this one always gives me the shivers.
    Bavlo: Ugh, what am I saying, they all give me shivers.
    <Character>: Who was that... ?
    Bavlo: A native. Don't bother your pretty little head about it.
    Mazurek: They don't speak between each other, they use feather movements or somethin'.
    Mazurek: So when they speak wit' other races, they use th' voice o' th' ones they be speakin' t'.
    <Character>: I see... but what exact-
    Mazurek: Alright Bavlo, load th' cargo we agreed upon 'n we'll set sail wit' th' high tide.
    Bavlo: Hold your horses. This will take a while.
    Mazurek: Then t' th' Inn 'tis, fer rest. <Character>, speak wit' me when ye be ready t' return.

    *Fades to black. Off-screen, everyone settles in at the Inn for possibly overnight or even a jiffy before heading out again.*

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